Largest city in Illinois which was founded in 1830 and incorporated in 1837

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Road Distance

What is distance from Chicago IL to Gary Indiana?

If you take I-90 East, it is 31 miles (approximately 38 minutes).

If you take both I-90 East and I-80 East, it is 38 miles (approximately 45 minutes).

If you take both Interstate 94 Express East and I-90 East, it is 36.1 miles (approximately 48 minutes).

Talk Shows

What Chicago radio station carries Michael savage?


Food & Cooking

What time do they stop serving alcohol in Chicago?

Well, in most returaunts somewhere between 9 and midnight. For bars, whenever they close.

Road Distance
St. Louis

How many miles from St. Louis MO to Mattoon IL?

120 miles taking this route:

  1. Take I-70 EAST to I-57 NORTH towards CHICAGO.
  2. Take I-57 NORTH to Mattoon.
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Name Origins

How did Chicago get its name?

The town of Chicago was founded in 1833 and named by the French Canadians in their pronounciation and spelling of an Algonquian word. It is either the Fox tribe's word for "place of wild onion" or the Ojibwa tribe's word for "skunk". Either way, it has been recorded that wild onion, chives and garlic grew in the area and the Chicago River was named for the plants and their fragrance. Then the city that was built on the river was called by the same name.


Where can you find information about the Chicago Portrait Company?

Chicago Portrait CompanyChicago Portrait Company was founded in 1893 and located 509 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Info from visitors:

  • My photo is marked "The Studios of the Chicago Portrait Company. Located on Wabash Ave, Chicago in 1936. There was also a "Chicago Portrait Company" in St Louis, MO in 1919.
  • I have a portrait of a family member taken in 1927 at the Chicago Portrait Company, 509 South Walbash Avenue Chicago Illinois. The gold plate on the back of portrait says this is an Heirloom portrait then it has the lady's name, and at the bottom it says Gothic Design Patent No 65301. One final note at the bottom, on the back of the portrait it also has E H Baese (art director).
  • My Uncle Grant reportedly worked for the Chicago Portrait Company in the 1930s. He would travel around the country, taking photographs of people, and mailing the film to the Chicago Portrait Company. The company would mount the photos in large frames and return them to the customers.
  • Today my mother gave me a portrait of her grand mother and father, Jacob and Kathern Braun, on the back stamped "CATHEDRAL DESIGN Design Patented June 24, 1924 Made and sold by CHICAGO PORTRAIT COMPANY" Looks like it was in a bubble glass frame. Written on the back with a crayon 2/3-2904.
  • I just located two pictures - one of my grandparents, the other, my father when he was about 3 years old. Both frames have bubble glass and metal-like cathedral frames. No date is on the frames but they say Chicago Portrait Company- frame price $7.90. I believe the date to be in the 1920's somewhere.$7.90 was a big price in the 1920's. I have no other information.
  • I too have an oval glassed portrait of my grandfather. On the other side is a portrait of an old man holding a sheep. The signature is ?? Carson. This is all I have. My gr.father was born in 1846 and died in 1926. The portrait is inside a unique bubble glass frame.
  • I have a rare historical book on the corporate history of the Chicago Portrait Company, dated 1905. The information concerns the period 1893 - 1904 andfollows the corprate philosophy, purpose, structure, strategies, etc. It is leather bound, abot 6" by 11" and contains many photographs of personnel, Board Members, facility, equipment, transportion, etc.
  • I have a beautiful waterfall print by W.A. Carson that also has 1924 Chicago Portrait Co. The portrait company got into some legal trouble with the IRS and federal trade commission around that time. They were in the business of enlarging photographs into portraits and misrepresenting them to be handpainted. There was also problems with their contracts and misstating revenue or something like that. Last week on eBay a buck print by W.A. Carson with a cathedral arched frame and convex glass (common for his prints) sold for $61. His original paintings are selling for $1500 and up.
  • My grandfather always had a picture of himself hanging in his basement & I remember looking at it forever as a child. Now that he has been dead for 16 years, it is mine. As I was about to rehang it, I noticed the markings in crayon on the back and the stamped "Price of Frame $5.90 includes back and glass & back only" It then goes on to state "One price-cannot be altered or changed, workmanship and material guaranteed Chicago Portrait Company Chicago, Ill." It too is a cathedral design Stamped "June 3d, 1934"
  • Incorporated in 1893, by Thomas J. Ogara, Thomas J. Durkin, C.M. Stumcke. Address for many years at 590 Wabash, intersection of Wabash and Congress.
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Reporters and Anchors

How old is Tracy Butler from channel 7 news in Chicago?

She's 53 years old. Tracy's birthday is on or about March 20, 1963. She graduated from Shaler Area High in the Pittsburgh area in 1981.

Wood-Burning Stoves

Where can you find information on Lakeside Foundry Company in Chicago?

I dont know


How are the inhabitants of Chicago called?

Residents of Chicago are referred to as "Chicagoans".

Flight Times

What is the flight time from Chicago to Maine?

It would be about :1 hour, 53 minutes:If you were to go at 500mph.

Research Papers

Where can you start your Chicago genealogy research?

Check out the Cook County, Illinois GenWeb site. Lots of great ideas for sources of information there. The Newberry Library in Chicago is an excellent source of information relating to Chicago genealogy. See: The Chicago Public Library is also an excellent source for research. For Genealogy Information at CPL, see: There is a Rootsweb list serve that covers Cook County, Illinois; the people on this list are helpful and knowledgeable. The Chicago city directories not only list Chicago residents (usually just heads of household, working individuals, and widows) but they also tell where people worked and/or what they did for a living. The first directory was published in 1839. It was followed by one in 1844 and then they continued through to 1928/29, with a few gaps, most notably between 1917 and 1923 and 1923 and 1928/29. Directories are available at most of the large research centers in the Chicago area and they are also available through the Family History Library system; the earlier directories are on microfiche and the later ones are on film. A few directories are available online: 1844 1855/56 1928/29 Reverse Directory (This directory is unique in that it provides spouse names; a name-order directory is also available for the same years) Another approach would be to check out census records. They are available at the Federal Archives and Records Center (76th and Pulaski) or they are also available online, for example, at (subscription site). The Wilmette Family History Center has a large collection of Chicago and Cook County vital records films including a full set of Chicago birth registers 1871-1915, Cook County marriage licenses, 1871-1916, Chicago death certificates 1878-1947, Archdiocese of Chicago parish records to 1915, and Chicago city directories from 1839-1928 (with the same gaps listed with the Newberry holdings below). The Arlington Heights Memorial Library also has an extensive collection of Chicago directories and the Chicago Tribune, both on microfilm. If your family came to Chicago before 1872, there are a minimum number of records available. The Chicago fire destroyed many government records including early marriage licenses and other vital records. I strongly suggest starting with the Chicago directories. The Newberry Library has city directories for 1839, 1844, 1846,1853-1857, 1859-1917, 1923, 1928, as do many of the other large research centers. They offer a "Quick Search Service" and will do lookups for you for a fee. There are also a number of individuals who offer lookups as well; compare prices before ordering. Be aware that Chicago changed its house numbering system in 1909, and some street names changed too. Second, once you find your family in a directory, check the census. It will help you eliminate families that aren't yours. After you're sure you've found who you're looking for, and you've figured out where they live, try to find the church they went to and try to get copies of those records. Newberry has copies of a few of the surviving records. It's one of the best sources of information for pre-1916 Chicago. The Wilmette Family History Center has all of the Archdiocese of Chicago parish records for Chicago up through 1915 on microfilm.

Parenting and Children
Restaurants and Dining Establishments

Definition of family restaurant?

It is an ill defined term which generally means that the establishment encourages children as diners and may even cater to their desires with special menues, booster chairs, highchairs, special desserts, game placemats and crayons. It also marks the facility as less then a fine diniing facility with a basic and moderately priced menu. For some locales it only indicates that they will tolerate the little beggars without overt malice.

Management's toleration for nursing mothers, wailing infants, combative toddlers, food fights, electronic games, cell phones and the lack of basic good manners will vary.

Road Distance

How far is Bloomingdale IL to Chicago?

It is 27 miiles accordiing to Google Maps.


Why do people call Chicago windy city?

Because the tall skyscrapers form a wind tunnel.

Salary and Pay Rates

Pay rate for union carpenters in Chicago?


King David
Gangs and Gangsters

What effect has the Latin King Gang had on the Humbolt Park community?

The Latin Kings have a huge effect on the Humbolt Park area. Even bigger than most people would like to believe. The fact that they rule that area and control it show how powerful they are against the law. They can make anyone living in that area not talk. If the people are scared of being in danger because they are threatened by the Latin Kings and Queens, that is a problem because the law cannot give them the protection that others can.

Landlord-Tenant Issues

What is the history of the Chicago Housing Authority?

The history of (CHA)is poverty. It was a terrible idea to put all of those low-income people into big buldings, in apartments one on top of the other. Public housing was nice until Mayor Daley begging using to segregate the city's rapidly growing blacks.

African Americans in Chicago lived in an area called the Black Belt. The real estate people and banks had a covenant amongst each other to try and discourage African Americans from moving out of that area. Since they were confined to this one area, it began to overpopulate. Houses were being filled with too many people which created even worse living conditions than what already existed. So this is where the CHA came in. They built these high rises in the area so there wouldn't be over crowded homes, but to also keep them in the black neighborhood. This is why the majority of the former Robert Taylor homes were all along State Street from about 35th street to 55th. That area was the black belt.


What is the history of Bucktown?

I recently heard about a book:

It is called Wicker Park from 1673 thru 1929 and Walking Tour Guide by Elaine A. Coorens. Has a light blue cover with artists drawings of homes in that area. It has 200 some pages and then there are more pages consisting of the Walking Tour. Should be in libraries (Library of Congress Card Catalog Number 2002096948) or bookstores.

I couldn't find it anywhere, but I did contact her ( asking to purchase three copies, and haven't heard from the author.

When i was a little girl we used to go to a penny candy store on McClean and Hoyne, it was open when my mom was a little girl and then when i was a child, it closed when i was in grade school, im 18 now, but that would be a great addition to the history if bucktown. if you find any information please emial it to me asap oi would love to show my family. thank you so much.

<3 Samantha


What fraternal group is based in Chicago?


Road Distance

What is the driving distance between Dallas TX and Chicago IL?

Straight as a crow flies, the distance between Dallas and Chicago is 805.55 miles.

The shortest distance by car is 925.94 miles.


What is downtown Chicago called?

Division St

Currency Conversions

Where can you purchase Euros in Chicago?

Travelex Currency Services

19 S La Salle St


New York City
Trains and Railroads

What are old train stations in Hyde Park?

On a map of the Chicago World's Fair, 1933/1934 Century of Progress, the following Illinois Central Stations are shown: 18th Street, 22nd St., 29th St., 31st St., 35th St. and 39th St.

Perhaps the stairwell and railing you saw was a remnant of one these stations.

Also, you mention the 53rd Street station. You might find it interesting to know that during the summer of 1865, Mary Todd Lincoln and her son Robert Lincoln lived in a hotel located next to the 53rd St. station. For the full story see:


The stairwell you saw may have been a remnant of the Madison Park stop of the Illinois Central suburban railroad and was at about 50th and Lake Park. That stop has long been closed.

The hotel where Mary Todd Lincoln stayed at was the first Hyde Park Hotel that stood near the southeast corner of what is today 53rd and Hyde Park Boulevard. It was built by the founder of Hyde Park, Paul Cornell. The 53rd Street station of the Illinois Central was not right next to the hotel but rather about two blocks west of the hotel.


Those also could be from the old Kenwood/Stock yards branch of the EL the kenwood went eats and the stock yards brach went to the west, they branched off of the englewood/jackson park branchbut was torn down and discontuned in the early 50's.

Motte and Bailey Castles

What is information on Cafe Idrott?

I believe this [Cafe Idrott, not Cafe Edrit] is the correct spelling; I have an old ad book from a Swedish fraternal society at home and will check and get back to you. I do know that my grandmother Selma Peterson worked there during WWII.


Information on Chicago tokens?


If your token was made before 1909, when the new Chicago street address system was adopted, the 172-176 N. Clark location would have been north of the river, with a (1N) address at the north bank of the river.

If the token is made of copper and is about the size of a penny, then it may date before the Great Fire of 1871 and perhaps be a token used by the infamous "runners" who enticed newcomers to a shady hotels or boarding houses. However, the word "bar" sounds too contemporary for pre-1871.


There is a book on Illinois tokens of that sort, ie. "Good For" or "Trade Tokens". Trade Tokens of Illinois by Ore Vacketta, out of print, but available from the publisher at . World Exonumia offers a large number of books on tokens/medals/exonumia at

I find the tokens are handy for verifying the addresses of places.


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