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Dominican Republic is a country located on the island of Hispaniola. It is the second biggest Caribbean country both by population and area. The republic's capital is Santo Domingo, where America's first university, castle, and cathedral are situated.

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Dominican Republic

Which is bigger haiti or Dominican Republic?

Dominican republic is bigger

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Dominican Republic

What is the capital of La Republica Dominicana?

Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic
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How do you say hello in Dominican Republic?


Dominican Republic
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What is Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Zip Code?

10700-11999 this is santo domingo zip code

Dominican Republic

How did the Dominican Race begin?

Wow who was the idiot. The Dominican race always existed. They were Tainos. Before Cristobal Colon or as he's known in the USA Christopher Columbus. Settle in the Island making it the Isla De Hispaniola. He settle on the Island before reaching the USA. He brought with him boats filled with African slaves. A lot of the Tainos were assassinated by the Spaniards. Those who survived were mad slaves too. It took 200 before the french step foot on the island. By this time Dominicans were already mixed. Spaniard,Taino and African mixed. Till this Day the majority are African, Taino and Spaniard descent. Mostly African and Taino.. Haitians did not come into contact with Dominicans until the Spanish notice they were on the west part of the Island 200 years later. The Haitians who are really Africans were being sold by the french as slaves. Spain and The french went to war 3 times, the last time the French Controlled Haitians took control of The Dominican Republic for 22 years. I'm Dominican. My great Grand mother was straight from Spain. She settle in The Dominican Republic around 1910. She then married an Afriano( African & Taino mix) They Had my grandmother who married my grandfather who was Haitian(African) Dominican mix.more then 90% of the country got African Ancestry in their blood. A lot of them are just to ignorant to admit it. Please do research before posting up stupidity.

no people "ALWAYS" existed, hateful pompous answers make a person sound petty and small minded.

its best to avoid such behavior... and spelling admit correctly helps to.

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What languages are spoken in the Dominican Republic?

Spanish is virtually the only language spoken in the Dominican republic, although English is widely taught in schools as a second language.

There is a community of about 8,000 speakers of Samaná English in the Samaná Peninsula, and there is a small community of Haitians who speak Haitian Creole.

Small numbers of immigrants and foreign workers also speak Italian, Chinese, East Caribbean English Creole, and Arabic.

In the Dominican Republic, Spanish is the dominant language. Hatian Creole may also be spoken in some areas closer to the Hatian border. American Sign Language is common, and also believe it or not, there is a small Chinese population in the capital (Santo Domingo).

The population of the Dominican Republic is entirely Spanish-speaking; Schools are based on a Spanish educational model, with English being taught as a secondary language in most private schools, it is also being taught in public school as well. United States' English is also spoken for some part of the Young people, because its nearby of this country to US and its big influence on it.

Spanish is virtually the only language spoken in the Dominican republic, although English is widely taught in schools as a second language.

Besides Spanish (the main language), English, Haitian Creole, Italian, and Chinese are spoken in the country. English and Haitian Creole by far the highest (Note: Haitian Creole is only spoken by Haitians living in the Dominican Republic). Other languages spoken in the Dominican Republic are, East Caribbean English Creole and Arabic.
Some do
Spanish is the national language of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic

Is fuego dominican?

Yes he is!

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How many miles is the dominican republic from haiti?

They border, and are on the same island!

Dominican Republic
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Where can you find information about Vermont as a Republic?

Vermont was an independent republic from July of 1777, when it adopted the first constitution to abolish slavery, until March of 1791, when it was admitted as the 14th state of the Union. Additional information may be found at this web address: So, the Republic of Vermont lasted for about 14 years.

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Do you need a passport to travel from the US to the Dominican Republic?

A passport is required any time you live your native country by air or sea. Some countries may also require a passport for land travel.

Since the Dominican Republic is on an island, you would definitely need a passport.

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Where is the Dominican Republic located?

About 2 hours south of Florida.
North America, in the Caribbean sea, next to Puerto Rico.
It's located in the Caribbean sea in the American continent, beetwen Miami, Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Dominican Republic

In Haiti and the Dominican Republic the US?

occupied the nations with military force until debts were repaid.

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How long is the flight from Miami Florida to Santo Domingo Dominican Republic?


Miami, FL (MIA) to Santo Domingo (SDQ)

Flight Duration 2 hours 10 mins


The distance between Miami, Florida and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is 843 miles (1357 km).

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Dominican Republic

Where is the Dominican Republic?

the Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean.

The country denominated Dominican Republic is located in the Island of Santo Domingo, according to her constitution. This island, which Haiti claims in her own constitution as the Island of Haiti, is regarded (because of this conflict about the name by the two countries-owners- sharing its territory) as the Island of Hispaniola since 1939, by what is known today as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Geographer of the United States of America.

Most publications in the world follow that agency, for the same reason such agency decided to utilize "Hispaniola", that is, not to be offensive to neither of the countries occupying the island, instead of opening dialogues with these two countries to solve this confusing dilemma.

Students from the Dominican Republic, other countries and organizations learned that the name of the island is Santo Domingo or in French, Saint Domingue.

Student from Haiti, other countries and organizations learned that the name of the island is Haiti.

Until Haiti and the Dominican Republic settles this case, any name that is utilize may be acceptable, but should not be regarded as the legal and official name of the island.

it is located in the northern hemisphere. It is also located on the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola. It is located in the Caribbean Sea.

Dominican Republic
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There are 10 packs of cigarettes in a carton. There are 200 cigarettes in a carton and 20 in a pack making it 10 packs a carton.

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Dominican Republic

What are the beliefs of the Dominican Republic?

All about Dominican Republic here ............ The Dominican Republic is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.

Dominican Republic

What is the capital of the Dominican Republic?

The capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo.

Dominican Republic

What do the colors of the Dominican Republic flag mean?

The dominican republic flag consists of a centered white cross that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles - the top ones are blue (hoist side) and red, and the bottom ones are red (hoist side) and blue The white = peace and honesty, the red = hardiness, bravery, strength & valour and the blue = vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice. The flag was designed by the leader of the Trinitarians who altered the layout of the blue and red of the Haitian flag and placed a large white cross over it to symbolize faith

Dominican Republic

What is the major religion in the Dominican Republic?

The main religion in the Dominican Republic is Roman Catholic.


Dominican Republic

What is a famous building in Dominican Republic?

Well i am from Dominica R. Famous is just a famamous.

Dominican Republic

Is Kevin Durant from Dominican Republic?

No. Durant was born in Washington D.C. and is American.

Dominican Republic

How long does it take to travel from Toronto Canada to the Dominican Republic?

Usually a flight will take around 3-4 hours one way. Time in dominican republic is one hour faster than Toronto i.e. if it is 3:30pm in Toronto, it will be 4:30pm in the dominican. My flight left at 16:25 and I arrived in Punta Cana at 20:35, therefore it was around 3 hours.

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What does the Dominican Republic flag represent?

The flag of the Dominican Republic is composed of a central white cross with red and blue rectangles in the corners (red in the upper right and lower left; blue in upper left and lower right). The national coat of arms is in the center of the white cross. The coat of arms pictures a red, white and blue flag-draped shield with a Bible and cross; the shield is surrounded by an olive branch (on the left) and a palm branch (on the right). A blue ribbon above the shield reads, "Dios, Patria, Libertad" (meaning "God, Fatherland, Liberty"). A red ribbon under the shield reads, "Republica Dominicana" (meaning "Dominican Republic"). The ratio of its height to its width is about 2:3.

This flag was officially adopted on November 6, 1844, after the Dominican

hi Republic obtained independence from Haiti.


The blue is said to stand for Liberty, red for the fire and blood of the independence struggle and the white cross is a symbol of sacrifice.


The Dominican Republic flag was officially adopted on November 6, 1844.

The blue and red are from the flag of Haiti, which once controlled the Dominican Republic. The white cross is symbolic of faith.

The centered coat of arms appears on the flag for national and state use only. That coat of arms displays an open bible topped by a gold cross. Above the arms the Trinitarian motto is displayed, Dios, Patria, Libertad. (God, Country, Freedom)

Dominican Republic

Are there nice beaches in Santo Domingo?

Nice beaches include Boca Chica and Juan Dolio. Both of these beaches are near but not in Santo Domingo. The best time to visit is between November and March.

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Dominican Republic

What is the capital of Republica Dominicana?

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo.


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