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Mid-size car Chevy Celebrity was introduced in 1981 for 1982 model year. As the best-selling car last 1986 in the US, Celebrity gives Chevy a front wheel drive solid car to sell and offers adequate performance, style and practicality.

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How do you fix a car door lock that doesn't open from the outside?

Door locksRemove the inside door panel ( it's not as difficult as you may think) examine the lock and find the rods that connect the key part of the lock to the lock mechanism ( called the linkage) the linkage is usually connected by nylon or plastic clips. if nylon, just pop the clip back into place and you're done. If plastic or if the nylon clip is worn you will have to get a replacement from your dealer. they are relatively cheap and it's worth it to get an exact fit part. lastly if your dealer can't locate on, check a local salvage yard for a wreck that did not have the same door damaged.

Something to think about

More and more vehicles are coming with remote entry key fobs. When all you use is the keyless entry system door locks in some climates will seize up from lack of use. Have them lubed on a regular basis and use the key every once in a while to keep things moving. If you lube them youself make sure the window is in the up position as some aerosols will shoot a fair distance and if the window is down it can get on the window, smear it and get on the felt window guide and takes forever to wear off.

If your automatic lock isn't working, here are 4 easy steps to repair car door lock.

1. Check the Least Obvious First

It should be the most obvious, but most of the time we simply don't think of the auto key lock on our keychains. Called a key fob, it is operated by a battery that does wear out after several years of use. Replace the battery and then check it out by unlocking your doors.

2. Check Other Door Locks

Before rushing to rip off the door panel and replacing wires and parts, check the other locks. Do they work? If not, then you have a blown fuse. If they do work, the problem is most likely in the door lock solenoid.

3. Work the Lock Manually

While the key is on, work the door manually up and down while using the auto lock at the same time. If the lock tries to move, then it is a frozen lock mechanism.

4. Move Door Back And Forth

Hold the lock button down while you move slowly open and close the door. If the lock works then you have a broken or frayed wire that needs to be changed or repaired.

Try these tips for a quick way to repair car door lock. If these tips do not work and you can't find the problem, see a mechanic.

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Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

How do you change the turn signal bulb on my Chevy Celebrity?

I need to know which year and model and whether it is a front or rear turn signal.

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Why would a 1988 Chevy Celebrity speedometer and odometer stop working and engine light blink on and off and turn off when stopped?

The main reason that a speedometer and odometer will stop is because the speed sensor, located on the back top area of the transmission, has gone faulty. The part can be had very easily at any auto parts store, or junkyard. The reason the check engine light is on is because the speed sensor signal goes thru the ECM (computer) for the car to run the different things. If the signal is intermitent, or interupted, the light is set, as well as the speedo and odometer not working.

Another reason is that the ECM it's self is bad, you can locate the ECM behind the glovebox and give it a few knocks while the car is running, if your engine responds by cutting out (even just a little) then replace it. they are around $110.

Since there is no speedo cable, it must be an electrical issue with a sensor.


Why is there no speedometer cable? Does it have digital gauges?

The reason I ask, is, when I first got my 1986 Celebrity, the speedometer and odometer did not work. The previous owner had bought a new speed sensor, but had not had it put in yet. I installed it first thing. no luck. In checking the speedometer cable, I found it was broken, (the end of the cable at the tans-axle). After I replaced the speedometer cable, it worked fine.

Now, I cannot imaging gm did away with speedometer cables in the two years before the 1988 came out. I do have a 1990 S-15 with digital gauges, and I know it does not have a speedometer cable. But, the 1990 Sunbird I used to own, with analog gauges, did have one.

Chevy Celebrity

What is the firing order for a Chevy Celebrity 2.5L?

1 - 3 - 4 - 2

The firing order is on the intake manifold, looking over the passenger side fender.

Fuel Pumps
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How do you change the fuel pump on a 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport?

You have to start by taking the fuel tank off - the fuel pump is located in the fuel tank on any fuel injected vehicle. You might check the rear seat, just in case there is an access hole to get into the fuel tank.

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How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity?

If you want to change the SWITCH, it is on the steering column about 18 inches above the floor. If you want to change the lock cylinder you need to remove the steering wheel, then the lock plate then the turn signal switch then the key reminder switch {the two little copper contacts} and you will see a screw that has a different head that goes through the edge of the cylinder. Take the screw out then pull the lock cylinder out.

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How can you remove a spark plug that's had the head rounded off?

I have just done this on a cast-iron head ..... plug head was rounded off and insulator cracked. The only way was to completely remove the insulator core (much time, cursing and swearing) byand then use an ezi-out to extract the remainder being careful not to let anything fall into the cylinder. Also be sure the piston is at BDC so you don't damage it as well. In hindsight, when it was found tight, I should have left it alone and taken it to a professional. Good luck!

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How do you replace the heater core on 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

To replace the heater core in a 1987 to 1990 Chevy Celebrity:

1. Using a suitable container drain the coolant level to below the level of the heater core inlet.

2. Under the hood loosen the clamps and remove the inlet and outlet hoses from the heater core. Remove the insulation for use on the replacement heater core.

3. Remove the under dash panel.

4. Remove the heater plenum under the passenger side of the dash. Take note of the fasteners so you can put them back.

5. There is a small duct that covers the tubes that go thru the firewall. It is held on by three screws, one of which is nearly hidden. The duct may be stuck in place with sealant, be careful not to break it.

6. The heater core is held on with two strap clamps, remove the four screws and take the clamps off.

7. The heater core should now pull out of the firewall.

Reverse these instructions to install the new heater core.

After the replacement heater core is in place refill the radiator with coolant. Start the engine and check for leaks, repair any leaks. If the coolant is hot let it cool then check the coolant level and refill as necessary.

Chevy Celebrity

How do you get at the tail light bulbs in a 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

Yes, you should take out the rear panel in the trunk.

After you have the inner rear panel off just remove the 4 wing nuts at the corners, the light assy. will come right out.

Two torque screws on the license plate sides of the lights. Wasting your time with the wingnuts.

Spark Plugs and Wires
Chevy Celebrity
VW Golf

How hard is it to change spark plugs and what is the gap on these spark plugs for a 2002 Golf GLS Volkswagen?

It is pretty easy to change spark plugs on most cars. Buy a Haynes manual at an auto parts store; it will walk you though it step-by-step. The gap should be listed on a sticker either by the radiator or the underside of the hood. It is usually possible to by pre-gapped spark plugs, but you should still check them.

For the 1.8t engine -> It is not too hard. Just take off the plastic cover, undo the Allen bolts around the square things, pull out the long plastic tube thing and use a spark plug socket. The gap is .028. I had the guy at the auto parts store gap the new spark plugs.

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Where is the turn signal flasher in an '87 Chevy Celebrity?

First, you remove the fuse cover under the dash on the driver's side. Then read up and behind the fuse block and you will find it dangling on its' plug. You should be able to pull it around the fuse block out where you can easily remove the flasher and replace it with a new one. An additional comment -- On an 85 model, the flasher is clipped to the top of the ashtray casing, not dangling free.

Chevy Celebrity

How do you change the spark plugs on a 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

This operation is easy:

If your car is a four cyl then they may be in front or along the top of engine, if it is a V6 celebrity then you have 3 in front and 3 in back. when taking the plug wire off do them one at a time. Example: remove one sparkplug wire and remove that sparkplug for that wire. So that you will not mix up fire order.

Or get a Haynes repair manual for that said car.

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How do you change the stop or tail light on a 1992 Saturn 4 dr?

Open the trunk and you will notice that the body near the tail light (covered by the trunk lid when closed) is a black, slightly textured plastic. There are one or two screws on top of that black plastic material and one or two on the side facing the trunk opening. They are a Torx type of screw (T15). Unscrew these screws and the whole light assembly, NOT including the black plastic, can be tipped out of the opening starting with the top end. This will expose the wiring to the various bulbs. Just twist and then pull to remove the appropriate bulb. The whole assembly gets tipped back into the opening and the screws replaced.

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How do you wire up a CD player to a 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity stereo wiring?

Quite easy to do if....your original wiring for the radio is all there including the connectors! If so, all you need to do is go to Canadian Tire if in Canada, Walmart automotive section, or a do it yourself car parts supplier or aftermarket audio store and you can buy a connector that is made for your car specifically. It will give you a connector that plugs directly into your original radio connectors that used to connect into the back of your original car radio. The connector comes with a pamphlet to tell you what wires on the connector are for power, ground, speakers, and what not. Simply use the wiring info supplied with the CD player to match the wires to the correct wires on the CD player and once they are connected plug the two connectors together. You can usually find the info on which colored wire is for what on a sticker on the CD player itself. The connector you need to purchase is approximately 7.00 Canadian (likely about 4.00 American)

remember to wire the orange wire to the battery because if you don't your dash lights, dome lights and horn wont work. i found this out the hard way.

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On a 1961 Impala how do you modify the wiring harness from a generator to a modern alternator with a built-in regulator?

Hey Ginger==It is very simple.The alternator has 3 connections. One big one for the hot wire from the battery whivh is hot all of the time. The F terminal needs a wire that has voltage when the ignition is turned on and the L terminal goes to the light on the dash. These three wires are at the regulator and just need a little of checking out to find out which one goes where. GoodluckJoe THE EASIEST WAY IS TO INSTALL WHAT'S CALLED A SELF-EXCITING OR ONE-WIRE ALTERNATOR. THE ARE AVAILABLE AT AUTO PARTS STORES AND ON THE INTERNET THROUGH RETAILERS AND E-BAY. YOU WILL PROBABLY NEED TO PURCHASE A MOUNTING BRACKET KIT IN ORDER TO ADAPT YOUR NEW ALTERNATOR AS WELL. THE BEAUTY OF THE ONE WIRE IS THAT IT ELIMINATES THE NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHICH WIRES GO WHERE. ALL YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO DO IS RUN A CABLE FROM THE B+ STUD TERMINAL ON THE BACK OF THE ALTERNATOR TO THE BATTERY. THAT'S IT, NO FUSS. ERICK When you convert from the external regulator alternator, you no longer need the regulator that is mounted on the radiator support. You also don't need some of the wiring that is present in the loom. The diagram below shows the original connection at the old regulator. (I'm sorry, but the wire that is colored yellow, is really white)

The next diagram shows how you modify the loom at this location. Notice that the blue wire is jumpered to the brown wire. The white wire and the orange wire are just capped off so that they will not short out to anything. This next diagram shows what you have to do at the new alternator. The wire that goes from the "BATT" terminal to the #2 terminal is a new wire that you will have to add. You can use a 14 gauge wire. The white wire (shown yellow) just gets capped off. You will need a new connector to fit the new alternator and they can be purchased at almost any auto parts shop. Due to my being bothered by the "extra" wire being in the loom, I totally removed the dead white and orange wires. I also wired the brown wire to the alternator directly. It just gets rid of some extra length of wire. The prior paragraph has caused me a lot of e-mail feed back and hopefully the following information will clear it up. In my final wiring configuration, the "brown wire" comes from the alternator indicator light, through the firewall connector, and directly to the alternator. The result is electrically the same as the diagram at the top of the sheet, just cleaner. The diagram above would have the brown wire coming out of the connector at the firewall, going toward where the regulator was, connecting to the blue wire, then the blue wire goes to the alternator. As I said, I cleaned up the wiring (and in the process, dirtied up the wording). In order to ensure good connections, I recommend that you always solder the connections and then use heat shrink tubing to seal it.

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How do you unstick a seat that will not move up and back on a 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

You have to open the drivers side door and almost stand on your head to see the sliding mechanism. Once you find it( it looks like small channel iron) simply spray it with a little WD-40,wait a few minutes,repeat if nessecary. I you out

EDIT: The above works some of the time. But also, under the seat attached to the handle you grab to slide the seat, should be a small cable. Sometimes these cables break, or get stretched out. So you grab the handle and slide it over, and then pull on the cable. .

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How do you change the tail light on a Saturn SC1?

remove the torx screws that hold in place, remove the bulbs from sockets

Fuel Pumps
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1987 Chevrolet celebrity fuel pump relay where is it located?

The fuel pump relay is under a cover on the left strut tower. It is the innermost relay.

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How do you fix the cruise control on a 2001 Escape?

On my wifes 2003 escape the cable from the cruise control actuator had slipped off the throttle body. The clip cracked so i replaced the cable. It was only $30 and easy to do.

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How do you remove the rear brake cylinders on an '89 Chevy Celebrity for replacement?

Take the 2 bolts out of the back. After the 2 bolts are out hit the broken cylinder with a hammer to shake it loose, then pry it off with a sturdy screwdriver.

Remove the brake line with a flare nut wrench and the bleeder bolt. The bolts attaching the wheel cylinder to the backing plate are also on the back. I think this year model requires a female Torx bit, which if you don't have in your toolbox, you can get a set of three or four assorted sizes at an auto parts store or Sears. Unhook the brake return springs and move the tops of the brake shoes aside, but otherwise leave the hardware intact unless changing shoes or other parts.

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How do you replace the hood release cable in a 1987 Chevy Celebrity?

I'm assuming that the end of the cable broke off and can no longer be pulled open from the interior hood release. There are two solutions to this problem. The first would be to replace the entire cable. In this case, you will need to open the hood. Which brings us to the second solution, which is to cut the old hood release cable about a foot from the end of it. You can access the cable with the hood closed by reaching your arm up under the front bumper until you can see your hand through the grill of the car. Then find the 1/4" thick black cable and cut it about a foot from the hood latch end. Then use pliers to pull the silver metal wires inside the cable until the hood opens. Then you will see your hood latch and where the cable attaches to it. Now if you just want to be able to access under the hood and don't care for an inside release, thread this short end of the cable through the grill or leave it hanging. You can use pliers to open the hood from now on. This is the method I used in two of my previous Celebritys. If you want to replace the cable, follow the cable you cut back through to the firewall and remove the weatherstripping grommet that it passes through. Then remove the driver's side kick panel (below the dash, forward of the driver's door and feed the broken end of the cable through the firewall. then disconnect the short end of the cable from the hood latch. Attach the new cable to the kick panel and feed the cable through that firewall, making sure to run it through the firewall, then the grommet, then around the underside of the left fender edge, and to the hood latch. Connect the end of the new cable to the hood latch. Then reconnect the kick panel, put the grommet back snugly in the firewall, and adjust the length of the cable until the system works properly. This is hard to explain, but experience trying to replace the cable is the best teacher. If I left anything out, please edit.

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How would you remove the headlight knob on the dashboard of a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

Take off the bottom of the panel below the steering wheel the one to the left if you are looking at it. Pull the knob all the way out, so the lights are on. Put your hand up in the dash board, on the right side of the light switch there is a little button. Push it in and pull the headlight knob in and out a few times, until it comes out. Unscrew the little plastic screw that holds the dashboard panel to light switch. I did this when i had to put in my head unit (CD player) anymore question email me

When pushing on the button push the knob in slightly until the button goes in farther, then pull out. A black permanent marker works wonders to cover up scratches on the plastic piece holding the panel to the switch.

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How do you change the tail light on a 94 Acura?

There's a little panel you can pop out of the plastic inside wall of the trunk. If you can't reach the light you need from that opening, you'll have to pull the lining back (see all the little plastic fasteners? They look like a circle within a circle - push down on the inner circle with something, for example, a pen, and the outer circle should pop up, allowing you to remove the fastener). Remove the fasteners, then pull the liner back so you can reach whatever light you need to replace. It's hard, but the fasteners go back in easily enough (just pull the peg through, then reinsert it but don't push it all the way in - then put the whole assembly into its proper hole and push the peg down until it clicks).

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How do you replace the column dimmer switch on a Buick Park Avenue?








Timing and Firing Orders
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What is the firing order for a 1986 Chevy Celebrity 2.8L?

may sound like a joke, but isn't. the firing order is 123456


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