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Asian Cars

Where is the odometer brand on a car?

likely on the back of the odometer, it depends on the car. You can likely find out by calling the car manufacturer

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Car Sounds
Wheel Alignment and Balancing
Ford Ranger XLT

Why does the driver's side front wheel squeak when you're driving and immediately stop when you brake?

Because your brakes, when applied, "straiten" the rotor (disk) from a cockeyed angle. To put it simply, your wheel bearings are worn and while driving, the rotor, wheel and tire are at a slight angle. The "wear indicators" (a small piece of metal attached to the pads on the top) built into the brake pads are temporarily rubbing against the rotor. When you apply the brake, it temporarily returns the group back to where is should be as if it were new, stopping the indicators from touching the rotor.

Thought i should add that if your wheel stops squeaking when you depress the pedal it is usually a sign of ball-bearing wear. The wheel will squeak through braking if the brakes are done, or worn.

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How engine starts?

an engine needs a primemover force to start. that is, a sufficient-initial external force. thats why, we kick the kicker of the bike inorder to put it an external starting force. in case of self starting engines, also in cars, there is a starter motor to give up this external starting torque when we push the ignition switch or the ignition key.

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What age do most people buy their 1st car?

mostly people buy their first car at the age of 20-22 or teenagers can also be included. it all depends on economics. at 20 I had two jobs and a mother with excellent credit willing to cosign a loan for my brand new 1986 Hyundai Excel GL. By 1988 I was able to secure a loan myself for a 1988 Hyundai Excel GS. no, I didn't learn my lesson from buying the first piece of crap Hyundai offered here in the US.

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Are right hand drive cars illegal in Montreal?

Nope. My buddy just bought one from montreal. The person he got it from had it registered there. If you are thinking of importing one, It has to be at least 15 years old. That is the same anywhere in canada.

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Car Fuses and Wiring
Dashboard Lights and Gauges

Why speedometer will not work on a Suzuki swift?

ck transmission gear selector on transmission. follow cable from shifter to (usually) top of trans. it is electronic

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What is the full form of vehicle driver?

The letters in driver stand for: D=Discipline. R=Respect. I=Intelligent. V=Vision.E=Efficient.R=Responsibility.

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Mazda RX-8

How much does a Masda RX-8 cost?

It is kinda hard not know what year you are asking about, but you are looking anywhere from 8k-20k.

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Need for Speed

How do you get an impounded car back in Illinois?

well You see it all depends on what the car was Impounded for if its for a felony offense they can keep it if they want to if it is a misdemeanor offense then you need to find out where your car is and then the police precinct that impounded it will have everything you need to know.

BETTER ANSWER** have someone fly it over

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Car Shaking Problems
Auto Body and Interiors

What website has the cheapest car parts?

rock auto has the cheapest parts and all are name brand.

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How reverse gear works?

Same as forward but... Backwards

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Fuel Economy and Mileage

Can a rav 4 go to 300000 miles?

Probably. Many Toyotas go several hundred thousand miles. My Dad sold his Camry at 280000 miles about 8 months ago, and we still see that car driving around town from time to time. I used to own a Corolla that had 180000 miles when I sold it, and the buyer drove it another 50000 miles before he sold it.

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Ford Explorer XLS
Ford F-150

What would cause your car to have no power what so ever?

Dead battery?

Loose or corroded battery cables?

Blown fusable link?

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What percent of people can put both legs behind their head?

I can put both my legs behind my

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Head Gaskets and Valve Covers
Grand Am SE

How is a blown head gasket caused?

A blown head gasket is usually caused by over filling the oil during an oil change, or just the opposite not having enough oil to compensate the pressure status, therefor causing exstreme overheating which in turn will cause many problems other than just a blown gasket. ie; engine locks up, overheats ,and then is all around just needs replacing. Once you've blown your engine you basically have hit bottom. Hope this helps.

It can also be caused by detonation. Especially if you add turbo or supercharger aftermarket.

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Car Heaters

Why is car sluggish in the heat?

i imagine that the car itself is in good working order so to that effect the computer may be pulling timing to avoid detonation based on the inlet air temperature.

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Car Fuses and Wiring
Locks and Latches
Ford F-250

Does changing the fuse fix auto door locks that don't work?

Yes it could if a bad fuse is the problem

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Toyota Corolla
Toyota Cressida
Toyota Highlander

Where is the tvv valve on a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

On my 1995 Corolla, it is on the back side of the EVAP unit, which is attached to the left (driver side) of the engine block.

Another way to locate it is by following the thin vacuum line from the charcoal cannister at the left rear of the engine compartment, this line enters the TVV (Thermal Vacuum Valve) that extends out of the EVAP unit.

Perhaps the 97 is setup the same way, but I'm not certain.

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How much does it cost to install a radiator?

Your local auto shop should be able to remove and replace for a couple hundred dollars, labor only. Or, if you are even a little mechanically inclined, you can do it yourself in a couple hours.

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Ford Escort ZX2

What causes burned car light connectors?

A bad connection, or excessive resistance on that circuit.

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Honda Accord
Check Engine Light
Honda Accord LX

My 2001 Honda Accord's check engine light blinks 5 times when car is being started. What does this mean?

In my experience, this means that when you got your car serviced last the technician did not reset the mileage for your next service. You can expect the check engine light to stay on permanently after a few more miles. The car thinks that you're way over your scheduled mileage for service. Just let your technician know this next time you service your car to make sure they reset the mileage.

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Dashboard Lights and Gauges
Honda Accord
Honda Accord EX
Honda Accord LX

How do you reset the maintenance light on a 2005 Honda Accord LX?

1. Begin with the car turned off. Insert the key into the key slot. Do not turn the key yet. 2. With your left hand, press and hold the "Trip" button. Continue to hold it in until you have completed all steps of this procedure. 3. With your right hand, turn the key to the "On" position. (Do not turn it any farther. You'll start the car.) 4. Wait for approximately 10 seconds until the "Maintenance Required" light turns off. 5. Turn the key back to the "Lock" position. 6. Turn the key to the "On" position. 7. Release the "Trip" button.

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Dodge Viper
Auto Insurance

Can a dodge viper beat a Ferrari in a race?

yes to me because dodge vipers has the torque and power to beat almost any car i seen it beat Porsche and Lamborghini easy...the only downside is handling since the lack of stability

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Oil and Oil Filters
Chevy 350
The Difference Between

How can you tell synthetic oil or ordinary oil apart?

Firstly, by the huge price difference on the shelf ... lol!

The synthetic is a bit more transparent ... the type I use is closer to dark red in color.

If your car has a turbo, synthetic oil is better for it as it operates at a cooler temperature than ordinary oil.

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Fuel and Engines

What temperature should valves be adjusted at?

75 degrees


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