Placenta is the organ that attaches itself to the uterus during the earliest stages of pregnancy. It provides blood, oxygen, and nourishment to the fetus while also allowing a way for waste to exit the baby's blood as well.

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What connects baby to placenta?

the umbilical cord


Is the placenta a organ?



What is a circumvallate placenta and could it cause any problems?

In circumvallate placenta, the placenta presents with elevated margins because the location as to where the placenta attaches at implantation is too small for the entire placenta to attach causing the placental edges to be loose. The could possibly cause the placenta to function poorly and not supply the baby with adequate o2.

The placenta ends curve and curl inwards. The problem is if the placenta continues to develop in more and more curve and then separates from the uterus. That would mean the need for an emergency delivery of the baby so it becomes very critical the earlier this happens. I don't know the odds of the placenta separating, and nothing may happen at all, it's just important to make sure the baby is getting the nourishment it needs via the placenta and act immediately should any bleeding occur.

The doctor said it's not common to see this and there is nothing I have done in the past or anything I can do to avoid problems with separation.

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Why does a plant grow better in milk rather than water?

AnswerI did my science fair project on this. And it turns out that watering plants with milk is not a good idea because it seems to prevent the plant from sprouting. There is fat, protein and some sugar in milk which can be a food source for bacteria. Bacteria spreads quickly and may hurt the plant as it starts to grow (that may be why it smelled worse than the other plants). Even though calcium is good for plants, it would be better to use crushed eggshell compost or soil fortified with calcium since roots take in minerals from the soil.Milk is good for growing humans but not for plants!!
Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)

What will happen to a baby if the umbilical cord is blocked?

it will suffer a horrible death

Skin Care

How about allergic placenta soap?

what is the is when is th pont of that when are when are but when


Is placenta soap is good?

Placenta Soap is known for its anti-wrinkle and whitening effect. A plant based soap, prevents further wrinkle formation and lightens pigmentation and dark spots.

Pregnancy Symptoms

What does it mean if the ultrasound shows an empty placenta sac at 10 weeks' pregnant?

This is most likely to be what is called a "Blighted Ovum". This is due to a chromosomal abnormality occurs in the early stages after conception. It is not dangerous usually but you may need a curette if it doesn't abort naturally. A blighted ovum does not contain an embryo and is only the placenta and sac. Do a Google search or ask your doctor for more info. It is unlikely to be ectopic or where a baby has actually died in utero (see bottom two answers). This is because the embryonic sac would not be empty and there would remain some evidence of an embryo. With a blighted ovum no true embryo existed.

AnswerThis could be an ectopic pregnancy, where the egg implants itself outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. This is not uncommon but is very dangerous and requires medical attention asap. AnswerUnfortunately if there is an empty pregnancy sac at 10 weeks the baby has died.

An ectopic pregnancy does not produce an empty sac and it is usuallly apparent way before 10 weeks.

AnswerI'm very sorry to hear about that - it does sound like a blighted ovum. And very hard to go through. I've had two confirmed blighted ovums, which unfortunately are due to chromosomal problems (usually this is the cause) the baby did not form past a certain point (which happens very early in the pregnancy) and was reabsorbed by the mothers body. Your body sometimes does not realize this has happened for quite a while (which would be a missed miscarriage). I didn't know I had a blighted ovum until I was in my fourth month the first time (when I went to the ER with slight bleeding) and I was 11 weeks pregnant the second time (and I had no idea that the baby had died until we had an ultrasound done at the first appt). I had to have a D & C for both of them, I guess my body just didn't want to let go. So anyway my point is - Don't believe people when they tell you that there was never a baby, because that is just hurtful and insensitive. This is very common but that doesn't make it hurt any less. And it doesn't make you feel better to think that there was never a baby. I have had a total of 3 miscarriages (this first one miscarried at 6wks) and consider myself the mother of 3 angel babies. On a good note - they usually have no bearing on your future pregnancies, because I'm pregnant again I'm at 9 wks and 6days today! This is a confirmed healthy pregnancy (I've had 2 ultrasounds already and have seen the heartbeat and seen the little peanut move around just last week). So good luck with your future pregnancies, everything will be fine!

You can hear placenta but not heartbeat 13 weeks pregnant?

How can you hear a placenta - it is not living ( this is horribly inaccurate lol)

At 13 weeks I am assuming you have had your pregnancy confirmed VIA ultrasound.

It is very possible to hear the placenta ( wind through the tree's noise) and not hear the heartbeat due to several reasons. 1 being if you have an anterior placenta, then the placenta is laying on top of the baby and covering the heartbeat with the wind blowing sound, also if you are on the heavier side it can take a little while longer to hear the heartbeat, if this is the case I recommend using a 2mhz fetal doppler not a 3 hmz. best wishes :)


Do bat babies develop through placenta?



Can you be allergic to the placenta when you are pregnant?

Yes you can be allergice to the placenta while being pregnant. Typically you will get a rash that starts on you stomach (waistband area) and it is called (PUPPS)

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy.


Medication and Drugs

Can a placenta be tested for drugs?

Yes, and so can your urine and blood. Not only that but when your baby is born the staff do not need your permission to drug test your baby (by any means, urine or blood). If you use any drugs while pregnant it will show up in your baby's system. Why are you doing drugs when your pregnant? I am 6 months pregnant and I gave up drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and smoking pot when I found out. Please, don't be selfish, this is 9 months of your life. Give it up and get help if necessary. Do some research about what a mothers drug use does her developing baby.

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Which event is part of afterbirth?

The placenta that is expelled AFTER the BIRTH of a child, hence the name....afterbirth.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)

Does anyone have experiences with placental abruption?

hi. im about to tell u my story. tomorrow is my daughters 6th birthday,heart breakingly as she was stillborn due to placenta abruption.This also happened with my first pregnancy,thankfully i have a twelve yr old daughter as she survived. after my first abruption i should have been given advice on falling pregnant again,alas this was not given.i have found some facts from the net that have helped tell me why this happened to me. 1 smoking 2.this happens to female babies more than males in the womb. 3.stress. 4.not enough rest. 5.diabetes. i hope your pregnancy goes well and wish you all the joy in the world with this baby. i also have a wee boy and that pregnancy went fine.

I am now six months pregnant and doing fine; however, at 1 month I had what they said was placental abruption. I just started bleeding one day for no reason. I was put on 7 days of bed rest, went back for another ultrasound, and they could find nothing wrong at all. It was a miracle of God, no doubt, due to fervent prayer from many friends and family. I do not smoke or have any other risk factors. I have a 4 year old son and experienced no problems with him at all. Hopefully all will continue to go well.


What should you do if a vein in the placenta breaks when you are 12 weeks pregnant?

I have never heard of that, but it sounds bad. You should either go to the emergency room, or make a doctor's appointment if you are not too worried. Abruptio (ab-RUP-she-oh) placentae (pla-SEN-tee), also called placental abruption, occurs when the placenta breaks away from the uterus ahead of time. The problem can occur anytime between the 20th week of pregnancy and the beginning of delivery. All or only part of the placenta may break away from the uterus. Placental abruption can be dangerous for both you and the baby. You could lose a lot of blood, and the baby could die from lack of food and oxygen.


What is placenta and its functions?

placenta is a special tissue connecting the growing the growing embryo with the maternal blood/tissue.its main functions are:

  • One of them is to pass on essential nutrients from the mother to the baby. Nutrient supply. Waste elimination. (The third function is gas exchange.)

Is a hemochorial placenta a derived trait of the primate semiorder haplorhini?

Yes it is a Derived trait because hemochorial placenta is not an ancestal trait.


What happens if a doctor forgets to remove the placenta after birth?

I am assuming you do not know how a placenta looks like. It's not just a thin cord. It's pretty large, not something you can easily forget to "remove". I can't imagine a doctor forgetting to remove that. And if the doctor does forget, the patient will lose a lot of blood, and then would probably die.


What does it mean if the placenta is over the uterus?

it means that a baby is devloping cool

Child Health

How do you help a hiccupping baby?

You try to burp the baby. Either put the baby directly under your shoulder with their head on the top of your shoulder, and gently pat their back. You can also sit down and lay your child, stomach side down, on your thighs. Make sure their head is supported but their legs can hang down. When patting their back, start from the bottom and work your way up to between their shoulder blades. Tap about 5 times at time as you're working your way up. Expect your child to spit up sometimes, as this is normal. A little drop of gripe water also works very well for hiccups that are not stopping. IF YOUR NEWBORN is a voracious eater (drinker) whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, try to slow them down with short breaks periodically. Sometime, drinking quickly and/or getting to much air may cause hiccuping. Also take short breaks and "burp" them frequently.

Giving the baby any fluids is not advised. Hiccups are usually caused by spasms. In layman's terms hiccups stop the breathing wherein there is a sudden involuntary opening and closing of epiglotis, the flap covering the airway passage and esophagus. Infants are not as aware of swallowing as we are. Giving fluids to infants may cause aspiration wherein fluids could enter the airway instead of esophagus and go into the lungs.. (see aspiration pneumonia..) In short, giving fluids to infants may cause choking.


What happens to a baby's blood as it passes through a placenta?

diffuse across the placental membranes into the mothers bloos.

Fetal Development

How do tadpoles develop without a placenta that links them to its mothers blood supply?

They develop by feeding from the yolk of the egg that the frog has laid and that is the equivalent of a placenta.


What is implantation?

Implantation is the process when the sperm has met the egg, the egg journeys through the fallopian tubes, where it travels down into the uterus. Once it arrives into the uterus, it clings onto the walls, and tries to "implant" itself into the uterine lining.


How does diffusion happen is the placenta?


How can you tell from an ultrasound if twins are sharing a placenta?

You cannot always tell. Sometimes the fertilised eggs implant very close together and it looks like one placenta. If the babies are in separate sacs there is probably no need to worry. Your doctor should be able to tell you.


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