Classic 1964-1978 Ford Mustangs

Labeled Ford’s “pony class” of cars, the Mustang was modeled after the Ford Falcon. It was marketed as a sports car, but gave the feeling of a coupe. Spin–offs like the Chevrolet Camaro and Plymouth Barracuda were produced later.

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How do you get a car door open when it is jammed shut?

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Has the door been hit? If so, a body shop would be the first place to try. If not, roll the window down and spray penetrating oil, like WD40, into the latch area of the door (this is about at the vertical middle of the door, straight down from the outside handle). Let it work in for a day or so, then try to work the handle from both inside and out, and the lock buttons as well. This will free it up in most cases. If not, the latch may be broken.

Sometimes, trying to open a locked cardoor with the wrong tool (such as a Slim Jim) can break the linkage off the handle or the lock cylinder.

If not successful, take the car to a locksmith.

How do you adjust the carb on a 1979 Chevy Cheyenne 10 V8 with a 350?

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4 barell rochesters used 2 adjustment screws. With the engine off adjust the screws fully inward then turn them out 2 full revolutions. Start the engine and continue turing each screw by a quarter turn in sync with each other until the idle seems correct. If you are advanced enough you can also use a vacuum gauge attached to a manifold vacuum source and watch the vacuum readings while turing the screws. If the vacuum drops too much then you leaned it out too much and you need to go back a quarter turn or until suitable. Hope this helped.

The real answer: First the assumptions. I assume that it is in fact adjustable because you give no date of the carb. If the carb pre-dates 1972 then it is. And I assume the intake manifold is a dual plane intake. And I assume that the car starts and runs but needs the A/F ratio tweaked. If it doesn't start, then set the screws at a base setting of two turns "out". A dual plane intake separates totally the intake runners between cylinder 1,3,5,7 and 2,4,6,8. Therefore 1/2 of the intake manifold serves fuel to the right bank and and the other half to the left bank. Therefore, the adjustment screws need not and should not be turned "in sync". If using a vacuum gauge as the writer above suggests, turn each screw independently for the highest vacuum. Then back-off screw 1/4 turn.

If using a tachometer, the suggested way. Then turn one screw clock-wise for highest RPM (rich condition) and then turn the screw counter-clockwise (lean condition) until engine just stumbles; turn screw clockwise 1/4 turn. Do the same for the other adjustment screw.

P.S. The previous writer is an idiot.

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How do you adjust carb on 50cc moped?

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there should be 2 screws on the carb one with a spring which is the idle screw turn it all the way in and start by screwing it out 2 and 1/2 spins the other screw is your fuel screw start 1 and 1/2 screws out play with them you will figure it out quite fast

How do you replace Heater core in 1966 gto?

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You must go under the hood as well as inside to get the heater core removed and replaced. I just did mime.

Is a Ford Mustang for an acceptable first car for a teen?

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No. Ford is not a Mustang for an acceptable first car for a teen.


That would depend on which model and model year of Ford Mustang

For many years my kids used a 1988 Ford Mustang , 2.3L four cylinder

When was Kilpatrick Mustangs created?

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Kilpatrick Mustangs was created in 1990.