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Tractors are machines designed for hauling and are primarily used in construction or agriculture. They are classified as farm equipment together with ploughs, harrows, combines, mowers, balers, and pickup trucks.

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Tractors and Farm Equipment
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What is the amtrak phone number?


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for immediatre reservation call a service representative at 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) or TDD/TTY (1-800-523-6590).

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Tractors and Farm Equipment

What is the best pickup truck to use on a farm?

If you're going to be towing and hauling a lot, you should get the new Ford Super Duty. If you tow over 14,000 pounds you should go with a 6.7L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel V8 with Dual Rear Wheels. That hookup makes 400 horsepower and 800 pound feet of torque with max towing (5th wheel or gooseneck) of 22,600 pounds. That's more than Chevy/GMC or Dodge. And if you get the 3.55 axle you could get up to 20 mpg on average. But for that serious of towing, you'd want a 3.73 which might bring back 20 mpg on average. Hope I helped and tell me what choice you made if possible.

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Can you take the CDL road test in an automatic truck with air brakes?

A new (as of June 2014) Federal regulation requires states to put a "no manual transmission" restriction on the CDL of anyone who road tests in a truck that doesn't have a fully manual transmission.

There are two other new restrictions: if you road test in a vehicle that has "air over hydraulic" brakes (kinda like the power brake system in a car, but the booster chamber runs on air instead of vacuum because diesel engines have no usable vacuum) you will receive a "no air brakes" restriction, and if you road test in a combination vehicle that connects the trailer any other way than via fifth wheel you will receive a "no tractor trailer" restriction.

OTOH there is, so far as I know, no rule setting the minimum length of the trailer you must use in your road test.

* * * * *

Yes, you can. USXpress Enterprises uses automatic trucks, and hosts their own driving school. However, I would advise against this - if you're going to be driving commercial vehicles, learning how to shift an unsynchronised transmission is going to be an important skill to know, and it's a lot different than shifting in a normal passenger vehicle. If you go to take a road test for a company which uses manual shift trucks, and you're constantly grinding gears, show yourself to be unable to downshift proficiently, can't do basic gear recovery, etc., you're not going to get the job, because no company wants to hire drivers who they know will end up destroying their transmissions.

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Can you drive a tractor at age 14 on a field?

In most US states, you can drive on private property (with permission of course) without a license at any age. In many states, they have a "farm license" that will allow someone as young as 14 to drive a farm vehicle (can include a pickup truck) on the road legally, but with restrictions.

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Can you put a bigger horsepower motor in a riding lawnmower?

There is no problem in changing the size of the engine rated horsepower, as long as it is an increase. The tricky part is to assure that the shaft size and length match. The engine mounting system must be the same, and obviously everything must connect and fit like it did for the original engine.

A larger engine should give you additional power, but will likely also consume more gasoline.

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Where can you find information about Volvo tractor trailer trucks and their shift pattern the rpm's used to shift and also about their power shifter?

You would do better by searching on "Allison transmissions" or Eaton transmissions" or "Fuller transmissions". Maybe "Cat motors" or "Detroit Series 60 engines". The things you want to know have nothing to do with the brand of truck but with the motor and transmission and rear end.

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the information u need is available thru Volvo dealers mack trucks are now the Volvo dealers thru out the usa

they will need last 6 numbers of your vin number to know what transmission you have, to give you the right information

I met a driver today who has a Volvo VN tractor with a 10-speed transmission, and asked him this.

His truck uses an Eaton Fuller 10-speed manual, and the shift pattern on it is the same as any other Eaton Fuller 10 speed: reverse is up and to the left, 5th is down and to the right, and there's a two-speed rear axle with a splitter on it.

He uses progressive shifting on his tractor: he shifts at 1100rpm from 1st to 2nd, 1400rpm to shift from 9th to 10th, and tries to space out the other shift points somewhat evenly.

To get information about the Volvo iShift transmission, contact Volvo.

As the above answer stated call a Volvo dealer with the last 6 of vin. Get them to send you the build sheet for your truck. Every truck is specified different from motor to trans to rear end gear. No 2 are exactly the same unless they were all built for the same company and at the same time using the same build sheet or spec sheet.

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What is the Commercial vehicle gun law in fl?

A gun is not allowed in a commercial vehicle. This is a federal law and does not differ from state to state.


ACTUALLY, the FMCSR does not address the issue of guns in commercial vehicles. The existence of a federal law prohibiting firearms in commercial vehicles.. if it exists, I have yet to find anyone whose been able to cite it, and I've found nothing in repeated searches of the FMCSR pertaining to firearms.

However, you still have the matter of what your company will and will not allow to deal with, as well as what your customers may or may not allow. In most cases, you'll find that your company, your customers, or both are going to have regulations in place disallowing you to have a firearm in your vehicle or on their property.


The only federal laws pertaining to the transportation of firearms and explosives across state lines (federal jurisdiction) only pertains to the US Mail in that it is illegal (gun control act of 1964) to transport firearms, explosives or hazardous materials through the mail. (this does not preclude parcel services like UPS or FedEx.). Commercial vehicles on a regular basis transport hazardous materials, explosives and firearms in every state in the union. Commercial drivers in the various states must obey the laws of the individual states through which they pass, otherwise.


Actually, you CAN ship an unloaded rifle via the USPS. Handguns, however, are prohibited from being shipped in this manner.

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Is a dump truck a commercial vehicle?

When used for commercial purposes, yes. If you're asking about this insofar as CDL requirements go, then that's a different story. If the vehicle is rated up to (but not more than) 26,000 lbs. GVWR, then it doesn't require a CDL. Examples include the Ford F350 through F750, Freightliner FL60 and FL70, etc. Now, you can load those up to 33,000 lbs. (some states allow more for intrastate and/or secondary road usage), but the moment you go above 26,000 lbs. total weight, then you're required to possess a Class B CDL.

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What is a non-CDL class b license?

As far as I know, South Carolina and Georgia are the only states which issue them. As with a Class B CDL, it applies to single vehicles weighing over 26,000 lbs. GVWR, or combinations over 26,000 lbs GVWR in which the vehicle in tow is notrated at 10,000 lbs. or greater, and can be used for vehicles which fall under exemption from CDL requirements, such as registered farm vehicles which are not for hire, fire department vehicles (although most departments now require a CDL), etc.

You cannot operate commercial for hire vehicles, vehicles hauling hazardous materials, or vehicles designed to carry more than 15 occupants.

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What Fram oil filter goes on a Kubota D722?

cph 3593a

Chevy Silverado
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How much does a tri axle dump truck weigh?

In the vicinity of 22,000 - 25,000 lbs.

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How many questions are on the air brakes cdl test?

In Wyoming there are 20

Tractors and Farm Equipment

How many tires on a semi truck?

For a typical, fivee axle combination (three axles on the power unit, two axles on the trailer), it's 18.

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How many pallets size 72x26x79 can fit in a 53 trailer?

I don't know if I'm reading this right, but, from how you put your dimensions, I gather the pallets are:

72 inches long

26 inches wide

79 inches high

It sounds wrong, but I'm going to go with that notion. If those dimensions are correct, you'd be able to fit 24 pallets in the truck (eight pallets lengthwise by three pallets wide - you only have enough inside height for one pallet).

A typical 53 foot trailer is 53 feet long by 102 inches wide (however, usable floor space may only be 96 inches), and has an inside height of 110 inches.

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How much weight can a double axle dump truck hold?

Legally, a tandem axle is typically good for 15 tons, give or take.

Tractors and Farm Equipment

How many gears are the ups tractor trailers?

All the UPS tractors I've had a chance to take a look at have had ten speed transmissions.

Tractors and Farm Equipment

What front end loader will fit a 1600 ford tractor?

Ford Model 70

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Cross reference Kubota oil filter HH164-32430 to fram oil filter?

It should be a Napa filter 1068, a fram PH8A, a bosch 3500, a mobil M1-301, or a K&N HP-3001

That is what I could find anyway. Hope it helps

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View shift patterns for semi-truck?

The Eaton-Fuller and Rockwell websites should have them. Google images will be able to find images, as well.. you just put in "8LL shift diagram", "9 speed shift diagram", "10 speed shift diagram", etc.

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Why are the rear tires of a tractor bigger than the front tires?

Torque and angular speed of axle are not decided by size of tire, but by engine. Although M.I. of the tire contributes its effects on torque and angular speed, it is not significantly. So tires can only control traction force. Tractor is supposed to run on soft terrain like farm where coefficient of friction is comparatively low. So there is a engineering challenge of less available traction force. If a smaller rear wheel is used then for a particular torque available from engine it can produce higher traction force (Torque = Force x radius) but only on the terrain where sufficient coefficient of friction is available, and if terrain is soft and we try to produce high traction by reducing size of tire, the tractor will skid, which is undesired. That is why larger rear wheels are used in tractors.

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How do you turn off a semi truck governor?

Keep in mind that in "theory" a diesel engine that is not governed can continue to accelerate until it eventually disintegrates. Therefore you can not "just" remove or turn off the governor on any diesel engine.

However if you simply want to increase the top end speed of a vehicle "a bit", you will generally find the governor attached to your fuel pump. Diesel governors are normally a screw in or out adjustment type of thing much like an idle screw on a car but much larger. These screws are locked in place by a tamper proof piece of copper wire that is sealed with a lead seal. Without breaking this seal you can not make any adjustments and if you do remove the seal you will find that you may very well be breaking the law, so I wouldn't tamper if you live anyplace that vehicle inspections are carried out.

P.S. The tamper proof seal makes the governor adjusting screw very easy to spot

This can be easily done by computer by a mechanic tapping into the trucks computer system and resetting the governed speed. Most shops have these computers, but wont touch it as they are tracked as to where when and who changed it in the system.

Tractors and Farm Equipment

How much does 53 foot trailer weigh?

A typical 53' dry van would weigh between 9,000 and 11,000 lbs.

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Do 18 wheelers have 18 wheels?

Yes, 18 wheelers have 18 wheels.

Some tractor trailers have more, some less.

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How do you down shift a tandem truck?

It's going to depend on your transmission. If it has a manual transmission, it's most likely unsyncronised. When your RPMs drop to around 700 - 800, you'd take it out of gear. Since the transmission isn't synchronised, you'd then have to step on the accelerator to tach the motor up to around 1500 RPMs... if you're fairly new to this, you might instead tach it to 1700 - 1800 or so, then let off the accelerator, so as to 'catch' it at 1500 as the motor revs down. Once the motor's at 1500, you'd go into the next gear down. You can even drop multiple gears... you might wait until the motor drops to 500 RPMs, then do the same thing described above to drop two gears at a time... if you ever drive local (local delivery, dump truck, etc.), you'll learn this technique for sure, as you'll probably more shifting in that line of work in one day than you would in three or four days of over-the-road line haul driving.

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Where do you fill the hydraulic oil on a 4230 Case tractor?



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