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Questions and information about the structure and history of legislative systems and ruling empires of countries other than the United States

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What are the NIMS 100 and 700 answers for 2011?

Organizations are encouraged to establish procedures to ensure completion of the examination is an individual effort. Personnel within an organization who feel that test answers are being improperly provided should follow their organization's measures for reporting unethical conduct. If a student is found to have cheated on an exam, the penalty may include--but is not limited to--expulsion; foreclosure from future classes for a specified period; forfeiture of certificate for course/courses enrolled in at NETC or NTC; or all of the above in accordance with...
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What is meant by amnesty?

Amnesty is a legislative or executive act by which a state restores those who may have been guilty of an offense against it to the positions of innocent people. It includes more than pardon, in as much as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offense. The word has the same root as amnesia. Amnesty is more and more used to express 'freedom' and the time when prisoners can go free. In other words, it is more than just forgiving a crime...
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How can you classify government?

By structure of administration, economic policy, critiera for participation, and level of control exerted. ...
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What is BPInoy international?

BPInoy Savings Account / BPInoy International Your beneficiary in the Philippines eagerly awaits your remittance to answer for day-to-day expenses or to add to his savings for the future. Your BPInoy ATM Savings account and that of your beneficiary is your passport to fast and safe remittances through a direct credit to an account. No opening or maintaining balance required.* A BPInoy Savings account also allows you to: • Earn tiered interest because the bigger your balance is, the higher your interest rate...
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Why is freedom of association important?

I am assuming that "freedom of association" means that you can choose your friends and workmates however you please. There are probably some situations where denial of this freedom is good. For example, a parent should shield their kids from bad companions. Personally, I am very glad to have that freedom. However, "freedom" itself is a very difficult idea to define in general. We all have our own ideas of freedom which to us is good. It's other people's ideas of freedom...
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What is a aristocratic government?

Aristocracy, literally 'rule by the golden', refers to government by the best people. In Plato this meant rule by those trained in philosophy (ie: the best educated). Aristocracy is also used to refer to the titled land-owning class in agrarian societies. so an aristocratic government can also mean rule by a small noble and land-owning elite. While aristocracy is an example of oligarchy (government of the few), it is not necessarily the same as oligarchy. Oligarchy to the ancient Greeks, for example, was...
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What countries do not practice democracy?

Dictatorships such as North Korea, or single party states such as Libya. To be a democracy the law making arm of government must be elected by the people of the country on a regular basis and the army and police must uphold the law not the government. ...
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What does home office do?

It is in charge of the police force, immigration, customs, security and MI5, the secret service. ...
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What are the differences between public and private policy?

in C++/java if you want to perform data hiding(one of the concept of OOP's) you need to use Private. i.e. only functions in that class or object can use that. public can be used any where in the other program which is not a part of that class. Private classes are defined in order to increase the security, since in many situations there is no need for others to access the private attributes. ...
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How do you give a new employee a warm welcome?

Were it the 1970's, I'd say welcome them in with a Bloody Mary, a pack of smokes, and a pair of huge sunglasses. But alas, those days are over, although the super shades have regrettably reemerged as fashionable masks. In my experience, welcomes may vary from a surly hello and total immersion into work the first day, to a thoughtful card and a plant - just make sure they have an office near a window or you'll be perceived as a cruel...
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Is societe generale government owned?

societe generale bank is not government owned
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What is the antonym for the great compromise?

It combined the ideas of both the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan to form the structure of the Constitution. It would have three branches and the legislature would have two houses the senate and the house of representatives. In the senate each state had equal votes, but in the house of representatives the amount of votes depended on population. ...
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What were some of the achievements of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation?

The biggest achievements of the congress under the Articles of Confederation were winning the War for Independence, negotiating the subsequent peace treaty, and passing the Northwest Ordinance. The articles of confederation was important because it formed a loose alliance between the states of America to come together in time of need or attack to protect themselves, it also helped to unify the colonist to some degree. Under the Articles of Confederation the American colonists fought and defeated Great Britain and gained independence. By the end...
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What is the Queen's Privy Council for Canada?

The Queen's Privy Council for Canada is a body of advisors to Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. The Privy Council was created by s. 11 of the Constitution Act, 1867, and consists of members appointed by the Governor General of Canada on the advice of the prime minister. Members of the Privy Council are styled The Honourable, and may use the post-nominals "P.C." By constitutional convention, only privy councillors who are also a minister (and are therefore responsible to the elected...
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What is a society ruled by religious leaders?

A theocracy is technically a government ruled by God, and his authorities (the religious leaders) interpreting his word and administrating it for him. An ecclesiocracy is a government in which religious leaders assume a leading role in the state, but do not claim that they are speaking for God. ...
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What are the areas of civics?

Responsibilities, government, rights, duties.
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What does override a veto mean?

It means that if a governor, mayor, or president vetos a bill, that 2/3 of the senate and house or rep. can vote to pass the bill and it becomes a law ect. ...
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What is the definition of public administration?

Public Administration is concerned with the management of public programs, which interact with the residents of the community or region. Those who work in it should share a commitment to offer public service. Negative reactions toward the system and its officials will often use the term "bureaucracy" (i.e. government by the deskholders), with connotations of an inflexible and unresponsive hierarchy that is unconcerned or ill-equipped in its fulfillment of public duties. ...
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Should the US government help the persecuted church?

Yes, on the hand that the gov. is supposed to protect our individual rights. No, on the separation of church and state. ...
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Why is civilian rule better than military rule?

The military rules by force and not by the will of the people. Military rule is seldom for the good of the people. Civil rights, in fact basic human rights are often none existent under military rule.The military are AUTHORITARIAN in nature.The civilians gives room for public opinion which is lacking in military ...