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Car battery is the heart of the car’s electrical system. It usually refers to an SLI battery (starting, lighting, ignition). Automotive battery is a lead-acid, rechargeable battery that provides 12-volt potential difference from six cells connected in series.

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Car Batteries

Which end of battery is placed at the spring side?

With regular dry cell batteries, the flat negative (-) side always sits against the spring.

Car Batteries
Criminal Law

Can criminal charges be filed when a repo man attempts to take your car and hooks the car to the wrecker and moves the car while your kids are still in it?

Of course. It is called kidnapping. He should go to jail for that and the company needs to give you lots of money for your emotional distress and your kids of course. You probably won't work for a long long time and same for your kids. So yes you can.

Car Batteries
Ford Escort

What kind of battery do yo you need for a 1995 Ford Escort?

A six cell, wet charged 12 volt battery. The model bat that your car takes is in a book anyplace you could buy the battery. A store employee will be able to tell you which battery your car takes.

Car Batteries

Will a 12v car battery safely work for 9V 3.5A device?


Car Batteries
Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Where is the second battery on a Mercedes e class?

Not all E-class have two batteries, for the ones that do, one is under the hood and the other is in the trunk.

Car Batteries

How do you listen to radio without running battery down?

Turn the ignition key to the accessory position which is normally counterclockwise. Only the radio will be drawing power. If you have a good battery you could listen for a couple of hours without running the battery down. Any longer and the battery may go dead.

Make sure that the headlights are off; these may still remain on when the key is in the accessory position. Headlights will drain the battery very quickly.

It may also be advisable to run the engine for a few minutes every half-hour or so, to recharge the battery.

Car Batteries
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How To

How to change the battery in a key fob?

It's a two part sliding mechanism. Hold the key in your hand with the key bit pointing forward and the larger part of hosing to the right. Now with your thumb on the back of the fob supporting the thinner section and your other two fingers on the larger section, on the front of the fob. Push backwards with your two fingers supporting with your thumb. It is quit stiff so a fair bit of pressure is required.

AnswerOn a Hyundai factory-supplied key fob such as that used on the 2002 Sonata or XG350 there is a riveted leather strap connecting the key to the fob. Slide this strap to the side and you will see an opening between the halves of the fob. Stick a slim screwdriver into this opening and twist it until the two halves separate. This will expose the circuit board and the battery (usually a CR2032 3V lithium battery). Pop the battery out of its holder being careful not to lose the metal conductor/tab that connects the positive side of the battery to the circuit board. Make a note of how this metal conductor/tab sits within the battery "pocket" in case it falls out. Replace the battery making sure the conductor/tab is in place. Once the battery is popped into place it holds the confuter/tab in place as well. Make sure the dust/water o-ring surrounding the fob is intact and carefully press the two halves back together until they "snap" closed. Test that the fob works correctly by unlocking and locking the car doors. You should not need to program the fob if you are just replacing the battery.

Hope this helps those who were going as crazy as I was when all they wanted to do was replace a simple battery.

Car Batteries

How much do you get for recycling a car battery?

$5 in my area.

Car Batteries

What are reserve minutes in a car battery?

Reserve time is basically how long from fully charged a correctly working battery should last without an alternator to maintain the cars electrical draw. This varies from different battery companies and models and on a modern reliable, well serviced vehicle, buying one with a longer reserve is folly. Really only is needed on old cars which need lots of cranking or in really cold places.

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Car Starting Problems
Car Batteries

Can you use a stun gun to jump start your car?

Give the battery a shock, it should give your car a bit of a boost. MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT IT FIRST OR YOUR CAR MAY EXPLODE. (the shock may ignite the petrol).


Where on earth did you get a stun gun???

Absolutely no. A stun gun gives off a high voltage , very low current charge. Not enough to start a car. And the high discharge could destroy the electronic of the car just like a bolt of lightning.

Car Starting Problems
Car Batteries

My car won't start but the battery works?

So, you are saying the engine turns over but will not start? it takes 3 things for an engine to run. Fuel, Air, & Spark. You must determine which one of these you are missing. More than likely not air. So that leaves fuel & spark. Is the fuel pump running as soon as you turn on the ignition without starting the engine? It should run for a few seconds then shut down. If not, suspect the fuel pump fuse, relay, or the pump itself. Have you replaced the fuel filter in the last 36,000 miles? If not it may be clogged. Do you have fire at the spark plugs. It is a matter of elimination.

The battery is working, it is ok, you should check the starter and ignition.

Car Batteries
Chevy S-10

What is inside a lead acid battery?

sulfuric acid

and lead.

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Car Batteries

How do you test a voltage regulator?

You just need an accurate voltage meter.

Connect the meter to the poles of the battery. Start the engine and avoid spinning her up, even not for a short moment. The reading of the meter now can be anything; a reading lower than 12.6 volt indicates a weak battery.

Slowly increase the engine speed. The meter reading should increase too, but will get "catched" at an engine speed somewhere at 1000 rpm. (8001200) From then on the reading will stay "locked". It should be 13.8V; 0.5V higher or lower is the limit of what is acceptable. A voltage too high is NOT good: it will ruin your battery and wear out bulbs and other equipment!

A voltage regulator is good when the reading hardly reacts to change of engine speed or to adding power consumers like electric window heaters or main headlights.

Ans 2: sometims the voltage regulator is faulty when the remainder of the alternator is OK so it's worth considering replacing the regulator first because it is less expensive and sometimes it can be removed and replaced without taking the alternator off the car.

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Car Batteries

Car has no power but battery is fully charged?

The first thing you should check is the cables themselves. If they have excessive corrosion they cannot send the power to the electrical system. Remove them from the battery and clean them, and the posts, with a Wire Brush. If it's a late model vehicle you can check for power at the Main Fuse, usually located under the hood. Will your lights come on ?

Car Batteries

Will a bad battery ruin a new alternator?

Yes, it can. A completely dead battery can blow the alternator diodes, at least in older systems - I am not so certain about newer systems, whether or not they are protected against this annoyance. In any case, the alternator is not generally designed to charge a battery from scratch, but just to keep it charged during normal use. The alternator will not be completely ruined, but it will not function until the diodes are replaced.

Car Batteries

Who makes Rayovac car batteries?

They are manufactured by Deka/East Penn Battery in the USA under license from Spectrum Brands of Madison, Wisconsin. They are distributed by Batteries Plus.

Car Batteries

Does antifreeze help keep your car running cooler?

Yes. The purpose of anti-freeze/coolant in twofold. It keeps the coolant from freezing and keeps the engine coolant from boiling over. Modern engines run at temperatures above the boiling point of water. Anti-freeze helps raise the boiling point above 212 degrees thus preventing overheating. Always add a 50/50 mix of the correct anti-freeze for your application and distilled water. Never use tap water and never run an engine without anti-freeze.

Car Batteries
Suzuki Motorcycles

How do you remove a battery from a Suzuki sj50 scooter?

The battery is inside the floor pan on the right side. Undo the single screw and then slide out the battery.

Car Batteries

Did Mercedes buy Chrysler?

At one time Mercedes did own Chrysler from 1998 to 2007 when it sold it interest to a private equity firm in New York. The Italian automaker Fiat then bought a 25% interest in Chrysler and it is now called Chrysler Group LLC. Mercedes has no interest in Chrysler as of 2007.

-> Mercedes never owned over 49 % of Chrysler, but unfortunately Fiat now owns 51 %. So they are destroying the name Chrysler and Dodge in Europe and sell Chryslers as Lancias (cars with a very very very bad reputation in Europe and only bought by Italians) and now they replace Dodges with the Fiat name (even worse, reputation as Lancia, with a very bad reselling value, due to its bad quality (rust, mechanical etc.)). Fiat is responsible, that Chrysler only sells cars with less than 3 Litres engines in Europe, even as the buyers prefer those huge V8 5,7 and 6,4 Litres, Hemis and so and they do not want to buy neither a Lancia nor a Fiat.

Now (2012) Fiat starts to sell a Lancia as Dodge in America and I am sure, you will get your eyes opened about its quality. I am sure, this destroys the name Dodge im America, too, unfortunately.

Car Batteries
Chevy Cobalt

How do you change battery on 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt?

Open up the trunk

Remove the wood/carpet cover in the back.

Unbolt the strap for the battery and remove it.

Unbolt the bolts on the +/- sides of the battery.

Remove the battery.

Car Batteries

How is battery voltage related to electrical energy?

Voltage is the amount of energy in each coulomb of charge that passes through the battery. This means that the energy is the voltage times the time-integral of the current. For a constant current:

E = V I t


E = Energy in Joules

V = Voltage in Volts

I = Current in Amps

t = time in seconds

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VW Beetle Type 1
Air-Cooled VW

Where is the battery in a 1967 VW Beetle?

under the rear seat

Car Batteries
Kawasaki Motorcycles

Battery location 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 500R?

Take the seat off- your battery is towards the front of that compartment (near the gas tank), right under that pack of wires. You'll be able to see the contacts on either side of the wires and vacuum hoses.

Car Batteries

Where does the neg battery cable hook up at besides battery?

Anywhere on the engine block or the chassis of the vehicle. Just make sure you have a good clean solid connection with metal.

EDIT: Make Sure it is a Negative-Ground car if you do this! Some 12-volt cars in the early '60's were positive ground; a lot of old 6-volt cars were, too. Google your car or get a Hayne's or Chilton's mannual if not sure. Reversing the battery will cause melted wires and destroyed diodes in the alternator, if you have one.

Car Batteries
Home Electricity

How do you wire in the ammeter on a battery charger?

In series


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