This category covers questions about Volkswagen Automotive Group, the world's largest automobile manufacturer next to Toyota. Volkswagen is currently the automotive parent company of the following brands: Audi, Bentley Motors, Bugatti Automobiles, Automobili Lamborghini, SEAT, Škoda Auto, and Scania.

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Oil and Oil Filters
VW Golf

Which oil do you put in your golf T D I 1.9?

Since you didn't provide the year I picked one2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.9L 4-cyl Engine Code ALH Turbo Diesel2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.9L 4-cyl Engine Code BEW Turbo Diesel

Both of these I would recommend Amsoil

European Car Formula 100% Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil (AFLQT)


Engine, with MANN Oil filter HU7262X..........4.8 quarts [1]

Cooling System, Initial Fill..........9 quarts

Automatic Transmission, 09A Initial Fill..........2.7 quarts

Automatic Transmission, Total Fill

5 speed 09A..........7.4 quarts

Manual Transmission, 02J..........4.3 pints

Differential, Front..........1.7 pints [2]

[1] After refill check oil level.

[2] Final drive for Automatic transmission only.

Additional information

Your VW diesel requires an oil meeting the VW 507 spec. The requirements for a diesel engine differ from a gasoline engine. Mobil One ESP, The Amsoil AFL mentioned above and very few others. Read the back of the bottle and look for the VW 507 rating. You can ask your local dealer what they recommend. Most dealers use Mobil One ESP as bulk for diesels.


Does VW still make a Beetle Model?

The VW beetle line has just finished production oce again with model year 2011. It is possible that the line may return once again as it was revivied from the past once before.

- - - - -

The 2013 VW model lineup contains two Beetle models: a hardtop Beetle and a convertible Beetle. The car is longer than the "New Beetle" and, to me, looks more like a rear-engine Beetle than the "New Beetle" did.

VW Golf

Oil engine type for vw golf 1997 1.8l?

Use a brand name 20W-50 conventional or 5W-50, 5W-40, or 15W-50 synthetic.

VW New Beetle

How many Volkswagen convertible Coca-Cola edition cars were produced?


Headlights Tail and Brake Lights

How do you replace the headlight bulb in a Volkswagen CC?

VW Volkswagen CC headlight bulb replacement: Purchase the correct replacement headlight bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the headlight bulb replacement procedure. As simple as it sounds, the owner's manual is the best place to start for bulb replacement instructions and illustrations. You may want to consider replacing both left and right at the same time in order to keep brightness and color equal (optional).

Starters and Ignition Systems

How do you change starter on VW bus?

First, unhook the battery. Changing a starter on a Bus is much more difficult than it is on any other aircooled VW. It shouldn't be because it's a lot easier to get to the starter, but it is because the 17mm nut that holds the top bolt in, is all the way at the front of the engine compartment. (Back is where the door is.) If your Bus is 1972 or newer you don't have to work around the fan shroud because there isn't one--you just have to bypass the carbs or FI system. 1971 and older, you get to work your wrench around the fan shroud. Whatever you have to do to get a 17mm box wrench back there, you do. Anyway, once you've removed the nut from hell, it's not hard to get the starter out--it's on the right side of the transmission. There's one more bolt holding it in, plus the battery and bendix wires. Remove all those, pull out the old starter, insert a new one and..."installation is the reverse of removal."

VW New Beetle
VW Golf
VW Transporter

Where are VW cylinder numbers?

On VW aircooled engines (used in the old beetles) it is as follows.

Standing at the back of the vehicle, looking at the engine the cylinder on the left closest to you is #4, the one behind it (nearer to the front of the car) is #3. On the right side the one closest to you is #2, the one further away is #1


(front of car)

3 ---- 1

4 ---- 2

(rear of car)

Firing order is 1-4-3-2 just up dated this asit was wrong

Solar Power

What is the Volkswagen solar panel 1CO 915 687 used for?

It is a low amperage, DC voltage (up to 18.8V) trickle charger. It is only meant to be connected when the ignition is in the Off position, and is to be disconnected before starting the car. It's meant to accommodate some of the power drain from peripherals, and it helps to perk up the battery. It is, however, not a great way to charge a dead or dying battery due to its low current rating.

Serpentine Belts
VW Passat

How do you install a serpentine belt in VW Passat W8?

It's quite straight forward but it's in a tight space (need small hands).

To remove exisitng belt:

  • First remove the plastic air intake connected to the front of car to create a bit more space. And also remove the plastic engine cover.
  • Make sure the engine bay is well lit to help see what you are doing.
  • Take a crow bar/pry bar whatever to compress the hydraulic belt tensioner, to do this, place between the bottom of hydraulic tensioner and the tensioners lowest securing bolt.
  • When levering the pry bar you should see the tensioners hydraulic cylinder compress and the serpentine belt becoming loose. Keep pressure on the tensioner and remove belt from water pump pulley (the big pulley nearest top of engine). A second person may help to remove the belt if your hands are busy keeping the compression on the tensioner. The belt is now free to remove.
  • Insert new belt in correct configuration leaving the water pump pulley till last, repeat compression of tensioner and slip belt over the remaining water pump pulley
  • Ensure belt is lined up over each pulley properly, not over hanging etc. And check nothing has fallen down into engine bay.
  • Start engine to check everything is OK.
  • Replace air intake and engine cover.

What countries do VW make their cars in?

Germany, volkswagon means peoples car in German

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Volkswagen Group, the largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe, has many factories. They have factories in:









the United States (it's in Chattanooga, Tennessee)










Czech Republic






Bosnia and Herzegovina




Sunroofs and Moonroofs
VW Super Beetle
How To

How to install 73 Super Beetle sunroof?

Hi Bob, first of all buy the Bently manual for your year of bug. It is extremely helpful and pretty in depth on fixing things. I just did my wifes '72 and my '75. There is an inner panel you have to un-clip from the sun roof panel on the inside and slide it back and then you can see the tracks on either side of the Sun Roof. The handle by the rear view mirror rotates a gear that moves two externally splined cables back and forth. The Cables are connected to the Sun Roof panel by two semi-fragile pot metal like alum connectors. Either the small gear at the handle has stripped the cable (you should be able to hear a clicking noise), or the connectors are broken. If you can help move the panel back by hand as you turn the handle, then use the handle to finish opening it, then it's probably the stripped cable. If you can see the cables move when turning the handle and the panel doesn't move, then its the cable connectors. You should be able to see the cables on either side move. You will have to by new cables one way or the other. Not cheap. But it's sure nice to have it working in the summer. = Answer == Hi My name is Bob. I live in SE Massachuesetts. I just got a '73 Super Beetle with a sunroof. I've been trying to find out how to take a sunroof out that does not crank at all. I've soaked the area around the sunroof with magic mystory oil and WD-40 for a few days now. I may have a source on how to install a sunroof.... My Email is Bob

Car Batteries
VW New Beetle
VW Beetle Type 1

Can you fit a third rear seat belt on a vw beetle?


VW Passat
Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

What is the cost of a CCM for a 1999 VW passat?

£350 to £450 not including fitting

VW Beetle Type 1
Air-Cooled VW

What is the oil capacity for a 1971 super beetle?

2.8 quarts. We usually just add a full 3 quarts. Be sure to clean the filter/screen, and replace all the little gaskets - one per nut (6 total) plus the two big paper gaskets that fit one above and one below the filter/screen. The 6mm bolts are delicate, do not over tighten, or they WILL strip easily.

- - - - -

The engine holds 2500 ml of oil, or a little over 2.6 quarts. Don't put any more than that in there because the engine has very high startup oil pressure. If you put even a little too much oil in a Bug you will pop the main seal right out of the engine, which causes it to leak. This is why everyone thinks Volkswagens all leak. They don't, unless you make them leak and this is how.


When did Morad Behbehani introduce Volkswagen to Kuwait?

Cuz he felt like it

English to German

What does Volkswagen mean?

Literally-- it means "The people's car"

Volks-- people

Wagen- Car, automobile, wagon, etc.

Turbo and Superchargers
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Nissan 300ZX

What does a turbo intercooler do?

An intercooler is placed in the airflow path between the turbocharger and the engine intake in order to cool the air after it has been compressed by the turbo. Compressing air heats it up. By cooling it back down, the air becomes denser. This means more air molecules go into the cylinder. This (when mixed with the proper amount of fuel) increases engine power compared to a non-intercooled engine.


What Volkswagen ABS brake light means?

Each wheel has magnetic or optical sending units that tell the computer the speed that each wheel is turning at. When you apply the brakes the computer reads the relationship of speed that each wheel slows down at. If even one wheel is reading a different speed of deceleration than the others, there is obviously a problem with that wheels brake system. it could be worn pads, worn rotors. stuck caliper, or the speed sensing unit could be defective, any of these conditions will trigger the computer to send a malfunction signal to the dashboard lighting up the ABS light. A simple test can determine the fault done by a code reader. or you can save money by visually inspecting the brake components.

Is the light on when you start the engine? or does it come on when you apply the brakes. If always on the computer needs to be reset then see when the light comes back on. If it comes right back on, without applying the brakes, probably a bad speed sensor or worse, a defective computer.

Let me know,

Slogans and Mottos

What famed two-world ad slogan did William Bernbach dream up to launch the Volkswagen Beetle?

Drivers Wanted "Think Small" And it was Bill Bernbach. No one called him William.

Spark Plugs and Wires
Chevy Celebrity
VW Golf

How hard is it to change spark plugs and what is the gap on these spark plugs for a 2002 Golf GLS Volkswagen?

It is pretty easy to change spark plugs on most cars. Buy a Haynes manual at an auto parts store; it will walk you though it step-by-step. The gap should be listed on a sticker either by the radiator or the underside of the hood. It is usually possible to by pre-gapped spark plugs, but you should still check them.

For the 1.8t engine -> It is not too hard. Just take off the plastic cover, undo the Allen bolts around the square things, pull out the long plastic tube thing and use a spark plug socket. The gap is .028. I had the guy at the auto parts store gap the new spark plugs.

Business Accounting and Bookkeeping
Tally Accounting Software

Different types of voucher in tally?

Vouchers types

  1. Payments
  2. Receipts
  3. Sales
  4. Purchases
  5. Journals
  6. Debit Notes
  7. Credit Notes
  8. Delivery Challans
  9. Goods Inward
  10. Goods Outward
  11. Stock Journals
  12. Physical Stock Vouchers
  13. Contras
  14. Memos
  15. Sales Orders
  16. Purchase Orders
  17. Rejection Notes
  18. Reversing Journal
VW Jetta

How much does the vw jetta sportwagen cost?

18,000 to 25,000

VW New Beetle
New York

Where is horn located on 2001 vw new beetle?

Look underneath the drivers side of the front bumper.


Why might a 1974 VW Beetle be consuming too much fuel?

A little more information about the layout of the engine would be nice. Beetles that have been modified have all kinds of issues. I had a 1974 super beetle and used to work on a lot of German cars and old VWs in particular. I don't know if you have the original engine in the car. Assuming you have a carburetor it could need to be adjusted to lean the fuel mixture. Also a new air filter may help. You should do all the things any other car would need checked, air pressure in the tires, oil level, tune up. Part of tuning the engine would be adjusting the valves. Also on a beetle you need to be very careful and check for gas leaks. The hose from the gas tank (front of car)to the carburetor (back of car) is notorious for leaking. You could be leaking fuel and if it is leaking near the engine it can catch on fire. Many VWs have caught on fire because of this. So make sure you check for leaking gas. You could be losing a lot of fuel from that or even the fuel tank leaking from rust. The fuel hoses always get old and brittle and leak. It is easy to replace. Good luck!

Just another thought, but I'm in the proccess of replacing my wife's '72 Super's carb and when i took off the stock one it was really dirty on the INSIDE. You might try some carburetor cleaner, that may be enough to set things right. Some times it's the simple things. Just follow the directions on the can. The Beetles are real sensitive on valve adjustments, you can really feel the difference on the power and regained fuel mileage if it been awhile since it was done. At LEAST every other oil change.


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