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The Iroquois or Haudenosaunee “People of the Longhouse" occupied the area of upstate New York long before the arrival of the Europeans. Questions about them or any of the nine clans of the Iroquois confederacy go here.

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How did the Iroquois tribe survive?

The Iroquois survived by hunting, fishing, and even farming. They also wear cloths and live in shelters (Longhouses) to survive.

Buffalo and Bison
Iroquois Indians

Did the Iroquois hunt buffalo?

Answer: Yes, the eastern tribes did hunt a buffalo species (Bison bison pennsylvanicus - the eastern woodlands bison) which other answerers are clearly ignorant about. This was a subspecies of the North American buffalo (Bison bison bison), larger, darker and with longer, thinner horns.

This buffalo species lived in woodland areas in very small groups, grazing the underbrush instead of grass (like an elk). They were always far less numerous than Plains buffalo and consequently more difficult to find and kill. The species may have become largely extinct by 1800 - meaning that the Iroquois tribes had plenty of opportunity to hunt them throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, entirely on foot and at first using only the typical long Iroquoian bow.

The Cayuga and Onondaga languages include a memory of those long-ago woodlands buffalo - the words degriyag�« (Cayuga; a buffalo) and dege.ya'gi' (Onondaga; a buffalo).

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Iroquois Indians

Who were the people of the longhouse?

The Iroquois people's name for themselves is Haudensaunee which translates as 'The People of the Longhouse' or more accurately 'They Are Building a Long House'. The Iroquois are not one people, but a confederacy of originally five different nations - Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca, with the Tuscarora joining later. The name is a metaphor for the confederacy indicating that the different peoples live together as a family.

The Grand Council of the Haudenosaunee consists (and always has) of 50 chiefs drawn from the six nations who form a loose government of sorts. In 1988 the US Congress passed a resolution to recognise the influence that the League of Six Nations had on the US Constitution and Bill of rights.

Iroquois Indians

How do Iroquois Indian children live?

They live in villages with there grandparent's.

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Iroquois Indians

What is the nickname for the Onondaga tribe?

great corn,seed spirit

New York
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How many different Indian tribes were in New York State?

See the Related Links for a site with photos in Indian portraits done by McKenney and Hall in the mid-1800's. There is a map showing at least some of the tribes. You can also look up subjects like "Indian tribes of NY State" on and get much more information.

Upstate New York was dominated by the League of the Iroquois (Hodenosaunee}, composed of the five tribes: Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk. Later the Tuscarora tribe joined the league. Eastern and southern NY was dominated by Mohegan tribes such as the Lenape and Mohicans.

Iroquois Indians

Who is in charge of the Iroquois family?

the clan mother

Iroquois Indians
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What is chief little turtle's tribe name?

There name was called the Miami Indians of Florida

Iroquois Indians
Mohawk Indians

How were Iroquois women involved in decision making?

Haudenosaunee women are considered equal to men and as such the Clanmother role is equal to Hoyane (Titled Chief).

The clanmother's duties include electing the Title Chiefs and calling a council. While the Clanmothers let the Hoyane run the councils they are not allowed to make a decision without consultation with the Title Chiefs' clan and Clanmother support. All decisions have to reach consensus for a resolution to be pasted.

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Why did indians build mounds?

Mounds were built for ceremonial and burial purposes.

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Hopi Indians

What transportation did the Hopi tribe use?

Indians mostly traveled by foot until the Spanish brought the horses. Many tribes also traveled via waterways.

Iroquois Indians

Where did the Iroquois meet for Grand Council?

It took place in the land of Onondaga

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Iroquois Indians
Flag of the United Kingdom

What three nations are expected to make a debut in Miss Universe 2007?

the countries are morrocco,egypt and uzbekastan

Iroquois Indians

How did the Iroquois use the beavers?

back scratchers

Boats and Watercraft
Canoes and Kayaks
Iroquois Indians

Did the Iroquois canoe?


Iroquois Indians
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What kind of food did the Iroquois eat?

Mostly corn, squash, beans and what game or fish they could hunt.

cow ,donkey and dairy chocolate

brries,nuts,deer,wild turkey,migratory birds,salmon,trout,bass,and witefish

Iroquois Indians

What organization did the iroquois form to promote peace among there people?


Iroquois Indians

How did Iroquois adapt to their physical environment?

The Iroquois Indians lived in the Eastern Woodlands region of the world. Meaning, they had plenty of wood to use, with which they made capital resources. Longhouses, which are literally long houses are made of wood, used from the abundance of wood supplied in the forest. The Iroquois also lived near bodies of water, meaning they had a good supply of water-animals (fish, plants, etc.).

Iroquois Indians

How did the iroquois tribe make fire?

they rubbed some sticks together using string and friction of the sticks

Iroquois Indians

Did the iroquois formed the iroquois confederacy to become more powerful?

Yes, they tried to stop the fighting and maintain peace.

Iroquois Indians

What did the Iroquois children do?

They helped around the village gathering wood and water. The girls made pots and pounded corn. The boys hunted and practiced archery.

US Constitution
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The Difference Between

What role did the Iroquois Confederacy play in the writing of the constitution?

None whatsoever. There were certain vague cosmetic similarities between the structure of the Iroqois Confederacy and the Constitution which has caused some people with certainpolitical agendas to claim that the one must have been based on the other. We have reasonably good record of the thoughts and debates of the founders however and, while they were highly knowlegeable about Greek, Roman, and English history and made much use of these historical models, they were quite ignorant of the Iroqois.

AnswerOne of the main drafters of the American Constitution, Ben Franklin-- did in fact have extensive knowledge about the Iroquios Constitution. As the owner of the print shop where a draft of the Iroquios Consitiution was printed, he had the opportunity to become very familiar with the document. In addition, his urgings to create an American Constitution were in part based on his impression of the Iroquois Constitution that he was already familiar with before America's Constitution was even written.
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What did the Cherokee tribe eat?

The Cherokee mainly ate corn, beans, and squash (known as the Three Sisters), along with various other native fruits and nuts, ie: native blueberries, chestnuts, acorns, among others. They also ate many of the native animals, beaver, deer, elk, opossum, turkey, etc. Many roots and herbs were also included in their diet.

Iroquois Indians

A cluster of houses in a village?


Iroquois Indians
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Similarities Between

What were some similarities between the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes?

they are very similar because they lived in the wild and ate off the lands the only differences is that the Algonquin lived to far up north to grow most food but the Iroquois could grow anything


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