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Wine and Champagne

Everything from how to brew your own, wine etiquette -how not to embarrass yourself when ordering a bottle of wine in a restaurant, the terminology of and about wine, and how to critique a vintage.

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What are some beverages that begin with the letter E?

Eggnog is a famous drink consumed in the winter period. Espresso is a strong coffee. Earl Grey is the most popular type of tea consumed in Europe, particularly the UK. Energy drinks are misleading and unhealthy drinks that claim to give you energy (they are actually just full of caffeine). Elderflower cordial or elderflower juice is a drink make from the elderflower plant. Eucalyptus beer is pretty common in Australia. ...
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What does wine do for cooking?

Wine provides acid to food in order to fight bland or flat flavor. Just think of lemon which is another type of fruit acid. When lemon is used on vegetable salads it provides flavor and a lift or brightness to the taste. ...
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What color is Chablis wine?

It's a white wine, usually a chardonnay. ------------------------ Any wine bearing Chablis on the label will be a white wine made 100% from Chardonnay. Other grape varieties are made into wine in the general area of Chablis, however they are not permitted to use Chablis on the label (they have to use the generic Bourgogne AOC designation instead). ...
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Is red wine stronger than white wine?

No, both red and white wine are normally between 11% and 13% proof. Standard servings of beer, wine and distilled spirits each contain .06 oz of absolute or pure alcohol. ...
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What happens when you drink wine real fast?

Nothing. Unless it's an entire bottle.
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Which is the best wine for diabetes?

NONE! Alcohol turns into sugar temporarily while your body processes it. Sugar is bad for diabetics! ...
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What is sweeter brut or natural champagne?

Natural is the driest champagne you can get. Brut is sweeter yet still very dry, drier than "Extra Dry" or "Dry" champagne. Ironically, "Dry" or "Sec" champagne is usually the sweetest you will find in most grocery stores. ...
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What are two main components of wine?

Water_and_ethanol.">Water and ethanol. Bc says "Water and Wine." What is wine? In very general terms, wine is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting the juice of fruits or berries. The official European Union definition is more specific: 'The product obtained from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, whether or not crushed, or of grape must'. This official definition distinguishes 'proper' wine from wine made from kits, or the once-popular 'British' wine, made from grape juice concentrate. The main components of wine Wine is composed of a...
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Is champagne bad for you?

Consumed in moderation, champagne, like beer, wine and spirits, promotes better health and greater longevity than does either abstaining from alcohol or abusing it. ...
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How many ounces in one liter of wine?

One liter of wine contains about 33.81 ounces.
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What is the best brand of Pinot Noir wine?

This would boil down to personal preference really. I've tried a few different kinds myself, and I would recommended the Yellow Tail brand. I personally really enjoy Smoking Loon ...
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What comes in blue glass bottles?

Bawls Guarana is bottled in blue glass bottles. It's an energy drink containing natural guarana flavor and a relatively high amount of caffeine, amongst other ingredients. Bawls products are owned by Hobarama LLC of Miami, Florida. ...
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How much can a wine bottle hold?

Nothing, it has no thumbs A standard 750 ml bottle of wine contains about 27 fluid ounces. ...
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Can Merlot be used in place of cooking sherry?

Merlot is not a good substitution. In any light color dish, it will discolor your meal to a nasty purpley-brown. A chardonnay or other white wine would be more suitable. ...
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Does red wine give you gas?

I think it depends on the person, on whether or not their stomach can fight off the ingredient in red wine that gives you gas. The first time that I drank red wine, I had the worst stomach ache and so much gas to pass, but my acquaintances never have that problem whenever they drink red wine. ...
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What is bottle shock in wine making?

"Bottle shock" is the term used to describe a wine that was just bottled and hasn't opened up yet. It's a play on words in that it seems like the wine is surprised at its new surroundings and so is keeping itself closed in. ...
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Can port wine go bad?

Port is a fortified wine and, as such, should not "go bad" even if kept for decades unopened. ...