Fable (video game)

Fable is a RPG video game, developed by Lionhead Studios, as well as their satellites. In Fable, you guide a character through the storyline. Throughout the game your actions and decisions will change the characters appearance and alignment towards good or evil. This will have an effect on game events, as well as how others interact with you.

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Fable (video game)

Is Reaver in fable 3?


Yes! Reaver (voiced by the legendary Stephen Fry) has returned in Fable III.

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Fable (video game)

What are the fable 3 sales?

about 500k

Fable (video game)

What do you call a fable fellow?

If the Fable Fellow is Ben Kingsly of the new video game 'Fable 3,' "who is playing a wizard character who is the king of Mist Peak." You call him Sir as he's been knighted.

Fable (video game)

How do you receive gifts on fable 3?

To receive gifts, push start and if you walk to you left there is a shelf with all the gifts you have received on it. Just walk over and push A to accept them.

Fable (video game)
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How can you get buff in Fable the Lost Chapters?

Increase all of your Physical stats to MAX.

Fable (video game)

Is there a good temple in fable 3?

Not that we know of, so far the only temples found in the game are the dark sanctum where you can make sacrifices so that is evil, then there is the temple in Aurora which I guess you could count as good as they don't worship evil but you can't make any donations there like on fable 2 or do anything else apart from collect their lost flowers so, really there is no good temple on fable 3.

Fable (video game)

Can you have 2 save files in fable 3?


Fable (video game)

Can you arrest people on fable 3?

no, you can not. but police can arrest you.

Fable (video game)

How do you have more than one kid on Fable 2?

Once your kid is out of the cradle, you should be able to have another. I think there is an upper limit on the number of kids you can have (I seem to recall trying repeatedly at one point and getting nowhere), but you should be able to have more than one.

Fable (video game)

Can you get shorter in fable 3?

No, you can't get shorter from your default height, only taller.

Fable (video game)

Can you marry a soldier in Fable 3?

Sadly, no. You can't even be friends with them. I wanted to, too, but it was not to be.

Fable (video game)

Is jack of blades in fable 2?


@Not in a way that can be seen, heard, or used.

At the end of Fable 2, if you chose to revive everyone you love, Your sister is revived as well, but in a different location.

According to the letter she sends you, She wakes up in a forest, and meets a scary looking Hooded and masked character, that promises to reunite her with her brother, and that he knows all about their bloodline.

That hooded character, Is Jack of Blades.

But that, and a book you find in the caverns, about the hero who slew Jack Of Blades the dragon, are the only mentions of Jack of Blades in Fable 2.

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Fable (video game)

Where can you buy interior spandrels?

rz7ysthe company for moldings and other architecture decorations is focal point by ehud

Fable (video game)

How do you save every civilian in Fable 3?

You just have to have enough money (6.5 million). You can do this by either making the evil, money-making decisions, or by saving up your own money and putting it into your kingdom's treasury. Do not forget to do this before the final battle! When Teresa comes to you in the treasury, this is your last opportunity to make any adjustments to the funds before facing off with the crawler. Do this before entering the portal to the road to rule. You won't have a chance afterward.

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Fable (video game)

What are the moral lesson of the story of Rapunzel?

I think the moral lesson in this story is that if you do something wrong there is a consequence.

Fable (video game)

What is fable fellow?

The man in the story or fable - also related to Secret Fable 2 and3

Fable (video game)

Who voices captain saker in fable 3?

Sean Pertwee

Fable (video game)

Why cant i fight the banshee in bloodstone?

You probably need to reload. Go back to Wraithmarsh. Follow the trail to Bloodstone. Dont rapid transport. Make sure to kill all of the banshees in Wraithmarsh. Then, once you get to Bloodstone, kill the minons of the banshee. You should be able to kill it then. I have had to do this 2x on 2 separate heros.

Fable (video game)

If you are under eighteen and have a child can your legal guardian put your baby up for adoption without your consent?

No. even if you are under the AGE of 18 YOU are still the legal guardian to this child. You cannot be forced to give your child up, nor can anyone else make the decision for you, UNLESS you are mentally unstable or will have your child at risk. then the child CAN be taken. But I must say, if you ARE under 18, you have to think of the best interest of this child. can you financially take care of this child.(VERY VERY VERY expensive) Will this babys father be there? could you give this child everything it needed? If there were any types of health problems with this child could you pay medical expenses and emotionally handle it? You have to look at the whole aspect of the situation. and if you are unsure about any answers to the previous questions then it would not hurt to look into adoption. There are sooo many(married, stable) families out there that would love to have a child but couldnt. And if you are not ready for a child, you could give the greatest gift to a family... a child... But good luck, and i hope i have helped!

No. I am under 18 and am pregnant. I have decided to give my baby a better home through adoption. However, it is MY decision. You guardians cannot make you do it. YOU are the one who signs the adoption papers and has the right over your child. Also, in many states if you are under the age of 18, and you are pregnant and unmarried, you're considered the only legal parent of the child. The birthfather only has rights if he supports you and somehow contributes to the baby or you during your pregnancy.

Your guardian may not be able to make the call, but if you are unable to provide or care for the child or fail to properly care for your child or if you are in currently in legal trouble (especially violence or drugs) the child may be taken by CPS after he/she is born.

Fable (video game)

Do your children in Fable 2 get older?

only if you consieve before going to the tattered spire the first time... than your kiddo will be 9 instead of an infant

Fable (video game)

How do you do flourishes in fable 3?

It's exatcly the same as fable 2

Fable (video game)

How do you get two dogs on fable 3?

You go do you Lady Grey Quest (Not sure what its called look it up) And at the end where he tells you to leave obey him and leave upstairs then outside behind the house there is a stray dog (the breed is different) and you need to praise the dog and play fetch with the dog. Then the dog will follow you, then you can interact with the dog as the same as the other dog. Now you have two dogs, your welcome :)

Fable (video game)

How much will Fable 2 sell for?

No more then $20.

Fable (video game)

What is the best gun in Fable 2?

"the enforcer" having the damage of 197 ... u can get it in the cellar of brightwood

farm when giles sell his farm to u after u do 2 quest for him "cold harvest

farmer " and "the blind date" u will fight hollow men in the cellar and u get it in the

end i think its in the chest or a digging place .. cant remember though...

Fable (video game)

What happens to the kid in Fable 2 if you give toys?

some times mine gets mad? but most of the time they get happy


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