Batteries are sources of chemical energy that are used in circuits to provide electrical energy for a wide range of useful devices. Any questions and answers regarding batteries or other power supplies would be welcome here.

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Which end of battery is placed at the spring side?

With regular dry cell batteries, the flat negative (-) side always sits against the spring.


What are two main parts of a battery?

Electrodes... Positive (anode) and Negative (cathode) electrodes which are attached to the terminals. The electrodes provide the chemical energy which is converted to a flow of electrons.

And the electrolyte, the electrolyte separates the electrodes but allows for the passages of electrons and ions for the electro-chemical reaction of the electrodes.


Can a cucumber fruit extract be able to produce electricity?


Electricity will be produced wherever two different metals are immersed in an electrolyte. In this case, the fruit or vegetable juice acts as the electrolytic solution that allows ionic motion.

Lemons and Potatoes are well known fruits and vegetables that work as a battery and a cucumber has much of the same properties. To ensure the best result, make sure you use a zinc and a copper wire to plug into the cucumber. Other metals will work and you can find lists which give information about which metal are most dissimilar. This is called a galvanic series.

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Will a 12v car battery safely work for 9V 3.5A device?


Car Batteries

How do you listen to radio without running battery down?

Turn the ignition key to the accessory position which is normally counterclockwise. Only the radio will be drawing power. If you have a good battery you could listen for a couple of hours without running the battery down. Any longer and the battery may go dead.

Make sure that the headlights are off; these may still remain on when the key is in the accessory position. Headlights will drain the battery very quickly.

It may also be advisable to run the engine for a few minutes every half-hour or so, to recharge the battery.

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How to change the battery in a key fob?

It's a two part sliding mechanism. Hold the key in your hand with the key bit pointing forward and the larger part of hosing to the right. Now with your thumb on the back of the fob supporting the thinner section and your other two fingers on the larger section, on the front of the fob. Push backwards with your two fingers supporting with your thumb. It is quit stiff so a fair bit of pressure is required.

AnswerOn a Hyundai factory-supplied key fob such as that used on the 2002 Sonata or XG350 there is a riveted leather strap connecting the key to the fob. Slide this strap to the side and you will see an opening between the halves of the fob. Stick a slim screwdriver into this opening and twist it until the two halves separate. This will expose the circuit board and the battery (usually a CR2032 3V lithium battery). Pop the battery out of its holder being careful not to lose the metal conductor/tab that connects the positive side of the battery to the circuit board. Make a note of how this metal conductor/tab sits within the battery "pocket" in case it falls out. Replace the battery making sure the conductor/tab is in place. Once the battery is popped into place it holds the confuter/tab in place as well. Make sure the dust/water o-ring surrounding the fob is intact and carefully press the two halves back together until they "snap" closed. Test that the fob works correctly by unlocking and locking the car doors. You should not need to program the fob if you are just replacing the battery.

Hope this helps those who were going as crazy as I was when all they wanted to do was replace a simple battery.


What is 4ah in battery terms?

Ah means Ampere hours. A 4 Ah battery can release 4 amps for one hour, or 1 amp for 4 hours, or 0.5 amps for 8 hours, or 8 amps for 0.5 hours.


Who makes the battery for the Apple iPad?

The batteries are made in Taiwan by Simplo Technology (60%) and Dynapack International Technology.

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Who invented the lemon battery?

alessandro volta


What is type of battery used in ups systems?

Check out this website It should help!

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What are reserve minutes in a car battery?

Reserve time is basically how long from fully charged a correctly working battery should last without an alternator to maintain the cars electrical draw. This varies from different battery companies and models and on a modern reliable, well serviced vehicle, buying one with a longer reserve is folly. Really only is needed on old cars which need lots of cranking or in really cold places.

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How do you sue for assault and battery?

There are two concepts here: the Criminal offense of "Assault and Battery", and the Civil tort of "Damages from Assault" (the latter may have a different name in your jurisdiction).

The Criminal offense case is determined by the local district attorney (after an investigation by the police), and is a criminal case of the State vs the defendant (who committed the A&B). You, the victim, are evidence in the State's case. The outcome of a conviction here is that the perpetrator of the A&B may have to (a) serve jail time (b) serve community service (c) undergo various therapy classes (e.g. anger management, etc.), and/or (d) pay monetary damages to the victim. The exact details of the punishment are left to the judge to decide, based on the circumstances of the case.

The Civil tort (lawsuit) pits the victim of the assault as the complainant and the perpetrator of the assault as the defendant. The victim should retain a civil lawyer who specializes in civil injury claims, who will help press your case in Civil court. Likewise, the defendant should retain the services of a civil defense lawyers who specializes in personal injury law. A "win" in the suit will generally result in only one thing: money to be paid from the defendant to the plaintiff.

There is a third option in most places: sue in Small Claims Court, if your damages are within fairly low limits (which vary by jurisdiction). It proceeds in the manner described in the preceding paragraph, but the procedure in Small Claims Court is less formal.


What is a battery end called?

The battery ends are called electrodes. They're further divided into anodes (the electrodes where electrons leave a battery), and cathodes (the electrodes where electrons enter a battery).

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Dell Vostro 1200 Battery Maintenance Tip?

  • Do not dump too many programs in to your laptop. You may argue that today's processors can handle any number of programs; well- it is partially true. Laptop processors are way more delicate than desktop processors, the more programs you load on your laptop, more it will be pushed to the limit and may breakdown at some point. Have a look at your programs atleast once a week and remove the unwanted ones, the tiny ones even.
  • Do not let too many unwanted processes run in your laptop. Check the processes that are running on your laptop, google their names and know whether it is a must needed one or an unwanted one. If it is an unwanted one, make sure you stop them and also make sure that they don't start automatically on your next restart (You can do this will the help of options like msconfig , get proper help if you not sure about which process to stop).
  • It is not a sin to play games on your laptop. But loading a game that is 30GB and playing it all the time can seriously jeopardize the performance of your laptop parts (processor, keyboard etc). Load games that does not stress the processor or play online games, this will keep your laptop going for a long long time.
  • Never plugin the charger to the laptop until the laptop battery is dry. Imagine your laptop just like a mobile, when you are using it, you should only use it without the charger being plugged in. This practice will increase your laptop battery life tremendously!
  • Do not use any liquid that is not recommended to clean your laptop screens, laptop screens have delicate coatings on them and if you use a wrong chemical to clean it, it may ruin the screen permanently. Use a dry cloth to clean your laptop screens, keep your laptop away while you are eating or drinking and dont clean your screen too often.
  • One of the laptop parts that gets quickly affected because of bad usage is the disc players in the laptop. The players are not your coffee stand , always remember and do not burn CD/DVD unless and until it is much needed. Burning DVDs often will decrease the life of the players as well as the batteries as disc burning consumes lot of power!
  • Do not use more than one anti virus in your laptop (malware is also an anti virus remember). Having too anti viruses may lead to some unwanted / heavy processes to be started. So better have one light anti virus version like the Microsoft security essentials or AVG (will never recommend McAfee or Norton as they are too heavy for a laptop).
  • Please use your desktop to do things like rendering a complex media file etc. Laptop processors have limited capabilities and cannot handle things like rendering a complex animation file for hours together.
  • Do not plugin things like USB fans or other fancy items to showup when the laptop is running on batteries, laptops are never designed to run them and it will make your battery dead in no time.
  • It is better to sell your laptop and buy a latest one than to upgrade individual parts in the laptop. Since the components of the laptop are designed to match precisely, the chance of an upgrade component like the processor to fit all the other parts in the laptop happens only once in a while.
  • Use free programs like ccleaner and clean unwanted files once in a while , do disk defragmentation atleast once in a month and make sure the partitions in the laptop are equally done.
  • Do not let your laptop heatup. If your laptop is hot, it either means that there is no proper ventilation or processor is stressed. In this case, you can turn off the laptop for a while and then turn it on.
  • Treat your laptop like a friend and not like a mere electronic gadget. This way, you will not feel stressed while maintaining your laptop.
  • More news to
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What is inside a lead acid battery?

sulfuric acid

and lead.

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Is a battery considered electricity?

The battery is not electricity. A battery is a device that stores energy in the form of

chemical energy.

When energy is taken out of the battery, it comes out in the form of electrical energy.

And if the battery is rechargable, then energy is put into it also in the form of electrical



There is sometimes a confusion, amongst non-technical people when discussing electrical items. A distinction is made between an AC mains operated device and a battery operated device. Calling the mains device 'electric' and the other 'battery'.

A battery operated device is also 'electric', The current is DC and the voltage usually a lot lower (and safer) than the domestic supply.

So yes. A battery operated device is electric. Batteries do produce electricity.

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Car has no power but battery is fully charged?

The first thing you should check is the cables themselves. If they have excessive corrosion they cannot send the power to the electrical system. Remove them from the battery and clean them, and the posts, with a Wire Brush. If it's a late model vehicle you can check for power at the Main Fuse, usually located under the hood. Will your lights come on ?


What was the first battery made of?


how far back in time are you going because they had batteries 1000+ years ago

but they were very ineffective, probably used for inflicting pain



What dangerous chemicals do batteries have in them?


(zinc-manganese dioxide).Oxy nickel hydroxide

(zinc-manganese dioxide/oxy nickel hydroxide)


(lithium-copper oxide)


(lithium-iron disulfide)


(lithium-manganese dioxide)


Mercury oxideZinc-airSilver-oxide (silver-zinc)

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What is the song called on the chalet girl advert?

"Upside Down" by Paloma Faith


If a battery is dropped in water can it die?

No the battery will not totally die but water may cause some damage to battery.normally all the

batteries are water proof and they are not effected with water if water doesn't enter inside it and make a chemical reaction with it's electrolyte or whatever according to battery type.

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Can a simple burglary charge drop to a misdomeanor?

The prosecutor may choose to amend the charges to a misdemeanor in exchange for a guilty plea if the facts and history are right.

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How is battery voltage related to electrical energy?

Voltage is the amount of energy in each coulomb of charge that passes through the battery. This means that the energy is the voltage times the time-integral of the current. For a constant current:

E = V I t


E = Energy in Joules

V = Voltage in Volts

I = Current in Amps

t = time in seconds

Dell Laptops

Dell Vostro 1000 laptop is very slow battery life at10min when fully charged some setting gone wrong changed and cant be changed back and internet connection not working how can it be fix?

First the hardware fix and from what you have described the laptop you have needs to be examined by a Qualified Dell Technician. Then there is the double posting - please do not post the same question twice as only one answer will be given.

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How do you wire in the ammeter on a battery charger?

In series


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