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The Lexus IS is an entry-level luxury car manufactured by Lexus from 1998 to present. The series was initially distributed as Toyota Altezza in Japan until the launch of the Lexus brand and the 2nd generation Lexus IS model in 2006.

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Does a double din size radio fit in 2001 Lexus is 300?

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I am almost positive.

What are radio wiring colors for Lexus is300?

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Color codes for Lexus is300 radio

Is the 2009 Lexus IS-250 front wheel drive rear wheel drive or four wheel drive?

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The 2009 Lexus IS-250 has rear wheel drive.

How do you remove a stuck CD from a Lexus is 300. the 6 disc changer says its not their but i know its in their...?

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This is an involved procedure, but it's not rocket science. All it takes is two screw drivers (flat and Philips) and some patience. Any surface you don't want scratched needs to be

covered by masking tape or a rag (if it's a horizontal surface). READ THE ENTIRE PROCEDURE FIRST. Then take your time and get started!

If you feel comfortable with a little DIY, then it's pretty simple. First take some masking

tape and cover the trim around the Head Unit stack, from the traction control switches all the way up to the vents and tray. This stuff scratches easy and the tape will protect it.

Cover the center console around under the head unit with some paper or a rag to protect

it from scratches.

Next, get a flat headed screw driver and pop off the felt liner of the tray (unless you happen

to have a nav unit, then you're on your own). This will expose some Philips screws which you

can remove and then remove the tray.

Now the stack is exposed, you can remove the vents and then the controls. Be sure to label

where the connectors go! Just use some masking tape. After the vents and controls have been

removed, you will have to remove the traction control/seat heater buttons to expose the lower screws of the head unit. To remove the buttons/holder, gently pull the holder toward

you. It should just snap out. You will have to remove the cables from the buttons, BE SURE TO LABEL WHERE THESE CABLES GO!

Now you've got just the head unit left. Remove the lower screws that you just exposed. The head

unit and bracket are essentially "hanging" from the upper bracket on two posts. Pull the head unit upward then toward you. Keep in mind you won't get far because of all the cables. With the head unit unseated from it's attachment points, you can gently remove

the connectors from the back. AGAIN, LABEL WHERE THE CABLES GO. In my experience,

the antenna cable is the most difficult to remove and replace. It may also make this

easier if you cut the electrical tape that holds the antenna cable to one of the other cables

first (be sure to cut the tape and not the cables!).

Now you have the head unit unplugged and removed. The CD stacker is exposed from

the back now. The CD stacker is simply some very thin plastic edge holders where the

CDs stacked on top of two posts held in by a retention plate and a spring. In theory, simply

remove the retention plate, remove the holders, remove the CDs and replace it all. However,

The spring which is connected to the retention plate goes all the way under the assembly and

is a %$#$% to replace if you are not careful. First, make sure to put some masking tape on both ends of the spring before remove it from the retention plate. This will keep the spring from coming out and shooting across the room!

Now that you have the spring secured, remove both ends from the retention plate and then

remove the retention plate. Now you should be able to remove all the holders and remove the CDs. Now, put all the holder back on the two posts, replace the retention plate, then

reconnect the spring to both ends of the retention plate. REMOVE the masking tape

from the spring!

This entire process will take you about 1-2 hours depending on how comfortable

you feel and how hard the connectors are to remove. I've done this several times

to my 2001 IS to fix CD jams, install an iPod connector, etc. It was tough the first

time, but it got a lot easier subsequent times. I did not heed the masking

tape warnings the first time and scratched the trim around the traction

control area!

Before putting everything completely back together, it's a good idea to plug the

head unit back in and turn the power on to make sure everything is working. Best

to test it while it's apart rather than discovering it after you put it back together.

When putting the Head Unit stack back together, first connect the cables, then hang

it back on the two posts followed by the lower screws. Then replace the traction control/seat heater switch connectors and slide the assembly back under the head

unit. Replace the control assembly connectors, and then sit it back on top of the head

unit. Replace the vent assembly, followed by the tray. Put the screws back in the

tray and finally snap the felt liner back in place. Done! Now you are a trained/experienced

Head Unit Technician!

This will come in handy if it breaks and you have to replace it. Lexus wants $1500 + labor!

How do you remove the side mirror for a Lexus IS300?

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Asked by Wiki User take a look, it should help

How many horsepower does the engine in the 2008 Lexus IS-250 have?

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The 2008 Lexus IS-250's engine produces 204 hp @ 6400 rpm.

How do you do a cam on a 350?

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What is the 0-60 time for 2007 Lexus IS350?

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According to Road & Track, 5.6 seconds with a 14.2 1/4 mile.

What is the rear head room of the 2013 Lexus IS-350?

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The 2013 Lexus IS-350 has 36.7 in. of rear head room.

How do you remove Lexus is300 seats?

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There are four bolts per seat for the front passenger and front drivers seats. There are two electrical connectors that must be disconnected before you pull the seat out. The four bolts are located on the bottom of the rail. two under removal plastic on the backseat floor and two in the front of each seat accessed by putting the seat as far back as you can. The rear seat has a bolt that secures in the middle rear of the seat. you can see it by pushing the seat toward the fron of the vehicle. like you were looking for a quarter that fell in the crack. Good luck.

What is the basic warranty on the 2014 Lexus IS-250?

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The 2014 Lexus IS-250 has a 4 yr./ 50000 mi. basic warranty.

How do you set Garage Door Opener On 2008 Lexus IS250?

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There are 3 programmable Homelink buttons you can use for different remotes. Just to the right of the buttons there is an indicator light.

Decide which button you want to program. Point the none battery end of your remote 1"-3" away from the Homelink panel and press both the remote and desired Homelink button down and hold them down at the same time. After about 20 seconds, the Homelink indicator light will change from a slow flashing to a rapid flashing. You can then release both buttons,

If the garage door responds to the Homelink, your done! If not, your garage door uses a rolling codes transmitter and must be trained.

Find the training button on your garage door opener's transmitter (usually mounted on the ceiling). Press the training button and within 30 seconds press and release the programmed Homelink button twice. If the garage door opener operates, you're done! If not, press and release the Homelink button a third time and the garage door should respond. If it still does not, you may have a very old garage door opener with a none digital transmitter (like I did). In that case, you either need to buy a new opener or try to replace the transmitter with a modern digital unit (as I did). Advantage: cheaper than a whole new garage door opener.

Disadvantage: The newer openers incorporate safety features that my old opener does not have.

Is the Lexus car made in the US?

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NO. All Lexus vehicles except the RX350 are made in Japan. The RX350 is made in Ontario, Canada. None are made in the U.S.

What kind of fuel does the 2009 Lexus IS-250 use?

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The 2009 Lexus IS-250 runs on premium unleaded (required).

What does Lexus look like?

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she is an odd type and short but very fun and happy all the time.

How do I change the oil in a Lexus IS 300 WHere is the oil filter located?

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under the car remove the 3 screw on the under panel on the driver side. Bend the under panel out of the way there is a crease on it. shine a light to see the filter.

You also can actually see the oil filter from atop the motor, its on the drivers side right above the exhaust manifold, i just changed the oil and the filters the other day and i used my hands to take it off. If you have slim hands then you will be able to do it right from the top of the motor versus having to take off all that stuff on the bottom of the car.