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Also known as GMC Sierra and the Denali in Mexico, Chevy Silverado is General Motor’s latest model of full-size pickup truck which received the 2007 Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine.

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What does the service engine soon light mean?

Where is the blinker/tur signal on th Chevy Silverado 2004 pickup truck please take a picture of it please
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Do Mpg caps work?

No, of course not. There is no capsule or tablet that you can put in your gas tank that will improve your mileage. These things are just a scam and may harm your vehicle. Be sensible and don't waste your money.

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Why is the service engine soon on?

This information can be found in the owner's manual. There is a problem in the emmissions system.

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1995 Chevy Lumina ignition wiring harness diagram?





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Does all mustangs have a 5 lug pattern?

What's Tune up? Tuna? I like tuna....

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What is Divertless Supersonic Intakes?

Divertless Supersonic Intakes (DSI) is an air intake that was designed for supersonic flight regime, so the plane doesn´t need to have any variable-geometry airintake, that´s why it is called DSI. In supersoniv flight regime, it is hard for an airplane to turn, especially kulbit. In order to gain airflow to the engine, most fighters uses variable-geometry air intakes, or moving air intakes that we could found in F-22, or Su-27, or MiG-29, or any other fighters. Fighter such like F-35 doesn´t need any moving parts because it uses DSI. DSI automatically gain airflow to the engine in supersonic flight regime. I hope it helps, have a nice day!

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How do you remove the headliner on a 1996 sentra?

Removing the headliner board from a 96 Nissan Sentra is not too complicated - 1st you remove the visors, hangers and anything else that attaches through the headliner and then you remove the headliner plastic trim. The board should fall free so it can be removed from the car through the front passenger door.

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How much does a tri axle dump truck weigh?

In the vicinity of 22,000 - 25,000 lbs.

Chevy Silverado

Where is the electronic spark control module on 1995 k1500 pickup?

Remove the air filter housing. Now look to the left and right beside the valve cover you will see a FLAT squire black electronic device that will have at least 6 wires pluged into it. That will be it.

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Is there any repair method for a cracked engine oil pan drain plug hole?

Remove the oil pan and clean thoroughly then bring the pan to a muffler shop or body shop and have them weld the crack...the threaded hole for drain plug may need to be chased with a tap after welding. Then again you could track down a used pan pretty cheap.

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Does the Service Engine Soon light indicate major problems?

Service Engine Soon LightThe Service Engine Soon light and the Check Engine light are not the same! The Check Engine Lamp is an indication that a malfunction has occurred somewhere in your system's EVAP, MAP, MAF, PCM/ECU, TCM.... etc. Usually, these problems require that a service facility properly diagnose the problem... and then make appropriate repairs. The Service Engine Soon Lamp is different, but can sometimes be set by a surge or glitch in the Body Control Module (BCM) or the Transmission Control Module (TCM). It can even be set as a "ghost" code when other codes--such as a p0335/p0725 setting simultaneously --are present. However, this lamplight almost always (and only) illuminates when service-- such as routine transmission oil/filter and motor oil change-- is required. Therefore, the Service Engine Soon light is not to be worried about. However, there are techniques/sequences necessary to turn this light off... and those sequences vary as greatly as there are makes and models of cars. Sometimes it requires something as simple as depressing the odometer reset button for 10 seconds.

I hope this clarified the other misinformation which is currently published and posted on the net (regarding this subject).


Okay, pay attention please, you need to disregard that entire answer that obviously the person who wrote it made there own assesment, not according to the facts. Service engine soon is Nissan's and other manufacturers check engine light, yes they are the same. The light means your vehicle needs an engine diagnosis to pinpoint one or multiple problems. These codes appear because the emmissions, ignition and overall performance of the motor is compromised. The problem could be a run down sensor, vacuum leak or ignition(timing) problem. The code will get you looking at the right system on the vehicle but not always the exact problem. Good to pay engine Dio if unsure.

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Why is one tail light dimmer than others and stops working when headlights are engaged?

sounds like a poor ground.

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Why would your engine smoke?

Smoking EngineHere are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:
  • Your engine would smoke if you are running at too high RPM or have had your RPM at a high level before. The engine is getting overheated. When you say it only smokes until about one mile it sounds like a problem with the engine. starter.
  • I would guess that its parents probably did and it learned it from its environment. More realistically, is it white smoke you see? And I would further guess that you have a 3.8 motor. If this is true, plan on a head gasket job and shave the heads. $1200 to $1400 if a shop does it. Or stress, frustration and possibly as much if you do it and it doesn't go well!
  • I doubt it's the starter. You probably have bad valve guides. Oil slowly runs down your valves after the engine is off then burns away as you drive. It stops after a mile because oil pressure keeps them sealed. If you had bad rings it would always smoke or always some when you decelerate at high speeds. Closing the throttle at high speed created high vacuum in the motor and suck oil up past the rings into the combustion chamber where it burns.
  • One or more oil rings are bad.
  • Valve seals become brittle and need replaced at about 100,000, sooner in hot climates. Rings will also make it smoke, or raw gaz puddling in the intake manifold if carburetted, excessive crankcase pressure will force oil past the rings if the system does not have relief through the pcv valve.
  • Unfortunately--That 1st answer is BAD (in this case). Overheating right at start up--Hey--On Planet Earth, engines don't overheat right at start up. Of course, physics and your temp gauge will confirm this fact. The too high RPM isn't too bad, but again, not the answer. I'm sure it smokes at low/high idle until warm. BINGO--The VALVE guys all have the right answer, in my opinion. There are other reasons it might smoke, as given, even overfilling; but from your description, it's the valve seals! They smoke when cold on start up then go away. It will get worse and worse. Budget about $400 from a mechanic that charges merciful rates.
  • First of all, the only Correct answer to your question is that your valve seals/Guides need to be replaced.Oil is leaking down the valves when the engine is cold and dripping into the cylinders, thus burning off after the first mile you drive.As your engine warms up and the oil burns off, the smoke will disappear. You will have this problem after your car is sitting for a while or on cold starts. Just for knowledge, Blue smoke is burning oil. Black smoke means over fuelling or air restriction whih means to much fuel. White smoke means burning antifreeze or water which is caused by a bad head gasket. By the way, the first two answers to your questions are completely out to lunch, These people have no business answering automotive questions.
  • I have a truck that does the same thing. It recently passed a CA smog test despite the huge amounts of smoke it puts out after first starting. The smoke is white but I can imagine someone describing this as "blue". The obvious reason it is smoking only after it starts was stated by the guy who said valve guide seals. Oil is pumped up to the top of the cylinder head above the valves and cylinder pressure (not oil pressure) keeps the oil from flowing down into the cylinder. When you turn the motor off it runs down into the cylinder. When you go to start it the oil burns up and comes out as smoke. My car also diesels and back fires when I shut it off. It does not run very well on oil but it will run for a while. This will cause your plugs to foul early and you will burn more oil than usual. The repair requires removal of the cylinder heads...usually. That's my 2 cents worth. The other answers are incorrect and are not even close. I admit I could be wrong but I know it's a pretty good seems several others here have the same opinion.
  • I had a Mazda that lost power and would smoke a blueish whitish smoke and later started to die. Turned out a bottle of engine sealant did the trick.
  • Additionally, the thumb rule is that: white smoke is usually caused by coolant water (or antifreeze) entering the combustion chamber; blue smoke is essentially due to oil (lubricants) getting in to the cylinder; and black smoke is generally because there is too much fuel (Diesel / Petrol) being inducted / injected in to the engine. And grey smoke would be due to a mixture of water and (excess) fuel entering in to the combustion chamber.
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How do you remove the hub to replace the bearing of a 2001 Nissan Maxima?

You need a press, my advice is to go to NTB or sears and pay the 65 bucks to have this done right and fast takes no longer than an hour

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Why in your 88 Chevy 4x4 front differential leaking oil through its vent hose?

The first thing that comes to mind is its overfull of oil..but since there is no real way to check the level, it should stop leaking. yes...stop leaking on its own. if you have been driving the truck in and out of mud holes, this will cause it to leak also... the differential is hot before it hits the water, then when it hits the water the sudden change in temp will cause a vacuum at the axle seals, in turn will suck water through the axle seals and Finally PUSH WATER AND OIL OUT THE VENT ON THE TOP....

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Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 2005 Chev Suburban?

They are in the exhaust system/pipe. Just start at the engine and follow the exhaust back to the muffler and you will see them. They are about 3 inches long with a electric wire hooked to them. They just screew out. I believe ther is 3 of them but there might be 4. just look at the exhaust pipe real good.

On the 8.1 engine, two are located ahead of the catalytic converters in the exhaust headers and two in the tail pipes after the catalytic converters.

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How many quarts of oil does a 1996 Chevy Silverado take?

5 qts. with a new filter. Have seen some hold 6 qts. Just start with 5 and go from there.

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What cars and trucks use 5X127 lug pattern?

02 and above wranglers

02 and above cherokees

99 and below suburbans

85 and up Chevy Astros

90's Monte carlos

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How many tons of sand does a truck hold?

It depends on the dimensions of the truck and the volume occupied by its storage space.

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What is the difference between c and k trucks?

k's are 4x4 c's are 2wd

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What side is the brake pedal on?

In a car with manual gearbox, the brake pedal is usually in the middle. In my first car, the accelerator was in the middle, which caused a few 'interesting' moments!
In American cars with automatic transmission, the brake is on the left and the accelerator on the right. On a standard transmission (stick-shift), the brake is in the middle, with the clutch on the left and accelerator on the right.

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How do you bleed the brakes on a 1999 sun fire?

Alright first things first. Jack up the vehicle and take off tire. Go ahead and place tire under car in case jack slips. On the front brakes the bleeder is located behind the rotor toward the front of the car. In this case the 99 sunfire's bleeder is I believe a 10 mm and is hex (meaning six sided). Go ahead and get a friend or what not into the drivers seat. You will loosen the bleeder and tell them to press the brake all the way to the floor. You should see a strong burst of brake fluid. but if its bubbly one of two things are wrong. Either A you just have air in the line (bleedable) or B you have a whole in one of your brake lines.

Once the fluid has stopped coming out in a stream, you tighten the bleeder and tell your friend to let up. Repeat process till air is out or brake is tight enough.

----Da Python

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Where was the Chevy Silverado commercial filmed?

Seward, Alaska

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How do you replace a heater core in a 1993 Ford Ranger 3.0L V6 manual transmission 2WD?

If it's similar to the 1994, it's pretty easy. The heater core sits on the passenger side inside the cab, and there will be two hoses running through the firewall. It should just be a simple matter of disconnecting the heater hoses, and removing whatever mounting bracket is holding it in place (screws or bolts). I replaced mine with a borrowed tool kit in about 10-15 minutes in a Suburban Lodge parking lot in Charlotte, NC back in 2000. I've always wanted to tell someone that story. Seriously, it won't be that difficult, just have a bucket to catch the little bit of antifreeze from the hoses.

It's one of the easiest cores to replace that I have encountered. Disconnect heater hoses at firewall. Probably doesn't matter about hose placement, but I always mark them just in case. To remove the fiber cover under dash, take a flatblade screwdriver and prise out the center pin of the expansion clips that hold it in place. There are four 5/16 head screws that hold the bottom/drain tray cover. Core will pull through the firewall and then down. You may have to silicone/glue or replace the foam seal strips on the new core. Before you install the core, check the distance between the inlet and outlet tubes to ensure they match the openings in the firewall. This saves time. It helps if you have someone on the outside to guide you when stabbing the tubes through the firewall. Replace bottom cover. You may have to hold one of the tubes when reinstalling the first hose to the core. Replace any lost coolant and check for leaks prior to reinstalling the fiber cover. If the cover seal is in good condition, any leak should drain through the firewall, otherwise it may leak inside cab. These days with parts from Mexico and others, it is not uncommon to get a new defective part.

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How can you disable the immobilizer system on a Rover 400?

you can't. simple as that. but if i'm taking you up right and you are genuinely having problems with the immobiliser then i'd reccommend you use a second and last higher digit to sort the problem out for good. just say your code is 3545 don't enter it, but instead enter 3646 and you should here a click from the drivers side engine. thats it. it worked for me and i never had a problem since. by the way if you don't know the original keycode then you won't be able to up the second and last digit accordingly so will not work. hope this helps.


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