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History of the United States
Decade - 2000s

What important things happened in the year 2000?

Hollister Co was launched in Ohio. The Hollister merchandise actually claims it was launched in 1922, but this is a lie based on a fictional story about 'John Hollister.'

The Sydney Australia Olympics; and, people thought the world was going to end- stuff like that.

The Millenium Bug (Y2K) issue was overcome.

Also, the US presidential Elections saw George W.Bush elected (although some claim that he cheated).

An Air France Concorde crashed outside Paris- although only the first Concorde crash in history, it resulted in the entire Concorde fleet being withdrawn and sent to museums.

Decade - 2000s

Man has not become a slave to machines?

Brain-the biggest weapon, the mammoth power human has. Testimony of above statement is the present scenario. Just open the sea of imagination and imagine what old time was, now open your eyes and find yourself in this modern world. It is impossible to swallow this immense gap at one go, but if we take a look at how it all developed, we will not only believe it but will also get an idea what human brain can do.

Earlier life was tough, everything was done by hands but his brain made his life far better than what he used to live. Work of man is par excellence. God created us, gave us all the resources to grow, to feed ourselves and provided us with the power to think, to carve ideas and to take decision and human has proved to be the survival of the fittest. He carved his way out of every trouble. He had nothing to begin with but the nature around him.

Today, we have everything we need to make our life more and more simpler. Yes, you are right; we are talking about Modern Gadgets. To begin with, let us take an example of our kitchen only. We have all the different kind of gadgets which do A to Z work of kitchen, just press a button and you are done.

For moving out or travelling, we have vehicles. We have all sorts of vehicles from a cycle to a luxury car. Now, when a person is done with breakfast made with all the modern kitchen appliances, he takes his vehicles, drives himself to his workplace. Even there, he has everything to relax and be comfortable to work. For his comfort, he has coolers, fans, air conditioners, heaters, blowers. He uses computers (even laptops), fax machine, printers and scanners to work.

The best ever inventions of human brain is internet. Internet has shortened the boundaries. We can get any information from internet. We can communicate with anyone via internet and telecommunication system. Human has created satellites to get around the world. Earlier, we used to be unaware regarding what is going around the world but now the time...

Politics and Government
Decade - 2000s

What are the relevant cases related to damnum sine injuria?

gloucester grammar school case (1410)

Decade - 2000s
Caste System

Is Saran a jatt last name?

yes it is. sarans are jat its fact ,there arelots of people use the words sra, sran but the both are same things , srans are jatt

Sarans were said to be found cheifly around Gurdaspur and Sialkot regions of United Punjab. The Sarai/Saran are said to be a well known clan.

They were known as Sultanis in these districts and were followers of Sakhi Sarwars a Sufi mystic. They are also said to be a branch of the Sindhu/Sandhu tribe. According to Mackenzie, they have a holy reputation and retain an uncut lock on the crown of their heads. Even amongst Muslims Saran/Sarai families they do not cut their hair as they see it as a sign of nobility.

The Sarai were said to avoid Tobacco more then other clans, and heads of the family were known for never rising regardless of who entered in their midst.

According to Hoshiar Singh Duleh, Akali Phoola Singh, the great Sikh general of Sukkerchakia(Maharaja Ranjit Singh's kingdom) is a Saran Jatt.

A disciple of Baba Nanak(Guru Nanak Dev ji) had a saying for the Sarai/Saran:

"Sikh Sarai dono bhai, Baba Nanak putt banai"


The Sikhs and the Sarai's are both brothers, Baba Nanak made them his sons.

Most Saran/Sarai converted from Sufism to Sikhism during Guru Nanak Dev ji's times, and present day Saran is a small yet prosperous and respected clan in the Malwa belt of east Punjab. Today this clan has its highest prominence in Faridkot dist. of Punjab, they are very strong landlords here. They were numbered at around 36, 000 in a 1881 census.

History of the United States
Cold War
Decade - 2000s

What were the US Cold War policies and practices in international relations in the late 1940s to the mid 1950s?

Well during the late '40s and '50s there were the increased tensions with the Soviet Union over what would happen to Germany and how it would be split. The Soviet Union wanted a lot because Stalin was a paranoid, mean guy who never really trusted anybody and resented the other allies from stalling their attacks in the West. So the U.S. did what they could to stop the Soviets. When Berlin was surrounded by the Soviets, we started the Berlin airlift and hindered any attempt by the Russians. During the '50s we began a policy of containment which stated that the U.S. would help any country being threatened by communist aggressors. This got us in a little trouble in Korea and Vietnam. There was also mccarthyism happinging at home. sen. Joe McCarthy stated that there were communists in the goverment(OH NO!) so there began a time where people were put on trial and even executed, as in the Rosenburgs. American policy of containment was developed by George Kennan. It was meant to keep Soviet expansion in check in Eastern Europe, but not intended for use in Asia (Korea and Vietnam). Despite this, Americans were involved in both Korea and Vietnam. The Truman Doctrine arose from the ideas of contaiment. The Truman Doctrine was created to aid Greece and Turkey to prevent their fall to communism. The United States experienced the Red Scare, in which McCarthy-ism and "witch hunts" sought to purge the US government of all communists. Containment of communism. At this point the belief was that communism was an international movement that had to be stopped immediately wherever it started: like a cancer. This was accomplished not just militarily but also economically through the Marshall Plan for Western Europe (which was extended to the Soviets and Eastern Europe, but they turned it down obviously) and the rebuilding of Japan as a democractic power in the Far East. There was also a much greater impetus from the US to found and take active part in the United Nations.

Decade - 2000s

What is percentage of afro Americans in US?


History, Politics & Society
Decade - 2000s

Is omprakash valmiki still alive?


Kansas City Royals
September 11 Attacks
Decade - 2000s

What happened to the Royals this year?

First off, you couldn't have actually believed that the Royals were going anywhere but downhill. I'll admit that Pena allows for a small glimmer of hope, but not much else on the team did. Mike Sweeney slides further downhill every year, and the trading of Carlos Beltran doomed the Royals for years to come. At this point, the Royals find themselves in the same position as the post World Series victory Marlins did; rebuilding. If done right, the Royals can build themselves back up to major contender statues by the 2008 season. However, trading for Benito Santiago and Juan Gonzalez (Who boast the combined age of Rome), is not the way to do it.

History of Canada
Decade - 2000s

Who is the provincial representative of the liberal party in Ontario?

2011 - Dalton Mcguinty

Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
Decade - 2000s
Decade - 2010s

Are the Milton twins lesbian?

they are bisexual, but they prefer women as they say in their website

Well actually that's not true I know them personally and they are both straight they did girls because that was what they got paid to do.

Hey Josh I am glad to hear you say that.

Dont know if you can help me or not, but I have been trying to get in touch with "Brenda" for a while. We chatted a few times a year or so ago and I lost touch.

If you reallly know them personally, tell her Brian from Pa says hi.

I would love to hear from her.

thanks in advance

Australia in WW2
Decade - 2000s

Can American soldier transfer to Australian army?

They can but the rank changes and they also have to apply. Benefits cant be transferred from the us army to the Australian. Also benefits from Australia don't quick in as the soldier has to apply for residency with the same rules as everyone else and it can take years and years.

Visayan History
Decade - 2000s

Cebu City voters list of barangay bulacao cebu city and precinct number?

barangay bulacao master list of voters

Decade - 2000s

What was the 2000's called?

In Belgium we call in the Nillies :-) ( Nul is dutch for zero so 00. And probalby nillies sounded better then nullies :D)
History of Canada
Decade - 2000s
Canadian Prime Ministers
Pierre Trudeau

When did Pierre Trudeau die?

Date of Death: 09/28/2000 Age at Death: 80

Cause of Death:


He ultimately died of Prostate Cancer but he was also suffering from Parkinson`s Disease at the time of his death.

Decade - 2000s

Dr Stephen E Frazer MD?

A chain email attributed to Dr. Frazer has been circulating the 'net for several months.

Refer to PolitiFact (of the St. Petersberg Times). It is unknown if Dr. Fraser is the actual author of said email.

History of Europe
Newspapers and Magazines
Decade - 2000s

Is Europe Wealthy?

The European Union is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of $18,500,000,000,000

(America's is about $14 000 000 000 000). so is Europe wealthy? of course it is, and it will only get richer as countries like Poland and Romania become more productive.

Holidays and Traditions
History of the Philippines
Decade - 2000s

What are examples of history repeating itself?

History repeating itself is not a theory, nor is it a truth. It is an observation. There may be things "new under the sun," but I'm afraid to say, that, in and of itself, is a repeat in history. There will always be new things and improvements. The little "similarities" that some mock are in fact what the phrase is talking about. And what about the Great Depression in the 30s? America is on the verge of another one right now.People "making mistakes" and "being so stupid" are ways in which history repeat.

Better examples would be slavery, time line goes as follows Israelites, Persians, gladiators roman, Scotland, African Americans, now the entire American society that is in service construction or agriculture and food industry, just instead of whips they use money; just like we used to mine gold for them and go to war for them. Modern day society has developed a more appropriate, easier to swallow system

Our Holy crusades into the middle east, under reign of the perversion of whats holy, our constant bombardments into the middle east for riches and religious items of great significance- to the recent war in Iraq and the foretold invasion of the land.

Another major example would be Genocide of Spiritual people by Society; time line goes as follows, Roman Church back when Jesus walked and Paul killed Christians, early settlers killing Indians, Jews in Holocaust, America in the next upcoming events, everyone look up REX84 and make people aware of it, and relate it to the Holocaust, see our cocky arrogance... All it takes for evil to prevail is good men to do nothing, who know what genocides were prevented by men of god like moses, Luke Skywalker, Denzeil Washington in Eli, Neo in The Matrix, Superman, and Jesus for this day in age and who knows how many more.

When you get down to it everything moves in circles down to protons, neutrons, electrons, planets, planetary movement, behavioral patterns, wheels on the bus, recycling, even throwing away trash, we run around in circles, people choose to live in a groundhogs day and don't even notice, a clock, days of the week, months in a year, I believe even time itself travels in a circle as too the theory of the big bang theory where everything comes together in the end and then recreates. Only one thing makes it even a reality and that's God.. and if God is beginning and the end, light, giver of life, alpha and omega, savior to all, then he would be characterized as direct strait line because a circle has no beginning or end, him and through him can we break any cycle or insanity, there may have been much more genocides if godly men like Moses or Jesus did not stand up and do something despite all the ridicule and hatred they are given for truly being Christlike; they will spit and stone you to the end... That behavioral pattern is also history repeating itself over and over again.

Watch the History Channel's video on the 1930s economic situation and so much resonates with the events of 2008-11.

History of Sports
Decade - 2000s

10 important events from 2000-2009?

wikiAnswers lost me as a user

Ancient Greece
Decade - 2000s

What impact does ancient greece government have on modern society?

Ancient Greek ContributionsThe ancient Greeks impacted our mondern day society in many ways.

For Example:




- Art

- Literature

- Philosophy

- Architecture

Hope that helps!

sent by Sidney mattys in gems world academy

Alexander the great had a massive impact. i cant be bothered to right more so bye

Decade - 2000s

What big events have happened between 1998-2010?

September 11, 2001 : Terrorists Crashed into the world trade center ... Many were killed.

August 2005 : Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, Louisiana ; destroyed homes, & killed a few people . New Orleans had to be practically reconstructed

November 4th, 2008 : Barrack Obama was elected president ;

January 20, 2009 : Barrack Obama became the first African American President .

June 25, 2009 : Famous "king or pop" Michael Jackson dies

January 12, 2010 : Earthquake in Haiti

War and Military History
Decade - 2000s

What do military bases do?

Military bases provide a variety of functions. Many bases house soldiers and provide facilities for the troops to get their education, shop, eat, and so on. All bases, however, have missions. A mission is basically a job or a goal they strive to achieve. Some bases may revolve around air craft maintenance and repair; others may be training bases preparing troops for combat. There are hundreds of bases globally, each with their own particular missions. Most bases have a website with information about what their primary missions are.

Elizabeth II
Decade - 2000s

Who is the queen's grocer by royal appointment?


Korean War
Decade - 2000s

How many American soldiers in Middle east?

there are 50,000 in Iraq, 98,000 in Afghanistan, and a total of 12,589 in Qutar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates

History, Politics & Society
History of the United States
Decade - 1990s
Decade - 2000s

Historical events that happened from 1975 to 2005?

The Twin Towers fell. Killing thousands and hurting many in the United States.

US Presidents
Decade - 2000s
Decade - 2010s

Who was the President of the United States during the 1940s?

From 1940 until his death in 1945, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was then succeeded by his Vice-President, Harry Truman.


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