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Yamaha Motorcycles are motorized vehicles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company Limited. The company’s product line consists of off-road and on-road motorcycles, and 2- and 4-stroke scooters such as XS 650, YQ50 Aerox R, QT50 and T-Max 500 cc.

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Yamaha Motorcycles

Where can you find a Yamaha TW200 wiring diagram?

Full PDF versions of the Owners Manual, Service Manual, and a supplement manual.

Wiring diagram is in the service manual.




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Yamaha Motorcycles

How much oil does a 1.3l engine take?

According to Castrol is requires 3.6L

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Yamaha Motorcycles
Combustion Engines

Do 50cc 2 stroke engines have engine oil?

Yes and no. 2 strokes do not have oil like a car, meaning in the crankcase. the oil is mixed with the fuel and introduced into the engine through either the carburetor or an oil injection set up. the oil/fuel mix is burned in the engine. that's why 2 strokes smoke so much.

and on most small two strokes the gearbox is a separate compartment containing engine oil like a regular engine.

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Yamaha Motorcycles

What paint should you use to paint a bike chain?

Special paint for metal. Ask at the paint shop.

Ans 2 - You DON'T paint a bike chain if you wish it to work at max efficiency. Many chains are available with anodized coloured finishes.

Yamaha Motorcycles

What year is this DT 400 Yamaha VIN number 2Y9-000143?

2Y9 Prefix on the Yamaha DT 400 frame and Engine No: is the 1979 Model that shipped to Canada and South Africa. Also known as the DT400F. It's most common colour was Competition Yellow for 1979

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Yamaha Motorcycles

What is the difference between SAE 30 oil and 10w30 oil?

Using the correct oil in your car is very important. The bearings in your engine are designed with very tight clearances that require a specific weight of oil running through them.

The numbers on your oil indicates the oil's thickness. For example, SAE 30 weight oil is heavier than SAE 20 weight oil. So you are probably asking, "what is the 'W' all about?" The W indicates a multiweight oil, where the "W" indicates WINTER use. SAE 30 weight oil acts like a 30 weight oil at all temperatures. So when it gets really cold that 30 weight oil gets really thick. It will no longer flow through the tiny clearances your engine requires. An oil rated 10w30 will behave differently when it is cold. When the temperature of 10w30 drops it acts like a 10 weight oil. That way it will still be fluid enough to flow where it needs to flow. Once the engine(and oil) warms up to temp then it will act like a 30 weight oil.

Yamaha Motorcycles
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How do you tell the year of a yz 125?

Normally the year and vin is on the neck of the frame right side.. where the forks attach. if no year look at the 10th digit if a number(#1 is a 2001) that is the year if a letter you must do a bit more research A started in 1981 and Y was 2000

Yamaha Motorcycles
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What is the top speed of a 99 polaris sportsman 335?

45 MPH

Yamaha Motorcycles

What is squish in a 2 stroke engine?

Putting it simply as the piston moves upwards on the compression stroke the fuel / oil / air mixture is compressed from a large volume into the much smaller area between the top of the piston and the cylinder head as it reaches TDC. The volume of this area is the squish volume. In other words it has been "squished". The velocity and heat generated in this process combined with the geometry of the head and piston affects the combustion process as it is pushed towards the spark etc

Yamaha Motorcycles
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Does a 1993 Yamaha FZR 1000 need engine oil and transmission fluid separately....How much Transmission fluid do you put into it?

Generally, unit construction engines ( of which this is one) ,do not require a separate addition of oil into their transmissions. They share the oil with the engine and clutch. Therefore selection of a crankcase lubricant should meet JASO MA requirements so as to be compatible with clutch lining materials. Never use oil with any form of friction modifier's.

Yamaha Motorcycles
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Where is a Polaris scrambler starter located?

Under the air filter box, above the engine crankcase, behind the belt/clutch housing.

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Yamaha Motorcycles

How much do four wheelers cost?

depends on size and brand, varies from around $4,000-14,000

Yamaha Motorcycles

Why Pw80 transmission jumps out of 2nd gear?

bent shift fork and worn out gear slots. Split the engine cases and look for any rounded off edges.

Yamaha Motorcycles
Motorcycle and ATV Maintenance

What is the correct spark plug gap for a 1979 Yamaha xs650?

NGK recommend NGK BP7ES with a gap of 0.7mm (always compare with the plug you remove before fitting though). For any further assistance contact www.aprilia-merseyside.com

Yamaha Motorcycles

How many sparkplugs in a v-star 650?


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Can you put 2 stroke oil in a 4 stroke lawnmower?

No - it is formulated very differently. The crankcase of a four stroke engine needs conventional engine oil. DO NOT use two stroke oil in the crankcase.

Yamaha Motorcycles

Where is vin on yamaha wr250?

Under the engine.

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Yamaha Motorcycles
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What ratio oil for 1 gallon chainsaw gas?

The ratio for all two stroke garden tools is 50/1 which means 100 ml to 1 gallon

Yamaha Motorcycles
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What does the name polaris mean?

The brightest star in the Ursa Minor, it's at the end of the Little Dipper's handle.

Yamaha Motorcycles
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What is the compression for a Yamaha warrior 350?

The book says Standard: 121 psi (850 kPa) Minimum: 114 psi (800 kPa) Maximum: 128 psi (900 kPa) but this is for at sea level, not sure what it is supposed to be at any where else such as at 5000 feet which is what I am trying to figure out.

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How To

How to change speedometer cable on Yamaha v star?

1) Unscrew the speedometer assembly from the top of the tank and undo the two electrical connections as well as the existing speedometer cable.

2) Unhook the gas line from the top of the tank.

3) Remove the two bolts holding the tank to the frame, making sure to safely tuck the choke cable out of harms way.

4) Remove the fuel line from the petcock, making sure the line is set to the off position.

5) Remove the gas tank and set it aside.

6) Remove the left frame beauty cover to expose the front of the frame.

7) Unscrew the speedometer cable from speedo gear at wheel hub.

8) Carefully pull the speedometer out of the frame from the bottom.

9) Replace the new speedometer cable, routing from the wheel hub up into the frame.

10) Replace all parts in reverse order.

There is not much room to route the speedometer cable, especially when you get to the neck of the frame. the gas tank and beauty cover must be removed if you hope to get the cable through.

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Offroad Racing

What is the best Exhaust for raptor 700?

Ron Woods

,no really which is the best DUAL!! exaust for a raptor 700;) ???? please i need an answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yamaha Motorcycles
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Can you put raptor 350 plastic on a warrior?

No, but you can buy aftermarket Meyer plastics to make it look more like a raptor.

Yamaha Motorcycles

In what year did Yamaha first make a water cooled YZ80?


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Yamaha Motorcycles

Where can a diagram of a carburetor for 85 Chevy 454 engine be found?

your best bet is a haynes manual for that year of truck i got one and it shows the carbs completely torn apart and labeled im assuming its a rochester 4bbl? u can also call rochester up and ask for diagragms


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