Forensic Science

Criminal cases are very dependent upon evidence to prove or disprove the facts of the case. The analysis of evidence requires a wide breadth of scientific knowledge and the latest scientific techniques as well as proper evidence procedures.

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Forensic Science

Forensic science a to z challenge?


A- Arson


C-Crime Scene




G-Gunshot Residue

















X- X-ray

Y- Y-chromosome


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Forensic Science

Are some forensic tests not conclusive?

Yes, almost any measurement has a range of uncertainty. In addition, you must consider the errors inherent in taking samples, and the expert opinion on the reliability of the test method.

With fingerprints for example, these are commonly considered infallible. But that depends upon how many points of comparison were made. [The points of comparison are forks, whorls, arches, and so on of the fingerprint ridges.] Currently, a 7 point match is considered good, but a 4 or 5 point match is much more suspect.

In science in general, peer review of test methods is one of the 'gold standards'. In the case of fingerprints, say, the peer review test should be carried out on a number of prints, at a number of laboratories.

Seldom does evidence presented have such a quality history.

Police and Law Enforcement
Forensic Science

What do you call someone who studies criminals and killers?

a criminal psychologist or a forensic psychologist.

Added: . . . or a CRIMINOLOGIST.

Forensic Biologists

Forensic Anthropologists(Identification.)

Forensic Botanists (Leaves, Seeds and Plants)

Forensic Odontologits (Teeth- Dental Records)

Forensic Entomologists (Insects and Arthropods)

Forensic Ostiologists (The Causes and Circumstances of a death.)

Forensic Pathologist (Studies Cause Of Death)

Criminal Phsycologust (Studied Criminology- Liek a Phsyciactrist in some ways)

Criminal Law
Forensic Science

How much does a DNA test for criminal matters cost?

DNA testing for criminal evidence can vary greatly depending on what is being tested - how much is being tested - the type of case - the number of locations where it was collected from - and a whole host of extenuating factors. There is no way to give a standardized response to the question.

Forensic Science

How do forensic scientists investigate tire track?

first they go to the crime scene and then they go and look for a Tyre track after finding it they call an Tyre track expert and take for him some photo they put easement on the Tyre track and they wait i until the easement becomes solid then they take it as an evidence they give it to the Tyre track expert and he looks at it then he open a book then he looks for a Tyre that is the same as in the crime scene after that they check in the shops who bought that Tyre then when they find out they call the criminal then they tell him that his Tyre is............... then they take they Tyre off then they identify it then they catch the criminal.

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Forensic Science
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Who determines if a questionable death is suicide?

The coroner or the State/Count Medical Examiner would make the initial determination. This is done at the local level.

COD may also be declared as undetermined, in which case the local authorities may or may not bring in outside help in order to assist in this determination.

Forensic Science

What are the science A to Z challenge answers?

animals, botany, carbon, DNA, electrons, Friction, gases, hydrogen, insect, Jupiter, kilowatt, laws of motion, machine, nitrogen, orbit, power, quark, reptiles, skeleton, telescope, uranium, vein, weight,x-ray, yellow, zoology

Or try this answer instead if you want to:

astronomy, biology, chemistry, diffusion, experiment, fossil, geology, heat, interference, jet-stream, kinetic, latitude, motion, neutron, oxygen, physics, quasar, respiration, solar system, thermometer, ultraviolet rays, volcano, water, x-ray, yttrium, zoology

Forensic Science

Can DNA fingerprints be changed?


Forensic Science
Scientific Method

Advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology?

Biotechnology is essentially the use of technology to make biological processes benifit mankind. Advantages include: * The design of diagnostic kits * The creation of genome analysis tools through bioinformatics * Genetic engineering techniques to improve food crops * Molecular biology method to help understand the nature of diseases * Finding targets for drugs * Molecular breeding methods to help improve livestock * Creation of genetically modified foods to feed the ever growing world population * Use of DNA fingerprinting in the court of law * Use of the PCR reaction to clone DNA and make millions of identical copies * Use of stem cells to treat diseases * Diagnosing genetic disorders The disadvantages include ethical and moral issues surrounding cloning and the effect this has on society.

Forensic Science

Can one finger have a different type of fingerprint than the others?

Each of your finger prints (and toe prints) are different from each other. Surely you could have measured this yourself.

Salary and Pay Rates
Forensic Science

How much does a forensic anthropologist get paid?

The average annual starting salary for someone with a four-year college liberal arts degree, no matter what the major or university, is in excess of $30,000. Average college graduates over the course of their working lives will make one million dollars more apiece than average high school graduates. Reference: NKU Anthropology The average annual starting salary for someone with a four-year college liberal arts degree, no matter what the major or university, is in excess of $30,000. Average college graduates over the course of their working lives will make one million dollars more apiece than average high school graduates. Reference: NKU Anthropology Never enough! Six figures in the city, small towns, I don't know.

Police and Law Enforcement
Forensic Science

What are the uses of photography in police work?

The police use photography all the time. Here are a few examples:

Crime Scene records

Criminal activity record

Identify within the force and exterior to the force

Records of materials connected to any crime

Checking people's speed.

Number Plate Recognition System.

Marketing and skills development

"wanted" posters for paper based and electronic advertising of criminals

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Forensic Science

What is the definition of Locard's Principle?

In the field of forensic science, Locard's (Exchange) Principle is "Every contact leaves a trace."

This means that each time something touches something there must be evidence of that contact somewhere, i.e. on one or both of the materials that have come into contact with each other.

For more information see Sources and related linksbelow.

Forensic Science

What are individual characteristics in forensic science?

it is evidence that could be associated, an example is is comparison of hand writing

Forensic Science

When and why are crime scene diagram done?

someone draws a crime scene diagram before anything at the crime scene is touched. they do this so that if needed they can recreate the crime scene for various things.

Job Training and Career Qualifications
Forensic Science

What education or training do you need to become a forensic anthropologist?

Forensic Anthropology- If You Like Biological sciences, history, anthropology and archeology, forensic anthropology may be right for you. The major duties of this position are helping the (Medical Examiner) or coroner with the recovery and identification of human remains. This work includes estimating biological profile's, sex, height, race, ect.) of skeletal remains and assessing the causes of skeletal trauma. You May have to visit an internment site, help excavate it, and examine tissue or skeletal remains for the purpose of identifying the deceased person and helping to determine the probable time and cause of death.

Being a forensic Anthropologist requires a great deal of educational preparation. You need a bachelor's Degree in a subject Such as Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, or Anthropology, and a Grauate Degree, Preferably a doctorate in anthropology or human biology. You need a PhD and at least three years of experience in forensic anthropology when seeking board certification in the field.

Although you may be able to work in the field with fewer credentials, having the postgraduate education makes you a more attractive candidate. Most forensic Anthropologists work at universities and serve as consultants to MEs and the courts.

Forensic Science

The final evaluator of forensic evidence is the?

The jury is the last to evaluate the evidence in their decision at the trial.

Forensic Science

What do forensic anthropologists wear to work?

They go to work in casual clothes. It's when they need to examine or exhume a body that they wear white overalls and dispodable footwear and gloves.

Forensic Science

Why is evidence placed in a paper bag instead of a plastic bag?

Actually, some plastic bags contain "static electricity" that can/could remove or at the very least alter any evidence placed in the bag. Therefore, compromising the integrity of the "evidence" placed in it.

Forensic Science

Who is considered the father of modern toxicology?

Mathieu Orfila

Forensic Science

How long does gun powder stay 0n you after shooting a gun?

Up to six months on clothing, even if you try to wash it off it will stay a long time. And on hands its only around a week.

Forensic Science

When were footprints used as evidence in forensic science?

footprint always use as evidence whenever it found. because of sometime appropriate evidence are not found to link between crime and criminal at that time footprint use to approximate identity of person. it gives information about person is physically handicapped or not, any injuries on foot, foot length of person, stature also determine from footprint.

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Forensic Science

What is the highest paying in entertainment?

Making money in entertainment

It depends on the climate and how good you are at what you do. You have to be talented, smart and extremely lucky within the field you wish to pursue whether it is being a rock star, a talk show host, or an actor. People skills and working the crowd are important

Some of the top actors of Hollywood make millions of dollars for just one film. For example, Denzel Washington made $20 million from the movie "American Gangster".

Forensic Science

What personal qualities needed to do forensic pathology?

Leadership, Patience, Open Mind, Bravery, Steady

Hand, Smart, Fearless.

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Forensic Science

What is the highest paying airline?

Southwest Airlines for passengers, FedEx for freight. Here is a Captain pay comparison at 12 years of seniority, by the largest type in fleet (best paying):

  • American 777 - $92,527
  • Continental 777 - $92 ,288
  • Delta 777 - $ 96,020
  • Fed EX (widebody) $16,650
  • Northwest 747 - $13,275
  • Southwest 737 - $15,642
  • United 747 - $11,960
  • US Airways (A330) $11,520
  • UPS (all a/c) $18,144

Payscales for 2008. For more info on pilot pay and how these figures were calculated, visit


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