International Business and Trade

International business and trade refers to the exchange of goods and services across international borders to maximize profit. Ideally, a country will export a good if its domestic price is lower than the international price.

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International Business and Trade

What country has the world largest gold reserves?

The USA by far.

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International Business and Trade

Product line of Hindustan Unilever Ltd?

Some of its brands include:

  • Kwality Walls ice cream,
  • Lifebuoy,
  • Lux,
  • Breeze,
  • Liril,
  • Rexona,
  • Hamam,
  • Moti soaps,
  • Pureit Water Purifier ,
  • Lipton tea,
  • Brooke Bond tea,
  • Bru Coffee,
  • Pepsodent and Close Up toothpaste and brushes,
  • Surf, Rin and Wheel laundry detergents,
  • Kissan squashes and jams,
  • Annapurna salt and atta,
  • Pond's talcs and creams,
  • Vaseline lotions, Fair & Lovely creams, Lakmé beauty products,
  • Clinic Plus, Clinic All Clear, Sunsilk and Lux shampoos,
  • Vim dishwash, Ala bleach and Domex disinfectant.
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International Business and Trade

What is a person that buys and sells good called?

Uhm, Broker?

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International Business and Trade

Why were merchants able to sell spices at a high price?

the merchants hide the information that they bought the spices for less to make money, it can technically mean cheating.

International Business and Trade

What are Mexico's imports exports partners and amounts in trade?

Mexico is the tenth largest economy in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of US$1.85 trillion (2013). It is also the eleventh in terms of population with more than 120 million people for 2013, thus allowing Mexican exports to be not only raw materials such as oil or silver, but also manufactured goods and even high-technology products, including assembled aircraft, pharmaceuticals, communications equipment, and computer and office machinery.

Mexico is also one of the countries with most trade agreements in the world, having 12 free trade agreements with over 40 countries including North and Central America, the European Free Trade Area and Japan, putting more than 90% of its trade under free trade agreements.

Following are some statistics related to Mexican balance of trade:

  • Exports: USD 370.9 billion (world's rank: 16th).
  • Major exports: Manufactured goods, electronics, oil and oil products, aircraft, silver, computers and servers, fruits, meats, consumer electronics, processed foods, vegetables, ships, coffee, LCD screens, electricity, biotechnology, cotton, rolling stock, automotive and aircraft engines, cellular phones, metals, industrial equipment, granite and marble, lithium batteries.
  • Top export partners: United States (78.2%), Spain (2.8%), Canada (2.7%), China (1.7%), Germany (1.5%), Colombia (1.3%), Brazil (1.0%), Netherlands (0.8%), Chile (0.6%), Japan (0.5%).
  • Imports: USD 370.7 billion (world's rank: 15th).
  • Major imports: Vehicles and vehicle parts, electric and electronic machinery and equipment, boilers and steam generators, engines and engine parts, copper and copper products.
  • Top import partners: United States (48.7%), China (15.9%), Japan (4.5%), Germany (3.6%), South Korea (3.2%), Canada (2.6%), Italy (2.1%), Taiwan (1.8%), Brazil (1.4%), Spain (1.1%).
International Business and Trade

What stores sell studded belts?

Many stores sell studded belts. For example you could try, Hot Topic, Claires, Icing, Spencers, even Wal-Mart sells them. Nowadays you can pretty much find them anywhere. Hope this helped. :)

International Business and Trade

In general how much is a stove worth as scrap?

Here in Ga Scrap was going for 11.00 a hundred pounds,last week.If the stove weighs 100.00 pounds it will pay 11.00 .

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International Business and Trade

What is impose countervailing?

To impose countervention is to penalize those who have penalized you.

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International Business and Trade

Can you give five reasons why countries engage in international trade?

1. They each produce different crops and benefit from the trade of these.

2. They each produce different fruits and benefit from the trade of these.

3. They each produce different types of cars and benefit from the trade of these.

4. They each produce different styles of clothes and shoes and benefit from trading these.

5. They each produce different weaponse and perceive benefit from trading these.

International Business and Trade

What is advantage and disadvantage of international trade?

A+ job losses in the domestic economy

job losses in the domestic economy

job losses in the domestic economy

International Business and Trade

How many 50 kg bags of rice are in a metric ton?

Twenty 50-kg bags.

International Business and Trade

What are the important geographical aspects that favor international trade?

please guys if you do not know the answer leave the question alone because some people google for information unlike you who google for nothing.

Geographical aspects that favour international trade would be the canals that we have available on the oceans and it could also be the growth of products that the countries trade with, the quicker they grow the faster we trade the goods for what we need.

International Business and Trade

What is the definition of commerce?

Commerce means buying and selling, or trading, between people.

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International Business and Trade

Is there any way you can buy medications from Canada over the Internet?

Well, true you can buy medicine from Canadian pharmacies through internet, BUT there are few medicines at you cannot LEGALLY. For example Viagra, cialis. These meds are patented products and if you get them shipped from any other country, you can get in trouble. I have seen many people who used to order from Canadian pharmacy get warning from custom department. Either be very careful and do your research when you are buying from any overseas pharmacy, or search for some US based websites which offer meds at reasonable price. == == Canada regulates drug prices as part of its national health care system, while the market dictates pricing in the United States. For this reason, many popular medications can be bought in Canada at less than half the U.S. price. There are several Web sites that allow you to purchase medications from Canada at this discounted rate. And buying over the Internet is much easier than making the trip to Canada for the purchase. Be aware that the U.S. does employ scare tactics by telling you how they discourage Canadian drug sales because they can't vouch for the safety of Canadian medications. However, the pharmacies in Canada are just like the ones in America so don't buy into the scare campaigns of the U.S. pharmaceutical companies. By doing a simple online search, you can easily find several online Canadian pharmacies to fill your prescriptions. All of them offer the same name brand medications that you can buy here in the U.S. only through the Canadian market you will realize a savings of up to 50 percent and you can buy your medications in bulk. Most Canadian pharmacies do require a valid prescription depending on the medication. However, some medications that require a prescription in the U.S. are available without one in Canada. For those medications that do require a prescription, you can either mail or fax your prescription to the pharmacy with which you are doing business. Once they receive your prescription, you can order and place your refills over the Internet, by fax, or by calling their customer service representatives. After they receive your paperwork, your prescriptions will usually be delivered to you in about a week. It is very simple and will save you a lot of money! Hopefully, if enough consumers keep buying their medications in Canada, it will eventually bring about policy changes in the U.S.

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International Business and Trade

Current issue that involves international trade?

Before trading you need to do market analysis, country economy, natural disasters, political issues etc. If we did not follow this steps before trading means we los our investments.

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International Business and Trade

What are the different types of cost?

The different types of costs:

  • opportunity cost
  • accounting cost or historical costs
  • transaction cost
  • sunk cost
  • marginal cost
International Business and Trade

Who are the parties involved in international trade?

Financial institutions

International Business and Trade

What does uranium costs per 100 gram?

US $ 51,5/lb (at 25.07.2011) or 11,3 USA $ per 100 grams (natural uranium in the form of the unrefined oxide U3O8).

International Business and Trade
The Difference Between

What is the difference between international relations international affairs and international studies?

Most simplistic way to distinguish two first issues: International relations are relations between various entities in international arena .It could be relations between states, relations between different organizations (regional, world wide, tc). International affairs are issues/topics/problems of concern of various entities (states,organizations,etc).

International Business and Trade

How much does uranium cost per 100g?

US $ 51,5/lb (at 25.07.2011) or 11,3 US $ per 100 grams (natural uranium in the form of the unrefined oxide U3O8).

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Where can you find a current organizational chart for any media company?

Try Cogmap:

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International Business and Trade

What is the meaning of EXIM Policy?

The EXIM Policy is the Export-Import policies regulating international commerce in India. See the link below for the complete manual of EXIM policies and regulations.

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International Business and Trade

Can you receive international calls on your cell phone without having a special plan?

== == * You should be able to, but you probably have to call your wireless provider and make sure your account is set up to do so. Sometimes it's automatically on, and sometimes you have to request it. == == * A mobile should be able to receive phone calls from any number whether national or international (or at least that is how it is here in New Zealand). If someone cannot call your phone from overseas, make sure they are dialling the international code before the cellphone number. Often the first number of a cellphone number is replaced by the international code eg: If your cellphone number is 021 499 391, and you live in New Zealand, then someone calling from overseas will need to dial 0061 21 499 391. Call your provider for further clarification.

The international dialling code for New Zealand is "64", while "61" is for Australia. Calling a NZ cell phone from Australia, should be, if I follow the advice above "0011 64 21 499 391". At least, that is what I am going to try.

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International Business and Trade

Where can you download a free copy of ucp 600?

2008-05-31 01:12:26

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International Business and Trade

What term refers to goods produced inside of the U.S. that are sold and shipped for use in other countries?

American exports


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