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Old Yeller is a children's novel written by Fred Gipson in 1956 and illustrated by Carl Burger, which depicts a family who had grown to like a big stray dog named Old Yeller. This book was awarded the Newbery Honor in 1957, and a Walt Disney film based on this novel was made in 1957. In this category, you can find facts and information relating to Old Yeller.

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Old Yeller

Who is jumper in old yeller?

Jumper is the family mule in Old Yeller.

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Old Yeller

What actress played the mother in 'Old Yeller'?

Dorothy McGuire Dorothy McGuire

Old Yeller

How old is the dog in Old Yeller?

most likely younger than 3 yrs

Old Yeller

Why did they name old yeller old yeller in the book old yeller?

they named him ''old yeller'' because he was discribed in the book ''old and back then ''yeller'' was a mixture of yellow,and brown so travis the oldest brother named him old yeller

Old Yeller

Where is Kevin Cochran of Old Yeller the movie?

Mr "Cochran" spells his last name "Corcoran"

Old Yeller

What is the problem and solution for Old Yeller?

The problem is that Old Yeller has gets bit by a wolf and gets rabies . The solution is they have to kill Old Yeller so nobody in his family gets sick or die from Old Yeller's rabies.

Old Yeller

Describe the character of Travis in Old Yeller?

Mature, never gives up, fearless, hardworking, rude, strong, responsible,

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Old Yeller

What where the name of the cows in Old Yeller?

The cows names were Rose and Spot.

Old Yeller

Who are the characters in Old Yeller?


Little Arliss

Old Yeller



Bud Searcy


Lisbeth Searcy

Burn Sanderson

Missy Prissy


Papa (aka Mr. Coates)

Old Yeller

What happens at the end of Old Yeller?

old yeller dies because a wolf with hydrophobia[rabies] bites him so travis kills him. :(

Old Yeller

What award did the book Old Yeller win?

the book of honor

Old Yeller

What is meant by the expression i knew he wasn't throwing off in Old Yeller?


Old Yeller

Why is Travis angry with Bud Searcy in Old Yeller?

He's angry at him because Bud Searcy is always bothering folks, and on the day Bud Searcy came over after Travis got scratched by the hogs, Travis knew he'd be a bother to his Mama, because even though he talked about helping the women and children in Salt Licks while the men were gone, he'd never offer to chop wood or gather in a corn crop. And all he'd do was sit under the dog run all day, chewing tobacco and spitting juice all over the place, and, he'd expect Travis's Mama to cook him a good supper if he stayed that long. His Mama had ten times too much to do.

Old Yeller

In the book Old Yeller what does travis want papa to bring him?

a horse

Old Yeller

Who is the antagonist in the book Old Yeller?

Its Little Arliss because without him insisting over and over to keep the dog and bringing it home in the first place, Travis wouldn't have had to have such a heartache by having to shoot his dog because of rabies. Without Arliss's constant complaining and getting into trouble, travis wouldn't have bonded with the dog as much as he did and there would be no internal or external conflicts.

Old Yeller

Did Old Yeller die in the book Old Yeller?

He died by

a bite by a

wolf and got

rabies and got shot.

Old Yeller

Character overview for Old Yeller?

= Character Sketch (Old Yeller) = Travis - Travis is the man of the family and has to take care of Little Arliss and mama, he is 14 years old. He is also a responsible young man, and is very respectful to the people around him. Little Arliss - Little Arliss is Travis's little brother, he is 5 years old and is very stubborn. If he gets mad at people he tends to throw rocks at them, he is also very outgoing and tells a lot of fibs. Mr. Coates - Travis's, and Little Arliss's father and also mama's husband who left. He left for a cattle drive and said he wasn't going to be back for a couple months so he left Travis in charge. Old Yeller - A dog that the Coates family found stealing a piece of bacon and they decided to keep him. Travis hated him but then got to like him some more. Little Arliss and mama adored him. Old Yeller is a very strong and loyal dog. Jumper - The Coates family's donkey. He is very stubborn when it comes to things he doesn't want to do, but momma puts him straight. He helped carry the injured Old Yeller back to the house. Bell - Travis's old dog who he loved very much. He was very obedient and knew what to not get himself into. Though he sniffed a dead rattlesnake head, got bitten, and died. Bud Searcy - He is the Coates family's neighbor who isn't very neighborly all he does is talk and spit tobacco, not very well mannered like his daughter. Spot - The Coates family's cow that produces a lot of milk but was afraid of Travis and didn't let him milk her. She hid from Travis, but Travis found her and milked her by having Old Yeller to put the cow straight. Lisbeth Searcy - Bud Searcy's daughter, not very much like him. She is very nice and would never harm a fly; she also has a dog named Miss Prissy. She is very good with working on a farm. Burn Sanderson- Old Yellers original owner, he is very nice and shows fair manners. He decided to let Travis and the rest of the family keep Old Yeller if they would cook him up a nice meal and then he would be on his way. Missy Prissy- Lisebeth's little dog who is always sweet and playful, not a good farm dog. She had puppies that looked like they couldn't even stand up, just look cute. Mama- Mama is a very calm and kind woman. She always makes sure that her boys are in tip top shape for the day ahead of them. She is very cautious about what the boys get into, like when Travis got attacked by the hogs she didn't want him to go back and get Old Yeller with her.

Old Yeller

What year did Old Yeller take place?

The movie appeared to be set in the old west, Texas, probably pre- l900 as there are no motor vehicles about.

Old Yeller

Where can you find the movie Old Yeller on line 4 free?


or check your local library
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Old Yeller

Little Rascals how old were the stars and how old were the characters supposed to be?

The considered Ideal Age ranged from 3-11 with the bulk being in the 5-8 years old range. The children portrayed that age, though they often had it scripted to mimic more adult style themes.

Old Yeller

Old Yeller-how did mama clean and treat travis wound?

Because she was sick

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What is the family's last name in Old Yeller?

The last name is Coates. Travis, Jim, Codi, Arliss played in the movie with the same last name.

Old Yeller

What animal attacked old yeller?

A wolf

Old Yeller

Why was the father leaving in Old Yeller?

Papa have to leave the fanily because he need monoy!!!

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