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VW New Beetle

The VW New Beetle was a compact car manufactured by the German automaker Volkswagen from 1997 to 2010. This model was inspired by the design of the original VW Beetle, which was produced from 1938 to 2003.

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How do you remove the door panel and replace the side mirror on a Taurus - Sable?

The best description of this procedure, including photos, I have found is at kwmuth.com. Just follow the first 14 steps and then reverse them to install your new mirror assembly. See "Related Questions" below for direct link to the pdf file ok, it is very simple. all you have to do is take off the door panel, and if you have the tweeter in the corner of the door, you are going to have to take the screen off and undo the...
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How do you turn fog lights in 2000 vw golf?

the twisty thing that turns your lights on and off.. PULL on it. they should come on. ...
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 VW Beetle?

Here are 10 easy steps! 1. Ok, pop the hood. 2. Now look down into the front corner of the engine compartment to where the headlight is. You will see a black assembly tucked up in the fender. Yes you can access the inner fender from the engine compartment. The whole headlight assembly is close to 8" long. Since the driver side light is more interesting we will do that one. Yes you can get the drivers die headlamp out without touching...
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Does the 2001 vw bug have a ipod plug already installed or not?

No it does not but you can have the dealer install one or a local car audio shop can do it. ...
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What does black smoke from vw tdi mean?

try changing all the filters especially diesel filter It means the fuel is not being burnt fully or too much is being injected. common causes are plugged air and fuel filters and bad timing. sometimes worn injectors can cause this also. this is common on very high mileage cars. ...
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What are mandates?

A mandate is when the federal government forces that states to comply to something they want done. For example: When the federal government wanted to raise the drinking age to 21 years old there was a state (Michigan i think) that refused. The government then said that they would not give them the money to pay for a project they needed to complete, but the state said they did not care, they would not raise the drinking age. then the government said...
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Do rear wheel drive cars have rear wheel bearings?

Yes, all wheels run on wheel bearings. The noise could be a worn or damaged bearing, rust on the brake drum or disk, sticking parking brake, or under-inflated tires. Many garages will do a free brake inspection and they should show you and explain the problem they find if any. Axles have ball bearings pressed on them and grease would be leaking from them if bad. Shocks can be noisy if you have unusual tire wear, cupping. Loose U-joint can be checked...
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How do you replace a bulb in the tail light of a 2002 VW Beetle?

This site had the steps for doing so and saving yourself a service charge. myvwlemon.com The process for changing the tail light bulbs for a 2002 New Beetle in my case a TDI is relatively simple. To remove the lense and gain access to the bulbs you first need to release the lense holder from inside the trunk by completely unscrewing the large plastic wing nut that is under a round plastic panel that's located almost directly behind the rear brake light...
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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2001 VW Beetle?

The 2001 headlight unit is held in place by a lever located behind each unit in the engine compartment. Some earlier units also had a locking clip. Moving the lever down releases the complete unit that can then be withdrawn out the front of the fender. Note: Road grit and general accumulations of dirt may make this less than smooth. After removing the whole unit the headlamp bulb is accesible by unclipping the cover at the rear of the unit and removing...
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What is the average car's lifetime mileage?

Ive heard of some volvo's Running well past 400,000 but they usually say "high milage" is 75,000 or more. Some may dissagree, but alot of imported cars run longer with less trouble. Not always true tho. This can be estimated from published figures on a country's vehicle miles, total number of vehicles and vehicle sold per year. Estimate rather than calculation as the last figure varies a lot between year and year. Roughly: US 160000 Australia 145000 UK 125000 Canada & France...
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If the turn signals on a 1969 Corvette suddenly stopped working what could be wrong?

Chevy Corvette Did you check the turn signal flasher unit? It's located behind the dash panel on the passengers side. It is NOT the flasher unit located on your fuse panel. The turn signal switch has a plug mounted on the steering column near the pedals. There are metal terminal ends crimped to the wires. Sometimes corrosion is a factor, or the terminal ends work apart. I used to back pin the plugs with my meter to check for continuity across the plug. ...
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Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2001 beetle?

Should be the same as my 2003, remove the air damn under the engine (four torque screws) drivers side knob with spout at bottom af radiator ...
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What is a safe tire pressure range?

This question needs to be more specifc to produce a reliable answer. The answer will vary depending on they kind of tire, the vehicle, and the use for which the tire is applied. If we're considering a car, light truck, SUV or other passenger vehicle, there is usually a placard on the door, in the glove compartment or the fuel compartment cover which specifies the best tire pressure for the vehicle. This may be as low as 24 psi or as...
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Which direction do you turn a nut?

Almost always, clockwise to tighten, counter clockwise to loosen. Every once in a while you will come across a left hand thread one, but rarely. ...
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How do you close the trunk of a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle if it does not catch?

Answer Yeah you can take it to the dealer but if you cant do that right now just do it manually. Take the key, put it in the trunk lock, turn it to the right then to the left and shut it by closing it holding the handle........that will definitely work :)...
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How do you make the tires spin on a rear wheel drive car?

Wait for a rainy day. Remove any extra weight from the rear of the car, such as "dead weight" in the trunk, like a spare tire or jack. Go to a mall with a large, outdoor parking lot. Ensure there's PLENTY of space in front of you, and get the car going 25-30 mph as you enter a shallowly puddled area of the parking lot. Cut the steering wheel HARD (either direction) and FLOOR the accelerator. That should do it. IMMEDIATELY LET OFF THE ACCELERATOR. STEER...
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Does a front wheel drive car need back wheel alignment?

If it is out of specification the rear, yes. If it is in specification, no. Makes sense, doesn't it! Some cars have adjustable alignment angles in the rear, and do indeed call for a four-wheel alignment. On many cars, there are no rear adjustments, but the front wheels should be aligned with respect to the rear, what is properly called a thrust-angle alignment. Unfortunately, many shops are not careful with their terminology and use the term "four-wheel alignment" when they really mean "thrust-angle...
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Can a vw beetle be towed behind motor home?

Yes. You'd be better off to check with the dealership for the manufacturer's recommended way to do this. ...
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Where are VW cylinder numbers?

On VW aircooled engines (used in the old beetles) it is as follows. Standing at the back of the vehicle, looking at the engine the cylinder on the left closest to you is #4, the one behind it (nearer to the front of the car) is #3. On the right side the one closest to you is #2, the one further away is #1 so: (front of car) 3 ---- 1 4 ---- 2 (rear of car) Firing order is 1-4-3-2 just up dated this asit...
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How do you change the spark plugs on a 1996 Nissan 300 ZX?

Answer 1. Remove the Coil packs along with it's connectors 2. In order to remove the back 2 coil packs there is a black tube called "Balance tube" remove that. 3. Remove the rest of the coil packs and connectors 4. Remove the spark plugs 5. *** DO NOT GAP THE PLUGS *** THE PLUGS YOU ORDER FROM AUTOZONE OR ORIELYS OR YOUR MAJOR PARTS STORE ARE ALREADY PRE-GAPPED. THAT GOES FOR TURBO CARS TOO. 6. install the new plugs and place everything bag...
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What is reverse polarity?

Reverse polarity is the opposite of normal polarity. Normal polarity in electronics is when you have the positive hooked up to the positive terminal and the negative to the negative terminal. Reverse polarity would be having the positive hooked up to the negative terminal and the negative to the positive terminal. The same concept can be used with magnets. ...
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How do you remove VW Lupo engine?

remove the front bumper lights and slam panel remove all the hoses, connectors, cv joints, exhaust, power steering pipe, fuel pipes undew the 3 engine mounts and drag it out the front with the gearbox ...
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How can you increase the top speed of a 2002 Ford F-150 with a 4.2 liter engine?

first off. its a 4.6 liter. pop into your local performance shop and pick up a super chip designed for the truck. one of the most popular in my area for gas engines is the brand Bully Dog. i use one myself, and for a gas engine its gives pretty good response. also shows your instant MPG or consumption. Transmission temp. and a few other nice perks. has multiple settings for different increases and also has a fuel saver option for...