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A scooter is a two-wheeled motorized vehicle with a small engine, providing an economical means of transportation. Minibikes (sometimes called "pocketbikes") have the same purpose, though they are normally used for amusement.

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Scooters and Mini-Bikes

How many gallons of gas does a vespa hold?

About 6 quarts. 1 and 1/2 gallon .

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In the film 'Alfie' what type of Vespa is he riding?

He's riding a Vespa GT200 50cc.

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

How do you make a 50cc dirt bike air filter?

just buy one

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How do you make kick scooter?

You can buy parts from doggscooters or luckyscoot both are dot com sites.

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

Wiring diagram for a loncin 50cc engine?

motorcycle turns over but no spark

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

How heavy is the Razor Ultra Pro LO scooter?

i have just weighed mine and it is 9.3 pounds.

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Do 50cc 2 stroke engines have engine oil?

Yes and no. 2 strokes do not have oil like a car, meaning in the crankcase. the oil is mixed with the fuel and introduced into the engine through either the carburetor or an oil injection set up. the oil/fuel mix is burned in the engine. that's why 2 strokes smoke so much.

and on most small two strokes the gearbox is a separate compartment containing engine oil like a regular engine.

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How do you charge a 110cc 4 stroke pocket bike?

hi, pretty much all 110cc pocket bikes are self charging if battery is dead you may want to get a new battery or there may be something wrong with your charging system.

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Wiring diagram for 50 cc quad pocket bike?


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What car can you drive off a cbt license?


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How do you shift gears on a 50cc dirt bike?

You do on most of them, such as the Honda CRF 50, but it is generally an automatic clutch, making it much easier to ride them. The CRF 50 has 3 gears.

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

Does Dakota Schuetz scoot?


Scooters and Mini-Bikes

How do you remove JD Bug scooter handle bars?

You loosen your collar clamp. With one hand hold the fork where the front wheel is, with the other hand spin the handlebars whilst holding the fork. Eventually they will just slip out.

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

How much do razor ultra pro lo bars weigh?

800 grams

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

Does Dakota Schuetz scooter?


Scooters and Mini-Bikes

How do I adjust the governor and get more speed out of the doodle bug 30?

I added a link to a doodlebug website that will help with getting the most out of your doodlebug db30

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Is a 49cc mini bike street legal in Iowa?

most likely it's not. anything in Iowa has to have a plate on it to be street legal.

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What is better a slam or razor deck?

none, they are both bad, get an mgp instead

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Are razor E200 Electric Scooters illegal in the US?

No, the scooters are not illegal unless the store says they are.

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

What are the names of bike stunts?

SIT DOWN WHEELIE -self explanitory

STAND UP WHEELIE - self explanitory

NAC NAC -stand up wheelie with right leg behind left leg sticking out to the left side.

CAN CAN - revers of a Nac Nac, with right leg IN FRONT of left leg sticking out.

NOSE GRAB -Stand up wheelie with left hand over the windscreen grabbing nose of bike. Most easily done on gixxers due to sharp nose.

FENDER GRAB - same as nose grab..slightly harder stunt grabbing the front wheel's fender guard.

ONE HANDED WHEELIE -self explanitory. Left hand usually off clip on

SideSaddle wheelie- sitting sidesaddle with both legs on one side while wheelying.

sidesaddle Tank wheelie- sitting sidesaddled on the tank while wheelying.

HIGH CHAIR WHEELIE - legs over the handlebar two handed wheelie

CandyBar / Banana Split- One leg over the handlebar, one leg on the peg stand up wheelie.

Crossed Highchair wheelie- sitting over handlebar with legs crossed wheelie.

TAIL GRAB -One handed stunt involving the left hand holding onto the tail section/tail light

12 o Clock Wheelie -stand up or sit down wheelie with the front wheel pointing straight up vertically at a 90 degree angle from the pavement.

10 o clock Wheelie - Wheelies you do at 10 o clock at nite when theres no one around..hahahha just kidding...this is a basic wheelie angle to achieve. Most balance points can be met around this area.

Rolling Endo - reverse wheelie with the rear wheel in the air while rolling to a stop on the frontt wheel.

STOPPIE - Short distant rolling endo that brings the rear end up quick and holds that stance for a split second before crashing downards. Precursor to learning the rolling endo.

Crowning Endo/crossup Stoppie- sitting over the handlebar and doing a rolling endo. ( dedicated to btb f4i)

Tank Stoppie - sitting on gas tank stoppie.

Fender Grab Stoppie- One handed stoppie while reaching over the front and grabbing the front fender.

Tail Grab Stoppie - One handed stoppie with left hand holding onto tail section.

Skitch Stoppie - skitching off the side of the bike while bike is doing a rolling endo right next to you. ( don't ask me how you do it, i just saw it on the Wheelie Boys video )

Crossed-over Stoppie - doing a one handed stoppie with the RIGHT hand off the brakes, and braking with the left hand. (LVX )

Weber Stoppie- 346 feet rolling endo at about 120 mph.

Sloppy Stoppie- badly attempted stoppie where the front wheel skids instead of rolling. Too much weight on the rear, and not enough over the front.

FENDER DRAG - 12 o clock wheelie or more until rear fender scrapes against the ground, or cut off fender and pull by rope.

Christ - Standing on either tank or seat while assuming the pose of Jesus christ.

LEAP OF FAITH - standing on seat, and taking as high of a leap as possible into the air to land onto the tank. Ninja/Karate mid air antics are encouraged.

Leap Of Death - Standing on the rear passenger seat and jumping to the tank. Perfected by team something from the mid west. Looks awesome, but dents the tank easily.

Switchback - while riding down the road, jump or climb around so that your back is facing the front of the bike and riding backwards.

Reverse Christ- doing a christ while facing toward the tail of the bike. ( judgment day)

Skitching - sliding on your feet off to either sides of the bike or the rear of the bike.

Arch- two man skitching side by side with their feet touching each other forming an arch.

Jedi Knight - Rodeo style skitching on the right side of the bike, kicking your feet up and over the bike then landing on the other side and still skitching. Named and perfected by JT Holt.

Tank handstand- doing a hand stand on the tank while rolling down the street.

switch back hand stand- reverse handstand on the tank or seat while going down the road. A switch back into a handstand combo.

NIC NAC This trick is in honor of my boy Jun Dawg who was the first and only person to perform this trick. Stand up wheelie with right leg braced against the rear cowl and knee perfectly aligned with bike while hanging off the left side for dear life looking like a monkey on an elephant.

Rear Peg Wheelie - stand up wheelie on the rear pegs

FLAMINGO - standing on seat with one leg sticking out behind you wheelie

one legged side wheelie -( not actual name of stunt) standing on one side of bike with legs spread out while doing a wheelie.

TANK WHEELIE - self explanitory

ROLLING BURN OUT - rolling burn out while standing on feetpegs. Weight over front handlebars/clip-ons.

TONY SHAGDADDY COMBO WHEELIE - 2n gear stand up wheelie while changing lanes in traffic , signalling,flashing the highbeams on and off, and honking

One Handed Superman Wheelie - One handed wheelie with legs off the pegs, laying down with stomach on gas tank, legs splayed out behind you, flicking off the camera.

rolling burnout - self explanitory

crossup burn out- sittong on handlebar doing a rolling burnout.

Lay-Z Boy- sit on tank and slide back to a laying position.

»»BTB Inspired««

Surfer-Boy Wheelie- STanding with one foot on seat and one foot on tank wheelie. ( perfected by Matt of BTB )

Elevator - Jumping from the foot pegs to the tank into a christ. ( perfected by Tiff )

LAzy-E Boy Wheelie- sitting over handlebars, laying back on tank and doing a no look wheelie. ( perfected by Matt of BTB)

The Canadian Spin - Really fast tight circular burn out. ( performed by Preston of BTB )

The Droppie - Unintentionally dumping your bike in any form or fashion.

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

Where can you find internal engine parts piston bearings for a Mini Baja 5.5 HP Mini Bike?

Replacing the entire engine may be an easier solution since you can purchase a brand new 6.5HP engine from HARBOR FREIGHT or places like that for around $100-135

Some of the guys on the forum have swapped out the lifan 2.8 engines for a bigger engine, like the aforementioned.

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How can you make a two-wheel electric scooter go faster?

I suppose you could somehow increase the amperage from the battery to make the motor spin faster but it would probably burn out. Of, if there is some sort of gear drive you could put a larger gear on the motor and smaller one on the wheel but then you would lose power and may have to push it to get it going.

In order to make your scooter go faster, you would have to change the speed control unit and batteries. No matter how many batteries you add to your scooter you will burn out the speed controller. Your best bet to go faster is to buy a bigger watt scooter from the git go or get a gas one.

Use a voltmeter to find out how many volts are lost between the battery and the motor at full load. If more than one volt, install a foot switch and some heavy cable to bypass the controller and wiring.

you must choose a Honda products,it has more speed and less weight.and Honda products has many service centers

Take it to a professional. I bought an Ajutor electric bike that went a laughable 20km an hour then i took it to one of my friends work where a guy who knew a little about them disconnected the retrictor from under the foot pannel and know it goes a respectable road worthy pace!. Me and my grandad try to do it ourselves and we nearly broke it!. I paid £20 and now it goes like a restricted petrol scooter which is better than a restricted electric scooter. Don't mess about with the restictor yourself it can really wreck your battery.

you must buy a new one must lessen the motor's/scooter's weight

OR, get a +5 from this wire adapter allows you to easily ad a (7.2volt) or (8.4volt) r/c or airsoft battery to your electric scooter or pocket bike for added speed without spending a fortune

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

What scooter does terry price use?

he uses a mgp nitro

Scooters and Mini-Bikes

Are Slamm Rage scooters good?

Slamm scooters fit between a JD bug and a Madd. They start at about £69 ( good value ) and go up to £120(poor value)

Good graphics and lighter than a Madd.

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How to change drive belt on 1998 ford explorer v8?

What is a Serpentine belt?The term "serpentine" refers to the belt style of which there are typically three: "V" belt, multi-grooved serpentine, and flat. Where do you find the Serpentine Diagram?The diagram should be under the hood in front of radiator. How are Serpentine belts adjusted?Most serpentine belts use a spring-loaded self-adjusting tensioner; these tensioners have a spot for a breaker bar or ratchet wrench (some use a socket & some don't) that turn either clockwise or counterclockwise to loosen and/or tighten. How do you remove and replace the Serpentine beltI recommend two people for this job, one on top the other underneath. This will make it go quicker.

1. Find the tensioner that is holding pressure on the belt. You must remove this tension in order to remove the belt. Some tensioner's have a slot for a ratchet to be inserted to allow you to remove the pressure. Some have a pry point.

2: Turn the ratchet clockwise until enough tension is relieved to move the belt off of the belt tensioner.

3: Ford recommends replacing the belt tensioner every 100,000 miles.

4: After removing the serpentine belt check the back of the belt and smooth side pulleys for glazing. If these seem extremely glazed use a 400 grit wet dry sand paper to deglaze the surface (these surfaces rely on tension to turn them properly, if they are excessively slick they may slip)

5: Using the diagram on the top of the radiator replace the belt.

Total time should be 5-10 minutes if you take your time.

When it shows sign of wear i.e. glazing cracking, peeling

There should be a sticker in the engine compartment, somewhere in front

of the radiator, that shows the proper routing of the serpentine belt.

On the 4.0 L OHV engine the serpentine belt tensioner is located below the


Generally speaking if you follow the belt around all of the items it drives, you will come to a tensioner. (the only thing that doesn't have a fluid line or wires connected to it) The tensioner (spring loaded) applies downward pressure on the belt to make it tight and drive the items it goes around. It can be loosened by a box end wrench 11/16 or maybe 3/4 or in some cases a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar. Turn the tensioner in the opposite direction with one hand and remove the belt with your other hand. Reverse the procedure to reinstall the belt.


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