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Where can you find an oil filter cross-reference size chart?

The Moon

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How many HP is a 439 cc engine?

it is 15 hp

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Fuel mixture on a two stroke lawn boy mower?

the mix ratio for Lawnboys is 32:1 4 oz. per gallon

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What is a 'sling blade' or 'Kayser blade' used for?

A sling blade was used to cut tall grass and weeds before the modern machinery was invented. The Kayser blade has a long handle and a person can use it to cut weeds and etc. on banks and hard to reach places.

AnswerIs the sling blade and the Kayser blade colloquial names for the sickle and the scythe? AnswerI always heard them called sling blades growing up in Alabama but I often see them sold in hardware stores as "weed cutters". Answerit is also called a ditch bank blade. Without the wooden handle as used by the "highway boys"'s more of a scythe.
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Where do you find parts for a McCULLOCH ms1838av chainsaw?

Short question, long answer. The IPL (Illustrated Parts List) number I am using to ID parts for that model (which is also known as a CS38EM) is McCulloch part number 211318-03. Any chainsaw parts house that has experience with Mac in the past should be able to chase parts for these. Some are available through MTD dealers (as Mac is now owned by MTD), and some you have to order through parts houses that specialize in obsolete parts. Some numbers that will hopefully help you: Mac Service Center: 800.5218559, Discount Marine: 906.466.2180, Original Equipment: 800.645.2031, and Bob's Lawn Mower: 607.638.9297. Don't underestimate your local lawn & garden shop, though. If they have access to MTD parts (and most all shops do), they will have access to a surprising amount of parts. You will pay less for parts this way, typically, than you will if you have to order them through a specialty obsolete parts house. You will be best served to find the IPL on the internet and figure out the part numbers yourself, as most parts guys don't want to go to the effort on hard-to-find IPLs for old saw models, especially for lower-dollar sales. If I can help further with this, you can email Matt at I have 15+ years in chasing parts, and am pretty successful finding most anything for lawn & garden. Good luck!

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Parts for weed eater leaf blower model number gbi 30v?

Try Here:

The manufacturer is Poulan/WeedEater, model number GBI30V (no space)

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What is a craftsman 30cc backpack leaf blower worth?

Used? with all attachmen ts about $125-150.00. I bought one in sears for 249.00

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How old is a mcculloch pro-mac 5000 av chainsaw and are they good saws?

I have owned a McCulloch Pro-mac 5000AV since 1996 and it has served me very well. I have paired this saw with a Husqvarna 55 (purchased in 1997) for significant woodcrew efforts (downing and cutting dead trees, cutting fallen trees, cutting delivered logs) over the last 13 years and both have been extremely reliable. Both saws have significant anti-vibration designs that work quite well.

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Can you put a bigger horsepower motor in a riding lawnmower?

There is no problem in changing the size of the engine rated horsepower, as long as it is an increase. The tricky part is to assure that the shaft size and length match. The engine mounting system must be the same, and obviously everything must connect and fit like it did for the original engine.

A larger engine should give you additional power, but will likely also consume more gasoline.

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How do you make a lawnmower fly?

send it somewhere par avion.

1. Get fly.

2. Get lawnmower, remove mowing mechanism.

3. Put mowing mechanism into ShrinkRay® chamber and shrink.

4. Attach shrunken mechanism to fly.

5. Place fly on grass and wait for maybe a week or two.

Warning. The name "Flymo" is already taken.

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How do you fix a leak in lawn mower fuel tank?

There are products at your local auto parts store such as Epoxy Ribbon, JB Weld, and others that don't require heating you can use to patch the leak. Be sure and follow the directions on the package.


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Should the choke be on when using the snow blower?

I have an older Spirit 8hp which is about in its grave. I have found that it is necessary to have the chope slightly or moderately open when getting her warmed up. If you keep it open too long I think you bleed out the gas. I had to experiment with mine to see how it reacted to adjusting it while starting and operating. trial and error.

Chokes can be really picky on small engines. You almost always have to have it full on to start,then reduce to half in a minute or so, then almost off when running. In cold conditions, such as when snowblowing, you may need to close choke a little to increase richness of the mixture.

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What is the engine size of a Echo 440 evl chainsaw?

Hi, The full model is CS 440EVL whic stands for Chain Saw 44.0cc(approxiamately) Electronic Vibration Limited.

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Fuel mixture mcculloch pro mac pm 610 chainsaw?

If using an oil other than McCulloch, the ratio is 40:1. Brand Specific McCulloch two cycle oil is 20:1.

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Murray riding lawn mower won't turn off?

Let it run out of gas. or

put a kill switch coming from the condenser and ground it to the body of the lawnmower.......the contact with the frame should ground out the motor thus killing the motor

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How do you remove toro riding lawnmower tire?

Take the black plastic cap off the middle of the rim by prying it off with a screwdriver. Make sure the mower is in reverse or drive.... not park. Under the black plastic cap is a regular bolt. Unscrew it counter-clockwise. That's it.

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Craftman riding mower gas coming out exhaust?

Normally this only happens on a two cylinder engine when one cylinder is working and the other is not. It might be as simple as a bad spark plug or a major as bad rings.

Try pulling the spark plug wire off of the plug while it is running and see if it makes a change in how the engine runs. The one that doesn't make any difference is the one with the prolem. Make sure you are using pliers with rubber or plastic coated handles. If not you will get a good shock when you pull the wire.

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What Fram oil filter goes on a Kubota D722?

cph 3593a

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What is fuel oil mix for the mantis rototiller?

Mixing Fuel
Your MANTIS Tiller is powered by
a commercial two stroke, air cooled
engine which requires a fuel mixture
of gasoline and lubricating oil.
Use a mixture of 50 parts unleaded
regular gasoline and 1 part two-stroke
MANTIS oil (50:1.) Use branded 89 octane (R+M+2) unleaded gasoline
or gasohol (maximum 10% ethyl alcohol, or 15% MTBE, no methyl

Spark Plugs and Wires
Nissan Altima
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What is the correct gap for spark plugs on a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse?

On my '98 GSX it's .032.

AnswerThe manufacture of the plug you buy for you car (your Mitsubishi) should come 'Pre Gaped' ie; no need to gap them. I have or my car has a Mitsubishi engine in it and I use NGK plugs for it. You'll find NGK's in most Motorcycle engines and other high rev engines.


Just spoke with the auto parts store. The gap for a 1995 Eclipse RS is .044

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Reasons why a lawn mower wont start?

no spark, no gas getting to cylinder, dirty carb, dirty fuel filter, wrong fuel/air mix on carb to name a few, dirty air filter....

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Where can I find a Belt diagram for a 42 inch mtd yard machine?

Go to the mtd website, you will find them there.

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Mower runs but shut off after a few seconds?

drain gas clean carb & replace sparkplug.... youtube has repair vids. (davidsfarm) has good repair vids

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What is fuel mixture for McCulloch 3200 chainsaw?

From the official McCulloch website:

"Products with two-stroke engines, the petrol must be mixed with two-stroke oil. McCulloch recommends Outdoor Accessories two-stroke oil. The petrol/oil ratio must be 50:1."

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Fuel mixture for homelite EZ chain saw?

when you are mixing gas for a chain saw. it will tell you 40;1 or 50;1 that is how much 2 stroke oil is in it. you can buy at almost any hardware store little containers of 2 stroke oil that mixes with one gallon of gas. it will say on it what the mix racial of that container will make.


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