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The Ford Escape is a 4-door compact crossover sport utility vehicle marketed as part of the Ford’s traditional SUV lineup. It was introduced in 2000 with a 2001 model year, and was sold as the Ford Maverick in Europe.

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19.00 an hour how much is that a year?

It depends on how many hours per day, how many days per week, and how many weeks per year you want to work, so for example multiply 19.00 by 8 (hours per day), then by 5 (days per week), then by 50 (weeks per year) and you will have your answer.

Ford Escape

What is towing capacity of 2006 Ford Escape?

6 cylinder 3500lbs maximum

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2003 tire size ford escape 4x4?


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Where do you get a 3.5 mm Allen wrench?

Click on the related link below to go to a site that sells this watch.

They only ship with the U.S. though when I inquired on September 18, 2010.

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Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2006 Ford Escape?

I believe on your exhaust

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How do you use 4WD on a 2006 Ford Escape?

Ford escape 2006 is equipped with an intelligent 4wd System that continously monitors vehicle conditionsand automatically adjusts the power distributions between the front and rear wheels. It combines transparent all-surface operation with highly capable four-wheel drive.

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What type of oil does an 2008 ford escape use?

5W-20 , according to the Owner Guide

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What is escapism?

Escapism is a way of escaping reality. Like, for example, if you're having too much stress on your back, you might take a long, hot bath and feel relaxed by the time you get out.

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How do you replace a headlamp for an 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?

The owner's manual shows that there are two screws on the top of the headlamp housing that hold the entire housing to the vehicle. Remove those two screws and then you have to slide the entire assembly out towards the front of the vehicle. This is the hard part as there is a clip that the bottom of the housing slides under that holds it down and you must slide the housing straight back to get it out. It's difficult because the housing is flush with the grill and body work so there isn't much room to grab. Just be patient and don't force anyting as it's all plastic. Once you've removed the assembly, unplug it from the vehicle wiring harness and then take the whole thing inside to work on. - Remove the rubber boot covering the lamp that needs replaced

- Remove the wiring connector

- Remove the metal retaining clip by turning counter clockwise... two small tabs on the clip slide under the two torx screws which holds the lamp in place.

- Replace old bulb with new one being careful NOT TO TOUCH THE GLASS PORTION OF THE BULB.

- Replace clip. This took the longest for me as I have big hands and had to do the whole thing using tools instead of reaching into the housing and doing it all by hand. You'll need a helper to level the housing while you work on the clip.

- Replace wiring connector. *** Test the lighting now before reassembling everything in case you have a bad bulb or connection. ***

- Replace rubber boot.

- Reconnect to vehicle wiring harness

- Slide housing straight back into vehicle, making sure the lower portion of the housing slides under the retainer in the bottom of the opening.

- Replace screws

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Where is the power steering fluid located on 2005 ford escape?

the power steering fluid is located on the passenger side right in front of the wiper fluid resevoiur

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How do turn off the chime on a ford escape 2010?

Do you mean the key in ignition chime?

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What size Allen wrench do you need for front caliper bolts on mercury mariner?

9mm hex socket bit

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How to change tail light on a Ford Escape?

The tail light is held on by two screws and two pins. You will see the two screws when you open the back hatch. The two pins are on the opposite side of the tail light in the same general position as the screws. After you remove the two screws, you will find that the tail light assembly can be rocked a little but is still firmly attached. Proceed carefully as you can break the pins since they are only made of plastic. Gently pull the side of the tail light with the screws toward you about 1/8 of an inch. At the top center of the tail light you should now be able to slip you finger tips in to the opening. The plastic is a little sharp so use caution. Gently pull the tail light straight back towards you. You will feel the pin release. At that point you will understand how the whole thing goes together. To release the bottom pin you will need to slip a flat head screwdriver between the tail light and the metal vehicle body. With gentle prying pressure you will feel the bottom pin release. The assembly containing the bulb releases after about one-third of a turn. The bulb pulls easily from the socket with light pressure.Each bulb socket has differently keyed tabs so you cannot insert the wrong socket in the wrong lens portion (e.g. tail light vs turn signal).

The tail light assembly goes back together easily and is done in reverse. You will hear the pins click when they have reattached. It only requires light pressure. Then just reinstall the two screws. Don't over tighten the screws as you can crack the plastic. Open back door unscrew the 2 screws and pull the whole Tail light out

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How do you replace the DPFE sensor on a 2001 Ford Escape?

3.0L Escape DPFEMy girlfriend's 2002 Escape just had this issue. It was throwing a P0401 EGR Flow Insufficient code at about 40 mph. Hers is a 3.0L V-6, hopefully yours is as well. The sensor is on the EGR tube from the exhaust manifold to the intake. There are 2 parallel smaller tubes that rise vertically from it, directly in line from the throttle body to the firewall. At the top of that is a little black box with 2 hose nipples on the bottom and a 3-wire electrical connector. That is your DPFE sensor (at least on the 3.0). To replace it, unplug it, pull the hoses from the pipes, transfer the hoses to your new sensor, slide the hoses and sensor onto the parallel tubes, and plug it in. Clear your code and you're done.

Make sure you get a Motorcraft sensor. The aftermarket ones usually do not work. You can get them on Ebay cheaper than from the dealer

The Motorcraft DPFE sensor is 4U7Z-9J460-AA. This is an upgrade from the original sensor which was a bit smaller and had the stock number 2FIE-9J460-AB.

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What causes the gas pedal in a 1992 Toyota Previa to stick?

check the cruise motor to is just above the peddle

A rusty/tight throttle body. It should be by the oil dipstick + oil fill cap.

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How to Attach front license plate to ford escape?

Usually you can get a license plate holder from a dealership that screws on to the front bumper somewhere then you mount the plate to this holder. If you dont have one of these then you will have to attach it to the bumper area using screws, wire, zip ties, or any other creative way to attach it. If using screws I recommend using stainless steel screws so that they wont rust. You can get these at any auto supply store. Good luck.

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Does anybody know anything about the Ford Escape?

Well, I'm sure SOMEONE knows SOMETHING about them. What, specifically, do you want to know?

AnswerMostly interested in reliability, etc. Don't care about "toots and whistles" - I want a good dependable car. AnswerDon't buy the Escape limited. The monochromatic color (same color as paint on lower plastic) gets hit by gravel kicked up by the front tires. It will be all nicked up in no time. Noisey on the highway. V6 does not start up quickly. The tech told me the camshaft must be going at a certain speed for the coils to fire. I equate this to, the starter will crap out prematurely. Other than this its a good vehicle

== NEW ANSWER== The Escape is a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle (19-22mpg). Don't know what this guy is talking about camshaft,starts quickly every time, and never a problem with starters. The earlier models had noisy tires, but a swap of tires fixes that. All vehicles with painted fascias are subject to nicks, this isn't particular to Escapes. I've put a 100,000 miles on mine and never a problem, I've talked to other owners and all are happy with their vehicle.


I own a 2005 Escape v6 and it is a great little truck. It has one of the quickest and most powerful engines out there and the features, while basic, are very sturdy. It is not a luxury SUV, but it is comparable in utility and comfort to a Subaru Outback, Toyota Highlander, or Honda CRV. I have driven, owned the rest of them. I do feel that the seats in the Escape are a tad small for a tall guy on a long drive. (The Explorer has much better legroom.) The 2005 model has a 6 disk which is junk, and you can't plug in an Ipod without a decent investment. The 4WD is nice but you can't turn it off which I have heard would save gas. I have also heard that the All-time 4WD improves economy?? Regardless of these issues the Escapes positives outweigh the negatives. To sum it up if you are looking for a nice ride that puts utility over luxury I would recommend the Escape.

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How do you remove air bags in 2004 Ford Escape?

It is Illegal to remove air bags from any vehicle.

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Where is the fuel filter located on a Ford Escape?

You do not need special tools. Feel for the top of the clip and squeeze the 2 prongs while pushing down. Use a small flat head screw driver to pop out the clips. The clips should not come completely out. Pull off both fuel lines. Now replace the clips.Answer 1Under the Escape, mid-ways between the front and back doors. You will look under the vehicle from the drivers side. It is a small silver filter with a line going into each side. Answer 2In the fuel line. Trace the line from the engine to the tank to find it.You may need special tools to change it available at the parts store. Answer 3 (2006 Ford Escape XLS 2.3L I4 - MT)The fuel line will likely remain pressurized, so you will need to dissipate this residual pressure in the fuel line by first removing the R3 relay in the fuse box under the hood. The fuse box is located on the far left of the engine compartment when looking out from the driver's seat, adjacent to the Air Filter Box. See your Owner's manual for the exact location of the R3 relay, which is the Fuel Pump relay. It will require a good tug straight upwards to pull this relay out - wiggle it slightly as you pull, if you have to.

Once the R3 relay is out try starting your car, it should run until all fuel presently stored between the output of the fuel pump and fuel nozzles has become depleted. Be sure to turn the key back to OFF. Now you have removed any residual pressure and can safely de-clip the fuel filter lines for removal of the fuel filter. You must be in a well ventilated area, open the garage door or work outside - fuel vapors can collect and present the risk of an explosion. Avoid getting fuel on your skin or eyes, wear gloves and safety glasses if you have them. The filter canister itself is clamped down by a single hose clamp which can be loosened by a flat-head screwdriver. Be sure to notice the orientation of the fuel filter, to avoid installing it backwards. The filters themselves should have a little arrow, so make sure the little arrow points away from the fuel tank (rear of the car) when it comes time to install the new one. After that, you almost have to squeeze it out of its retaining bracket, just be careful not to splatter yourself with fuel as you wiggle the fuel filter out of the retaining bracket.

After the fuel filter is replaced, clamped down, & fuel lines re-clipped, the R3 relay may be pushed back into its place in the engine compartment fuse box. Insert your key in the ignition and turn it to the FIRST POSITION, this is to turn on all accessories, including the fuel pump which is now energized because the R3 relay has been re-installed. Now turn the key back to OFF, then back to the FIRST POSITION once again. You are doing this to send fuel back through the emptied fuel lines, including your newly installed filter. Do this one more time, OFF and then back to the FIRST POSITION. By the third time you would have built up the fuel system pressure of approximately 39 PSI. At this point, before you try to actually start the engine, take a good look under the car at everything you disturbed while changing the fuel filter, you are looking for the lack of leaks and for part security.

Turn the ignition to START. It should continue to run, but should it stall, it's ok because it just wasn't primed up well enough. Try turning the ignition to START once again. After the engine has stabilized, take a final good look under the car to make sure that there are no leaks with a running engine. That's all there is to it. See Owner's manual for recommended fuel filter replacement intervals. This task is quick and easy and can be done by just about anyone, so do yourself a favor and save some money, change it yourself.

- clutchnshift

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What would cause your right wheel to make sounds when you drive straight but not if you turn steering wheel to the right or left?

CV joints are gone, and need to bew replaced, then must do a front end alignment. Lug nuts on the tire could be loose and tire is wobbling when going straight. Turning left or right would keep the wheel from wobbling and the sound would stop. Make sure all nuts are secure. I've had front wheel bearings fail just like that.Replaced CV joint and it wasn't needed.

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Where is Ignition coil D on the V6 01' Ford Escape?


Each Cylinder has its own coil pack, located above and attached to spark plugs. Remove engine cover to access front three. intake manifold has to be removed to access rear three.


On a 2001 Ford Escape , 3.0 liter V6 engine :




front of vehicle > driver

So I ASSUME it would be :





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How do you change the air filter on a Ford Escape?

Towards the battery on the driver's side there's a large plastic box that has 2 metal latches like on an old fashioned suitcase. Open those up and you can see you've split the seam to the air filter housing. Next, towards the bottom where you can't see there are a couple black plastic latches molded into the plastic housing that hold the two halves of the air box together. Pry those up and pull the two halves apart. This should give you just enough room to slide the air filter up and out. Be sure to put the new one in the same direction (metal screen pointed outboard toward driver's front wheel). If you need more wiggle room you can loosen the hose clamp in between the air box and the engine.

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Is there more than one fuse box on 2000 BMW 528i?

I believe there is. I drive a 99 model. I was trying to fix my cigarette lighter last night and the owners manual indicated that there are fuse boxes in one of the side compatments in the boot (it is a touring model) and one other location. Sorry I can't be more precise but I'm away from the car right now. The fuse panel for cig. lighter is in the right rear of the trunk, above the battery.

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Where is the fuse box for the Ford Escape?

There is a distribution box under the hood on the right side, that has some fuses, the other is under the dashboard on the left side directly under the steering wheel. In the 2008 model, the fuse box is in the center console on the passenger side. There is a panel that removes without tools and provides access to a black box. The black box cover has clips top and bottom that must be squeezed to remove the cover. Under the cover are the fuses.... unfortunately Ford chose to go with non-standard fuses.... so you need to use special fuses as replacements.

For the 2002 Ford Escape, the interior fuse box is on the left panel of the driver's foot well. It is covered by a snap off panel that also has the fuse removal tool in the bottom. On the back of the cover is a diagram (hard to see, but there) of the fuse locations by type (audio, radio, etc). Note that removing the audio and radio fuses still does not disable the CD player.

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How do you fix the cruise control on a 2001 Escape?

On my wifes 2003 escape the cable from the cruise control actuator had slipped off the throttle body. The clip cracked so i replaced the cable. It was only $30 and easy to do.


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