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Business networking refers to a socio-economic activity through which groups of like-minded business people create, recognize or act upon business opportunities. It is regarded by many business people as a more cost-effective method of generating new business compared to public relations or advertising efforts.

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Who owns public companies?

Public Limited Companies are owned by their shareholders. Because only public limited companies are listed on stock markets, all of whom are by definition, virtually anyone with enough money to buy shares on the stock market could be a potential co-owner of a public company.

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What homeschool resources are available?

There are lots of online and offline resources available, One such resource is Facetofacestudy

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How do you get a Government grant for a small business?

Small Business GrantsWe've all seen the headlines: "Millions in free government money for your business." Late-night infomercials and Internet advertisements promise grants to start or expand a business. Sound too good to be true? It is.

Facts About Government GrantsThe federal government does not provide grants for starting and expanding a business.

Grants from the federal government are only available to non-commercial organizations, such as non-profits and educational institutions in areas such as, medicine, education, scientific research and technology development. The federal government also provides grants to state and local governments to assist them with economic development.

Some business grants are available through state and local programs, non-profit organizations and other groups. For example, some states provide grants for expanding child care centers; creating energy efficient technology; and developing marketing campaigns for tourism. These grants are not necessarily free money, and usually require the recipient to match funds or combine the grant with other forms of financing such as a loan.

If you are not one of these specialized business, both federal and state government agencies provide financial assistance programs that helps small business owners obtain low-interest loans and venture capital financing from commercial lenders.

How to Find GrantsIf you are a small business owner, use our Small Business Loans and Grants Search Tool (refer to links below) to find specialized small business grant programs.

If you are a non-profit organization or a for-profit business involved in scientific and technology research and development, consult the following resources:


    Find and apply for thousands of federal government grant programs.

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

    Search a comprehensive database of grants, loans and other assistance programs available from federal agencies.

The following is a selection of major grant programs provided by federal government agencies.

Arts, Humanities and Education

  • Education - U.S. Department of Education
  • Humanities - National Endowment for the Humanities
  • Libraries and Archives - National Archives and Records Administration
  • Museums - Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • Visual and Performing Arts - National Endowment for the Arts

Community and Social Services

  • Employment and Labor Grants - U.S. Department of Labor
  • Housing - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Law Enforcement - U.S. Department of Justice

Health and Medicine

  • Cancer Research - National Cancer Institute
  • Health Care Services - U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration
  • NIH Grants - National Institutes of Health

Science, Technology and Environment

  • Energy Sciences Grants - U.S. Department of Energy
  • Environmental Grants and Fellowships - Environmental Protection Agency
  • Natural Resources - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Scientific Research Grants - National Science Foundation
  • Small Business Research and Development Grants
  • Technology Grants - National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Telecommunications - National Telecommunications and Information Administration


Getting a Government Grant

The truth is that federal and state governments do not provide grants for starting and expanding small businesses. However, the U.S. government does offer a wide-variety of low-interest loans and venture capital financing programs to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. In addition, some federal and state agencies award a limited number of grants for very specialized business activities such as scientific research and development.

No, it is not easy to get a government grant for a small business. Don't waste your money on any book that says it is easy or that the author can guarantee anything of the sort. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. I mean think about it. All these books, websites and services are telling you 'get a free grant from the government and never have to pay it back.' Since when have you ever been able to get something for nothing.

Instead, check out the U.S. Government's official business portal -- it has a Loans and Grants search tool -- -- that will help you find loans, grants and venture capital from federal, state and local government agencies, include the Small Business Administration.

And remember this: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. As cliched as this sounds, it really is sound advice and by heeding this advice you can save yourself a lot of headaches and most likely a lot of money that would be better invested in your business!

it is really tough. your business has to be founded by or create something usually for minorities. low income, women, black/hispanic ect. Don't give up on this search because you can find funding but there might be a few loop holes or maybe there is a specific grant for what you already plan to do.

--- Unless your business involves the development of new technology or is a non-profit organization, you will be wasting your time looking for a grant.

You can obtain small business financing from the federal government.

No one gives grants to start a business only loans, ie..Small Business Administration.

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List the top 10 African richest country?

Richest Countries in Africa (2010)


This is the List of the 10 richest countries in Africa by GDP (PPP) per capita:

1. Equatorial Guinea (37,900)

2. Gabon (14,600)

3. Libya (13,800)

4. Mauritius (13,500)

5. Botswana (13,100)

6. South Africa (10,700)

7. Tunisia (9,500)

8. Angola (8,700)

9. Algeria (7,400)

10. Namibia (6,900)

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Public sector advantages and disadvantages?


1. Free entry and exit at ones will which means it is ok to try.

2. Capital requirement depends on the need of ones self and not pre-set.

3. Allow for competition thus provide are room for the necessity of excellence to maintain market position

4. It adopts easily to changes due to less bureaucracy.


1. Too compertative

2. Aims at the maximization of profit rather than customer satisfaction.

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Are there any building maintenance or janitorial small business groups or associations?

Professional Cleaning AssociationsHere are some cleaning/janitorial business associations to look into:
  • Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI)
  • International Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc.
  • Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration
  • Association of Residential Cleaning Services
  • Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Association
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • International Window Cleaning Association
  • National Association of Professional Cleaners (NAPC)
  • Mid-South Professional Cleaners Association
  • Utah Nursery and Landscape Associations
  • Texas Pest Control Associations
  • National Pest Management Association
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Why do private owned business need to make a profit?

Making a profit can illastrate the manufactoring system and also relfecting to the causes of the seqeunces. by then it's strangley disposales the contraction of the complosary changes in the business itself.

(Thats only, I can give you)

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What are opinions of Brighter Home Solutions?

They are legitimate. I used to work there.

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Where can you find a current organizational chart for any media company?

Try Cogmap:

Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum
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Top ten Pokemon?











01. Raikou

02. Meganium

O3. Dialga

04. Charizard

05. Umbreon

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Are the duties of a cmpany secretary merely ministerial?

a company secretary is defined as an officer appointed by the board of directors to ensure that the legal obligations is complied as demanded by the company legislation's. the company secretary has some roles and duties to perform. below are few of them; calling for meetings, recording of minutes, keeping statutory record books etc.

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Has anyone had any experience with its a paid online survey website?

I do a lot of surveys at the behavioral research facility at my school you may have more success at a similair location (psych departments also). I played with campus opinion a little since they sent out a free sign up thing and it doesn't seem worth it. If you work at it I think you could definitely make some money off there, but the surveys are kinda sketch in that you need to sign up for something like direct TV often and you have to place a lot of personal info online (although no credit cards). That said I don't think its necessarily a scam since they have a bunch of good will suggestions like set up a junk email to use in these surveys etc.

Best of luck to you.

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How can you learn networking in a very short time?

Set up your own network at home by getting the help from networking books or a website. For most people, this is the most useful method to learn networking with hands-on experience.

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Where is ACCA's corporate head office?

The ACCA has several national offices. See the related link below to find the one for your country.

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What is nature and scope of organisational behavior?

Nature Of Organizational Behavior (OB)

Organizational behaviour is an applied behavioral science that is built on contributions from a number of behavioral disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology and economics.

So now students lets see how these disciplines are related to organisational behaviour,

• Psychology. Psychology is the study of human behavior which tries to identify the characteristics of individuals and provides an understanding why an individual behaves in a particular way. This thus provides us with useful insight into areas such as human motivation, perceptual processes or personality characteristics.

• Sociology. Sociology is the study of social behavior, relationships among social groups and societies, and the maintenance of social order. The main focus of attention is on the social system. This helps us to appreciate the functioning of individuals within the organization which is essentially a socio-technical entity.

• Social psychology. Social psychology is the study of human behaviour in the context of social situations. This essentially addresses the problem of understanding the typical behavioral patterns to be expected from an individual when he takes part in a group.

• Anthropology. Anthropology is the science of mankind and the study of human behaviour as a whole. The main focus of attention is on the cultural system, beliefs, customs, ideas and values within a group or society and the comparison of behaviour among different cultures. In the context of today's organizational scenario. It is very important to appreciate the differences that

exist among people coming from different cultural backgrounds as people are often found to work with others from the other side of the globe.

• Economics. Any organization to survive and sustain must be aware of the economic viability of their effort. This applies even to the non-profit and voluntary organizations as well.

• Political Science Although frequently overlooked, the contributions of political scientists are significant to the understand arrangement in organizations. It studies individuals and groups within specific conditions concerning the power dynamics. Important topics under here include structuring Of Conflict, allocation of power and how people manipulate power for individual self-interest etc.

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How has the environment of management accounting changed over the past years?

According to the London School of Economics (Alnoor Bhimani): Over the past decade, management accounting has seen changes not just within existing domains of the field but has also witnessed extensions outside its established realms of activity. Wider systemic transformations including changes in political regimes, novel conceptions of management controls, the impact of globalizing forces on commercial affairs, shifts in notions of effective knowledge management, governance and ethics and technological advances, including the rise of broadband, have all impacted management accounting endeavors. The field is as fast changing as it has ever been. what are the effects

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What is the relationship between purchasing department and stores department?

i dont no it.

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How do you turn in illegal immigrants in US?

You would contact your local branch of the US Justice Department. Your telephone book should have a section of US Offices.

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Why a mission statement should not include strategies and objective?

The ideal mission statement is clear and concise, among other things. It's the type of statement or phrase people can easiy remember and repeat.

There is nothing wrong wtih strategies and objectives, but they need to be created AFTER the mission statement, so that accomplishing the objectives leads to a successful strategy, which accomplishes the mission.

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When did Exxon merge with Mobil?

Exxon's merger with Mobil, completed in the third quarter of 1999, created the world's largest company, with 2002 revenues of $178.9 billion.

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How do you set up an operations and IT department?

You set up an operations and IT department according to the needs of the organization. Generally start by understanding which of the organization's current purchased operations and IT services can benefit from being internalized, and then hire/task staff resources with doing so.

In your case, if you need to ask the question of how to set up a department, you'll need professional advice from someone who has worked in/managed one before.

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What are the top ten football rules?

(There are to many rules in Football to even start naming the top 10 football rules). I agree but in my opinion Holding, False start, Offsides, Unnecessary roughness, Unsportsmanlike conduct, Offensive pass interference, Defensive pass interference, Roughing the kicker, Roughing the passer, and 15 or 5 yard face mask. (There may be others that I missed but I tried to name the top ten).

All that has been mentioned are penalties. There are no 'top 10'. If you want to know the first 10 rules in the rulebook, I can give you that, but it's like reading a law book. What are the top 10 laws?

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What are ten competencies of an entrepreneur?

Empirical evidence suggests that the competencies for entrepreneurial success are many and varied: however, overall, there are probably 10 that appear most regularly:


1. Integrity - the entrepreneur has a clear sense of values and beliefs that underpin the creative and business decisions that they make; and that influence the actions they take, particularly when in difficult or challenging circumstances

2. Conceptual Thinking - the entrepreneur is prepared to use fresh approaches; comes up with crazy ideas that may just work, leading to radical change or significant improvements; and takes time to listen to new ideas without pre-judgement

3. Risk taking - the entrepreneur understands that risk taking means trying something new, and possibly better, in the sense of stretching beyond what has been done in the past; and that the constant challenge is to learn how to assess choices responsibly, weighing the possible outcomes against his/her values and responsibilities

4. Networking - the entrepreneur understands that networking is a key business activity which can provide access to information, expertise, collaboration and sales; and that careful planning and preparation helps achieve desired results

5. Strategic Thinking - the entrepreneur understands and values the planning process, thinking and planning over a significant timescale; recognises external trends and opportunities; and is able to think through any complex implications for the business

6. Commercial Aptitude - the entrepreneur keeps up to date with developments in the sector; seeks out best practice; and identifies and seizes opportunities that are not obvious to others

7. Decisiveness - the entrepreneur resolves issues as they arise; does not get bogged down in analysis during decision making; and responds flexibly to deal with changing priorities

8. Optimism - the entrepreneur persists in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks; operates from hope of success rather than from fear of failure; and sees setbacks as due to manageable circumstance rather than a personal flaw

9. Customer Sensitivity - the entrepreneur builds trust and long term relationships with customers; generates an expectation of high level of customer service; and regularly exceeds customer expectation

10. People Focus - the entrepreneur creates common purpose with colleagues through shared vision and values; walks the talk; sees and values the best in others; builds the total capability of the immediate and wider team; and always considers the principles of inclusiveness in planning and dealing with others

11.persistance - taking repeated actions to overcome the obstacles.

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Why problem formulation must follow goal formulation in artificial intelligence?

In goal formulation, we decide which aspects of the world we are interested in, and which can be ignored or abstracted away. Then in problem formulation we decide how to manipulate the important aspects (and ignore the others). If we did problem formulation first we would not know what to include and what to leave out. That said, it can happen that there is a cycle of iterations between goal formulation, problem formulation, and problem solving until one arrives at a sufficiently useful and efficient solution.



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