Car Smells

Car smells include gaseous odor, excessive smoke or even steam – all of which indicate a potential problem with your car. Usually, smells are one of the first signs of potential car trouble.

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Car Smells

How do you get gas smell out of car fabric?

That happened to me I lit a match, chucked it in and hoped for the best.... :D

(ended up calling fire brigade)

B. The gas smell will eventually leave the inside of the car if you leave the windows down. I've added a related link to a webpage with a lot of recipes that will help you get rid of the gas smell and make the inside of your car smell better.

Car Smells

How do you get rid of spilled kerosene odor in car?

leave your windows down as much as you can if you can take out the object it spilled on and wash it if not clean the best you can with carpet cleaner and then spray a lot of air freshener

The best air freshener to use is Freshana AIRIA Air Purifier. It will naturally get rid of the smell instantly.

Car Smells

My brand new car has 22kms smells like burning why?

The metal exhaust pipes are coated with oil to prevent corrosion before sale. It should have stopped smelling withing 10 or 20 km on the highway

OrThere is a serious problem if it still there have the dealer check it.
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Car Smells
Fuel and Engines

What makes a car run sluggish and smoke really bad?

White smoke = Coolant entering the combustion chamber. STOP driving this car until this is repaired or you will destroy this engine.

Black Smoke = Overly rich fuel/air mixture. Too much fuel not enough air. STOP driving until this is repaired or you will ruin the converter and O2 sensor and possible do other damage.

Blue Smoke = Engine is burning oil. Worn rings is normally the cause.

Car Smells

Why does manual car smell like burning rubber?

Because your burning your clutch.

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Car Smells
Oil and Oil Filters

How long should car cool before checking oil?

2 minutes

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Auto Body and Interiors

Why would your car run badly for the first few minutes?

A bad idle is caused by a problem with fuel or spark these are two different systems, both with multiple components. Let�s look at Spark first. When was the last time the ignition components were serviced? I don�t think tat you need an electrical service (commonly referred t as a tune up) the idle would be consistently poor. So let�s look at the Fuel side of the equation. There are a few things that can affect the air fuel ratio like carbon, and varnish. I would try to clean a few things up before wasting money on a fuel pressure regulator and especially on an idle air control valve. I recommend that you First check a plug to see its condition (only one if one is bad well you can figure the rest out) if the plug looks good move on: 1) Injection clean 2) throttle body and induction system clean 3) Carbon chemical clean More likely than not you have a carbon build up problem this causes a fuel soak condition that causes a hard start and a rough idle until the fuel burns off. Of course someone may tell you that you have a burnt valve but again this would cause a consistently poor running engine.

It sounds like fuel related. Depending on the year it could be a choke or the cold start sel. Does it smoke? What color smoke? Black would indicate rich mixture of fuel. Or it can be running to lean until it warms up.

Car Smells
Catalytic Converters
Chevy Malibu

Why might your 2004 Chevy Malibu smell like exhaust inside the car?

the inside of your car will smell like exhaust if you have C.F (cabin filter) in you car and it has not been changed recently This may sound dumb, but some people may miss it. If you have a car in front of you that smells bad, or are in a smelly environment, and you don't have the recycle air button on, "fresh air" will enter the car.

Car Smells
Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
1995-1999 Dodge & Plymouth Neons

Why would you smell burning antifreeze?

Heater core is possible, coolant could be leaking externally onto engine and giving off that smell. Ruptured, cracked or leaking bypass hose; Ruptured, cracked or leaking heater hose; Worn or damaged radiator cap; Rusted, corroded, or damaged radiator may be leaking antifreeze/coolant; Loose, damaged, or faulty radiator drain plug; Worn or damaged cooling fan motor or circuit; Thermostat stuck closed; Cracked or leaking water outlet/hose; Damaged, worn or leaking water pump; Leaking or defective heater control valve; Freeze plugs are cracked or leaking. to smell burning anti freeze it would need to be leaking onto engine. most likely a small leak in a coolant hose somewhere, and even if it is heater core , it is sure not going to cost 500 bucks a heater core doesnt even cost 100 bucks to buy and they are easy to install

Car Smells

Why would car smell like burning rubber after an oil change?

when changing the oil sometimes oil can be spilled on the engine block. as your engine heats up it causes this smell. it is completely normal

Car Smells

How would you describe the smell of burnt rubber?


Car Smells
Ford Expedition XLT
Honda Accord EX

Why would a car smell like gas while its running?

Smell of GasHere is advice and input:
  • Using a good flashlight start at the tank check the tank and all fuel lines carefully working your way to the filter and on up to the engine. Check the areas directly around the fuel injectors where an o-ring could leak. The fuel may be evaporating quickly, you may want to do this while it is running.
  • I recently had the same problem. It started out with just the smell of gasoline. As time went by, I noticed a leakage. Gas leakage. At first the garage told me it was the fuel sender that needed replacing, after a month or so, it was the gas tank, fuel sender and fuel line - it ended up costing me $600.00 Canadian. Although, I will probably save that much in gas over the next few months. Do you also smell the gas when you get out of the car? If so, you will need to get this taken care of. Eventually you will.
  • Over the period of 3 months, I smelled fuel now and then but blamed it on other cars in front of me. In the third month it happened more often and the "check engine" light came on intermittendly when accelerating or stopping. By the end of month 3, my whole gas tank suddenly emptied itself within 5 minutes. It is no fun to see the gas tank meter go down to zero in a blink, have a baby on board and find yourself way out in the neck of the woods. The fuel line broke above the filter. Don't wait too long.
  • More than likely it will be a cheap, do-it-your-self-fix-it. It could be the fuel pressure regulator.

Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector; Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Punctured or damaged fuel tank; Loose or poorly connected fuel pump; Gas in gas can in trunk. = IN ADDITION TO THAT ANSWER, PONDER THIS... CARS HAVE A VACUUM FUEL CANISTER THAT MAY INCORPORATE A FILTER OF ITS OWN. I'M NOT SURE WHAT CONDITION MAKES THIS TANK TAKE ON FUEL (ITS AN OVERFLOW TANK, OF SORTS). HAVE THESE ITEMS CHECKED BY A MECHANIC YOU TRUST. HOPE THIS HELPS ! ! !

if you can smell gas whether the car is running or NOT that means you have a leak in your fuel system if it was not a leak, you would not smell it when not running . first thing is check under vehicle after overnight parking and see if there is fuel on the ground if there is , this will give you a starting point where to look for gas leak

Car Smells
Brake Pads and Rotors

What causes a front brake to get stuck after changing the brake shoes?

shoes? or pads? (front) question needs to be more detailed

Car Smells

Why would a car smell like asphalt when the air conditioner is on?

Most likely a clogged drain that drains A/C evaporator condensation.

Car Smells
Air Conditioning and Coolant
Toyota Camry
Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Why would there be a faint smell of fuel when the air conditioner is on?

The best way to keep the foul smell out is to open windows and use fans to bring in a lot of fresh air before the AC is started. Keeping the AC room clean is also equally important.


Be-Cool Expert

Check your muffler and exhaust pipe for holes and also check your manifold gasket it may need replacing, exhaust fumes smell like faint fuel, if there is not leak this could be the problem.

This could be caused by a few different things....check the purge canister if the vehicle has one.....also check the fuel pressure regulator for a leaking diaphram.The air conditioning is "sucking" the fumes in from the purge canister or the pressure regulator.

Any fuel leak in the engine compartment can transfer into the cabin when the a/c is turned on. I doubt the exhaust would be confused with fuel but that's just my nose. Some vehicles have common recall problems such as the intrepid for fuel rails leaking. you should never smell fuel

Car Smells
1995-1999 Dodge & Plymouth Neons
Car Heaters

Why would you smell fuel when you turn on the heater?

May be separate problems. A small fuel leak in the engine may be the source of the 2 scents. A coolant leak may be the source of the poor heat and burning smell. Get it checked out before you have a serious problem. Next time you run the car, shut it off, lift the hood and try to smell where the source of raw fuel is, or any rising smoke.

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Heating AC and Engine Cooling
Conditions and Diseases

Does inhaling antifreeze fumes cause harm?

yes ! very much so it is a mixture of chemicals and it can cause dizziness or worse, more permanent effects. it is some times used as an inhalant, witch is a type of drug and is very bad for you. try to avoid anti-freeze as much as you can. there has been deaths reported about inhaling anti-freeze.

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Car Smells

How can you remove the smell of malt vinegar which spilled onto the car's interior carpet?

Try neutralizing it with a baking soda and water solution then vacuum it out with a wet vac and let it completely air-dry.

Hope this helps!

Car Smells
Air Conditioning and Coolant
Grand Am SE

What causes a burning rubber smell when air conditioner is turned on in 1995 Grand Am SE?

sounds like your A.C. compressor clutch is locking up

Car Smells
GMC Sierra
Car Heaters

What causes a burning smell from a car heater?

Could be many things. Can't say exactly what. But, here are a few things I would check. Do you have trees in the area you park your car? If so, you could have leaves pine needle or other dibree in you heater vent that could have caught fire from your heater motor. I actually had this happen once, it filled my pickup cab with wood smoke. It smelled like that every time I used the heater until I sold the truck. You heater core could have a leak and the antifreeze smell could be coming through your vents. Or your heater motor itself could be going bad and melting the winding on the motor armiture. I'm sure there could be other things like electrical shorts, lost cigar behind the ashtray. Hope that gives some help.

Car Smells
Oil and Oil Filters
Ford F-250
Late Model 1979-New Ford Mustangs

If a 1994 Mustang is blowing white smoke that smells like gas and the engine lacks power and the oil has gas mixed in it how can you fix this?

I just put a motor in my truck TPI 350, and same thing happened to me, i automatically thought head gaskets so i tore it down replaced them... put it back together and its still there...... Im starting to think its fuel related (smells like gas, not like antifreeze) I noticed my fuel rail isn't holding pressure , maybe an injector is sticking wide open, because i have hered that raw unburnt fuel can cause white smoke..... check ur injectors, fuel pressure regulator and all that stuff..........

To check if the head gaskets are blown, do a compression check on each cylinder and compare values. You can also do a leak down and see if there is a cylinder that is out of spec. You can also check the injectors with a scan tool. You can purchase this for normally about $40 froma parts store or even Walmart. Run the Key on Engine Running (KOER) test, follow this with a pressing of the gas pedal while the computer is giving you the codes it read. This will initiate a fuel injector test, where the computer will vary the engine RPM and injector pulse to test the injectors. This should help you trace the problem....

I had a similar problem with my 94 mustang. My problem was that the CPU (computer) went on it. It began to tell the number 5 injector to stay open which flooded the cylinder with gas. This killed the spark plug so the gas couldn�t burn itself off either. This caused WHITE SMOKE to come from the exhaust. As well, because the rings on the piston are only designed to stop oil which is thick and air, the gas that pooled in the cylinder drained down into the oil. Which sucked because I had just done an oil change the night before.

Phil, Mississauga Ontario

Phil is probably correct. I went through the same thing with my 94 and nothing helped until we realized the computer had stuck the #6 injector wide open. for some reason, the computers in these cars seem to draw moisture to them to help them corrode. I'd check your computer before anything it's not actually all that expensive to change.

Phil i must say that you guys are right my daughter has a 94 mustang that encounterd the same symptoms.(the flooding)after pulling it apart. but only to change#6 injecter (that was stuck open) put it back together started it up still smelt like a gas can. and still smoked (white) and poured raw gas out tailpipe. no traces of water in crankcase or oil in radiator...(i decided to go on your answer and low and behold)( NOT A HEAD GASKET) i changed the computer located on the passengers kick panel and that silver box did it. runs like new. thanks a billion total bill $100 from a auto wrecker..thanks again......and its weird that it was the same cylinder #6 it acually killed the ground for that#6 (fuel injector)

...David and Britt .... Vancouver (Langley) BC

Car Smells
Chevy Tahoe
Water Pumps
DIY Projects

How do you replace the water pump on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

Awnserwell according to my understanding anyone with hands and a brain could easily do this task. all it takes is some ballz and some god damm comon sense...... lmao follow me at

It depands on what engine you have but none are REAL hard. You will need guidance though and the best way is to get a manual on your vehicle and you will have it for this repair and also for the next one.

If your 1998 is the same as my 1997 with a 5.7, you will also need a special wrench to remove the fan clutch. It is retained with a large, left hand thread nut, instead of the 4 small bolts of past models.

Are you sure its a left hand thread?

They are standard threads. Righty Tighty - Lefty Lousy. You don't need any special tools/wrencherszperiodz You loosen up two of the ten millimeter bolts holding the fan on, but not all the way. Lodge the wrench in there to hold the water pump from turning. Put a large adjustable wrench on the big nut for the fan clutch and smack it with a ball pein hammer. The threads should not be super tight on the fan clutch. This can be done by one person. I've done it many times by myself.

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Ford Expedition XLT

Why would a car smell like gasoline under the body?

There is a possibility you could have a punctured fuel line or the fuel pump could be going bad. Depending on how old the vehicle is, the fuel hoses could be old and cracked. Double check your hoses and fuel pump. The are relatively inexpensive to replace if you feel comfortable working on your own vehicle. Apart from fuel system that handles gasoline, a car also has a system called evaporative system. This closed loop system is to avoid gasoline fumes to be released into the air. The system consists of the fuel tank, gas cap, charcoal canister, purge control valve and the ECU. Failure to any of this system epecially to the canister, PCV and pipe leak will result in gasoline smell in your car. This system is the most overlooked part of a car. The car will still run smoothly if this system is busted but it will release gasoline fumes (hydrocarbons) into the air which also a pollutant.

Car Smells
Car Stalling Problems
Ford Bronco XLT
Air Pollution

How can you tell what is causing your car to die every now and then and smell like exhaust fumes?

Sounds like the catalatic converter is either pluging up or starting to fail. Either way if this is the problem it will either start having worse performance or just stop runing entirly.

I had this same problem and it was a faulty fuel injector. Check to see if it is wet around any of your fuel injectors.

I have a 1992 q45 I had the same problem i changed my back cats and it still did the same thing coul it be my front ones to

I have a 1995 Mazda 626, I have a similar problem. It dies right at 15 seconds after I hit the gas and remain at 3500 RPM, and I can hardly get up a hill. I have already changed the fuel pump, the injectors were fine, the O2 sensors were fine, changed the air filter, no clogs in the fuel delivery system (yes changed the fuel filter too), changed the plugs and wires, changed the fuel regulator... the only thing left is the catalytic converter is plugged... it's as if my car has asthma, so I'm looking at the Throttle position sensor. Will keep you updated.

I have this cutting out problem and i think Ive managed to diagnose mine to a faulty fuel pump as you can sometimes hear it activate but when you don't the car does not start. but anyway this is what i tried. fortunately my sister has same cars as me, maybe some of these will help you diagnose your problem.

- throttle position sensor

- crankshaft sensor.

- camshaft sensor

- fuel pump fuse/relay

- lambda sensor

- Cat could be broken up and blocked exhaust system causing poor flow.

Car Smells
Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

Why would the antifreeze smell like fuel in my 7.3L Ford Diesel?

You could have blown a head gasket, but probably not. You probably cracked your injector sleeves. You need to have the cooling system pressure tested with the injectors out. You'll also need to find mechanic with the special tap for the sleeves if they're bad. Try not go to Ford; they charge a ton to fix them. The parts are not expensive, just the labor. Be sure the mechanic knows about proper care of the coolant system afterward since the diesel fuel quickly contaminates the coolant.


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