Shrek is a Dreamworks film about an ogre falling in love with a beautiful princess. 'Shrek' attempts to explain true love through the guise of animation and comedy.

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The Smurfs

If you choke a Smurf what color does it turn?

Drop That Smurf!This question assumes that a smurf requires oxygen to survive, which is a valid assumption considering smurfs fear drowning as much as any normal air-breathing creature does. Furthermore, if smurfs require oxygen, then they must have some kind oxygen-transport molecule in their bloodstream. In vertebrates, this molecule is heme with an iron atom at its center and is what gives blood its red color. Since smurfs appear to be vertebrates, we can assume they also have heme in their blood. Now when a naked-skinned vertebrate is choked, namely humans, their faces turn red because surface capillaries in the skin dilate and blood rushes in. Assuming the same thing happens to smurfs, their faces would turn purple.
  • Believe it or not, this was answered on an episode of the Smurfs, in which one of them threatened to hold his breath until he turned red. But instead he turned a dark purple.
  • They are peaceful creatures, for one you should not choke them.
  • Choking smurfs is illegal.
  • Let's pretend that smurfs are little blue human beings. Human beings turn red at first when you choke them. Red+Blue = Purple.
  • I happen to know from experience, that if you choke a smurf (which you can do), they turn invisible. Its actually a very simple concept if you are intelligent enough to understand it, which, unfortunately, none of you are.
  • I once choked a smurf, but seeing as they don't have any lungs it didn't do anything.
  • I'm sure if you choke a Smurf they would turn white. It Chokes the blue right out of em.
  • Logically, I would say red, but I think it would be sweet if they turned green or orange or something really bright.
Baby Names
Princess Diana

What are the names of Shreks babies in Shrek the Third?

Shrek and Fiona actually have three children, triplets, and their names are Fargus(boy), Fergle(boy) and Felicia(girl).


Who is the music composer of Shrek?

Jeanine Tesori was the music composer of Shrek.


Which actor provided the voice of Shrek?

Mike Myers did the voice of the ogre Shrek. He has been in all Shrek movies along with other Shrek shorts.


Was Puss in Boots in the first Shrek movie?

No, he appears first appears in the second Shrek film.

Ariana Grande

Was Ariana Grande in Shrek?

Ariana Grande did not play Fiona in Shrek. it has always been Cameron Diaz.

Ariana Grande

Was Ariana Grande in a Shrek movie?

Victorious costars Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice attended the premiere of Shrek Forever After, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, NY on the 21st of April,2010.


How did donkey and dragon have babies in Shriek?

artificial insemination


What is the name of the song played at the end of Shrek 1?

"I'm a believer" (original was by the Monkeys) is the final song played in the movie. The very last song (played over the closing credits" is "It is You (I have Loved)" performed by Dana Glover.


Who sang 'Hallelujah' on the movie 'Shrek'?

'Hallelujah'For the actual movie soundtrack (the one heard while watching the movie), "Hallelujah" is performed by John Cale. When later released on CD, the soundtrack album includes a performance by Rufus Wainwright. It was a song originally written and sung by Leonard Cohen, but it has been covered many, many times by various other artists such as Allison Crowe, Kate Vogele, and Jeff Buckley.

Take a 4-minute break on YouTube and listen to the Rufus Wainwright version of the song, to the backdrop of the movie. Click on the Related Link. Also Kate Vogele's cover.


Who is Shrek married to in the movie Shrek 2?

Princess Fiona.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

How do you tell how far away a thunderstorm is?

One way is to count the seconds from a lightning strike until you hear the thunder and then divide the number by five. This supposedly tells you how many miles the storm is from your location. This is because the sound is only moving 1100 ft/sec. Every 5 seconds is about a mile, or every 3 seconds is a kilometer.

If you can't see a flash, you can still time the distance with a radio. Lightning creates radio waves. so you should hear a burst of static on your radio whenever lightening strikes in your general area. You can count the seconds from the time you hear the static until you hear the thunder, divide by five and find out how about far away the storm is (in miles).


A more precise method that is not any more accurate.

Thunder travels at the speed of sound, which is 344 meters per second.

To tell how far away a thunderstorm is just count the seconds from the time you see the lightning flash until you hear the thunder.

Multiply the seconds by 344 metres and you have the distance of the storm from your position.

(although here the meter value is more precise, you cannot measure the time in hundredths of a second, and so the margin of error is just as great)

Theater Musicals
Shrek Musical

Who is Prince Charming's mother in Shrek the Musical?

His mother is the fairy godmother in the movie. Prince charming isn't in Shrek the Musical.


What is the opening song from the movie Shrek?

Allstar by Smash Mouth is the opening song in Shrek.


Why is Shrek green?

two reasons:

1) He is a fairytale creature and the people who made the movie thought he looked best that color.

2) He is a made up swamp creature, and most made up swamp creatures are green for some reason. probably to blend in with the algae and slime.


Is Puss in Boots mean or nice?

he is in between at first he was just mean then at the end of the movie he says i will now pay my dept


How old is Shrek?

10000000 ol;kojo-no-oj-oh0uyo9uyuyt

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Who wrote Shrek 2?

Andrew Adamson

Joe Stillman

J. David Stem

David N. Weiss

William Steig (book


Who plays donkey in Shrek 4?

No one,because Donkey isn't in Shrek 4.


How is Prince Charming killed at the end of Shrek the third?

Prince Charming is killed while trying to kill Shrek on stage, he is crushed by the tower used as a prop earlier in the play (however he may not have been killed because the tower window falls over him thus protecting him). But as you see none of him after that or in the next film it is assumed that he was killed.

Princess Diana
Adventure Time (TV Series)

What are the qualities from princess Fiona?

"She's a loaded pistol who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain" Other qualities include stubborn, romantic, and short tempered.


Shrek's last name is?

we don't know yet...


What is the opening music of Shrek?

Depending by what you mean exactly.

Technically according to the original motion picture score the opening song is "Fairytale" played during the prologue reading of the book. But if you merely want music used in the movie by other artists then of course it would be "All Star" by Smash Mouth


Is Princess Fiona a Disney princess?

No. Fiona is from the Shrek series, which is made by Dreamworks.

Princess Diana
English Spelling and Pronunciation

How did Shrek get his name?

Shrek comes from the Germany

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