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A safety system is an automotive component designed to keep an occupant safe before and after an impact. A part of this system is the seatbelt, which is designed to keep the driver or passenger strapped to their seat even in a roll-over event.

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Seat Belts and Safety Systems
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Why did the Airbag light come on?

The light come on when the system detects a problem and sets a trouble code. You should have it diagnosed by a trained technician. The airbag system is not for do it yourselfers.

The light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. When the air bag light is on the system is not working and will not deploy in the event of an accident. When the air bag light is on the system has set a code(s) in the computer A scanning device can retrieve the code(s). The code(s) will give you a clue where the problem is. Many auto parts stores will read the code(s) from your vehicles computer for zip if you purchase the parts necessary to repair the vehicle from them.

you have a false signal coming from the sensor harnes.

It means there is an issue with your airbag. You should have it diagnosed and repaired.

If the air bag light is coming on then you have a problem with the SRS. Seek professional help.

On most vehicles, the airbag light should come on for @6 seconds, and then go off if the system is working properly. If there is a fault or a problem in the system, the light will remain illuminated, or flash continuously. If the airbag light does not work properly, some vehicles have an audible tone that sounds indicating a problem with the airbag light system. When the light is on (or the tone is sounding), the airbag will NOT deploy, even in an accident.

Some vehicle manufacturers accommodate systems without a scanner (like Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infinity, Honda, Acura, Ford, Lincoln, Mazda & Mercury) and some require a scan tool.

SRS ( supplement restraint system)if your light is on while driving, it means there is a malfunction in the system somewhere, which you should have checked

The light comes on because the airbag computer has detected a malfunction. You need to have the system checked for codes with a scan tool. You then need to have the cause repaired by a trained technician. The airbag system is not a safe place for do it you selfers.

Either the bags have been deployed or there is a problem with the computer/sensorzperiodz

If it's the computer/sensor the bags won't deploy. get this checked out!

AnswerIt is on because there is a problem with the SRS. Take it to a dealer for repair, immediately. Do not attempt to repair yourself. Serious injury can occur if not done correctly.

If the air bag light comes on and stays on it is telling you there is a problem with the system and the air bag(s) is disabled. Until the problem is fixed the light will remain on.

AnswerThere is no "reset" for an airbag system. The system checks itself each time the key is cycled on, and if it sees a problem, the air bag light is illumnated. The flashing you are seeing is actually a fail code being displayed. It is a two-digit code. The light will flash the first digit, then a short pause, then flash out the second digit, then there will be a long pause, and repeat. It does this three or four times, then comes on and stays on. If you have an airbag light on, you have a problem. Fix the problem, then the light will "reset" itself.

I disagree there is a reset for the airbag module, as I will explain, however, it is true that the system has detected some kind of fault. It is our experience, that (some times)even if you fix the problem the light may not turn off. For example, if the error somehow simulated a crash sequence the error code will be reflected in the control module and the light will not clear. You can however, with the right type of technology, clear even hard codes written to the module. We do this every day. See reset airbag module link

You need to go to a dealership or service station to have them look at this. If your air bag light is staying off after you've started your car (should illuminate for just a second or two), you need to have the system checked. Check the fuse chart in your manual. At least for '94 Dodge Caravan, if air bag light is on and the horn doesn't work, the problem is the clockspring. If the air bag light stays on and the rear window wiper doesn't work, it's fuse #13. Check this out before spending $$ at dealership.

Most of the time is caused by a bad clockspring or its connector for the air bag has come undone. It can be caused by a bad air bag cotrol unit, but this usually doesnt happen unless the bags have been deployed. Not always though. Hope this helps. It usually indicates a problem with the airbag system. It is NOT recommended to service the system. Have a professional do it.

When the clock spring breaks the air bag light stays on,the horn and cruse control don't work. This is a recall item on many models repaired at no cost to the owner.

Seat Belts and Safety Systems
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How many points are assessed for 'failure to wear a seat belt' in Washington state?

"How many points are assessed for 'failure to wear a seat belt' in Washington state?"

Washington state does not have a point system. If a driver receives four moving violations in one year or five moving violations in two years, the Driver License will be suspended for 30 days unless the driver attends a driver awareness group meeting. Typically a seat belt violation is considered a non-moving violation and is not posted to your record. In some states it does count as one point so be sure to check with your home state DMV.


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Can you replace lap belts on a 1976 Corvette with shoulder belts?

Yes you can. I purchased a rebuilt set from Davie's corvettes parts and accessories in 2004. They cost me about $400.00. The old pullies are removed from under the seats and from behind the shoulders of the driver and passenger seats. The car will have manufactured holes in the body to insert the bolts through. Good luck Correct. They're available from almost any Corvette specialty supplier, not just Davie's. I would NOT recommend a used set, EVER, since you really don't know exactly what kind of shape the mechanisms are in. -ku2002 1976 Corvettes came from the factory with shoulder belts, FYI. Anyhow your old ones can be restored to factory new condition by a company called SSnake Oyl. --Dave.

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Does 1965 impala convertible have back seat seat belts?

The 1965 came with lap belts for the front seat only. This was a new law for 1965 and only required front belts.

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Why would a car jerk during deceleration?

Well if its an automatic, that's easy... I have this too. first answer this...

how fast are you going?

does it have overdrive (auto only)?

if manual what gear you get up to when this happens?

well if its auto, and your going fairly fast and suddenly let go of the gas... its going to change down quite quick due to gearbox design. This would give the sensation of the car braking...

if its a manual car, then you are most likely in too low a gear to start with, this is why we change down when we loose our brakes, speed reduction is effective immedeatly without slows you down to save emergency speed...1 min or so.

AnswerI am having a similar problem with my grand am! I have been told that it could be a motor mount AnswerMy 1993 Buick Skylark had the same problem last year-- if I took it above about 40mph after the engine was warmed up, every deceleration thereafter caused the car to shudder. After researching it a bit, I decided it was probably the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid in the automatic transmission, so I had it replaced and the problem disappeared. I've read that this is a somewhat common problem with Overdrive, which my car does not have, so apparently the problem doesn't play favorites.
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How do you disable a ford Taurus seat belt alarm?

NOTE: The driver and front passenger belt minder are deactivated/activated independently. When deactivating/activating one seating position, do not buckle the other position as this terminates the process.
[ol][*]Before deactivating/activating the belt minder, set the parking brake.[/ol][*]Place the transmission selector lever in PARK (P).
[ol][/ol][*]Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
[ol][/ol][*]Unbuckle the driver and front passenger safety belts.
[ol][*]Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (do not start the engine).[/ol][*]Wait approximately 1 minute until the safety belt warning indicator turns off.
NOTE: Step 3 must be completed within 50 seconds after the safety belt warning indicator turns off.To disable the seating position, buckle then unbuckle the safety belt 9 times, ending in the unbuckled state.[*]After Step 3, the air bag warning indicator illuminates for 3 seconds.
[ol][/ol][*]Within 10 seconds of the indicator turning on, buckle then unbuckle the safety belt.[*]This disables the belt minder feature for that seating position, if it is currently enabled. As confirmation, the air bag warning indicator flashes 4 times per second for 3 seconds.
[ul][/ul][*]This enables the belt minder feature for that seating position, if it is currently disabled. As confirmation, the air bag warning indicator flashes 4 times per second for 3 seconds, followed by 3 seconds with the light off, then followed by the air bag warning indicator flashing 4 times per second for 3 seconds again.

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Does the 1976 Corvette have lap belts?

Yes, the '76 came standard from the factory with shoulder/lap belt combo. Top part bolts into pillar and bottom bolts in right by the seat mount. Good luck! -ku2002

Yes, 1976 Corvettes did not come with lap belts only. They were equipped from the factory with shoulder belts. (Or the shoulder/lap combo) mentioned above. But it wasn't an either/or deal. Plain lap belts were never installed in 1976 Corvettes.

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If the seat belts do not move on a 1991 Toyota Camry what is wrong?

I just fixed the driver side seat belt on my 97 Camry. It stopped retracting a couple of days ago which led me to this site searching for a DIY repair solution. I had to remove the trim and the seat belt retractor to understand the problem. The small white plastic roller that connects to the spring is no longer connected to the spring. When you pull out the seat belt, the roller should wind the spring to create the tension to retract it ... IF the roller is attached to the spring. The metal tab that inserts into a small slit in the roller is no longer in its place.

Here is how I fixed it:

  1. Take the retractor off the chassis.
  2. Use a small screw driver, push out the center rods of the three plastic screws that attached the spring housing. Remove the spring housing.
  3. Have some scotch tapes handy. Remove the cover of the housing (two plastic tabs on each side). Tape over the opened spring housing on each sides to prevent springs from popping out. If it pops out, you would have to spend a long time winding the mess up and back into the housing (it happened to me, sigh). Leave the center accessible (not taped over). The center end of the spring is the small tab that should insert into the white plastic roller.
  4. Use an epoxy glue that works with metal and plastic (I bought one from Home Depot for less than 3 bucks, 2000lbs/sq inch, 30 minute set time).
  5. Wash / clean the grease off the roller, and wipe clean the metal spring tab (I also filed it a bit rough).
  6. Mix the epoxy glue and put a little bit on the side of the metal tab that should touch the roller once inserted / attached properly. Insert into the roller slit (MAKE SURE the roller's large square hole is facing up / away from the spring housing). Make sure the two attaches, and leave it for 30 minutes - 1 hour.
  7. Carefully remove the scotch tapes, put the spring housing cover back on.
  8. Back to the car where the retractor is loose. Roll up the seat belt until the roller is high up near the seat belt anchor on the door frame.
  9. Carefully align the roller arm on the retractor and the opening in the small roller on that spring housing, push the housing back onto the retractor and push in the three plastic screw rods to lock it in place.
  10. Pull the retractor down to the frame and screw it back onto the frame. By rolling up all seat belts and attaching the spring housing before, this time the spring is winding and creates tension (although not much, enough to retract the seat belt when unused).

The retractor has a metal ball (as a previous poster mentioned) that engages a lever to prevent free play. When you roll up or down the retractor, make sure the retractor is level, otherwise the ball will engage the lever and lock the retractor ... if that happens, though, you need to level the retractor, give it a bit seat belt retraction before it can unlock and allow you to pull more seat belts out. In my case, the metal ball is not magnitized.

And my seat belt retracts, once again :)

Check to see if something is lodged in the track of the belt path,penny, ink pen, etc. If you have kids it could be a foreign objects in the way of the flow of the belt trail.

I have a 1988 Toyota Camary and my seat belts wouldn't move when I closed the door. I check my manual and it suggested check the circuit breakers, they are located above the fuse box on the driver's side, remove the plastic panel and look above the fuse box, look for round cans with a tiny hole in the middle of the round end. (This should be the breaker) Using a straightened out paper clip, insert the clip into the tiny hole and press the reset button, you should hear or feel a click. Try your seat belt again, it should work. The seat belt track may need some grease, if it causes a drag on the motor it may trip the breaker.

I had this problem on a 1997 Camry. There are 3 breakers on driver side "kick panel." The manual lists breaker #22 as the one. To get to circuit breakers the panel under the instrument panel must be removed. (This is not clear in manual.) In my case the breaker was loose and had to be pushed in.

Design defect in Toyota Seat Belts.

There is something else you need to be aware of regarding the seat belt retractors on 91 era Toyotas (and probably dozens of other models as well). Replacing just the front seat belt retractors can cost you .00! Yes, Five Hundred bucks! The back seat? Another !

Fact is, the seat belt system is a defective design to begin with!

Have you run into the common problem where the seat belts no longer tension properly? That is, they just reel out and offer no protection?

DO NOT go to your local dealer and fork over the like I almost did.

As I looked into the seat belt system I learned a lot about how it works..or doesn't work properly (Nasty PI lawyers...are you listening?) The Toyota seat belt retractors were manufactured by Tokai Rica which supplied the units to Toyota.

Similar to other seat belt retractor systems, the device uses a small, steel ball which is supposed to react to sudden pulling on the belt. Pulling quickly on the belt (or in the case of an accident), moves the steel ball so that an arm drops down on a gear and halts safety belt movement.

Unfortunately, the steel ball is very close to the reel which rolls and un-rolls the seat belt. What happens(over years), is that the constant rolling and un-rolling of the seat belts creates static electricity. This charge is ultimately transferred to this steel ball. In time, the steel ball becomes magnetically attracted to the steel frame of the car. The result is that the ball is forever stuck in a position whereby the seat belt is completely free and you have no protection.

How can you tell if your seat belt retractors have this problem? Remove the unit from the car and hold it away from anything metallic and in the same position (not upside down), as it is was installed in the car. If the retractor works properly OUTSIDE OF THE CAR (and away from any metal), this is your problem.

The simple fix is to demagnitize the steel ball.

No need to open the retractor and pull the ball out (difficult anyhow). Get a cheap demagnitizer at Radio Shack or wherever and carefully remove the charge from the ball (everything else is made of nylon), and you should be good to go. Repeat the process to all the other retractors in the car because they're probably all screwed up too (all used the SAME design).

What bothers me is that Toyota just smiles and offers you the -,000 fix for a product which was WRONG to begin with! And, needless-to-say, DANGEROUS! If they were a stand-up company they'd make things right.

Love to hear from you if you've encountered this problem. Mainly, I hope I've helped you to save a few(!) bucks.

If your belts are automatic like on the 90 Camry you may have a blown fuse.drivers side kick panel 7.5 fuse.what i did on mine was istall a circuit breaker fuse and it worked fine,however after more trouble shooting i found the culprit was a broken wire in the trunk,on the left side of trunk the hinge rubs against the wire and breaks it causing the fuse to blow.

i have late '80's cars which i believe have same or similar mechanism. there is a switch in the door above the door strike/latch assy that operates the seatbelt (sends "door closed" signal to ECU). after removing door panel, all linkage rods, screws & wire connector, if you're careful, you can disassemble the switch, clean, & reassemble. I have replaced drivers side on one car with junkyard part and now need to replace in other car passenger side. It's not as bad as it sounds to repair. I went through everything else before stumbling onto this.

style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" class="h2heading h2" name=" "> if the car has a sunroof. most likely the drain hoses are clogged with debris causing water to saturate the carptets under the front seats if you find moister on or under front seats, or windows fogged all the tim. remove front seat lift carpet up and you will find a small wire harness laying in water check these wire and commectors chanches are good water coeeoded and broke wire that feeds seat belt retractor, once fixed now you must repair cloged drains on sunroff... open roof all the way stand with dorrs open look at each corner of sunroof has a 6mm hole this is your drans if they are blocked with old leaves or debris water will enter car take a small cup and pour water down each hole if water backs up i use are pressure a blow the lines clean

When my auto seatbelt failed, I tracked the problem to an electrical short if the wiring bundle inside the rubber chase between the car door and body (at the hinge). The repair was very difficult in that their is precious little slack in the wires to facilitate the splice repair and also that there is very little room to navigate your hands. Remove the door cover and "uncap" the rubber chase to gain access.

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How do you replace an airbag?

This can be a pain in the neck. Perform at your own risk. if the system is not completely discharged you can deploy the new airbags and seriously hurt yourself BE CAREFUL. These are the steps I followed. These are generalized instructions refer to vehicle specific service manual for more details. Otherwise take it to repair shop. First disconnect the Negative battery terminal. I ussualy step on the brak pedal for a few seconds and then let the car sit for at least 10 minutes. You want to make sure all capacitors are discharged. Any current in the system can deploy the new airbags when they are plugged in. Once the car has sat for at least 10 minutes after the battery has been disconnected. You can proceed to remove your airbag (s). This is vehicle specific can't help you as to locations of screw and such. Be gentle and cautious when plugging new ones in. This is one of the dangerous parts. When you have replaced the air bags. You should follow this procedure to make sure your not in the vehicle when it is powered on. DO NOT CONNECT BATTERY YET. Place the key in the ignition and turn it to the run position. Then reconnect the battery terminal. This is just in case your new airbags decide to deploy when powered on you are not in the vehicle and you wont get hurt. once it cycles through you should be fine. Chances are the airbag light will remain on until its reset with a scan tool.

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Are there booster seats for vehicles without shoulder belts?

All booster seats can be used with a shoulder belt as far as I know. The best are the kind with a back on them. Just follow the directions that come with it. And you can ask store people, they may know a lot about them.

Someone answer his question. I have the same question. We have the boosters that go with shoulder belts, but we don't have shoulder belts in our cars. The mfg. instructions for our booster seat say not to use it with only a lap belt. The state says we have to use a booster, so we're stuck.

There is NO booster seat on the market that can be used without a shoulder belt. BUT you do have options.

First, you can purchase a seat that will harness your child over the 40lb weight limit of most traditional carseats. Seats that do this are the Britax Marathon, or Britax Husky.

If that is not an option, then using a harness system such as the EZ-On (

Your last option is to have shoulder belts retrofitted for the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle this could cost about $200+. Also, you cannot have a shoulder belt put in the center position of a car.

In the mean time and as a very very last resort, you can put the child in the front seat (as long as there is NO airbag) using the shoulder belt in the passenger side position. Make sure you push the vehicle seat all the way back.

On a side note: also about lap only belts. It is EXTREAMLY unsafe for ANYONE to use a lap only belt. There are 2 types of injuries that are associated with lap only belts. The first being Head and/or neck injury. This is caused when the individual is thrown forward and has no upper body restraint. And the second is called seat belt syndrom. These injuries typically include 1. severe abdominal injuries, 2. fractures of the lumbar spine, and 3. serious closed head and facial injuries. For more great info on lap belt only dangers please check out this site:


Jen E. CPS Technician and mom to 3 in seats!

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Where are the fuses for shoulder belts on a 1993 Saturn?

they are behind the panel on the passenger side of the console on the back of the panel it shows the # 5 and says Igni..... when the fuse blows it affects the seat belts the speedometer and odometer and the tac at least on mine it does and I am trying to gind out why mine blows fuses all the time Those seatbelts are also called passive restraints and some of the saturns have their own fuse for those. They will blow fuses if starting to seize up. They need to be lubed as part of an ongoing maintenance with something like wd40. The fuse for the seatbelt motors is located on the interior fuse panel on the fuse marked PREST. That fuse protects nothing else on the car. And no other fuse but that one is for the automatic belts. All 1991-1994's are this way. 1995+ went to fixed seatbelts.

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How do you fix the seat belt light that stays on in a 1998 Toyota Tercel?

this is caused by one of two things. the drivers seatbelt receiver(the thing you put the belt into) has a sensor in it. find the wires that go to it and unplug the inline plug. the light should turn off. if it does not, try putting a jumper wire between the 2 terminals on the harness side (not the seatbelt side) if the light still stays on it needs a seatbelt assembly. its located low on the "b" pillar. you need to remove some trim pieces and a couple bolts to replace it. good luck!

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Why would your car jerk when you accelerate over 55 mph?

The hypothetical reason why your car is jerking at speeds of over 55 MPH is probally due to the transmission slipping as it engages into a higher gear. If there is a hard shift of the transmission at higher speeds you may have to have the vehicle serviced soon. My car was doing this once and I had a tire out of round and ready to blow. I had the same problem. It was only when I took off at first, then when I was driving on the interstate it did it whenever I went over 55 mph and the cruise wouldn't work. I had to get the camshaft sensor replaced, and afterward I had no more problems.

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How do you turn off the seatbelt sensor in your 2005 Taurus?

You can Deactivate the Belt Minder two ways. First, you can deactivate it temporarily for your current "run cycle", that is after you have started your car and it's still running. Second, you completely deactivate the Belt Minder so that it never reminds you again, or at least until your reactivate it...

The first method, temporary deactivation, or one time disable: After you have started your vehicle, buckle and then un-buckle your safety belt. Be sure to buckle back up.... This will disable the Belt Minder only for that ignition cycle.

The second method, permanent deactivation: There are 9 steps you need to follow to deactivate or activate your Belt Minder system. Before doing so, make sure that: The parking brake is set. The truck/car is in Park (automatic), Neutral (manual). The ignition is OFF. All doors are closed. The driver's safety belt is un-buckled. The parking and headlights are OFF. Then follow these 9 steps:

Turn the ignition switch to ON, but DO NOT START. Wait for the safety belt warning light to go OFF(1-2 minutes). Steps 3-5 MUST be completed within 60 seconds!

Buckle, then un-buckle the driver's safety belt 3 times, ending with the belt un-buckled. Turn on the headlights, turn off the headlights. Buckle, then un-buckle the driver's safety belt 3 times, ending with the belt un-buckled. After step 5, the Safety Belt Warning Light will be turned on for 3 seconds.

Within 7 seconds of the safety belt warning light turning OFF, buckle then un-buckle the safety belt. This will disable the Belt Minder if it is currently enabled, or enable the Belt Minder if it is currently disabled.

Confirmation of the disabling of the Belt Minder is provided by flashing the safety belt warning light 4 times per seconds for 3 seconds. Confirmation of the enabling of the Belt Minder is provided by flashing the safety belt warning light 4 times per seconds for 3 seconds, followed by 3 seconds with the safety belt light off, then followed by flashing the safety belt light 4 times per second for 3 seconds again. After confirmation, the deactivation/activation of the Belt Minder procedure is complete.

Obviously, buckling the seatbelt should silence the reminder. If you see/hear the reminder and all belts used by the reminder ARE buckled, the vehicle should be taken in for service ASAP.

If you do not want to use your seatbelt for whatever reason, and wish to disable or silence the reminder system altogether, this can be done in a matter of minutes by a serviceperson at a dealership using a custom option setting device connected to the vehicle's internal computer. As this is a safety system, some dealerships may not be willing to do this unless you sign a liability waiver.

However, if you do not wish to have the vehicle serviced professionally for whatever reason or would like to disable or bypass the seat belt reminder system for certain seats only, the following options may be of help:

A piece of sheet metal of the same dimensions and shape as the actual seat belt 'plug' can be inserted into the seat belt 'socket' to silence the reminder. Obviously, the more the piece of metal resembles the actual 'plug', the more likely it is to work.

Also, as seat belt buckle design has not changed much lately, a junkyard is one source of seat belt 'plugs' that can be cut from their straps and inserted in the seat belt 'socket' to silence the reminder chime. It's likely that several model years of a car (and even different makes/models) may all have similar seat belt 'plugs'.

Lastly, there are wires running down the 'socket' end of the seatbelt which tell the car's computer if the seat belt is buckled or not. These wires may be cut, stripped and connected together (or separated, depending on which stops the reminder) permanently.

It should be mentioned that disabling or bypassing this safety system in any way is discouraged by vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, safety specialists and many other private and public organizations and individuals. However, there are conditions for which seatbelt use is extremely uncomfortable or presents more harm than benefit, such as in the case of certain abdominal/thoracic medical conditions, morbid obesity, etc.


It's very simple. There is a small box-like switch plugged into your fuse box. Just pull it out. That will stop the warning bell/buzzer. The trick is to find out which "box" (switch) it is. Just pull them out one by one. You will find out. You won't hurt the car, don't worry. Look for tiny lettering on the fuse box itself, it may well say STBT, meaing, "seatbelt warning indicator". Something like that. You can try, maybe they have a diagram of the fuse box for you. Maybe.

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Why won't the automatic seat belts operate in a 91 Honda Accord?

Owner's manual say that 'if the seat belt motor" does not come on after changing the fuses...then move the seat belt mechanism manually to the back and 'usefull' position. My owners manual says there is a 'plastic plug' on the 'b' pillar at the bottom. You have to pry that 'plug' off and insert a tool, that came in my 'flat tire' tool box to manually pull the sealt belt mechanism to the back position. The tool look like a "torx' head screw driver with a 'push' on 'wheel' so you can wheel back the mechanism. I have seen both of these items in my 'flat tire' tool bag that came with the car. I hope I still have them. I will now go out and try it.

AnswerMake sure you check the fuses under your hood, I had the same problem on my '90 Accord and it turns out it was some bad fuses. Also check your relays while under the hood.The reason for relays is to provide 12 volt power to anything mechanical or motorized, which is what your seatbelts are. check back and let me know if it worked for you. Good Luck! Answeri also have a Honda accord, 1991.and drivers side only works in the forward position and all fuses look good to me and looked at all connection, all look good ......any help wold be helpful. thanks rig Answerwell..i checked all wires, contacts, plugs, switches with a meterand wire diagram,all in working order. from door latch to the module under passenger side seat.unpluged module and jumped wires and made the seat belt move manually...replaced mudule..........and still didnt work...are there any other switches someplace else?hmmmmm maybe replace with manaul belts?ant guesses will help.....thanks AnswerThere are switches at both ends of the seat belt "runway", try turning off the vehicle, press down on the reset switch, turn car on, hopefully the set belt works now.

Also, I have manually moved the seat belt to the locked position, as long as no-one uses that door, the warning "beep" at least goes away.

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Have seat belts ever hurt anyone in a car accident?


BTW, I want ketchup with my fries, bye Mom!

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What age or weight must a front seat passenger be?

Laws on age/weight requirements for front seat passengers vary by state. However, a general rule is that front seat passengers should be over the age of 12 and over 80 pounds.

However, keep in mind that when driving with children, the back seat is always safer.

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What is the safest way to seat a 4-year-old who must sit in the center seat with only a lap belt?

The safest way (and only appropriate way) to seat a 4 year old is in a booster seat. A child should be 6 years old and weigh 60 pounds before they are allowed to sit with a seatbelt only. The safety of your child depends upon the use of a booster or carseat because their little bodies are unable to resist the force of a crash on their own. New Answer: The above info givin by someone else is not totally correct. First, the question askes about a child that must ride in the center seat with only a lap belt. You CANNOT use a booster with a lap only belt, you MUST use a lap/shoulder belt. So in this situation the child needs a harnessed seat that will fit him/her. Depending on the size and weight of the child, he/she likely needs a seat that will harness over 40lbs. There are only 3 of these seats on the market today. Britax Marathon, Britax Husky, and the Nania Airway. I DO NOT recommend the Airway for a number of reasons. So that leaves the 2 Britax seats. Next, a child should be more the 6yo and weigh more then 60lbs to fit correctly in a seat belt only. This just happens to be the law in some states. Of course you can go above and beyond the law to keep your child safe. NHTSA recommends that the child be over 4ft 9in tall. Seat belts are made for adults over 5ft tall, and they simply don't fit anyone under appx 4ft 9in tall. These people (yes even adults if need be) should ride in a booster. Here is a 5-step test that you can do to see if your child is ready to ride in a seat belt only. If the answer is no to ANY of the 5, then he/she should still ride in a booster: 1. Does the child sit all the way back against the auto seat? 2. Do the child

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What does air bag code 37 mean on 1999 Ford Explorer and how to repair it cheaply?

Passenger side circuit break in wiring

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How do you repair the automatic seat belt on a 1995 Mercury Tracer?

I've gotten closer to answering this question myself. The automatic seat belts were not moving at all. I checked the fuse under the dash, replaced it, and they now work. The problem is, the driver-side belt clip gets stuck halfway upon returning to the upright position. It seems a previous owner didn't know about the fuse problem, and tried jarring it back themselves. Is there a track loose, or could something be lodged in the way of the belt clip?

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Why does the seatbelt light reminder in a 1999 Corolla only come on and stay on when your seat belt is on?

This is a problem on the Corolla and the Chev. Prizm which is the same identical car. If you pull the seatbelt all the way out and relase it, then the light will go out. This gets to be annoying, though. These seatbelts also have a problem of not retracting all the way and being caught in the door when getting out of the car, too. I think there was a recall on the not retracting fully problem, but I'm not sure at the moment. I have a 98 chev Prizm (Same car as Corolla) and my seat belt reminder light keeps blinking even while the seat belt is on. I have tried extending the seat belt all the way out but the light keeps blinking continuously. I took the molding away from the seat belt winding mechinism and unplugged the electrical connection. The seat belt light stayed on even after unplugging the wires but the electrical plug seemed a little charred. I am taking the car to the garage to have a maintenance inspection so if I find out anything new I will post here. - Andy Schrodemier If all else fails, take the guage pod out and pull out the light bulb. Its not the best fix in the world, but it will get rid of the annoyance and be extremly cheap. there is anotehr thread on here how to take the guage pod out of the dash.

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In the state of Illinois who gets the tickets if a passenger is not wearing a seat belt?

If the passenger is a minor or child the ticket goes to the driver but if your passenger is an adult the passenger is issued the ticket. I speak from experience, a few years ago while driving down Interstate 57 my wife and I were pulled over by an Illinois State Trooper. It was around Thanksgiving and they were out in force issuing seat belt tickets. I was given a ticket and so was my wife (Happy Holidays huh?). Her ticket as the passenger was written in her name. 55 dollars a piece! In a state that doesn't require motorcyclists to wear a helmet....don't get me started. We learned our lesson.... Buckle Up, It's the Law :) I agree with the above poster. I know for those that aren't use to seat belt laws they feel it's a nuisance, but in Canada we have been wearing seat belts for years and it's like breathing now. Without seat belts most of us feel naked. In 1994 I was a passenger in a head on collision and trust me, if I hadn't had my seat belt on I would have gone through the windshield! I'm for seat belts law or not!

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Honda Civic

In your 1999 Honda Civic 4 dr sedan after 71 thousand miles the SRS light came on and will not go off what caused this?

I am pretty sure this means "supplemetal restraint system" meaning airbag. ignore it at the peril of it not working when you may need it

I just paid the Honda Service Dept. $723.65 (12/02/05) for parts and labor to replace the SRS Control Unit of my 1997 Civic LX. When the first SRS light came on, Honda replaced the battery saying low battery power could cause the light to come on, and if the light comes back the SRS (air bags) Control Unit need to be replaced. It came back after resetting several times.

If your srs control unit is not defective, I think this site has a good solution. I wished I tried it first before bringing the car to Honda.

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If the seat belt warning key in ignition warning and lights on warning have all been disabled How can you turn them back on?

On the 1987 Honda Accord DX I recently acquired I believe all 3 of those things are controlled by the ICU (Integrated Control Unit), under the dash above the hump. It has one connector plugged into it. Maybe yours has a similar unit that is unplugged.

On my Honda accord there is a seat belt control box that is under then passenger seat. Mine was unplugged and cut all power to seat belt alarms and power seat belts

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How do you turn off seat belt warning buzzer in an 05 Chevy Silverado truck?

not sure about an 05 but earier modles have a plug at the bottom of the female end of the seat belt, you just unplugg it


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