The US state of Michigan is situated in the Great Lakes Region. It is the 11th biggest US state by area at 96,716 sq mi and the eight biggest state by population at 9.88 million as of 2010.

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Ford Ranger XLT
College Basketball
Great Lakes

What 5 players made Michigan's Fab 5?

The 5 members of the Michigan Fab 5 are Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Ray Jackson.

Bus Travel

How much is a bus ticket from Texas to Canada?

It depends upon city of origin and city of destination, but a good rule of thumb is, the longer the distance, the more it costs, and whether or not you buy an advanced purchase ticket. For example, from my city (Corpus Christi) to Toronto, the fare's US $512.00 with no restrictions (essentially, refundable minus a service fee) to as little as US $218.00 with 21 day advanced purchase.

Ferrets Weasels and Badgers

Are weasels found in Michigan?

Seldom and only then after the seeker has closed his eyes and counted to 20

Postage and Shipping

How long does it take regular mail to reach Tennessee from Michigan?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

Drama and Acting

Where are acting classes in Michigan?

i know where an acting camp is and it is in Chelsea Michigan and it is called "The Purple Rose " . ( Jeff Daniels owns it! )

Lonette McKee has a new acting school in Oak Park. call (248) 546-6601

She starred in many movies:

· Sparkle

· Cuba

· Which Way Is Up?

· The Cotton Club

· Gardens of Stone

· Lift

· Honey

· Women of Brewster Place

Interlochen School of the Arts

University of Michigan

Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids Civic Theater

St. Cecelia Society

Road Distance

How many miles between Chelsea Michigan and Ann Arbor Michigan?

13 miles across I-94.

Lakes and Rivers
Mississippi River

Is Michigan west of the Mississippi River?

Michigan is East of the Mississippi River.

Muhammad Ali

Where Did Muhammad Ali live at in Michigan?

Berrien Springs, Michigan


Do you need a fishing license on private property in Michigan?


Alcoholic Beverages
State Laws

How old do you have to be to purchase alcohol in Michigan?


Postage and Shipping
North Carolina

How long does it take to get mail from Michigan to North Carolina?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.


Where can I find free online court records for Otsego County in Michigan?


How far is Grand Rapids to Traverse City Michigan?

About 140 miles from Grand Rapids to Traverse City Michigan.

Parenting and Children
Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

How old do you have to be to move out in Michigan?

The state's legal age of majority is 18

In Michigan You can be 17 with a way to support yourself and your parents can't say anything! Just call the Police Department in Your County to make sure!!

Opinions from FAQ Farmer's :

  • Eighteen.
  • The legal age of majority in Michigan as in almost every state, is eighteen(18). In Alabama and Nebraska it is 19, in Mississippi and Pennsylvania it is 21. Michigan has laws pertaining to early emancipation requirements, Michigan Law and Legislation, Chapter 722.4.
  • The legal age to move out without your parents permission is 18.
  • The age of majority is 18. You would need parental consent or legal emancipation if you are not 18.
  • The legal age of majority in the state of Michigan is 18. What action the police or other authorities may take depends upon the parents or legal guardian of the minor and the circumstances.
AnswerThe Michigan age of majority is 18, as it is in almost every state with the following exceptions...Alabama, Nebraska and Wyoming, age of majority is 19; Washinton D.C. and Mississippi age of majority is 21. However, there are exceptions in most states, the main ones are if the person has been allowed to marry, (either by parental or court consent) or the person is serving in the military.


If you want to move out when you are 16,move to Canada


you have to be 18 but if you can prove that you have a good job and you make enough money to support yourself you can go through court and moveout at 17

Apartments and Home Rentals

How does one qualify for low income housing?

Find out how to apply for Public Housing or Housing Choice (Section 8) Vouchers by visiting the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development website.

Home-Based Businesses
Online Jobs

Is stuffing envelopes at home job legitimate?

According to the FTC

$550 to $3,000 weekly. Ten dollars for each circular you mail...Free Postage...Free Circulars...No Newspaper Ads...No Magazine Ads...No Bulletin Board Ads! Paychecks mailed to you every week! Advance paycheck forms included in your package!! Sound familiar? Of course. Ads for envelope-stuffing "opportunities" seem to be everywhere - from your mailbox to your newspaper to your e-mail inbox. Promoters usually advertise that, for a "small" fee, they will tell you how to earn big money stuffing envelopes at home. They claim that they'll pay you a certain amount of money for each envelope stuffed, resulting in hundreds or thousands of dollars for you each week. These ads may seem appealing, especially if you are looking for a home-based business. But according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, ads like these don't tell the whole story because the promoters aren't really offering a job. Instead, say FTC attorneys, after you send your money, you're likely to get a letter telling you to place the same "envelope-stuffing" ad in newspapers or magazines, or to send the ad to friends and relatives. The only way you'll earn money is if people respond to your ad; in fact, the government says, the promoters themselves rarely pay anyone.

If you're tempted by an envelope stuffing "opportunity," here are some questions to ask the promoters before you send any money or sign up to receive more information: * Who will pay me? * When will I get my first paycheck? * Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission? * What tasks will I have to perform? * What is the total cost of the envelope-stuffing program, including supplies, equipment, and membership fees? What will I get for my money? The answers to these questions may help you determine whether an envelope-stuffing opportunity is appropriate for your circumstances and whether it's legitimate. It also may help to check out the company with your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General, and the Better Business Bureau in the community where the company is located as well as the community where you live. These organizations can tell you whether they have received complaints about the promotion that interests you. The absence of complaints doesn't necessarily mean the promotion is legitimate. Unscrupulous promoters may settle complaints, change their names, or move to avoid detection. If you have spent money and time on a work-at-home program and now believe the program may not be legitimate, contact the company and ask for a refund. Let company representatives know that you plan to notify officials about your experience. If you can't resolve the dispute with the company, file a complaint with the following organizations: * The Federal Trade Commission works for the consumer to prevent fraud and deception. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or log on to www.ftc.gov. Work At Home and Home Based Business Scamshttp://www.scambusters.org/work-at-home.html * Not since they invented the automatic envelope stuffer. It's called an "inserter" or an "inserting machine." A production-grade inserter will produce 8000 filled envelopes per hour. It's cheaper to hire one person to load pockets on inserters than it is to hire people to stuff envelopes, and the machine does a better job. == == * Yes, there is such a thing. But you are right to be very suspicious. Many of the ads you see for envelope-stuffing are scams. They charge you to receive the information to get started. With some of them, the job is a pyramid scheme where the letters you send out advertise envelope stuffing jobs. You make money in the same way the person you sent money to makes money. * Envelope stuffing is not legit! If you sign up for the company they will then send you information on how to run your own ad about envelope stuffing and scam other people into sending money to you. == == * Yes it is for real, but usually the pay is poor. Sometimes people volunteer to do this job and it really depends on the place that needs envelope stuffer's. Be careful! If the pay sounds too good in the ad then it usually isn't. If you enjoy working from home then try taking some on-line courses in the medical field (research the good programs before signing up) and you could work from home. I have done this often. I've worked for doctors of all sorts (in office) and there was a time I decided to stay home, but do the work from my own computer. == == * It's pretty much a scam, they mostly want you to recruit others to sign up for the same opportunity. * As with most envelope stuffing scams (yes, I will call them scams) you are required to gather the customers that send you envelopes to stuff. In other words, if you don't advertise, you don't stuff envelopes. Basically someone is double dipping their profit margin and you become that margin that makes them extra money aside from the product. My serious advise, stay away from envelope stuffing and go back to school. * It's a scam. The stuffing envelopes scam has been around for over 50 years and it's fake. Don't fall for it. * This is usually a scam or a very hard way to make any money. They will send you some advertising. You are supposed to put your name on it. Then you stuff the envelopes & mail them. If a customer orders an item you get a commission. Some companies don't pay you. Other times, the ad will have a phone number to call to order it, you don't get paid for those orders. Some products are over priced or it's stuff no one wants. It could be ads for insurance and most people throw that mail away without looking at it. It's probably not a good idea to get involved with those companies.

Travel & Places

What is the capital of the state whose neighbors are Minnesota Iowa Illinois and Michigan?

The only state that shares a border with Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan is Wisconsin, whose capital is Madison.

History of the United States

What is the capital of Michigan?

The capital of the state of Michigan is Lansing.


How do you dispose of small appliances?


Many metal recycling places will take old appliances and actually pay you a little for the metal (the places the recycle and buy junk cars). You can also give them away to your neighbors or friends.

Time Zones
The Difference Between

What is the time difference between Michigan and Alaska?

4 hours time difference for most of Alaska and Michigan.

Alaska is in the Alaska time zone with the exception of the west Aleutian Islands. They are in the Aleutian/Hawaii Time zone which is 5 hours behind from most of Michigan.

Michigan is in the Eastern time zone with the exception of the 4 counties in the upper peninsula that border Wisconsin. Those counties in Michigan are in Central time so there is only a 3 hour difference to most of Alaska and 4 hour difference to the western Aleutian Islands.

Lakes and Rivers
Mapping and Cartography
Lake Michigan
Lake Superior

What two countries border Lake Superior?

The united states and canada


Did Mary Lee Candy Company in Detroit Michigan merge with another company?

My grandfather started the company. I believe it was eventually acquired by the Laura Secord company of Toronto.

Distances and Travel Times

How many miles is it from Missouri to Michigan?



What time does it get dark in Michigan in summer?

around 9:30 pm (2130)


When did Michigan become a US State?

Michigan was admitted into the Union on January 26, 1837 becoming the 26th state to join the Union.


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