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Founded in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd, Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japan-based automotive manufacturer that sold over 1 million vehicles in 2007. Some of the popular vehicles manufactured by the company are Spiano, AZ-Wagon, MX-5/Roadster, RX-8 and BT-50.

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What country makes the car company Mazda?

Ford Motors A different view: Japan
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How much does a Masda RX-8 cost?

It is kinda hard not know what year you are asking about, but you are looking anywhere from 8k-20k. ...
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Are Mazda and Ford Probe parts compatible?

Depending on the car model let's say a Mazda mx6 and ford probe have the same engine and trans configurations from yrs 93-97 plus suspension components brakes fuel tanks also the mx3 has the same motor but only in v6 form some millenias also have some compatible motor n trans configurations ...
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Do Mazda B2200 Wheels fit on a Chevy Silverado?

yes they will. a they both have a 6x 5.5 bolt pattern
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How do you bleed the clutch line on a 1991 Mazda b2600 Pick up?

Here are some easy steps to bleed the system.First make sure the clutch reservoir is full of fluid.Next on your bleeder container fill it half way with clean brake fluid.Next get under the truck with this and connect your line and open the bleeder and have a helper manually push the clutch pedal until the old fluid starts to flow into the container and air bubbles start.Do this until the container is almost full.Close the bleeder and recheck the reservoir and top...
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Where is the purge valve on a 1997 Mazda B2300?

On the drivers side below battery. From near the front bumper the Evap cannister is connected by vacuum hoses to evap solenoid than another vacuum hose to valve which is than connected to throttle body. ...
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Tire pressure for Mazda Bongo?

32 on the front, 34 at the rear 32 on the front, 34 at the rear
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Where is the Mazda miata parking brake adjustment?

Simply Adjustment 1 The hand brake adjustment is inside the plastic cover just over the hand brake lever. Use a Philips screw driver to unscrew the short screw then pull the 2-part covers apart then remove. Look down toward the floor direction and you will see a cable ending with a slot like end. To tighten the parking brake, use a large flat end screw driver, turn clockwise. The manual suggests 7~9 clicks to lock the rear brake. Simple Adjustment 2 The hand brake...
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How do you change the headlight on a 2007 mazdaspeed 3?

first unhook the headlight wiring harness behind the headlight is a retaining clip, which you have to unhook and swivel away from the center of the car (towards the same-side wing mirror) then the bulb should just pull out ...
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How do you time a Mazda B2500 diesel injector pump?

you need a dial gauge which screws into the back of the pump its pretty simple after that. ...
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How do you remove a brake drum from a Mazda B2200?

Obviously ensure your handbrake is off with wheels chocked. My 1994 Mazda B2600i has two large Philip head screws in each drum, between the wheel studs. Unscrew these first, then tap the front and sides of the drum with a hammer to disloge the drum, ENSURING you do not chip the edge of the drum. If the drum still does not pull toward you, study the layout of the drum brake adjustment mechanism and try and adjust the brake shoes in...
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How do you replace the water pump on a 1996 Mazda?

The water pump is located behind the timing belt cover and is driven by the timing belt. You need to reove it to gain access to the water pump. ...
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Is there anywhere you can play caio Bella 2 episode zoom zoom with the Mazda cx-7?

Some people say try amp games but it dodnt work for me and if you are looking for ciao Bella 1 online game Google it or bing it and look for ...
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What is a waggle engine?

Yes, if you mean a "Wankel" engine, also called a "Rotary" engine.
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Tire size on the 2003 Mazda tribute?

It depends on your Trim Package. If you have a "DX" model: P215/70R16 99T all-season radial mounted on16x6.5 six-spoke styled steel If you have "LX" or "ES" Model: P235/70R16 104T all-season radial mounted on 16x7 five-spoke cast aluminum ...
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How do you replace a brake light on a 1995 Mazda?

Most tailight bulbs and tail light assemblys are accessible inside the trunk many are hidden behind carpet and or a plastic or fiber panels. , EzForJesus ...
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Can you get 200000 miles from a miller cycle engine Mazda Millenia?

living proof 29s here, as i work in the within the automotive repair field (not a mech.) i can tell you that it is possible, i have seen a 98 2.3 with 212,000+ come by but it is not common. he was the only owner and took good care of the vehicle. and i have seen a 2.5 with 179,000+. the question is can you get more than 70,000 miles out of any of the front wheel bearings? not to my...
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How do you remove the inside door panel on a 98 Mazda pickup?

Remove Interior Door panel Mazda Truck I can answer this question for a 1999 B3000 Mazda Truck. I just figured it out. It was extremely easy. My purpose for removing my inside door panel was to replace the side view driver's side mirror. There are four screws that need to be removed. Two of them hold the plastic trim(yours could be cloth covered) that is around the opening lever mechanism for the door. But before you can remove that piece of trim you will...
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Where is the thermostat housing on a Mazda bongo?

The thermostat housing is located on the passenger side of the engine. You will need to follow the lower radiator pipe back to the engine and you will find the flexy pipe will be clamped to a metal pipe. This metal pipe is bolted to the lower part of the housing. 2 12 OR 14MM headed bolts(i cant remember) will need to be undone and this will allow access to the thermostat. When replacing the stat, there is a location slot...
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How much horse power does a stock 1993 Mazda MX6 V6 KL-ZE have?

First of all the North American versions of the MX-6 and the Ford Probe do not come with the KL-ZE, they come with the KL engine which produces 164 HP @ 6000 RPM. The KL-ZE on the other side produces around 200 HP @ 6600 RPM. The North American is a detuned version of the KL-ZE with weaker engine internals. ...
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How do you fix a 1994 Mazda automatic window?

Well, I had the same problem out of my mazda... if it is the driver side, check the switches to see if the passenger side works. if from the drivers side switches one window works, and the other does not, you need to replace either the power window motor located in the door, or the switch itself. (But check the fuses under the dash first!) if no blown fuse is visible, then the motor is most likely to blame. I have...
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How do you reset the check engine light on a 1999 Mazda?

I'm not sure about a '99, but I know for '95 and earlier the only way to clear the check engine light is to have a mechanic hook up your car to a computer ('running a diagnostic'). It takes them <5 mins and no effort, but invariably costs ~$80. Now is the time to call in a small favor from a friend in the business. The light will remain on even after the problem has been fixed until it is reset. Disconnect...