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Business finance deals with financial decisions that a business entity makes, as well as the tools and analysis used to make these decisions. Its primary goal is to maximize business value while managing the company’s financial risks.

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Why did Singapore favor a merger with Malaysia?

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Singapore favour for merger with Malaysia because for common market and for independence. The PAP felt that Singapore's survival as an independent nation would be difficult. Singapore lacked natural resources. Entrepot trade was declining. Growing population which required more jobs. The Malayan government introduced import and export tariffs on goods which led further decline in Singapore's trade. PAP government felt that a merger with Malaya would bring about rapid economic growth especially with the setting up of common market. The common market would allow goods to be bought and sold freely without being taxed. This would increase trade, expand industries and create more jobs. The PAP saw that Singapore's best hope for complete freedom was through a merger with Malaya. There were some areas like defense and internal security that were still under British control. The British were reluctant to grant full independence to Singapore because they were worried about the communist threat in Singapore. Moreover, When the PAP was formed in 1954, it included moderates and radicals. Singapore lacked natural resources and faced a declining trade amount. More jobs were needed to meet the demands of the population. The Malayan government imposed import and export tariffs on goods traded between the 2 countries. Singapore also faced Communist threat and that made the British not grant full independence to Singapore. Singapore hence felt that by merging with Malaya, the British would grant Singapore full independence and Malaya would share natural resources and jobs. Trade amounts might also go back up and the tariffs could be removed.
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Who will allow to introduce Finance Bill?

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President President of financial department. He has right to do that if has an application to change that.
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What is full form of MFI?

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Micro Finance Institutions. These are institutions who are generally supported by govt. in order to provide finance to small entrepreneurs. MFI stands from Micro Financial Institutions.
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What does 30 days net monthly mean?

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It's a payment term meaning: payment due 30 days from the end of the month in which the invoice is raised
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What is mean by ratio analysis?

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Ratio analysis is a tool used by management and fundamental investors to determine a company's general position in an industry or sector as it compares to their peers. An example would be the current ratio, which equals the current assets of a company divided by the current liabilities of which the firm is obligated. The current ratio gives investors and management a quick look as to how liquid a firm is. A large proportion of current assets to liabilities indicates a firm will have little trouble meeting its short term obligations regardless of the economic cycle. The analysis may extend to industry peers to compare companies on an apples to apples basis.
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Is legend venture a true share company?

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It looks like an empty shell company that sells virtual shares of PGCG.OBB. It is highly improbable your investment will be recovered if you invested in this company.
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A policy of dividend smoothing refers to?

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setting a dividend price that does not necessarily conform with retained earnings
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What is meaning of deferred payment credit?

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they can talk about your credit card number in the back of a bookstore and copy your number. It can be: Revocable Credit Irrevocable Credit Confirmed Credit Payment Credit Negotiation Credit Deferred Payment Credit Acceptance Credit Back-to-Back Credit Transferable Credit Red Clause Credit Green Clause Credit Packing Credit Standby Credit Revolving Credit
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How does a company have income but take in less cash that it spends?

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Income is all the money a company takes in (hence the name) expense is all the money a company spends profit is income - expense. just because expense > income doesn't mean there is no income. It means there is no profit.
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List of major mergers and acquisitions in India?

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Tata Steel's mega takeover of European steel major Corus for $12.2 billion. The biggest ever for an Indian company. This is the first big thing which marked the arrival of India Inc on the global stage. The next big thing everyone is talking about is Tata Nano. Vodafone's purchase of 52% stake in Hutch Essar for about $10 billion. Essar group still holds 32% in the Joint venture. Hindalco of Aditya Birla group's acquisition of Novellis for $6 billion. Ranbaxy's sale to Japan's Daiichi for $4.5 billion. Sing brothers sold the company to Daiichi and since then there is no real good news coming out of Ranbaxy. ONGC acquisition of Russia based Imperial Energy for $2.8 billion. This marked the turn around of India's hunt for natural reserves to compete with China. NTT DoCoMo-Tata Tele services deal for $2.7 billion. The second biggest telecom deal after the Vodafone. Reliance MTN deal if went through would have been a good addition to the list. HDFC Bank acquisition of Centurion Bank of Punjab for $2.4 billion. Tata Motors acquisition of luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover for $2.3 billion. This could probably the most ambitious deal after the Ranbaxy one. It certainly landed Tata Motors into lot of trouble. Wind Energy premier Suzlon Energy's acquistion of RePower for $1.7 billion. Reliance Industries taking over Reliance Petroleum Limited (RPL) for 8500 crores or $1.6 billion.
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Who are Eastman Pierce Mergers and Acquisitions?

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Foreign Shareholders Beware! This is a very skilled group of con men who are out to rob you from your hard earned money. They contact unsuspecting shareholders and try and convince them that they have a buyer for their shares and offer very highly inflated amounts for the shares. This group are currently concentrating on shareholders of Capital Gold Mining Resources Inc. formerly known as Dixon, Perot and Champion. This is typically known as an Advanced Payment Share Scheme because these criminals always ask for some sort of payment before they can pay you for your shares. Does that sound like legitimate business to you? Of course NOT! If you receive a call from these people, HANG UP, do not converse with them. Contact your local authorities or the FBI in the United States of America. These are highly sophisticated CRIMINALS, if you fall into their trap, you will be sorry. Hi folks, ya aware that Capital Gold Mining is the same fake as Dixon Perot was. If anyone of the former Dixon shareholders believes in a better future and means he can gain his investment back..... good luck..... The "new connection" is cheating you again. Uisi71
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How would you describe your customer service?

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Customer Service is any time you help someone who doesn't work in your department. For example, I used to work in an office at a school. We didn't sell anything-the parents were our customers. I would even include the teachers in that category-since it was my job to help them. So I would say something like this: "Answer multi-line telephone and direct calls. Courteously greet parents and community members. Answer questions and provide services requested, including building tours. Direct families to available services, including the free and reduced lunch program, while maintaining strick confidentiality." Think about anybody you helped in your previous jobs and write about that.
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Response to the Caledonia Products Integrative Problem?

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Response by R. Nowaid Response to the Caledonia Products Integrative Problem Project ranking is prioritizing projects based on a project's stream of cash flow by measuring net present value (NPV), the internal rate of return (IRR), and Macaulay duration that is calibrated based on cash-flow timing. Conflict of ranking arises when managers have to make subjective decisions due to organizational goals and needs. In a mutually exclusive projects three factors remain as key ranking elements; (1) size disparity; (2) time disparity; and (3) unequal lives. Size Disparity "The size disparity problem occurs when mutually exclusive projects of unequal size are examined." In the case for Caledonia Products, Project A and B may have the same initial investment amount; however, cash inflow of Project A begins in the first year but Project B begins in the fourth year. Both projects vary on net to present value, internal rate of return, and profitability index. If size disparity causes conflicting ranking among mutually exclusive projects, then the project with the largest net present value is considered; given the fact that there would be no capital rationing. Standing alone on this criteria, Project B is more viable because total NPV of Project B is higher that Project A. Time Disparity "The time disparity problem and the conflicting rankings that accompany it result from the differing reinvestment assumptions made by the net present value and internal rate of return decision criteria." In case of Caledonia Products, total cash flow at the fifth year for Project A is $40,000 less than Project B's, NPV for Project A is less than Project B's. Project A begins cash inflow at the first year, the payback period for Project A is 3.125 years versus 4.5 years for Project B, and IRR for Project A is 18.03% versus Project B's IRR is 14.87%. Assuming that cash inflow during life of project can be reinvested, that would make Project A to be more viable. Unequal Lives Using size and time disparities in conjunction with NPV and IRR may lead to conflicting results in analyzing mutually exclusive projects. A primary cause of conflicting ranking can be timing of the cash flows of the mutually exclusive projects. In the case of Caledonia Products, Project B may have higher total cash flow at maturity and NPV of Project B may be higher as well; however, Project A makes cash available now. Knowing cash is king, and Project A's cash inflow begins in the first year versus Project B's cash inflow that begins in the fifth year, and this feature would make Project A more attractive. Analysis Initial net investment in Project A and Project B are equal; however, total cash flow for Project A is $40,000 less than Project B's total cash flow and NPV for Project A is less than Project B's NPV. Considering aforementioned facts one manager may consider Project B because it has greater NPV and total Project cash value; however, Project A has one main incentive, on-going cash flow throughout the Project. Project A generates continues cash flow through the life cycle of the Project; whereas, Project B requires the organization to operate without incoming cash flow until the Project is completed. Conclusively, if the organization is in need of cash to maintain profitable operation by avoiding external financing and loan, then Project A makes most sense; however, if the organization is not in need of immediate cash, then Project B is a better decision. For example, a small construction company needs continues cash inflow to prevent expensive financing of project. On the other hand, a major meatpacking firm, which does not have cash flow problem, may wait to the delivery date to collect all its funds at a greater amount.
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What are the limitations of portfolio management?

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Portfolio management service is a huge business today. There is stiff competition which makes it difficult for the investor to choose a good manager. However, this can be sorted out by taking his previous history and performance into account. One limitation faced, is the authority given to the manager to have control over your investments. When we ourselves, manage and trade, it's a different scenario altogether. However, trusting a portfolio management advisor is difficult and risky as well. There are many known cases of churning, where the consultant shifts investment from one fund to another. Some investors restrict this practice by limiting the commission to the consultant depending on his performance; however, if there is a loss, it wouldn't matter much to them. All in all, the professional brokers are very efficient and the process and detailing is strong, since the amount invested is big. I would suggest you look for good brokers and ask them about their ways of functioning; also check their credibility.
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Composite risk management CRM is a decision-making process for?

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CRM is a decision-making process for identifying hazards and controlling risks across the full spectrum of Army missions, functions, operations, and activities.
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How can you establish business credit without paying a company?

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In order to help establish business credit without paying an outside company, it is important to get your company's D&B D-U-N-S® Number, which is accessible to all businesses for free, and tax identification number (EIN), which is issued by the IRS. Then, you should update your company's D&B® profile to reflect the most accurate business information, which you can do using Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.'s free service, Company Update. Once your profile is up-to-date, another helpful tool is Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp's CreditSignal® product, which allows companies to get alerts about changes to the credit scores and ratings contained in their D&B business profile for free.
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What are problems facing retailers in Tanzania?

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poor technology, lack of enough capital, lack of knowledge
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What is analytics?

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Companies use databases to store data as it is being recorded. The method of storage tends to be optimized for storing it, as opposed to retrieving it. Therefore, companies usually have a separate place to store data that's been partially processed, making it faster for retrieval for business reporting. In a practical sense, sometimes this is an OLAP Cube, or more recently circa 2010, it was in-memory data stores. Often, it's just plain old Excel. The third stage is to do some final processing on the data, usually to arrive at a certain computation. This could either be a column of numbers, or a count of things. The numbers might be the difference from a previous reporting period, a percentage, the growth calculation, or even acceleration (which is growth of growth). Sometimes the comparison is made between the same number from two different periods of time, but at other times, it's a ratio of two numbers that have different meaning e.g. currency divided by quantity. Modern analytics struggles with a lack of tools. Big companies can afford to have expensive projects that take these three stages of processing. But mid to small size companies often end up in Excel.
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Capital gearing ratio?

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Gearing Ratio = Long Terms Loan/ Capital employed *100 The Higher the ratio the more the business is exposed to interest rate fluctuations and to having topay back interest and loans before being able to re-invest earnings.
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What does 3M stand for?

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"3M" stands for "Minnesota, Mining, and Manufacturing Company Limited".
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What are the three types of mergers?

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1)Horizontal mergers: The consolidation of firms that are direct rivals--i.e. firms that sell substitutable products or services within the same geographic market. 2)Vertical Mergers: The consolidation of firms that have potential or actual buyer-seller relationships. 3)Conglomerate Mergers: Consolidated firms may share marketing and distribution channels and perhaps production processes; or they may be wholly unrelated. 4)Congeneric mergers occur where two merging firms are in the same general industry, but they have no mutual buyer/customer or supplier relationship, such as a merger between a bank and a leasing company. Example: Prudential's acquisition of Bache & Company.
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Objectives of comparative financial statement analysis?

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Comparative financial statements provide analysts with significant information about trends and relationships over two or more years. Liquidity ratios. Measure the ability of the enterprise to pay its debts as they mature. Activity (or turnover) ratios. Measure how effectively the enterprise is using its assets. Profitability ratios. Measure management's success in generating returns for those who provide capital to the enterprise. Coverage ratios. Measure the protection for long-term creditors and investors.