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The ability to obtain a license to drive is based upon knowing the rules and laws associated with the endeavor. Ask questions here about the laws and legal responsibilities of being a driver.

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What is maximum age to drive in EU?

Just about everyone has this doubt in mind before we aquire a left hand drive or perhaps right hand drive cars or trucks. Each state has unique definitions of rules so that you can govern the traffic. These are typically sometimes called statutory laws and there are actually mainly two typed with traffic namely Left fretting hand side traffic (LHT) plus right hand side page views (RHT). LHT rules report that all the traffic while in the road are aligned into the left side and RHT rules report that the vehicles must align into the right side of the trail. So based on all these traffic rules, the locations support the production with left hand drive and also right hand drive cars or trucks. Let us now discuss in the marketplace steering positions are preferred based on the type of traffic imposed while in the state. Most of a countries that support kept hand traffic support perfect hand drive vehicles plus vice versa. This is to make certain that the driver has an apparent view of other vehicles around but it helps to avoid crashes while overtaking. But there are exceptions in such a case and some countries including the Caribbean support LHD cars or trucks while still following LHT. Now, countries have started aiding both LHD and RHD vehicles and the great have the choice to find the one according to its comfort. Among the RHD cars or trucks, Wrangler is a great hit and has now shown a good exhibit. This right hand drive jeep contains a good user review and many of the owners feel the vehicle really is comfortable. The vehicle also has good speed and a good economy. It contains a good steering that allows the driver to use sharp turns and help them have got a proper control over the passenger truck. you also know click this:
Rules of the Road

What was the first city to have traffic lights?

Cleveland, Ohio, is widely credited as having the first stoplight. James Hoge, an engineer, hooked up the first traffic light to the trolley line's electricity in 1914, using the red and green lights that were already familiar from their use by railroads. The light was controlled by a policeman in a booth nearby, who would flip the switch between red and green. The yellow light didn't come until later; it was an invention of William Potts, a Detroit police officer.

Technically, there were several experiments with traffic lights before Hoge's success in Cleveland, but none of them took off like his did.

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What is the legal minimum tire tread thickness in California?

1/32 inch (according to

From the California Vehicle Code online: (1) One thirty-second (1/32) of an inch tread depth in any two adjacent grooves at any location of the tire, except as provided in paragraphs (2) and (3).

(2) Four thirty-second (4/32) of an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on a tire on the steering axle of any motor vehicle specified in Section 34500, and two thirty-second (2/32) of an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on all other tires on the axles of these vehicles.

(3) Six thirty-second (6/32) of an inch tread depth at all points in all major grooves on snow tires used in lieu of tire traction devices in posted tire traction device control areas.

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How can you remove the white line on the tile?

I have seen entire pools damaged by crushed glass and glass bead blasting. That's why I don't recomend using it when options exist.

I have done a lot of tile cleanings and they do not come off easy. Chemicals are a waste of money. I have heard of Pressure washing as an alternative (only works with light build-up)and i don't mean to down any person whom has used a sander but it can harm the tile. Yes the sanding may work but you might end up causing yourself a large expense in the long run. but the best way is to blast it with Glass Bead.

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Can you take the CDL road test in an automatic truck with air brakes?

A new (as of June 2014) Federal regulation requires states to put a "no manual transmission" restriction on the CDL of anyone who road tests in a truck that doesn't have a fully manual transmission.

There are two other new restrictions: if you road test in a vehicle that has "air over hydraulic" brakes (kinda like the power brake system in a car, but the booster chamber runs on air instead of vacuum because diesel engines have no usable vacuum) you will receive a "no air brakes" restriction, and if you road test in a combination vehicle that connects the trailer any other way than via fifth wheel you will receive a "no tractor trailer" restriction.

OTOH there is, so far as I know, no rule setting the minimum length of the trailer you must use in your road test.

* * * * *

Yes, you can. USXpress Enterprises uses automatic trucks, and hosts their own driving school. However, I would advise against this - if you're going to be driving commercial vehicles, learning how to shift an unsynchronised transmission is going to be an important skill to know, and it's a lot different than shifting in a normal passenger vehicle. If you go to take a road test for a company which uses manual shift trucks, and you're constantly grinding gears, show yourself to be unable to downshift proficiently, can't do basic gear recovery, etc., you're not going to get the job, because no company wants to hire drivers who they know will end up destroying their transmissions.

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Legal age to ride in front seat in minnesota?

Children must be at least eight years old or be at least four feet, nine inches tall in order to just use a seat belt when riding in a car. But it is up to the licensed driver because he/she is responsible for any passengers under 18 years of age.

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What is ARD stand for in PA Court?

ARD is an acronym for "Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition." It is a Pennsylvania program for first time DUI offenders that keeps the offender's criminal record clean, as well as allowing him to keep his driver's license.

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If Left lanes on some interstate roads are reserved for car pool vehicles with two or more occupants in the car - watch for what kind of signs in the median?

Signs which state Left lane HOV only

Added: In addition - to differentiate them from normal traffic lanes - many states paint the road surface of the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane with large elongated diamond shaped symbols every 1,000 yards or so.

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What driver does not have a license?



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If you get your learner's permit 3 months before you turn 18 do you still have to wait a full year to get your driver's license?

In California, if you get your Driving Permit after the age of 17 1/2, you only have to wait until your 18th birthday to get your regular, adult, non-restricted driver license.

Not Necessarily. First of all, dont worry because as long as you had insurance (if it was your fault) an accident usually makes no difference as far as delay of your license issuance, at least in Nevada it dosen't.

In most states, if you turn 18 three months after your first permit as long as you pass the driving test you'll be issued a full unrestricted license as Graduated Licensing Programs (GDLPs) are for juveniles and rarely ever apply to adults.

Take my suggestion, go ahead and GET LICENSED AS SOON AS YOU CAN!! 20 years from now I guarentee it will be quite literally impossible and remember no Auto dealers in the USA will sell you a car without it!! Good Luck, Matt

You need to call the local DMV to answer that question due to laws vary state by state . N.C. laws let you get your license at 16 if (if) you have had a learners permit without any accidents , and you are still a full time student , one full 12 month year after you get your permit . A friend of mine has a wife 36 years old that just got her license after a 3 month permit , but it varies state to state . The local dmv will be more than happy (sometimes) to answer your question .

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How do you get my car out of impound?

pay your bill (or your tickets) and have proof of insurance and ownership.

Added: If the vehicle was impounded as evidence, or as the 'fruits of crime,' you will have to get a court order.

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A road that has only one entry and exit is called?


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How illegal is it to switch license plates on a car that's not registered?

It's a federal law, and therefor it is a felony which can result in time in a federal prison.

Another View: (in the US) Actually it is a violation of state law, NOT federal law

AGREE: it is a state law violation. Normally this is considered a traffic criminal violation. What an officer may do with you when he pulls you over for this type of violation will depend upon several factors. This ranges from simply giving you a citation, for which a court appearance is required, to towing your car and confiscating the license plate and possibly take you to jail.

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What is a non-CDL class b license?

As far as I know, South Carolina and Georgia are the only states which issue them. As with a Class B CDL, it applies to single vehicles weighing over 26,000 lbs. GVWR, or combinations over 26,000 lbs GVWR in which the vehicle in tow is notrated at 10,000 lbs. or greater, and can be used for vehicles which fall under exemption from CDL requirements, such as registered farm vehicles which are not for hire, fire department vehicles (although most departments now require a CDL), etc.

You cannot operate commercial for hire vehicles, vehicles hauling hazardous materials, or vehicles designed to carry more than 15 occupants.

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How many car lengths are safe on highway?

One car length for every 10 mph.

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How much does a child have to weigh to sit inthe front seat in Texas?

There is no minimum weight requirement for someone to sit in the front seat. However, there is a height and age requirement. The law states that a child under age 5 years and less than 36 inches tall must be in a safety seat system.

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When does a public road become private?

This is a complicated issue and the law varies in different jurisdictions. Research usually needs to be done on a case by case basis. Public roads are not usually transformed into private roads because when the state or town abandons a road the reason is that it is no longer used.

Briefly, the government entity with control over the road must officially abandon it in the public records. Generally, the road is abandoned to title holders in descending order. For example, a state road must be abandoned to the county (if there is county government), and the county abandons it to the town. If the road is no longer used, the town can abandon it to the abutters. By that process (generally) the fee to the land reverts to the landowners on each side up to the center line of the road. It is not converted to a private road.

To determine the process in your jurisdiction you would need to consult with an attorney who is familiar with real estate law.

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What is advice for using car booster seats?

Here are some use and installation tips from the U.S. Department of Transportation:

  • Select a seating position with a lap and shoulder belt.
  • Never use with lap belt only.
  • The back is the safest place for all children to sit.
  • A booster seat without a back may be used if child's head is supported (up to the top of the ears) by vehicle seat back.
  • A high-back booster is recommended if vehicle has low seat back; some models have removable back.
  • Always read your child safety seat instructions and vehicle's owner's manual for proper use and installation information.
  • Position the lap belt across child's upper thighs, not across the stomach. Place the shoulder belt across center of the child's shoulder. Then thread the vehicle shoulder belt through shoulder belt adjuster on booster seat.
  • High-back boosters are recommended when vehicle seat does not have a head restraint. Once the child is seated in the booster, place the lap and shoulder belt over the child and buckle. Adjust so that the lap belt lies across the child's upper thighs, not across the stomach. Adjust the shoulder belt and thread it through the shoulder belt adjuster (if available) so that seat belt lies across the center of the child's shoulder.
  • NHTSA recommends children be placed in a belt-positioning booster seat once they have outgrown their child safety seat at 40 pounds.
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Are studded tires legal in PA?

Yes, but only during the winter months. Contact your local DMV or police agency to check on the dates.

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Can you leave the state of Maine on a motorcycle permit?

Most states will not honour out of state permits. You would need to either leave in a regular passenger car (assuming you have an unrestricted licence for one), or complete your motorcycle testing and get your endorsement first.

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Unless otherwise posted the speed limit for a passenger car on a two lane highway is?

It varies by state. You would need to check your state's laws (or the laws of whichever state you're referring to) for an answer to this question.

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What age can a child in California legally ride in the front seat of a car with no airbags and where can I find this within the DMV or CHP code?

Please see the link below for the California DMV Website

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What would happen if a teenager between 16 and 17 is caught driving alone with a learners permit?

you don't get your liscense until your 16 and if your 16 or 17 then you wont have your learners permit anymore


Check the driving manual in your state. It should say what will happen. Some states will charge a fine. Some states will arrest you. Some will impound your car or make your parents come get you and the car. Some states will take away your learner's permit and not allow you to get it back until 18 or 21. You may get lucky and get out with a small fine, or you may have serious problems. Don't risk it.

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Are hid headlights legal in NY?

Headlamps originally designed, built, tested, and certified as HID headlamps are legal in all 50 states. So-called "HID kits" to convert halogen headlamps are widely available, but they are (all) illegal and dangerous; halogen headlamps must use halogen bulbs.

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How many license plates does your car need?

It depends upon the type of vehicle and the jurisdiction in which you registered the vehicle. Generally, motorcycles and trailers require only one license plate. In North America, all passenger vehicles have at least one license plate affixed to the rear of the vehicle, and in some jurisdictions, a duplicate license plate is affixed to the front of the passenger vehicle.


If the motor vehicles licensing office in your jurisdiction issued you two license plates, then you are generally required to affix the plates to both the front and rear of the vehicle. If your motor vehicle licensing office issued you only one plate, then you are still permitted to use the vehicle to visit anywhere in North America. i live in Missouri and we have to have 2 i live in Missouri .i have to have two on my van


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