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The Volkswagen Cabrio was manufactured from 1995 to 2002 as a convertible variant of the Golt. It is a two-door, small family car with a manually-opened soft top. Similar Volkswagen models include the Polo, Jeta, Vento, and Bora.

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Where is the backup light switch on a 2004 silverado 1500?

Mine was found on the stearing column near the brake pedal. Changing it did not solve my problem. Neither brake light in the fenders work. The brake light on the cab works. The courtesy lights do not work when I open the doors. The courtesy lights work when I use the remote to unlock the doors. We checked all fuses, lights. They are all good. My Chevy dealer has never heard of this problem but was willing to check it for a hefty fee.

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What would cause 2 outlets to stop working in one room when anything is plugged into a third outlet When the item is unplugged the other 2 oulets work again?

Check for a loose wire connection on the sides of the outlet that you plug into that causes the other two outlets to stop working. Are the screws tight? There will probably be two wires on each side, one will be the feed coming to that oulet and the other one will feed to the other outlets. Also a possible loose connection in the box that the outlet is mounted in, such as a loose or broken wire in a wire nut. Remember to shut off the power to this circuit while working on it. I hope this will help. Polarity on the third outlet could be reversed. It will blow the circuit. Is it possibly current drain i.e are there too many outlets and is the appliance something that uses a lot of current? This can be discovered by reading the manual. If lets say the junction box or fuse box had been replaced by a solid wire then this would allow more current to flow. If this wire(fuse replaced) is supplying the three outlets and a short circuit is in the appliance. The first answer is correct. The other two may be true statements, but they do not address this question.

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Where is the thermostat on 97 cabrio?

On the 4-cylinder 2.0, the thermostat is located just below the water pump and above the power steering pump. To access it, you must remove the power steering pump and bracket. Leave the pump connected to the bracket. There is no need to separate them. Remove the power steering pump & bracket by first removing the belt from below. Then remove the bolt that holds the top portion of the power steering pump bracket onto the bracket that holds the water pump, A/C compressor, and alternator. It is a bit difficult to tell which bolt to remove. It is the 13mm bolt, not the 17mm. Then remove the two bolts that hold the power steering pump bracket onto the engine block. I would also remove the clamp that holds the power steering pump hoses located near the center of the car. You can leave the hoses connected and let the pump hang if you are careful. Cover the pump with a bag so that you don't get coolant on it. Remove the two bolts holding the thermostat housing in place. Make sure you have a large plastic container to catch the coolant. I wish new cars had drain plugs like the old cars. Coolant splatters everywhere. Pull the thermostat & O ring using pliers. Clean the surface and replace the thermostat and the O ring. You may have to loosen the nuts holding the power steering adjustment bracket to get the power steering pump back in place.

VW Cabrio

Where is the seat heater fuse for a 2001 vw cabrio?

If your seat heater isn't working it's likely the relay which is located underneath the seat mine is also broken and the part is almost $100 fromt he dealership to replace - I have not done so. :-)

you could check out a local junkyard though for a totaled car that still has them

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93 Cabrio ABS light comes on occasionaly Sometimes it stays on sometimes it goes off during drive Not sure what needs to be checked?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

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What can cause starter problems on a 1993 ford escort?

The starter is just a DC motor so the motor gets dirty inside or the armature and brushes wear. If the battery is good and yet you just hear a click or nothing or even the starter spinning, the next most likely cause is the starter motor. They are cheap to replace yourself, though the job is a little tight. See wikianswer on 1993 Ford Escort for the process.

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How do you manually work the top of a 1991 LeBaron convertible?

1-Go behind rear seat and remove vinyle and cardboard covering.2-Locate the motor/hydrolic fluid reservoir (if on knees in rear seat facing rear window will be on right side).3-On right side of motor unit will be a rubber stopper, remove this and with a large plastic syringe, remove hydrolic fluid.4-Replace rubber stopper and the convertible top can then be operated manually.Remember, if you want to operate top electrically again, fluid must be replaced.

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How do you change the hydraulic lines of the VW cabrio convertible top?

I replaced two leaking lines. I bought high pressure 1/8" ID hose online (several sites have it). Each line is individually removable. At the pump end, each pair of lines is held in the pump body by a star-head screw. Remove the screw and just pull out the fitting.

End fittings can be re-used by carefully cutting around the crimped area about 1/8" from the end and grinding it flat. It will pull off, exposing the hose underneath. Carefuliy, without damaging the barbs, cut the old hose off. Push the barb into the new hose. If you can find small hose clamps (not the type with a worm screw, but one with a nut & bolt which applies a clamping force evenly over the whole circumference) use these to secure the end. If not, you can use 18 ga. steel wire, wrapped twice around the hose and twisted like a twist tie. Put three or four of these twist wires around the new hose over the barb area.

Careful with the little O rings in the fittings while doing all this. Total cost to replace all lines is about $30 + 3 hours work.

Good luck!

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What kind of antifreeze does your 1998 Cabrio use?

It uses phosphate free antifreeze to which is an anti corrosive.

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How do you fix a radio in a 1999 VW Beetle that quit working after the car was jumped started?

You must turn off the radio before disconnecting the battery or applying a jump-start, to protect the logic circuits. You did not, so now you must replace the radio.

--supplement from Kadanis --

Based on this post I thought my radio was dead after disconnecting the battery. The radio did not even come on in safe mode. However, I pulled it out (using nail files instead of the official removal hooks) and found that the 10 v fuse at the back of the radio needed to be replace. Once done, it came right back on and I had no problem.

One note, however, it is very hard to put the radio back in. The cables have to be pushed way back down behind the consol in order to create enough room to push the radio in the last 1/2 inch. I couldn't do it myself and had to get someone with one of those long grabbing gadgets to reach in from behind and pull the cables down. It was tough. Maybe someone with more experience can suggest a better solution for that problem.

dear fellow vw owners if you have a problem with your radio safe mode function and not sure how to ( example 2000 beetle )program your radio please follow this advise (decoding the radio)

The radio should be decoded when the vehicle is taken into the workshop and it has to be decoded if you sell your vehicle.

  • Switch on the coded radio.
  • Push and hold AM/FM BAND SELECTOR and then push and hold the SCAN BUTTON.

Continue to hold the AM/FM BAND and SCAN BUTTONS until the display changes to 1000 and then goes blank.

  • After the display goes blank, release the AM/FM BAND SELECTOR and SCAN BUTTONS
  • Finally, push and hold the AM/FM BAND SELECTOR and then push and hold the

SCAN BUTTON until the word "Code" is displayed. After releasing the buttons, the radio statin frequency is displayed. The code has now been erased and the radio is no longer theft protected. any further help you can go to this site http://www.nwlink.com/~vdb/vw/Electrical/Coding_Radios just copy and paste into address bar im a mechanic myself and any help is much appreciated

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How do you change the front blinker bulb on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

Unscrew the bulb from the back of the light assy. If you have to you may need to remove it from the vehicle.

Remove head light assembly(2 screws) Easy access to bulb/socket.

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How do you fix the power window fuse for a 1999 Saturn SL1?

on the passenger side there is a fuse cover on the floor, take off the panel and look at the back, find power window fuse, take it out, replace with new one

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Can you paint your convertible top?

It is better to dye the top rather than painting. Otherwise cripping and cracking will occur. Also it is better to paint from a lighter color to dark (ex. white top to black).

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How do you change a crank sensor on a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville?


First you need to get a harmonic balancer puller. This pulley is located on the bottom of engine. Remove the tire and plastic so you can see it. Get a socket that fits the bolt I would recommend using a impact gun to get the bolt out. After its out pull the pulley and the sensor is located behind it . Two bolts hold the bugger on , but it's set on a dowel so you may have to fiddle with it to get it off. Hope this helps!


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How do you change the headlights and daylight running lights of a 2000 VW Passat?

Open the hood. Locate the back of the first headlamp. Gently slide back the rubber "boot" around the wire feed-through. Gently remove the wire connectors. You should see 2 wire clips that hold in the light bulb; unclip them. Remove the bulb.

To install new bulbs, reverse the procedure, but note the following: - the bulbs are "keyed" so that they only fit into the socket one way; rotate the bulb until it is properly seated in the socket. - the wire connector is also keyed. Make sure you get it properly aligned before you push it on. - the space behind the passenger's side headlamp is limited. It helps to remove the air cowling so you can reach the parts. Dont drop any parts.

good luck.

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Why would a 1984 Bonneville 305 jerk like a misfire when you set the cruise control and a little when it is not set?

Throttle position sensor

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After you reconnected the battery on a 1998 Cabrio the factory alarm does not seem to workwhat gives?

You must have the reset pin and enter it through the radio panel as per your owners manual. If you don't have the PIN you can get it from your VW dealers service dept. You must have the serial number of the radio (located on the top of the radio and must remove the radio to find the number). If that still doesn't work, try disconnecting the batery again for about an hour, reconnect and start over again with the PIN. As with any electronics sometimes it takes a complete "hard start" to rectify the problem. If you still have the problem, consult your VW service dept.

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Where are the coolant temperature sensors located on a 2001 Beetle?

Open the hood and on the drivers side of the engine where the upper coolant hose for the radiator routes to the engine . there is a plastic flange or housing, in that housing the coolnat temp sensor is located .

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How do You replace drive axel's on 1998 Mazda Protege?

tire off, brakes off, tie rod off, disconnect strut, and a few holding bolts. axle will slide out with a little bang from a hammer or a little pull if your lucky

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Where do you hook up an OBD code reader on a 1997 Nissan Maxima?

There should be a plug adapter spot right under the steering wheel and dash assembly, should just plug right in... i have a 96 and i work at O'Reillys auto parts, we have a code reader that reads all nissans from 88 to current....so if is the right code reader it should just install as i said above hope that helps a little

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How do you change the freon in a 98 prism?

go to an auto parts store and buy a recharge kit, and follow the instructions

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Where is the backup light switch for a 1995 Saturn?

The Chilton for the 1999 Saturn lists it on top of the Transaxle. Since this book also covers repair for the older SC1 models, it should be in the same place.

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Where is the coolant temperature sensor located on a 1991 Honda prelude Si?

one is located at the thermostat housing. the other is in the bottom of the radiator.

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Why is an enzyme called lock and key model?

The lock and key model, though popular, is outdated and not entirely accurate. Regardless, it was used because it provides a simple visual analogy to imagine the enzyme (the enzyme, or key, simply inserts itself into the lock, the molecule to be broken down by the enzyme [known as a substrate]). The more accurate model is now the "Induced fit model", because enyzmes and substrates (the chemicals they act upon) are not naturally able to fit into each other. Instead, each substance changes its shape a little to accomodate the other.

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Where is the coolant temperature sensor located in a 1985 Monte Carlo ss?

Its on a part called the "gooseneck". follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. It hooks to the gooseneck which houses the thermostat. The sensor will have a wired plug hooked to the top. This is an incorrect answer above. The temp sensor is in the driver's side head,between #1 & 3 cylinders. There is one green wire going to it.


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