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Chevy Astro is a mid-sized van manufactured by General Motor’s Chevrolet brand (1985-2005) to compete with the Japanese Toyota Van and Plymouth Voyager/Dodge Caravan twins. Aside from the standard passenger vans, the vehicles are also available as cargo vans.

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Chevy Astro

When did gm stop making the astro van?

The Astro was discontinued after the 2005 model year, along with the GMC Safari. With the Chevrolet Express and its GMC counterpart in the lineup, and new side-impact standards which would force a re-engineering of the Astro/Safari, GM decided it was not worth keeping the Astro, popular as it had been.

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How could water get into your car on the floor of the driver's side?

Vacume up all the water, even in the matting underneth, dry it completely dry towels will pick most of what is left after vaccuming, then dry it in the hot sun for a day so real dry. Then get in the car and have someone with a water hose run osts of water over all the suspected areas if no water enters then tray running your A/C on high for 20 minutes and checking to see if water is coming out of the drain pipe under the car.

I had an Accura 2 years ago with this problem on the passenger side floor it turned out to be three leaks! The moon roof & drain, windshield seal and the body seal between the firepanel and fender apron (car was in anccident but repaired)

Let us not forget clogged sunroof/moonroof drains, improperly grommeted wiring for aftermarket electrical accessories (radio equipment, extra alarms, etc.) corrosion in the floor or fender wells and leaky windshield seals.

3 possibilities,1-the air conditioner has a water drain off hose which could be blocked.2-the heater core could be leaking.3-the windscreen seal could be leakin-only wet when raining

the weatherstripping(the rubber stuff around doors, windshield and such)

i had this problem mate, check the door sill rubber for any holes as it will cause it to leak if not then take off your wing mirror an check the rubber sill behind it as this is a common source that is often over looked.i hope this solves your problem,good luck


I had this problem on my wife's 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertable. It turned out to be the drain holes on the bottom of the chassis, under the door`. The drains fill up with dust and dirt, then when it rains, it turns to mud and clogs the drain holes. I fixed it by using a paper clip, straightened out, and jamming it up into the drains until water ran out. It seems I've had to do this about once a year or so.

. I also had this problem on a Chevy Corsica. Turns out ther was a crack in the firewall so water running off the windshield that normally would be channeled down the body panel found its way into the car and settled on the driver's side floorboard. Once the crack was located, a little rtv sealant fixed it right up.

Could possibly be a leaking heater core as well!! Use a radiator pressure tester to pressure the system, if the pressure drops, look for the leak, or listen, some times leaks can be heard as escaping water/air.

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Is the drivers side considered the left side or right when it comes to parts saying RH side?


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How you know if steering gear is bad?

it will start leaking

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Do the outside vents that recirculate air stay open when the vehicle's engine isn't running?

You need to check to see if your vaccum ball does not have a crack in it .If it does go to a part shop and change it . It located on one of the fendes in the car.

In most cases yes, open is the default position.

answer yes the doors being open have nuthing to do with engine running

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Why would your lights and horn not shut off?

Have you checked for a relay that might have been damaged when the fuse blew? With an overcurrent, it is possible for the relay to pick up and then become 'welded' so it will not release. If you find the relay and remove the cover, the contacter should move when you apply a little pressure to it. If this doesn't happen, replace the relay. Much harder to check would be if insulation melted during the overcurrent and fused power to a horn and light wire. Relay for sure.

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Weight of an 97 astro van?

depends on many things. some of which being trim package, fluid levels, and engine size. the best estimate can be found somewhere in the area of the door sill, or stamped onto a tag on the drivers door itself. look for GVWR or something of that nature. another fine estimate could be found at your local scrap yard with a drive on scale OR a roadside weigh station; often used for trucking.

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Can you program two remote control keys for a 2003 Astro van to work together as one?

I assume you mean you want more than one keyless entry pendant to work the same van. If the pendants are the same make and type, it should be possible. Consult a local Chevy dealer.

You can find out from the manufacturer online how to program them. It has to do with the brand of remote control switch.I've done it before!! good luck

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Why did the disc brake on the front driver's side wear out a lot faster than the disc brake on the front passenger's side?

sounds like you have a stuck brake caliper on the dirvers side.

You may have a bad rotor on that side. A warped rotor would cause the disc brakes to wear out quicker. A new rotor is usually cheaper than getting one turned; usually between $20 to $40.

Your caliper is sticking pushing the brake pad out. Look to see if brake hose is twisted. Had samething drove me nuts changing things saw the hose took the twist out. Have not had the same problem since, been 8 months.Bill

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How do you replace a headlamp on a 1993 Ford Club Wagon van?

The best way to change the head lamp is to open up the glove compartment, pull out the manual, open it up to page 67. and read "How to change the head lamp of your '93 Ford Club wagon van."

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Does an oil filter need to be made to fit your car?

I don't know much about cars but I used to work as a cashier in an oil change shop. If we were out of a certain oil filter, we ran to another location to get one. I don't remember anyone ever using a different one than recommended. It would be much safer to go to a store and get the right one for your vehicle. They usually have a book that tells you which one to get and the filter is a lot cheaper than a new car. Like I said, I'm no expert, I just think it would be better to be safe than sorry.

I'm not a mechanic, nor do I play one on TV, but common sense says "Is it worth saving $4.00 to risk your engine? Do manufacturers make 60 zillion oil filters because it doesn't matter? The only exception I make to using an oil filter that isn't listed for it is a 3100 GM motor that calls for a FRAM ph3387a. If room is available, I use a PH3980 (if I remember correctly, I need to be in front of the shelf!) Anyways, it is the same except it holds more oil. There are different specs on pressure, filtration, blah, blah, blah. The point is : YES It Matters! And don't buy a cheap cheeseball one! I use FRAM, it isn't the supreme oil filter, but it handles 3,000-mile oil changes very well.

I have a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse I bought used, and when I serviced it for an oil change, I discovered that the recommended oil filter would not fit because of frame-engine clearance problems. After calling many service reps and parts stores, I ended up going to Wal-Mart and COMPARING filters by matching identical gasket sizes and choosing the filter size I knew would fit in the space available. It works well for me, but do whatever you can to use the original or recommended parts. This was a problem I could solve no other way. -Ted

YES! 3 quick things on an oil filter and engines oil pressure. Vehicles have different oil pressures, which will require different oil filters that hold certain pressures. Secondly the thread on the filter and your vehicle's filter spindel need to be a perfect match. And finally the gasket on the oil filter need to be the size your vehicle requires to secure filter on spindel without any leaks. IMPORTANT: be sure to remove the oil gasket from the old filter because when you install the filter you wanna oil the gasket to prevent it from sticking and melting a little onto the mounting plate. 2 gaskets is not a pretty picture once you start your vehicle. The oil will gush out like there is no tomorrow.

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Where is the carburetor on a 97 Chevy Astro van?

does not have one.fuel injected

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Van Halen

Are vans fashionable than creepers?


if i have one, yeah theyre creepy

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Can a plugged catalytic converter cause engine to backfire through intake and exhaust pipes are red hot in minutes?

Yes, and it will cause loss of power.

Better replace the defective parts immediately before you burn your valves and ruin the engine.

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Why would your van just shut off?

It happened to my van a long time ago, after I loosened the gas tank cap, it never happened again. I guess the ventilation or gas tank cap malfunctioned so no air was let in. You can try this one. .

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How difficult is it to repair an auto AC compressor?

consider it impractical buy a rebuiltExtremely. Anyone who is not licensed to handle freon is breaking the law. The EPA and others are really tough on this. Your freon must be removed if you have any leaks or repairs to the AC system. It cannot be released to the atmosphere(HOLES in the OZONE).

Without special tools and adequate knowledge, rebuilding an A/C compressor is essentially impossible. Replacing it can also be problematic without knowledge of how to do the complete repair (replace drier/accumulator? flush system? add proper amount and type of oil?). If you don't already KNOW what you're doing, either get knowledgeable help (someone who KNOWS what he's doing, not just THINKS he knows) or have a competent shop take care of it.

There is a way to repair the compressor as long as it's not the internal gasket. Walmart carries a temporary repair kit. It should get you through the rest of the summer, and maintaining the a/c in the fall and winter is cheaper in labor because mechanics know it's not something you NEED at that time. Also, helpful hint to keep your compressor's internal gaskets in good shape in the winter, run the defrost on cold air for at least 5 minutes every day when not using the a/c that day. It uses the compressor to keep the gaskets moist... if those gaskets get too dry and crack, there is virtually NO way to repair it.

This depends entirely upon what needs to be repaired. If, for example, the electro-magnetic Clutch is faulty, you may find that replacement parts are available. Using special tools (like pulley pullers, etc.), a competent mechanically oriented person could succeed in replacing a Clutch assembly.

Sometimes, the "Shaft Seal" leaks. In this case, it is also possible to replace it---after removing the Clutch assembly

Problems that are "Internal"to the Compressor are, in general, not repairable by a "Novice". In most cases, replacement parts are NOT available.And, even if they were, it requires precision measurement equipment to ensure that the "Fits" of the precision parts are correct.

Rather than try to "Repair" a Compressor, the most common solution is to purchase a complete replacement unit. This could be an "Original Equipment" Compressor or a "Re-Manufactured" Unit that is available from quite a few "Re-Man" Enterprises. Most of these are located in Texas.

A word of CAUTION. Even if you purchase a complete replacement Compressor, it will still be "Quite a Challenge" for a "Novice" without specialized tools to swap Compressors. To Open the System, Flush the System, Ensure the Correct Type and Amount of Lubricating Oil, Evacuate the System, Charge the System and Leak Test /Performance Test the System requires significant special equipment and technical knowledge to do correctly.

The "Risks" of trying to do this yourself are quite high. The Compressor cost will, typically, be $150 to $300. Quite expensive. If the installation is done improperly, the distinct possibility exists that the NEW Compressor could fail quickly due to seizure.

In summary, the best approach to "Fixing" an A/C Compressor problem on your vehicle will generally be to have it done by someone who has real, documented, expertise in this area.

If you have further needs for information about any aspect of A/C Compressor replacement / repair you may call me at answer any auto store sells replacement compressors. most vehicles no longer use freon as suggested in first answer, most now use r-12 or r-34 adapter kits are available to change to r-34 kits with proper amount of oil and gas are available to recharge system, after you change compressor. u do NOT need to be licensed to do this just know proper amount of oil and gas to put into system

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Where are the fuses in a 1994 Astro Van?


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How would you disable the air bag on the passenger side of a 1996 Chevy Astro van?

If you are worried about having a child seat in front, move the seat all the way back. If you mount the child seat correctly, the air bag will not extend far enough to endanger the child if it deploys. It is possible to install a kit to switch it off, but it must be dealer installed and some paperwork filled out and sent in to make it legal. (it is illegal to modify airbags as delivered) Be aware that most dealers will not do this, as they don't want the liability, even though you will sign away your rights on this. Be aware that if you disable airbags and someone is injured because of it, you may be in trouble.


Unless your vehicle has a selectable feature to disable the passengers side air bag, there is no way to disable �Just� that air bag without danger to the whole restraint system.

  • Option 1:

You can disable the whole of the airbag system by simply removing the fuse NOTE: that BOTH air bags will not function if you do this.

  • Option 2:

You can follow the manufacturers instructions for replacing the air bag, but do not remove it, leave it in place (I will not give those instructions as they are dangerous). CAUTION: Doing this is a GREAT RISK to Life, Health, and Safety of anyone in the van. This air bag, if disconnected could be �discharged� (it could go off) from static charges, or lightning strikes, or just from heat changes.

  • Option 3:

(Suggested) Do not mess with it! If you have a child then place them in the back seats.

Air Bag Information: Air Bags are charged explosives! You heard me right, there are small explosive charges that cause them to inflate. During an accident these forces are miniscule when compared to the effect of two (or more) large metal objects colliding: When not in an accident it is like a balloon tied to a 12 gauge shotgun shell, just a few feet from your face. Now while that thought may be scary, the thought of your face hitting the dash, or steering wheel, with 2 tons of force is not only more scary, it is more deadly. Air Bags when properly installed have almost NO risk of going off on their own, the safety system is very good. When you leave the leads to that explosive dangling loose, or even grounded, you are asking for lots of trouble.

  • Option 4:

(Suggested 2) If you remove the fuse and disable the air bag system, you need to install a 5 point racing harness, and new solid seats (to hold it), to keep your face from making a bad impression on your dash. (The cost behind this would be very high).

NOTE: I have worked in the autobody industry a long time (18 years), and yes air bags scare me; but standing in front of a car moving at 30 (or more) miles per hour scares me more � and unless your body is made solid with the car your in, you are no different than any other loose object in the car.

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What would make the check engine light come on on a 1996 Mazda MPV?

Leaving the gas cap not tightly installed. Gotta be kept on and twisted fully into place. Most common reason this occurs.

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In the state of New Jersey when your car is parked on the side of the road is it illegal to get in on the driver's side?

Technically in most states one should not open the drivers side door because it could interfere with traffic and cause accidents.

If there are no cars coing and you do not interfere with traffic then it should be no problem.

I'd love to see more people comment on this, I've never heard anyone ask that question before... I don't see why it would be illegal, having to get in on the passenger side is somewhat comical, especially on some of the sportier cars. Definitely watch for traffic, distracted drivers may not see you, and that would just suck.

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Why engine turns over then clicks and does not start?

Weak Battery?

Loose or corroded battery cables?

Weak starter solenoid?

Bad starter? Weak Battery?

Loose or corroded battery cables?

Weak starter solenoid?

Bad starter?

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Can you easily remove the antifreeze reservoir so you can change the alternator from above on an 87 Toyota van?

On my '87 Toyota van the resivor just slides off when you pull directly up on it... though im not sure if this is factory standard or a modification made by a previous(and possibly frustrated)owner of my van.

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What causes OBD code P0420?

This code means that your catalytic converter efficiency has dropped below the nominal value. p0420 is a generic code for the catalyst to indicate that you need to investigate a potential problem with your emissions system associated with the catalytic converter.

Code P0420 means "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)"

P0420 is actually Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold.

This means that the secondary O2 sensor detects that the catalytic converter isn't working as efficiently as it should.

This engine code can be triggered by any one of the following:

1.) The catalyst in the catalytic converter is cracked, clogged, or otherwise damaged.

2.) The secondary O2 sensor is malfunctioning.

3.) There is an exhaust leak.

4.) The computer unit is faulty.

Trouble code P0420 means: Catalyst Efficiency Below Normal (Bank 1)
Code PO420 is catalytic converter efficiency low bank 1, sensor1. You did not state as to the year,make and model of the car as well as the engine size. I am a member of IATN and the majority of there fixes was related to someone installing an AFTER MARKET converter. There is a big difference. I strongly suggest that you go to a repair shop with the proper equipment as well as a very good tech to diagnosis the problem. You could replace parts and never fix the problem.jd1709

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How do you change the EGR valve on a 1995 Chevy Astro?

1995 Chevrolet Astro EGR Maintenance Procedure

EGR solenoid does not function properly due to carbon build-up inside the EGR chamber. No need to purchase new EGR, regular maintenance when needed will suffice.

Common vehicle symptom is rough idling and engine stalling; check engine flash code 32 (OBD1) - EGR ciruit fault.

EGR only turns on (allows exhaust fumes to mix with intake charge) when engine is warmed up or when reaches optimal operating temperature. EGR is off on 'P' Parking and 'N' Neutral positions when idling and when cold.


-Small and regular flathead screw driver

-2mm flathead screw driver

-1/2" driver ratchet

-1 ft extension, 1/2" driver socket connector bar

-adjustable 1/2" driver socket connector

-10mm socket (1/2" socket)

-brake cleaner

-shop towels

-oil bucket or any low-wide open bucket/cardboard box

-wire tooth brush

EGR Removal Procedure:

1. Park vehicle in safe area with plenty of room around front of vehicle. Open, prop up hood and locate air box (very front of engine bay) and EGR (EGR location is just below throttle opening which is connected to the air filter box tube/duct - hard to see at this point).

Warning! Wait for engine to cool first, warm to touch, before working in the engine bay.

2. Untighten "first screw clamp" from "air filter box" to "air filter tube/duct" with flathead screw driver. A small flathead screw driver will work best at this location depending if the screw/worm of the screw clamp is in a tight location.No need to fully unscrew screw clamp, just loosen to be able to remove component.

3. Unclamp the 2 clamps from air filter box.

4. Gently remove connecting hose (crankcase ventilation hose) on the right side of the air filter box. If it is tight, gently twist to remove while holding the part that connects to the air filter box.

5. Gently twist and pull off top part of the air filter box. Set it aside. Air filter can be left in for this procedure, no need to remove it.

6. Unplug connector from air filter tube/duct.

7. Untighten "second screw clamp" from "air filter tube/duct" to "throttle body" with flathead screw driver. A regular size flathead screw driver will work best at this location depending if the screw/worm of the screw clamp is in a in a tight location. No need to fully unscrew screw clamp, just loosen to be able to remove component.

8. Gently twist and pull off air filter tube/duct. Set it aside.

9. Locate EGR beneath throttle body and 2 mounting bolts.

10. Using "ratchet + extension bar + adjustable connector + 10mm socket" ease it onto the left mounting bolt and loosen bolt (counter-clockwise to loosen) but do not fully loosen yet. If this is the first time it is being untightened, it will be tight, even if engine is warm to touch.

11. Now loosen right side. Once both sides are loosened, continue to take both bolts off.

12. EGR should come off easily. It can be taken out between the coolant hose and throttle body. Push down coolant hose to get more room to squeeze EGR out.

13. Clean EGR valve and chamber using a wire tooth brush and 2mm flathead screw driver. Use brake cleaner to spray out deposits and a shop towel + 2mm flathead combo to remove further deposits.

Be careful not to spray eyes! I suggest wearing safety glasses. Spray over bucket with shop towels, paper towels or newspapers.

Notice EGR valve when pushed down with 2mm flathead screw driver. It will be a little harder to lightly pry up within the chamber with 2mm flathead at this point. Also, the valve should still move smoothly up and down when not pushed all the way to the bottom. In addition, the valve should stay down when pushed down due to the solenoid, but should also easily be released if valve is very lightly pried up. Due to carbon buildup, the valve is sticky and a little harder to pry up at this point.

Clean chamber and top portion (head) of the valve until you see metal. Due the best you can though you might not be able to get everything. EGR valve should be easily pried up after cleaning, valve should pop up with a little light push.

Be careful not to ruin the gasket portion on the EGR while cleaning and spraying.

14. If there is excessive carbon build-up in and around the throttle intake. Spray brake cleaner on a towel and wipe away until shiny.

15. Reverse order to install for EGR and air filter tube/duct and box.

Make sure alignment of EGR back onto intake manifold is correct.

Double check mounting bolts are tight, as tight as when they came off.

Double check connectors are connected before moving on to the next step of reinstallation.

Air filter box might be a little tricky to get on, but push down to locate it into the slots.

Good luck! Hope this helped!

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How do you replace the door handle on an 1999 Olds Alero?

youll need to take the door panel off, then unscrew the handle assembly and replace with a new handle ( junkyard?). screw that in then replace door panel.


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