Mitsubishi Diamante

The Mitsubishi Diamante was a full-size car built from 1990 to 2005. Its second generation model was offered in 4-door sedan body style and featured 4-speed or 5-speed automatic transmission.

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Is the diamante front or rear wheel drive?

The Mitsubishi Diamante is a front wheel drive car. and some model come awd

Mitsubishi Diamante

Where is the factory amplifier mounted in Diamante 2004?

under driver seat

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Where is the starter located on a 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante v-6?

Look at the lower end of the engine - try to follow the + battery cable

Mitsubishi Diamante

How reliable a car is the Mitsubishi Diamante?

My wife has a 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante and I have to say that it is BY FAR the WORST car I have ever seen. The brakes seems to need service (new pads) every 5000 miles, fuel gauge has never worked correctly (we have given up and just reset the trip meter and fill up at 300 miles), have to replace the o2 sensors, transmission had to be rebuilt, it just never seems to idle correctly...the list goes on. The worst thing (and apparently many others have had the same problem) was a major leak in the heater core at 55,000 miles that soaked the inside of the car in addition to flooding the ventilation system. A mess to say the least. Currently, the car has 83,000 miles and I honestly cannot see it hitting 100,000. For the record, I am a weekend mechanic, am pretty good at car maintenance and at least VERY good at taking care of cars, so far as sticking to a maintenance schedule. It doesn't matter with this car. It is just awful. I drove $1000 cars for years and would go back to that in a heartbeat. I never had this much trouble, even then. STAY AWAY.

^i wouldn't put too much faith in this guy as he is globally generalizing based on only owning one car. I work exclusively on maintaining and performance modifications on the diamante and 3000gt platform. the second gen diamante is not a terrible car by anymeans in fact the bang for the buck is unsurpassed! Sorry for his bad experience but i have one with 150k miles on it as my dd and it has only needed basic maintenence EVER! i think his problem may be that he is assuming he knows what he is doing with these cars (they have to be cared for very specifically often with specific fluids) and screwed it up worse. (also 50k in between pads on multiple occassion with these cars, get quality products and they treat you right)

I have an 03 Diamante also, and by far, it is the BEST car Ive ever owned in terms of maintenance and reliability. In saying that Ive had a 89 Mazda Familia XG Turbo, 94Pulsar GTiR, 98 BMW 318i (which was the worst of them all).

Its low maintenance, quick and decent sized for a family sedan. Maybe because the Diamante was Australian assembled?? or maybe because we got it brand new. I feel sorry for that guy whos Diamante was giving him crap, but as for mine, its been a great car. Even pimped it up and looks SWEET!

I have owned 2 Diamantes, one a first gen 1995, and a second gen 2001, these are not drive and forget type cars, they are classified as semi-luxury, and they have to be maintained to factory specs. My first the 1995 was the best it was reliable, and handled unbelievable. The worst nightmare on the 1st gen was electronics, on the second gen they were improved, not as many failures, etc.

Probably the best used semi luxury bargain out there because they depreciate so much, which is standard for a Mitsubishi. When Yugo was available in the states it had a higher customer satisfaction rating than mitsi. The Diamante that was produced in Australia was called the Verada, and was not imported to the states, I had one when I lived there, and it did seem well built. Sadly mitsi has had some great ideas but their quality control is probably the worst their is. I have my 4th 1st gen Eclipse GSX, AWD, which is now a fast and furious tuner car, great idea, bad quality the hallmark of Mitsu.

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How do you change the front brakepads on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES?

you should always change the rotors aswell so you don't get a pulsation. firt you remove the wheel . then the 2 caliper bolts with i believe are a 12mm . then press the caliper piston back by squeezing them with a big pair of channel lock pilers or a c clamp. then remove the 2 caliper mounting cradle bolts which i believe are a 17mm them remove the rotor.

You don't always have to change the rotors. If the brakes are pulsing when you push them, take the rotors to an auto parts store and ask them to cut the rotors for you. This can only be done a few times, but it basically shaves off a level of metal on the rotors to make them smooth again. If they can't be cut, and you feel the pulsations, then you need to replace the rotors

Mitsubishi Diamante
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Why does engine rumble in Drive when stopped at lights?

There are a wide variety of things that could cause this to happen - when was the last time the car had a tune-up? There is a good chance that it could be a miss in the engine due to a fault in a plug or plug wire. However, at the same time it could easily be a vacuum leak or a number of other issues. Best to have someone who knows cars take it for a drive and offer their advice.

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What would cause a 92 Toyota to rumble at fast deceleration?

if it is vibration when braking, it is most likely warped brake discs ,which can be skimmed using a lathe or by replacing. if it is vibration when not braking & coming off the power it could be wear in an inner cv joint

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What is the red coffee cup warning light in a Mitsubishi Magna?

The red coffee cup indicator lights up if you've been driving without stopping & turning off the engine for a long period of time (I believe 2 hours, but I could be wrong). You can either ignore the warning (not recommended - it just keeps beeping at you), or you can take the suggestion and have a coffee break

Mitsubishi Diamante

How do you change the front brake pads on a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ES?

Please Help

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How do you remove a starter from a 1993 Mitsubishi diamante 30l v6 sohc?

I have a 94 Diamante with SOHC and have changed the starter, it is not a big problem. Just be sure to let the car cool off first because the front exhaust runs just under the starter. Jack the car up, disconnect the battery, let it cool down then to remove the starter (and solenoid)it is just two bolts and two electrical connectors.

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What causes engine hesitation in a 1994 Mitsubishi diamante?

In addition to the fuel thing, it could be a dirty air filter, clogged fuel filter or dirty fuel injectors. If this is a throttle body engine, the throttle body could need cleaning. Do not use carburetor cleaner on a tbi. It's too corrosive and will strip the coating off the tbi. Use only tbi cleaner to clean it with. Any auto parts store should sell it.Answer - The right octane matters

For starters, not using 93 octane gasoline in any diamante can sometimes cause hesitation and/or diminished performance. People who are penny wise and pound foolish often ignore this recommendation in the owner's manual.


Check your spark plugs and wires. If that's not it, try the mass airflow sensor.


We replaced the $75.00 electric Throttle Pedal controler Sensor to correct the same problem, ours apparently wore out and kept hesitating when we tried to accelerate.

hope this might help-wtb89

mine had that problem and i changed the rotor and rotor cap and it stoped so you should check the ignition system

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Where is the thermostat located on a Mitsubishi Triton Ute?

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You have moisture on windshield heater core and how do you replace it?

well to replace the heater core the dash, center console, and most of the HVAC system will need to be removed from the car. not to mention the AC system having to be pulled down due to the evaporator needing to be removed. it is a real long job, and you might want to check in a repair manual to give you a good idea of the length of time involved

Mitsubishi Diamante

What do you if a 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante wagon 3.0L V6 SOHC cranks but will not start you get one initial spark then nothing?

You could also check for any corrosion at any contact points in the ignition, such as between the coil and wires, wires and plugs, and the module and coil. If this is distributorless, the crankshaft position sensor or camshaft position sensor may be part of the trouble. Although not as likely, the ECM may be part of the problem, also.

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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante?

Open hood. Look at the rear side of the headlight. There's a black plastic ring about 2" in diameter with wires running into it. Grasp this ring and turn counter-clock-wise about a quarter turn and pull it out. Remove and replace the bulb (do not touch the new bulb with your fingers. Use a clean rag or your clean handkerchief) and then re-insert the ring/bulb assembly into its socket, turn clock-wise until it clicks/stops. That's it. No need to re-aim the headlights.

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Which fuse is the lighter on a 1993 Mitsubishi diamante?

Usually the lighter is shared with something else (like the horn). Check to see if there is something else not working and look for that fuse.

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Your starter went out on your 93 G20 can you replace it with the hitachi starter or do you have to use the Mitsubishi?

I have an original Infinity manual and also a CD-ROM with the 1993 Infinity fully illustrated and it lists both the Mitsubishi and Hitachi. I believe it's okay to use either. The spec design is almost the same! Bob F.

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What are the signs that the timing belt of a 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante needs to be changed?

Usually there is no sign. It will just suddenly break. This car is 12 years old. If the cam belt has never been replaced, replace it no matter what the mileage. If it has been replaced and has over 60,000 miles on the new belt, replace it. If this is an interference engine and the belt breaks, serious engine damage will occur.

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Infinite Starter location infinite starter placement Where is the starter on my infinite G20?

The starter should be located behind the engine on the driver side next to the Bell Housing for the transmission. The starter should be located behind the engine on the driver side next to the Bell Housing for the transmission.

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Where is the thermostat located on a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante with the 4-cylinder engine?

all mitsu diamante are 3.5 6 cyl

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93 diamante wagon 30 v6 sohc would the factory alarm cause the no start prob and how do you by pass it if the remotes were lost?

yes it would. either you need to run a remote start button or go to the dealership and get a new remote.

Mitsubishi Diamante

Mitsubishi Diamante 1993 use freon?

yes it does r12. if you dont want to convert to the 134a. you can use freeze 12.

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How do you change spark plugs in a 1995 Mitsubishi diamante?

If your Diamante is the Dohc 6 cyl. motor in it then you have to remove the entire intake manifold to replace the back 3 plugs I did it in about 4 hours with not many tools and I am a female. So it can be done.

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How do you program your garage door opener in your 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante?

This information is listed in your owner's manual.


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