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John Deere is the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the world. Questions about John Deere products and their proper operation can be asked here.

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What size are the john deere 650 Ag Tires and wheels?

It really depends. If you tractor is 2wd then Front is (5-12, 4 ply, F2 tire) and the Rear (9.5-16, 4 ply, R1 tire). If your 650 is a 4wd then the rear is the same but the front is (6-12, 4 ply, R1 tire) Hope this helps you out.

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What is the Briggs number for John Deere oil filter AM125424?

There are several numbers







All of which can to fulfilled using one Wix Filter 57035

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John deere gator run for a while then shuts off won't restart for about an hour?

Is it two stroke fuel that you are using? Your engine is probably flooded. Check the pump and make sure it's calibrated correctly. Also make sure that oxygen is able to mix with the gas.

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How much oil goes in a john deere 950 tractor?

7 quarts. (with filter change)

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Who were John Deere's parents?

William and Sarah Deere

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How much oil does the John Deere D100 hold?

about 1.4 litres

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What kind of transmission fluid goes in a John Deere LX188?

10w-30 Engine oil. That was easy!

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How do you install a John Deere F525 mower deck?

You have to first get the belt in place, but don't put it over the tightener. This is done easily enough if you slide the deck past all the connection points. Then allign the 2 main arms and pin them in, pin in the weight transfer cable, (connects to the left foot pedal,) and there is one additional connect on the back of the deck, a strange linkage deal. Then put the belt over the tightening pulley and engage it.

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What is the largest combine John Deere makes?

the 9870sts

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Who makes John Deere snow blowers?

The brand new snow blowers I think are all made by Frontier? That's my best guess.

The current line of Snow Throwers from John Deere are made by Briggs and Stratton. Parts for these machines carry Briggs parts prefixes in the John Deere Parts books.

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How does the clutch on a John Deere gator work?


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Who invented tractors?

John Froelick in 1892 in South Dakota made the first successful gas powered tractor.
Probably John Deere

ANS 2 - The first gasoline powered tractor was credited to Charter Gasoline Engine Company of Sterling, Illinois in 1887. - There were steam tractors before this.

-Good guess with John Deere, - but at that time John Deere Ltd made plows and didn't turn out their first tractor till 1918.

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How to take off mower blades on lt160 automatic john deer?

The manual for the LT160 is still available online. Check the link below.

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Who makes John Deere chainsaws?

efco Italian made

Not always. Some were made by Echo, some by Homelite. Depends which model you're asking about

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What years were John Deere 265 lawn tractor made?

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What is the average life of a John Deere LT-133 riding lawn mower?


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Where can you print out an operators manual for John Deere 345?

Here's the deal..why would John Deere release FREE operator's manuals to everyone? They won't, never will and anything else is plagerism and infringment of copyright law. To order a manual for a cost call Deere & Company's Distribution Center at 1-800-522-7448.

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How many john deere 60s were made?

57,300 were built

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How do you remove muffler on John Deere stx38?

I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to replace my front axle and I need to remove the muffler to get to the axle bolt. Please help.

I recently replaced the front axle on my STX38 so I took off the muffler as well. The muffler's heat shield needs to come off first, I think there's just two bolts holding that in place on the front of it. If I remember correctly, there were 4 bolts total securing the muffler. There are two bolts towards the front of the muffler that connect vertically to the body of the mower, these need to be removed. If you look at the very top of the muffler where it connects to the engine you'll see another two bolts that need to be removed. I had a tough time getting these two completely out since mine were a bit rusted but they did eventually come off. Once all these bolts are removed, I had to wiggle the muffler out of the bottom of the mower. For the people doing front axle replacement - once the muffler is removed you should have access to the bolt securing the axle.

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What is the cross reference for John Deere oil filter GY20577 to a Fram oil filter number?

The Fram filter number is PH8170.

You could try John Deere AM125424 which is the same filter in a cardboard box at a much more reasonable price. See related link below.

AnswerYou could also look at Briggs & Stratton x-refs since the filter mentioned is on JD tractors using the B&s manufactured twin. John Deere AM125424 can be replaced with the Purolator L10241. Works great and is less than $4 at Advance Auto Parts.
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What is John Deere am125424 filter cross ref to purolator?

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Does John Deere make fire trucks?

no, they do not make or market their own brand name of fire equipment... However, collectors have restored antique engines and trucks with the john deere painit scheme. dig around the net, and you will find pictures! john deere might also make engine that go into fire trucks

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Where is oil plug on John Deere F525?

Hi, I just changed oil tonight. The engine and transmission share the same oil. The drain is at the rear of the transmission. Use a 14mm wrench.

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What did John Deere invent?

John Deere invented an improved, cast steel, self-cleaning plow.

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How does the blade clutch work on John Deere JX75 mower work?

When the bail for the the blade clutch is pulled back, against the force of the return spring, the blade is engaged with the engine crankshaft allowing it to spin. When the bail is released, the spring snaps back and the clutch disengages the blade from the crankshaft and stops the blade.


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