VW Bus

Also known as the VW Van, the VW Bus is a light commercial vehicle manufactured by the German automobile Manufacturer Volkswagen. The vehicles that belong to this product line include Microbus, "Bay window" bus, Vanagon, T4 Eurovan and T5 Eurovan.

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Where can you find the place for wiring harness?

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......Fastlink Data Cables! 'Top Quality' service! For ANY cable requests. British made cables, looms & harnesses aswell or if requested, far east imports both on a V.quick turnaround. and they ship to anywhere in the world. No minimum orders so perfect for 1 off orders too.
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Where is the fuse box on a 1995 Ford van?

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The fuse block on a 1995 Windstar is on the left side mounted under the dash. there is also a large fuse block in the engine compartment next to the battery.
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How do you open a fuse box on a 2000 Astro van?

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just press in the black tabs on either side of fuse box in the engine compartment. Lift up and you are done!
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Wiring diagram for a 1975 vw camper bus?

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go to http://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/wiringt2.php you will find it there
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Fiberglass bumper for a vw camper?

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I would recommend installing heated floors. Though it may save you money to do otherwise at first, at least this option will stay durable.
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How do you get the seat down from the older cars like a 1993 Buick Regal?

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Hey Brandon==The seat track has to be specially made to do this. GoodluckJoe
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What is wrong with a 1993 Mercury Topaz that will crank but sometimes will not start for 15 minutes up to an hour and a half?

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CHECK COIL LEAD FOR CONTINUITY The lead from the coil to the distributor has broken ,probably right at the coil end and the resultant arcing has gradually burned off the interior wire so that the spark to the distributor has to jump a longer and longer initial distance which then results in a hard start problem. Cut off the end boot, disassemble ,strip to expose new cable, BEND BACK ALONG CABLE; Dielectric,reassemble the connector and end boot.Its that easy! the rest below are unlikely solutions to a very simple problem. NO COST SOLUTION Answer it sounds like your fuel cut off switch is not working right this also happenend to my car the question is where to find that switch they are usaully located inthe trunk of the car if you pull back the carpeting above the wheel wells you can locate them it well have a nice button on it that says reset some when putting things in the truck or move stuff around this switch gets bumped they usually wont tell you this because they like to replace the parts and charge a couple hundred dollars but this switch can get gummed up and shut on and off when cold car runs fine then when hot runs sluggish to stopping then will not restart until car has sat for awhile i replaced this switch and have not had problem since 5yrs ago or leads to right direction Answer If your fuel cut off switch is not the problem, then you will need to first check your plugs for proper wear, and spark. You will also need to have a quiet environment, turn your ignition on and listen for the fuel pump. My 93 Topaz GS I-4 has this problem (fuel pump not kicking in when the ignition is turned on). You could also have a clogged fuel filter (located on the passenger side fender under the hood), if the filter is clogged, it will restrict the fuel flow. Once the engine is turned off, the debris will gather in the filter element preventing proper fuel flow. Once the car has sat for a while, the debris falls to the bottom of the filter allowing fuel to pass. If the above does not fix the problem, then you may have a bad ignition control module (located on the side of the distributor). $85-$100 will get you an ignition control module, About $100 will get you a fuel pump, about $10 will get you a fuel filter, and about $5 will get you spark plugs. Answer Be sure to check if you are burning fluids, if so than that is the same problem my 94 topaz has, it gets severe hydrolock when it sits for more than a day without being driven, the (incompressible) fluids collect in the cylinder and have to be burned out before the car is ok. Of course it is difficult to start the car with these fluids in the cylinders. Answer It might also be your starter which might not be running at full speed. This happened in my 92 Topaz and in a friend of mine with a 93 Topaz. Likely, if you bought the car used, the starter was probably not replaced recently. After wear and tear, they start to slow down to the point where it does not spin fast enough to start the car. I believe this to be an electrical problem within the stock starters. If this is the case, when you turn the key...it starts when it feels like it and you will hear ONE click if it does not. After a while, it won't start at all. This problem is easily cured, just remove the starter(right under the oil filter in the front) and have it rebuilt at a local auto electrical repair shop. Depending on where you go, expect it to cost between $60-$100 for the rebuild. This is just a thought if it applies to you.
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How do you remove the front seats from a 1999 Chevy Tracker?

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Unbolt them from the floor. First remove the plastic covers (they pop off) then remove the four bolts holding the seat down. There's one on each corner. Disconnect the seat belt sensor wire before pulling the seat out of the car.
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How do you remove front seats in a 1989 VW Fox?

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You remove the little bolt under the seat in the middle and then you slide the seat forward and lift at the same time. It should come off unless it is rusted in place, the you spray rust remover all over. Ron
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Where can you purchase an old VW Bus?

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look on the website: www.thesamba.com you will find everything you need here, parts, technical help, forums, classifieds, and many many bus's for sale. I bought my 70 westfalia bus off the site 5 years ago, and bought and sold many parts on there too. Look up the website: www.vintagevwcars.com you will find vintage Volkswagen buses, campers, things, porches, beetles, and parts for sale.
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Found metal shavings in distributor in '71 VW Bus does anyone know what that might be?

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The rotor was probably not installed correctly, and it rubbed against the cap. The rotor should be pressed completely down. Make sure the cap is seated correctly on the distributor and clipped on securely, as it could cause the rubbing if it is misaligned. Just put a 009 distributor in if the weights are coming apart,or the bushings have too much play,can buy for under 100 dollars!
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How do you fix dashboard lights on a Volkswagen T25?

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It's quite easy to do IF you can find spare bulbs. the dash hood is simple to remove. It's clipped on along the edge nearest the windscreen and should lift without difficulty. Underneath this there's a plastic protective sheet and beneath that is the circuit board. the dashboard lights are small bulbs which are attached in housings here. You simply remove them by twisting them 90 degrees and replace with a new bulb. (The bulb casing is hexagonal and you cannot fit a circular one into the same hole, so check that your replacement is exactly the same as the one you removed)
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Do you know the wiring for 1966 VW bus fuel gauge?

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On my 1966 bus the gas gauge has 3 terminals. +,G and the light. The + is black, G is Grey and the light is the striped wire
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How do you remove front seats on a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo?

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Should be 4 bolts (one in each corner) Should be 4 bolts (one in each corner)
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How do I replace the starter on a 1974 Volkswagen van?

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Acquire starter disconnect battery crawl underneath and locate starter, it's on the passenger side of the engine near the transmission. Remove and mark wires remove starter, Replace starter by reversing procedure. If it will still not turn over google a starter relay kit for VWs , install kit to fix problem. The first thing you need to do, before you go through all that, is to figure out if you really NEED a starter. To do so you'll need a set of jumper cables, a foot of wire with push-ons crimped onto both ends of it and a set of wheelchocks. Start by putting the car in neutral and chocking the wheels so you don't get run over. Next, remove the center wire from the distributor so the car won't start. Look at the starter. You'll see where the wires go into it. There are two--a fat one that bolts on (the battery is at the other end of this wire) and a thin one with a push-on on it (the ignition switch is at the other end of this one). Unhook the ignition switch wire and replace it with the foot of wire. Hook a jumper cable between the positive pole on your battery and the bolted-on wire--make sure to not let the clamp touch anything else under there because that would cause unbelievable problems. Then touch the free end of the foot of wire to the side of the jumper clamp. If the starter cranks the engine, it's good. You next need to narrow down which of the two wires is your problem. You do this by unhooking the jumper cable and touching the free end of the wire going to the bendix prong to the bolt you took the jumper cable clamp off. If the engine cranks, it's the bendix wire. It usually IS the bendix wire, because it has to run all the way from the back of the car to the front, then back to the back, and your car is wired with 34-year-old wire. Wire goes bad, especially when it's in a high-heat condition like...oh, right next to the transmission. You can fix the wire the right way or the easy way, and both work. The right way is to buy 50 feet of wire and pull two new wires to the front of the car. (This is a heck of a lot easier than it is on a Bug.) The easy way is to stick a foglight relay in there.
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How do you remove the front seats in a 72 beetle?

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io mate all i need to do is turn the seat ajuster lever so u can push it all the way forwardf and then jigle the seat and pull it up and forward until it slides all the way of the rails.
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What type of engine is in a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice?

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5.0 liter 170 h.p. V8. They also came with some 6 cylinder and also a 5.7L (350CID) engine
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Information on Hindi language in Hindi?

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While many sources say that only about 250 million people speak Hindi in the world, that information doesn't make sense to me. How can a country where Hindi is the official language, with a population of over 1.3 billion people, have only about 250 million speakers? Granted there are regional languages, Hindi is WAY more widely spoken than that. In India, they estimate that about 800 million people speak Hindi fluently, which would make it the second most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin.
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How wide is a rock and roll bed for a camper van?

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they come in all sizes or made to the size you need look on eBay
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How much does a 1993 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder gas tank hold in gallons?

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I have a '93 Ford Explorer and it hold 19 gallons From the Chilton Ford Ranger guide: "1993 Ranger with standard wheelbase: 16.3 1993 Ranger with long wheelbase: 19.6"
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What is the wiring diagram for the instrument panel of a 1973 VW bus?

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If you own a bus, the Bentley Book is essential. It contains schematics for everything; i used to rewire my 74 ignition system with the parts from a 76 bus. Worked like a charm. If you don't want to shell out the 20-30 bucks for the Bentley book, www.ratwell.com has a digital version to reference.
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Where is the vin on a 1968 vw squareback?

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There are two places that it can be located. There is a silver placard underneath the front hood of the car that will have the body style number, paint code, etc, or you can find it under the seat, in the middle section in the back, it will most likely be dirty, but it should be in one of those places.
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How do you fix dashboard lights on a Volkswagen Cabriolet?

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It requires the removal of the dashboard (ie the speedo and rev counter section) On the back you will see the circuit board which is flexable. Look for the green LED's at the top and resolder some new ones in their place. This is also a chance for you to change the apearance of the dash lights as you can put any colour LED in their place. You can make the dash look like the Mk4's blue dash lights Good luck Lemm Further answer: There are six (6) screws on the plastic face plate for the dash, remove all. There are two (2) screws holding the dash in place, remove. Reach around in back of the dash panel (tight fit) and squeeze the speedo cable to remove, pull off. Then tilt the dash down so you can see the back of the dash panel. There are two (2) lights on top, twist to remove and one (1) light at the center, back. Go to VW and get new lights, replace. BUT, carefully put the new ones in and turn the lights on, make sure they work. You will NOT have to solder them, at least not on my 1992 Cab. I had to fiddle around with them a bit to get them to go on. This is a big pain-in-the-you-know-what and I am surprised the Germans made replacing these lights so hard. Good luck. Mike