Known for their distinctive "Honk!", geese are either gray (Anser), white (Chen), or black (Branta). Here you can find questions and answers about the various geese, their migration patters, size, weight, and more.

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What is opposite gender of a goose?



What is the feminine form of GANDER?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female; for example:

The gender specific noun for a male is a gander.

The gender specific noun for a female is a goose or a hen.

Goose terminology

A gosling is a baby goose.

A female is a goose or hen

A male is a gander

A group on the ground is a gaggle

A formation in the sky is a wedge or skein

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FIFA World Cup
Cristiano Ronaldo

How many world cups has Cristiano Ronaldo won?

well that would be zero

Literature and Language

What is the opposite gender of waiter?



How long is the gestation period for a goose?

28-30 days
25-30 days
Goose eggs take about a month to hatch.

Famous Quotations
Fairy Tales

What does the golden goose represent?

The golden goose itself is simply the temptation which traps the greedy. The story is about punishing greed and selfishness. Those who touch the golden goose (and who have no right to do so) are stuck to it. They suffer for their greed. The golden goose also initially went to the brother who was generous with his food and drink. His older brothers didn't share and so they missed out on the opportunity to win this prize...and eventually the hand of the princess.

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How many World Cup Championships has Brazil won?

Brazil have won a total of five world cups.


Do wild geese eat frogs?

Nope, Herons and egrets eat frogs.


What is the masculine gender of a goose?


Religion & Spirituality

Why are parishioners called the flock?

A church's parishioners or congregation are referred to as a flock because Jesus repeatedly told his disciples they were "shepherds of men" and to "mind his flock". In many parables in the bible, as well as in Psalms, Jesus' followers were referred to as sheep.

On the negative side:

  • sheep have no individuality nad ae known as the collective term "flock"
  • sheep mindlessly follow the shepherd into the slaughter house
  • shepherds are nice to sheep until it is time to kil and eat them
  • shepherds routinely take the young of the sheep for food and hides

Does a goose cry or yell?



Geese do both. Geese let out a cry when they see a stranger walk past them. If you have ever walked past a Canada and he has raised his head to the sky and started honking,? He is crying out to the other members of the flock that danger is near.

A goose does not cry when it is hurt, it tries to run or fly away.

A goose lets out terrible cries when it's mate it killed and it is standing over the body trying to figure out what has happened.

And when a goose goes into mourning when it has lost a mate it seeks solitude and does not wish to speak to anyone.

Does a goose cry tears? I have never observed that.

Geese do yell. They have very loud discussions when they are trying to decide whether to fly or not. One goose will start the conversation and one or two others will respond with the loudest honking you'll ever hear.

I did witness one time a goose from a very large flock would yell as each group of members of the flock flew in to join them. Within 15 minutes, five groups came to join them and every time a group came in that one goose would honk and honk and honk. Now I don't speak the language but judging by her tone and intensity, it sounded to me like that goose was the mother goose and she was yelling at her children for coming home late.


Can geese and ducks mate and reproduce?

Sadly no, the sperm would only fertilize those of it own species. Not the same exact species (brown duck with Europe duck would work) other wise weed have bunny mouse.


What is a group of flying ducks called?

Deranged psychopaths, who call themselves Doctors, AKA Quacks.


What to feed wild geese?

You are not supposed to, but you can feed them bread. My geese are big fans of whole wheat bread. I prefer to give them that over white bread because wheat is better for them.

And, please, if you do that, tear the bread into small, dime-sized pieces. They have a hard time tearing apart large chunks. And if at all possible throw them into the water where they are swimming. Moistening the bread makes it easier for them to swallow.

It is against the law in most areas to feed waterfowl, as it makes them dependent on humans for food, and can cause a variety of problems for us and the geese.


What is a gathering of geese called?

A Gaggle


What is the feminine gender of a goose?



How do I Clean goose poop off blacktop?

First, you can relax about the bacteria l- the CDC has determined that it is not harmful to humans. With all cleaning processes, you can use chemicals and/or physical means to remove the dirt. So, first sweep up any loose matter. Then, pour a mixture of white vinegar and water over the area and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub with a broom and rinse.


What is a family of ducks called?

geese! lol!


What is the diminutive of a goose?


Chickens and Roosters

Can laying hens and ducks live together?

I have laying hens and ducks and they all live together in one coop. I haven't had a problem with them.

yes they can

I would say yes, I have drakes, and hen ducks living right in with my chickens. and do not have a problem. In fact one of the drakes thinks it's a chicken. He was raised from a baby with the baby chickens we got over a year ago. I also have 8 more ducks besides lucky ducky {thinks he is chicken} all living with 175 laying hens.

Yes they can, and will also sit on each others eggs if you require a foster mum. However, in my experience only the females will get on well... a rooster and a drake living together can cause problems.

YES! they can I used to have them together and they lived fine together and the hens still laid their eggs but it helps I found it helps out if you stack some hay bushels and put like some milk crates up on them with some hay in them and the chickens will lay there and that also makes sure the ducks wont step on the eggs by mistake (hope I helped)

Once I had a hen that was pregnant and it always acted funny around my duck and after it laid its eggs it killed my favorite duck. I was so mad I kicked the hen. so I'd say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More on thisDucks and chickens do indeed get along fine, some squabbling happens but for the most part the birds enjoy or at least tolerate each other. Eggs can be hatched between species and the young often can be raised by whatever mother was sitting on the nest at the time. A young chicken will often enter the water along with it's "siblings" when the ducklings are first introduced to swimming.

Why do the geese honk from behind when they are flying in v formation?

To encourage the other geese in front of them


What is the masculine of mare?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.

The noun for an adult female horse is mare.

The noun for an adult male horse is stallion.

The noun for a neutered adult male horse is gelding.


What is a mature goose called?

A male goose is a gander and a female is a goose. Age has no bearing on what the animal is called.


How do you keep birds away from your pool?

We tried placing old and unused CDs on the rail for our above ground pool as suggested by Hawaii and it worked.

There are high priced 'high frequency' bird repelling systems that you can buy, but they recommend that you use them in conjunction with the 'Terror Eyes Balls'.

You might try a fountain to spray up water to see if that helps.

An air rifle helps some (The sound scares them off temporarily).

Try rubber snakes. Lifelike, colorful snakes.

Use fishing line and string an X formation or grid (depending on size) Birds see 10 more than we do it will keep them from Flying above the pool, while not being an eye sore to the user.

I just destroy the nests before they have a chance to fully build them.

"Mr. Flip". It cost about $15 dollars. It is a 48" tall inflatable dolphin that is weighted in the bottom so it stands straight up.

Try a product called 'No More Ducks' from Australia.

The TerrorEyes balloon moves itself. The holographic eyes follow birds wherever they go, terrifying them and causing them to leave an area.

We used a product here in Australia called Kings Duck Solution. We simply painted it on the area the ducks were standing (poolside) and they left and have not returned. Great.


How do geese fly at night?

i think they use the stars but im not positive. One of the theories of how geese fly at night is that they do use the stars to navigate. But no one is for sure.


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