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Car alarms prevent damage and theft of your vehicle. They are often professionally installed, but some people do take on the task on their own. Ask questions about types, installation, problems, and any other car alarm question you may have here.

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Car Alarm Systems

Can thunder cause a car alarm to go off?

Yes, absolutely!! If the sensitivity of the alarm is set too high, thunder can definitely trigger the alarm.

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How do you reset the alarm on a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

You unlock the door with the key or with the remote.

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Does a car alarm go off when the red blinking light is on?

A car that has a alarm will usually have a red light on the instrument panel that when you lock the car with the key fob will come on and stay on for a few seconds. After the alarm is set the light will begin to flash. To test the alarm roll down the drivers window and close all the doors and trunk and on some cars even the hood has to be closed. Lock the doors with your key fob and when the red light starts to blink unlock the door manually by reaching inside to unlock it and open the door from the outside. The alarm should sound. To turn off the alarm use the key fob to unlock the doors.

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How do I disable 1997 jetta car alarm?

Behind your dash right about where your nee would be. There are 2 black plugs going into a box on the left of your car. unplug both plugs. One of the plugs will have 2 red wires of a good size that should be directly across from each other. Stick a jumper between the two and you are good. These wires are what feeds the starter. When it is hooked up and the alarm is on it works as a started KILL. Jump the wires and no more starter kill

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How does the alarm system on a 1977 Chevy Corvette work?


When turned on, by the door key in the left front fender or driver door lock, it will sound a horn alarm if the doors or hood are opened. The actual horn alarm is located either inside the driver side front or rear fender. Mine still works!

I removed the inside driver side door panel on my '77 and I found a wire burned apart laying in the bottom of the door. I spliced it back together and my alarm works again.

My alarm switch is in the drivers door key. Use the key to lock the car and it turns the system on.

Additionally, if you turn the system on and it trips right away, you have a short somewhere, most likely a bad door/hood/key switch.

Later C3s had a switch for each t-top, as criminals would either steal the tops or remove one and jump inside to hotwire the car without being noticed.

Good luck!-ku2002

touch it

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How do you disable the seatbelt alarm on a vw jetta?

== == There is a website where you can purchase a seatbelt alarm silencer for only $20, and it's completely legal!!

On my MKIV Jetta, the seatbelt alarm quits sounding after about 3 minutes. The warning light also goes out at that time, too.

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How do you reset the alarm on an infiniti QX4?

use the consult-II with the NATS card to erase the codes. have your keys reprogrammed too.

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Why would the alarm go off randomly in your 2001 Mercury Sable?

Most all alarm systems have various sensors for detecting such things as vibration, heat and or movement around your vehicle and so forth. If these sensors are set to sensitive and or are defective the alarm system will be more of a nuisance than a deterrent. , EzForJesus

PS if this is an OEM type of alarm you might want to contact your dealer for this information.

There are 2 sensors which you have to be aware of. One is under the hood and one is in the trunk. My trunk sensor was sticking and the alarm was intermittently going off at all times during the day and night. I disconnected the trunk sensor and the car has functioned normal ever since. I bought an electrical wiring diagram for my car and figured it out.

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How do you reset cobra alarm remotes?

you hold the two grey buttons at the same time beside the car wait for the light to go out then press the larger one twice that's it job done

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How do you disable car alarm on a 1998 Ford Taurus?

I'm looking for the same thing for a 2000 Mercury Sable, but I did find if I lock the doors manually (don't use the remote fob or electric lock) the alarm doesn't go off. Maybe that will work for you


I need help also. Can't lock the car up without the alarm going off. Sorry Ford. This is what keeps me from buying another FORD. How do you disable car alarm on a 1997 Ford Tarus?

AnswerAnother thought is to spray the door latches with a dousing of wd40 like lubricant. That resolves the majority of false door ajar issues, and my latest theory on what is triggering my own 1998 Sables false alarms.

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How do you rearm an alarm on a 1983 Saab 9000 CS?

On most, just lock the driver's door with the key.

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How do you turn off the car alarm in a 1999 Saturn SC1?

If you mean in general you hit the "panic" butoon on your keyless entry. If you mean to disable completely then you need to find the fuse, I believe it is under the hood.

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Could the anti-theft system on a 1999 Chevy Camaro make the car not start?

yes it could.... that's the whole point.... someone steels your car and unless they can shut the alarm off correctly the car won't start...

Yes . You may need to look at the ignition switch (key). There is a wire that can break (wraps around the cylinder) and in the early stages will cause the car not to start. Common with the VATS system. This wiring is close to your air bag deployment and the proper sequence for disarming it must be followed. also a steering wheel puller will be needed to remove the steering parts that will be in the way.


easy enough to check. pull a spark plug and lean it against the exhaust manifold. if there is no spark and the engine has no problem turning over, vats system would be the second thing i would check. push the stem in on your schreader valve and make sure you are getting fuel pressure.

^^^^ first thing to check is to take a dry rag or your shirt and clean the little VATS chip built into your ignition key... if its dirty or wet it wont start your car...if the chip is old and worn it wont start your car.

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How do you program an alarm remote on a Ford Windstar?

Read the owners manual.

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How do you reset a factory car alarm on a 99 toyota camery?

You can't. Only dealers have appropriate tools.

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How do you disable the alarm in a 1999 montero sport?

Another issue is to disable the alarm when attempting to jumpstart a dead battery. The alarm will come to life and sound when jumper cables are connected to the battery being used to jump the vehicle. The solution is to connect the jumper cables, and while the alarm is sounding, insert the key in the door and manually unlock the vehicle. The alarm will go off, and you can continue to jumpstart the battery.

Don't use your key or remote pad, press the lock button from the inside of the car before closing the door.

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How do you turn off the car alarm system on a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron?

I have been having a similar problem with my 94 Lebaron convertible. The alarm goes off intermittenly for no reason when you close the door. The factory book says to use the key and "lock and unlock" either the driver's door of the passenger's door. Sometimes this will work with many tries and sometimes it just goes off by itself.I read on a webpage that one person had disconnected the electric door locks because this is what activates the alarm.I don't know if that works or not. I am trying it today. I just removed the door handle cover and "unplugged" the electric door lock switches.I guess I will find out soon if this works.

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How do you deactivate the anti-theft system on a Chevy Malibu?

This might help. Unlock the door with your key, open it,shut it and lock with your key. Wait 20 seconds and unlock the door with your key. My alarm system shut down my ignition one day making it so that I couldn't start the car. My friend a radio tech told me this and it worked.

The late-90's GM Passlock system (e.g. 1997 Malibu, Regal, Impala, etc.) has a part around the ignition tumbler that goes bad and no longer reliably detects the valid key. In that situation, the "Theft System" light will slowly flash and the carburetor is cut off so the engine won't start. The time-out on the system is 10 minutes - you don't have to do anything, you don't have to disconnect the battery, the key can be out of the ignition -- it's just a time delay. After 10 minutes, the light goes out and you can try again (but if the key is again not detected, the light will start flashing again and you have to wait another 10 minutes).

I would just like to add a little something to this answer. I have a 97 Malibu. I have had my anti-theft system go off many times due to the tumblers in the ignition being bad. When the theft system goes off " the light blinks" you can wait 15 minutes and it goes off by itself. A word of advice if it keeps doing it you probably need a new ignition.


This might help. Unlock the door with your key, turn the ignition on, let it stay on for 10 to 11 minutes, turn the ignition off, take out the key from ignition, after one minute start the car. Car will start. It worked for me.


I had this same problem. I simply disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. When I reconnected it, the Theft System light was gone. I still have the problem once about every 4 months, so I just keep repeating the process.


I have had this problem for almost a year. The last time, the theft system deactivated my car three times in a row (had to wait a total of 30 mins for it to start) Usually I have the problem once every week or two. I have tried unlocking and relocking the door, I had a new key cut and that worked for a while. My mechanic wanted $500 to replace the ignition. A friend of mine has a Malibou he had the ignition replaced and a year later has the same problem.

Someone else, who had this problem, told me to remove all other keys from my keyring. The weight of the other keys pulls on the ignition key causing the key to be unreadable. It has been 7 weeks since I have been doing this and have not had a problem.

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How to disconnect car alarm?

OK, Here is what I've found out on how to disable the alarm on the park avenue. Due to the "wart" on the key you really cant disconnect it otherwise it shuts off your fuel pump and starter. This is a problem I currently have and have found this information useful. There are 2 wires attached to your ignition, they make a circuit that turns off the security system using the wart on your key. Now you can splice in a series of resistors that match the frequency on your wart. Now I havent had a chance to do this yet because i cant get the lower dash panel off so any help there would be much appriciated. If you have instructions and bolt locations for that dash panel i would really like those please. Below are the detailed instructions that a friend gave me on how to bypass the security system and wart.

How to bypass the Buick (GM) �resistor key� security function when it quits working because of a broken wire or worn out key contact:

The symptoms vary, but since this �problem� instructs the security system to cut off the fuel pump and disable the starter, you will find that your car will make no attempt to crank when you turn the ignition switch and if you jump 12 volts directly to the starter, the engine will crank & then cut off.

First you have to measure the resistance of the "wart" on your ignition key with an ohmmeter. You can probably get someone at RadioShack to do it for you. The little metal pieces that stick out to either side are where you measure it. You will need three hands to do this. There are about 15 possible resistances (chart is below). Get reasonably close to the measured resistance with small (1/4 watt or so) resistors from RadioShack. Plus or minus 15% seems to work OK. You could also buy a variable resistor & set it to the correct value.

        • Instructions****

Resistors vary a bit, so you might want to assemble the resistors and then measure what you've actually got.

This site will calculate combined resistances for you: You may need this if the needed value is hard to arrive at with available resistors. I can help if this doesn't make sense to you.

Next you have to find the two little (white on my car) wires under the steering column. These wires are somewhat fragile and much smaller than most of the other wires under there. They run up to the back of the ignition switch. I cut the wires about 8� from where they go into the connector at the base of the steering column (toward the front of the car). The connector may be orange, but this is not always the same on every model car.

Splice the bypass resistors between the stripped ends of the two cut wires going into the connector, not into the ignition switch. I used very small gray wire nuts (they are color coded by size).

Make sure you put the resistance in line with the wires going to the security controller, not back to the ignition switch. It is easy to get mixed up when you are upside down under the dash.

Send me a digital picture of your wires if you have any trouble identifying them.

You may contact me with other questions about this procedure.

This was a good fix for my Buick & several others. It should work for yours.

Please let me know if you are successful with this.

Below is a list of the actual ohm values GM seems to use (it is from another web site, so I cannot verify it).key number - resistance (ohms)1 4022 5233 6814 8875 11306 14077 18708 23709 301010 374011 475012 604013 750014 953015 11800

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How do you reset alarm on 1996 sentra?

Open the door and it will turn off

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How do you disable a factory alarm for a Nissan Xterra 2000?

You need to send a single pulse on the unlock wire. I forget what color it is. Xs need a double pulse to unlock.

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You have a Nissan 240sx and you don't have the remote for the alarm. you am not sure if it a factory or after factory alarm. you need help to disable the alarm as you cannot get the car started?

If it is a factory alarm, then this information can be found in your owner's manual. Don't have one, get one. Dealer or salvage yard is a source. If it is aftermarket and you don't have the manual, contact the manufacture of the system. the factory 'security system' can be disabled by closing the door, and locking and unlocking it with the key.

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How do you reset a Clifford car alarm?

with the valet code and the user manual.

you can down load the manual from there web site www.clifford .com

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Why won't the car alarm turn off when you open doors until you start the engine in a R Vauxhall Vectra?

Well a friend and i had this same problem on a 1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the problem was that when she was unlocking her door on the drivers side, it wouldn't turn the alarm off because the theft deteraint system sensor in the key switch had gone bad, so every time she opened the door the alarm went off. So the solution to her problem and posibly yours was to go to the other side and unlock it on that side and it worked for her and hopefully you. Best of luck to you.

Answeri had same prob with my vectra easy cure sit in the car put kes in ignition and tiurn to position 1 then press the buttons on the remote key fob a few times this resets the sensor then everything works fine again



any questions you have about the vectra will be answered on that site mate

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Why won't your 2000 VW Beetle car alarm stop going off when you are no where near it?

Cause Vw sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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