Sydney Opera House

Described as one of the most iconic buildings in the world, the Sydney Opera House was not completed until 1973. It has since drawn millions of tourists the world over.

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Sydney Opera House

Why is glass used in construction?

because it makes the windows of the structures

Sydney Opera House

How many sails on the Sidney opera house?

I just counted them and it looks like it is 10!

Sydney Opera House

What does the Opera House mean to Australia?

It is very important to Australia because it is an icon of Australia and very unique.

Sydney Opera House

How is Sydney opera house being preserved?

The Sidney Opera House is a relatively new building. It is being preserved as any new building would be - by regular maintenance.

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Sydney Opera House

Why was the Sydney Opera House built?


The Sydney Opera House was built due to the demand for a bigger theatrical space in Sydney.Planning began in the 1940s and in 1955, a competition was held to find the most impressive architectural design. 233 entries from 32 countries made way for an interesting story that continues today.

The story is a wonderful one of intrigue and political intervention.

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Sydney Opera House

Where is the El Liceu opera house?

Gran Teatre del Liceu (Liceu), which is located in Barcelona, Spain. It is Spain's premier opera house and supposedly has exceptional acoustics. It was the most beautifull opera house in the world.

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Sydney Opera House

What is hull house an example of?

muffins on a heater

Sydney Opera House
WWE Divas

What diva sang with Caruso at MET opera NYC with name Maria?

== == maria callis (not sure of spelling)

answer 2. As Maria Callas was born in 1923 and Caruso died in 1921 it is impossible for them to have appeared together. Maria Barrientos (1883 - 1946) is the only diva I can find that fits the timeline / roster etc.

Sydney Opera House

What are Danish houses made of?


A few of them might be of wood or other stone/cement-related-substances.

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Sydney Opera House

What country spreads across Asia from 80 degrees East to 130 degrees East?

what country spreads across asia from 80 degrees east to 130 degrees east

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Sydney Opera House

Metropolitan opera conductors in 2006?

James Levine Valery Gergiev

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Sydney Opera House

Brett Whiteley The Cat when did he do it?

Brett whitely did his artwork in 1992 it was painted in Australia

The Cat was done in 1980. He died in 1992.

Sydney Opera House
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What opera has the famous arias 'Habanera' and 'The Toreador Song'?


Sydney Opera House
Home Buying

Could a eviction stop you from buying a house?

Under normal circumstances the only thing that might prevent you from buying a house would be if you had insufficient funds to do so, or were unable to demonstrate that you had obtained a loan enabling you to do so.

Buying a house is simply buying a piece of property. Having been evicted from a house you were renting or sharing would not affect your ability to buy a house unless in the remote possibility that the seller of the house considered you such a poor example of a neighbour that they didn't want to inflict you on the neighbourhood in which they were selling.

In the same way, you might treat your motor vehicle or saucepan so badly that they were worthless except as scrap metal, but this wouldn't normally prevent you buying another motor vehicle or saucepan provided you could pay for it.

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Sydney Opera House

Why did some people disapprove of theatre?

Theater as we know it is descended from Greek and Roman expressions of a religious nature. The three plays found in a tragedy series, show the effects of pride and the resultant downfall, aided by the gods, of the prideful. The fourth play, called the Satyr play was of a farcical nature and made fun of the other three thus providing comic relief much like dessert after a heavy dinner. With the growth of the present day religious system Greek and Roman religion was considered Pagan and mythological and greatly to be suppressed. As a consequence people that were involved in theater were considered �low� by people who considered themselves high society. The people that enjoyed plays, it being a relief from their day to day toils imposed on them by the same high society probably being uneducated did not get to pass on their views.

artist are emotional people,highly emotional, if you dont grow up in and artists family you cant really see the perspective . case in point dennis prager is a great example! he was born. i frankly find that hard to believe. in this century hes more like" the wiz"

anyway his dad made sure he was taught by Rabbis. he had to convey the importance of this God, he new and his legacy. he took control of his sons spiritual welfare . i think if his mom was in charge dennis would have been a little whimp. sorry women are raising wimps and girls that cant spell! sorry iwould like to end by saying people put all their time and energy trying to get what the finest man or nastiest girl using each other in a marriage that was doomed from the start . they dont know simply because they were not taught .the arts disipline, study the artist gift. some have talent some have gifts. and sometimes he reaveals someone like whitney houston brian stokes mitchell criminal mind show cast and crew and many others i believe we are instuments that are completely of control in our minds and actions and somethings got to be done. hollywood is completely out of control!!

Sydney Opera House

Is the Sydney Opera House the most popular place for tourists to visit in Sydney?

It's one of the most popular, and one of the most beautiful buildings anywhere. You also have Darling Harbor and Bondi Beach. And that's just the beginning. Sydney is a great city.

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Sydney Opera House

How many died while building the Sydney Opera House?

There were no fatalities during it's construction, but there were several accidents as would be the case in any project that size.

Sydney Opera House

How did the Sydney Opera House get its name?

because sydney is the capital of austaralia

Sydney Opera House
Plural Nouns

Why was the tree brought into the house to display instead of keeping it outside to display?

Oddly enough, the reason for that is rooted in Pagan beliefs. Pagans belived that evergreen trees had certain powers of immortality because they never lost their leaves. They were used in ceremonies, often indoors, that dealt with health and curing ailments.

Sydney Opera House

Who designed the Sydney Opera House?

It is Jorn Utzon

Sydney Opera House

When was the Tenerife Opera House built?

It was completed in 2003

Sydney Opera House
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What opera is The Students Chorus from?

This is only a "WAG," but I'm thinking that what you're looking for is Romberg's operetta The Student Prince that has a "chorus of students" in it. One of the most popular songs from it is the "Drinking Song" sung by the student chorus. Hope that helps.

I believe there is also a Students Chorus in Gounod's"Faust". Possibly others as well.

Answer 2. There's a "Student's Chorus" in Berlioz's Dramatic Legend, The Damnation of Faust.

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Sydney Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge

How long is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The total length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge including approach spans is 1149 metres and its arch span is 503 metres. The top of the arch is 134 metres above sea level.

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Sydney Opera House
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What are tools used by mason in house construction?

The general tools used by a mason for brick work/plastering are as follows: 1) Trowel (different kinds) 2) Plumb Line 3) Thread/Twine 4) Set Square/Right Angle 5) Level Tube 6) Measuring Tape 7) Tool for raking of joints. Apart from the above, a mason is required to have a spade, gammelas and other general equipment with him.


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