Jeep, a subsidiary of Chrysler Group, Limited Liability Company. Jeep specializes in manufacturing and selling sport utility vehicles and is the oldest SUV-producing brand. Jeep was founded in 1941.

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Do Jeeps have a good resale value?

Motortrend magazine states that Jeep has the highest resale value of any American brand of car. However, the Kelly Blue Book says it has the lowest resale value. Since the car dealers use the Kelly Blue Book, I would go with the low end.


Does ford own Jeep?

No ... Chrysler does.

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Should you check oil in jeep with hot or cold engine?

The only thing that matters here is that if you check it when warm, make sure to a wait a few minutes for the oil in the top of the engine to drain back to the pan. Checking it before starting it in the morning will give you the most accurate reading.


What causes bouncing in the rear end of my jeep?

replace the rear shock asorbers

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How much is a jeep soft top worth?

It can vary on top brand but Bestops are usually the high priced tops that are very great. They can run just about 700 but the cheaper Pavement Ends tops are cheap but do not last quite as long and poor quality, they run about 500. Id rather waste the extra 200 bucks so i don't have to buy another top in 7 years, most pavement end tops last 3 to 5 years in Florida. Bestop last 7 years in Florida

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How do you replace brake pads on a Jeep?

take the wheel off depending on what model you may need a torx or socket to remove the caliper. remove caliper and old pads,then using a C clamp to depress the cylinder , so new pads will fit. then replace caliper and proceed to other side.

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Do Jeeps have bench seats in front?

haha well it matters. my dad got me a spwcialy made one an well mine are on the back.So while im riding the countr side my to kids can have a look out the back!! :)


What was the first company to make Jeeps?

Surprisingly it was neither American Bantam nor Overland Willys, but Minneapolis-Moline that had the first vehicle dubbed "jeep". August 1940 at Camp Ripley, Minnesota, Seargent James T. O'Brien of the 109th Ordinance Company of the Minnesota National Guard noted the overall proficiency of the M-M UTX (a high speed 4 wheel drive tractor). Inspired by the "Eugene the Jeep" character in the Popeye comic strip, O'Brien first hung from the tractors radiator cap a sign painted with the word "Jeep", then painted the word "Jeep" itself on the flanks of the tractor. M-M lodged a formal complaint with the FTC but in May 1943 the FTC ruled in favor of American Bantam.

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Will Chevy rims fit on a jeep?

Some will, depends on which Chevy and Jeep rims you're referring to

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How long does it take to change a starter motor on a jeep?

About 1 hour at the most.

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What is the song on a current Jeep commercial with the lyrics 'Sunshine go away today'?

It is Jonathan Edwards singing the song "Sunshine"...... --Thunder


Where is the obd for 1995 jeep?

It would be helpful to tell us what kind of Jeep you have. But I believe 1995 Jeeps had OBD1. Anything older than 1996 is OBD1. the port on the jeep is located under the dash at the column it should be a little black box thing the about size of a match box that you can take the cover off of to locate the port.


Who do you contact at daimler Chrysler for a lien release?

Need copy of title for my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

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How many gears does a Jeep automatic transmission have?


What kind of Jeep?


Generally a auto tranny with overdrive will have 4 if it's an older model, probably only 3

If it's a newer model it will have a 5 speed; the 2013 have 6 speed; with the talk of 8 speed comming in 2014 .


Why does jeep make slight knocking sound?

are ourvalves tightened correctly? if so you may still have some play in your rods, i had this problem and it was a worn out lobe on my camshaft

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How do you disconnect the horn on a 1996 jeep Ranger when it keeps going off when you turn the wheel?

I am not familiar with the Jeep Ranger model. I think you mean Jeep Wrangler which started its' poduction run in 1987-1996 reconfigured in 1997- present. I'm not if you have a driver's side air-bag on yours. If not you need to remove the horn cap and see if any part of the horn assembly is making metal to metal contact as you turn the wheel. If you cannot see any contact being made you will have to remove the steering wheel. For this task you will need a steering wheel puller tool. It gets a bit more complicated as you dig deeper into the steering wheel innards. Good luck. If what you are asking is how to make the horn stop honking till you get it fixed .. There is a plug on the back of the horn under the hood.. Just unplug it till you get the steering column problem fixed..


Will a dj5 grill fit on a cj8 jeep?

no the body on the cj series are bigger than the dj series

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How do you remove moisture from under the headlight cover on your 1999 Jeep?

The only sucessful way I have experienced is replacement.

There is another way. I detail headlights at used car dealers, what I do is drill a small hole on the lower edge of the light and let the moisture out. Using the lights will eventually evaporate the water. To clean the outside of the lens I product I sell called The CrystaLenz Headlight Restoration Kit.

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What is the firing order for a 1994 Jeep 4 cylinder?

I believe it is 1-3-4-2.

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How much does a Jeep car exhaust cost?

Not sure which jeep you are talking about, but I bought a factory oem exhaust from the cat back online from a dealer for 210.00 with shipping. It is one piece and easy to install.

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What is the firing order jeep scrambler Where do you start counting?

The firing order should be on the intake manifold and you start counting on the cap where it is marked something like one? or a tick mark

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How do you fix a 1997 Jeep drivers side power window that won't go up but the motor is making sounds like it should?

Remove the door panel and inspect the tracks, and the gear. If the glass came off of track the gear might have stripped.

AnswerI just fixed my 98 grand Cherokee with drivers side window movement problems. there was dirt in the window actuator track and pivots. the grease was all dry. i lubed it up with LPS (a kind of spray lube. white lithium should be good for this too). with the vehicle running ( so i got good power, & didnt drain battery,) i ran the window up and down ( a lot) adding more lube every now and then. it is good now. hope this helps.

I have the same problem with my 1999 Cherokee and after removing the door panel found that the plastic bracket on the window regulator is broken off. I purchased a repair kit from Steiger performance. The kit is for Cherokee not grand Cherokee. The link is

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Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1996 Jeep?

the safety switch is on the passenger's side of the transmission. There is a rectangular shaft protruding through a 1" nut. The nut has a safety lock on it to prevent it from loosening. There are two bolts that mount the switch to the trans. The entire assembly is located just forward of the trans mount bracket, on the passenger's side of the trans.

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Where are the cylinder numbers on a 52 Liter Jeep engine?

on an inline the number 1 cylinder is closest to the fan, number 2 is the the second closest and so on concidering the previous person knows squat about jeeps, the 5.2 is a V8.... go and sign-up at this site --> and you will get all the jeep answers and info u will ever need....

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Where is the computer chip on a 1993 Jeep YJ?

I think wht your looking for is on the drivers side right in front of the dash under the hood. It is a black box.


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