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Late Model 1979-New Ford Mustangs

The 1979 model of Ford Mustang was based on the larger Fox platform that featured larger trunk and restyled interior to accommodate up to four people. It was available in three body styles – convertible, coupé and hatchback.

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Does a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable have a radiator drain plug?

Yes it does, To access it: Remove the lower valance panel that runs across the bottom of the frontend of the vehicle from the driver's side to the passenger's side. It is held on with three 8mm bolts and about a dozen 5.5mm screws. After you remove that, then you will see the bottom of the radiator where there is a drain cock on the driver's side. It looks like a plastic bolt and takes a 3/4 wrench to open it. Some...
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How do you remove the door panel and replace the side mirror on a Taurus - Sable?

The best description of this procedure, including photos, I have found is at Just follow the first 14 steps and then reverse them to install your new mirror assembly. See "Related Questions" below for direct link to the pdf file ok, it is very simple. all you have to do is take off the door panel, and if you have the tweeter in the corner of the door, you are going to have to take the screen off and undo the...
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Why is the service engine soon on?

This information can be found in the owner's manual. There is a problem in the emmissions system. ...
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What type and how many quarts of oil does a Windstar take?

According to the Owners Manuals: 1996 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30* 1997 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30* 1998 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30* 1999 Windstar 3.0 engine: 4.5 quarts 3.8 engine: 5.0 quarts 2000 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w30* 2001 Windstar 3.8: 5.75 quarts - 5w20 2002 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w20 2003 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w20 (synthetic blend) *Note: Ford issued a TSB (technical service bulletin TSB 02-1-9) regarding the 5w20 superseding...
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Can you change a manual transmission to automatic and about how much does it usually cost?

Not knowing the make or the model it is impossible to guess. Generally you would have to change the radiator, run the transmission lines and change out flywheel and possibly driveshaft. With older cars (early hydramatics, for example), you do not have to change the radiator and there ae no transmission lines, but in addition to changing the flywheel and driveshaft, you also have to add the linkage to the carburetor. You might need to change the ECM (computer) and you may be...
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How much oil does a 2010 ford escape with a V6 take?

6 quarts ( 5.7 liters ) with engine oil filter change , according to the Owner Guide ...
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How do you replace the front turn signal bulb on a 1996-1999 Ford Taurus?

Remove the associated headlamp (four screws) to get to the harness of the turn signal. Give it a counter-clockwise twist and out comes the lamp harness / socket from the lens. Cramped, but doable! On some cars you open the hood, and the light socket will be right on the inside behind the fixture itself. A quarter turn counter clockwise and pull will remove the socket. Then push in while turning a quarter turn counter clockwise again will release the bulb, or on newer...
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How do you fix a gas pedal that sticks sometimes when it is depressed?

If you want to make it better take it to a good garage it's better clean out the throttle body with a throttle body cleaner. Use a tooth brush to clean. wd-40 the linkage where the cable goes into the line (by the accelator petal) may be rusting up there.. If your car is equipped with a throttle body, try taking some carburetor cleaner and a lint free rag and cleaning around the rim of where the butterfly valve closes. to do this...
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Do Ford Mustang have timing belt?

The 2.3L four cylinder equipped models do have a timing belt.
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88 mustang gt firing order?

The 302 ( 5.0 liter / high output ) The 8th " character " of the VIN is an " E " has a firing order ( 1 - 3 - 7 - 2 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 8 ) The distributor rotor turns COUNTERCLOCKWISE The engine cylinder locations are numbered : firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 front of Ford Mustang ...
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What weight oil does a 1994 Toyota Camry take?

Newer cars recommend 5w-30. However, as your car gets older it may need some help sealing the rings by using 10w-40. It really depends on the time of year you are changing the oil and the mileage the car has on it. In the summer, going through the desert I run 20w-50 in my '95 Camry. ...
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What years did ford make the mustang cobra?

The original Cobra was based on the English Sports Car the AC Ace. Carroll Shelby powered the original "Cobra"with the new 260 c.i. Ford small block in 1962, the car was introduced at the Auto Show in Texas, it was a hit and several orders were placed for the car. The next Cobra model was powered by a highly tuned 305 h.p. 289 HiPo. Later versions were powered by the 427 c.i. Ford FE big block, this model was named the...
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What type of transmission fluid does a 2002 Toyota Sienna CE need?

It usually tells you right on the dipstick, this model takes dexronII.
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What does it mean when someone says a car has a trap speed?

The trap speed is the measured "instantaneous" speed of the vehicle at some timing location, for instance at the end of a 1/4 mile run. ...
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1998 Ford Mustang tune up?

Tune Up Overview for 1998 Mustang The tune up process for 1996 to 2004 Mustangs (both V6 and V8) consists of air filter cleaning or replacing; spark plug and ignition wire replacement; and a fuel filter change. In general, a tune up ensures that your car is getting air, fuel and spark. The air filter is accessible within the engine bay on the passenger side (see link titled "How to Replace Cold Air Intake on Mustangs" for more information on removing an air...
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How do you add fluid to a convertible top motor?

Thanks for the info. My top doesn't always go down, but of course today when I took it to the dealership it worked. Where do I find the conv. motor? (I've only had the car a couple of months.) 98' Mustang Not sure if your motor is the same as mine ('71 Cutlass), but mine says the same thing: fill with Type A transmission fluid. Mine has a rubber plug on one end of the motor. All I have to do...
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What are the possible reasons a car could be idling high?

Hey Shelly==It could be many things depending on the make, madel and engine you have.Goodlluck Joe Always check for vacuum leaks first. If it has a carburetor it is probably time for a tune. check for a stuck or damaged throttle cable. If it is fuel injected you may have a malfunctioning sensor or actuator somewhere. This will usually trigger a check engine light. Another : Check the A.I.S. (Automatic Idle control) which could be sticking, or the passageways dirty, or defective or worn...
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Where is horn relay on 88 mustang?

The horn relay ic mounted underneath the dash on the rightside of the steering coloumn where the center console meets the dash on the driverside. It is connected to the chime box. To locate with ease place the key in the ignition and open the door to follow the sound. The relay is labeled e5eb. ...
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Where was Ford Mustang invented?

Roughly 1964. Most fanatics call the first Mustang the 1964.5 because it was introduced in the middle of the 1964 model production year. ...