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Air-cooled Volkswagen engines were produced from 1936 to 2006 in a variety of sizes. These engines were designed for the Volkswagen Beetle but were later modified to meet industrial needs.

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Air-Cooled VW

Where is the battery in a 1967 VW Beetle?

under the rear seat

Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
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Where is the brake light switch on a 1969 beetle?

on my 72 super they are attached to the master cylinder witch is located under the car l on the drivers side near the frame head. usually 2 of them.

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How do windscreen washers on vw beetle work?

It's run on air instead of a little electric pump.

There is a tube connected to the spare tire that is filled to about 45 psi, goes to the water tank, then goes to the button, then to the windshield.

Your expected to release the extra air out of the good spare when you have a flat, but then you won't have a windshield washer now that the bad spare is flat.

Air-Cooled VW

How do you separate the shell from the chassis on a volkswagen beetle?

that's a long job matey... first you'll want to remove the seats from the car, and then the engine (not strictly necessary, but much easier) remove the running boards there are bolts running all around where the body and chassis meet up. two, i think, on the rear crossmember underneath the rear seat, two next to the rear shock absorbers. nine on each side underneath the car, running down the heater channels (stubborn as anything to get off, often have to be cut) four at the front from undereath again, larger ones this time, front crossmember. remove the fuel tank two large bolts on the torsion bars on the front, under the fuel tank. disconnect all the wiring, and remove the speedometer cable from the LHS wheel hub. there's a tiny clip that keeps it on. unbolt the steering column from the steering box get four strong mates and lift it off! (you will probably have to cut a couple of weld repairs from over the years) hope this helps.

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VW Super Beetle

What size engine is in a 1974 super beetle?

Infact in super beetles the company were offering 3 types of engines.

Single manifold 1200

Twin port 1300

Twin port 1600

If you are still unsure of your engine type then here is something else you can do.
VW stamped all type 1's and pre '72 type 2's on the right case half just below the generator pedestal.
The first and sometimes the second digit/letter denotes the basic engine group.
So the best you can do is narrow down the engine to a group.
Here are the groups

Type 1 -Beetle
Code Year Engine Remarks
4 - 60 - 1200 - 40 HP
5 - 61 - 1200 - 40 HP
6 - 62 - 1200 - 40 HP
7 - 63 - 1200 - 40 HP
8 - 64 - 1200 - 40 HP
9 - 65 - 1200 - 40 HP
FO - 66 - 1300 - 8mm oil pump studs
HO/TO- 67 - 1500 - 8mm oil pump studs
H5 - 68-69 - 1500 - 8mm oil pump studs
B6 - 70 - 1600 - Dual Relief - single port
AE - 71-72 - 1600 - Dual Relief - Dual Port
AH - 73-74 - 1600 - 8mm Head studs w/case savers
AJ - 75 - 1600 - Fuel injected, no fuel pump mount.

Type 2 - Bus
Code Year Engine Remarks
Numerals 61-63 - 1200 - See type 1 40 HP
O - 64 - 1500 - No Cam bearings
H - 65 - 1500
HO - 66-67 - 1500 - No Cross member holes
B5 - 68-69 - 1600 - 8mm oil pump studs, single port
B5 - 70 - 1600 - Dual Relief
AE - 71 - 1600 - W/cross member holes
Late Bus
CB - 72-73 - 1700 - Dual carb, manual trans
CD - 73 - 1700 - Dual carb, auto trans
AW - 73-74 - 1800 - Dual carb, manual or auto
AW - 75 - 1800 - Fuel injected
ED - 75 - 2000
GD - 76-79 - 2000 - 79 had Vanagon heads
GE - 79 - 2000 - Cal only, Vanagon heads

Type 3 Notchback - Fastback - Standard
Code Year Engine Remarks
O - 63-65 - 1500 - No Cam Bearings
TO - 66-67 - 1500 - 6mm oil pump studs
UO - 68-69 - 1600 - Fuel injected '69 w/xmember holes
UO - 70 - 1600 - xmember holes, dual relief
U5 - 71-73 - 1600 - like UO w/xmember holes 7.3:1 compresion
X - 72 - 1600 - 7.3:1 compresion

After Market Cases
Code Year Engine Remarks
F1 - 13/1600
F2 - 13/1600
DO - 40-HP part when last digit is "X"
D1 - Some times a 40-HP part
AB - 66-79 - 1600 - Built since '73 in Mexico, Brazil and Germany
AK - 67-74 - 15/1600
AM - 1600
AS - sometimes listed as a Super Beetle original case '73 and on

Type 4 Late Bus
Code Year Engine Remarks
W - 71 - 1700
EA - 72-74 - 1700
EB - 73 - 1700 - Calif only
EC - 74 - 1700

Hope this will help

Wanted to add: in the US only the 1600 cc engine was offered for the 74 Super Beetle.

VW Beetle Type 1
Air-Cooled VW

What is the oil capacity for a 1971 super beetle?

2.8 quarts. We usually just add a full 3 quarts. Be sure to clean the filter/screen, and replace all the little gaskets - one per nut (6 total) plus the two big paper gaskets that fit one above and one below the filter/screen. The 6mm bolts are delicate, do not over tighten, or they WILL strip easily.

- - - - -

The engine holds 2500 ml of oil, or a little over 2.6 quarts. Don't put any more than that in there because the engine has very high startup oil pressure. If you put even a little too much oil in a Bug you will pop the main seal right out of the engine, which causes it to leak. This is why everyone thinks Volkswagens all leak. They don't, unless you make them leak and this is how.

VW Beetle Type 1
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67 VW Beetle wont shift into first or second?

The first thing I would do is to replace the shift coupler. You crawl under your car and look at the nose of the transmission, and you'll see the shift rod coming out of it running to the front of the car. If that goes bad--and since it's a 67, it almost certainly is--it can cause this. These are cheap.

If that doesn't work, things are no longer cheap because you need the transmission rebuilt by someone who knows how to rebuild this transmission. You can order a rebuilt transmission from or (Both are very reputable; which you choose depends on where you live. is in Salt Lake City. Bus Depot is in Pennsylvania. Pick the closest one because these are motor freight items and you pay for that by the mile.) By the time you pay freight and buy all the stuff you need to install a transmission, you're looking at somewhere around $600.

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Where would the VIN be on 1964 vw?

1964 VWs don't have VIN numbers, they have engine and chassis numbers.

The engine number is stamped into the engine case just below the generator stand.

The chassis number is in three places. The first is on a data plate somewhere near the spare tire well in front. The second is on a plate in the windshield --it's pretty much straight ahead of your left hand while you're holding the steering wheel. And the third is under the back seat on the tunnel.

BTW, do not be alarmed if the number on the transmission tunnel doesn't match the other two numbers; when they were still importing these cars they were common enough that someone who had a rusted-out chassis would go to the junkyard and buy a Bug someone rolled. It's pretty easy to get the body off the chassis, so you'd put your good body on the good chassis, the rolled body on your rusted-out one and have the now-completely-ruined Bug hauled back to the junkyard.

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How do you remove starter to 74 vw bug?

Jack the car up and put it on jackstands, then unhook the battery.

Next, open the hood and look behind the fan shroud on the right side of the car. There's a 17mm nut. Remove it, that's the top bolt holding the starter in.

Crawl under, find the starter (it's above the CV halfshaft on the right side) and remove the bottom nut holding it in. Pull it back, lower it as far as you can and unhook the two wires coming out of it. One is a push-on, the other uses a 13mm nut.

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A 69 beetle dies everytime it stops and doesn't start without a push start what is wrong and how do can it be fixed?

Get a tune up, but first see if when you push the clutch all the way in is it still even slightly engaged because if it is then tighten the cable.

Your battery is probably dead/dying. At idle (like when you stop), the charging system isn't always putting out enough juice to keep the car running on it's own, so it uses the battery to keep it running. If your battery is dead when it needs that juice it isn't there and the car dies, then because the battery is dead the car can't turn over and restart itself. I would have the battery checked first, and probably replace it. Also get the generator/voltage regulator checked to make sure it is charging the battery sufficiently.

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What is the stock size of a 69 vw bug fuel tank?

It holds 10 gallons.

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What oil for 1776 engine VW beetle?

My favorite VW oil is 30-weight Shell Rotella T, which is made for old-fashioned hot-running diesels. Our cars are also old-fashioned and hot-running, so it works well.

If you can't get that, just about any quality 10W30 works great.

VW Beetle Type 1
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How To

How to install alternator on 1967 vw beetle?

The easiest way, and probably the cheapest by the time you're done, is to buy an alternator conversion kit. Because 1967 is the first year of the 12v system, IF your car was 12v from the factory (look in the driver's doorjamb for a "12v" sticker) you won't have to change the radio, bulbs and battery.

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Does a 1974 VW Beetle have springs? depends.

A Regular Beetle (flat windshield, no slots in the apron under the front bumper, spare tire upright, steel dashboard) has no springs in either end of the suspension.

A Super Beetle (curved windshield, slots in the front apron, spare tire lying flat, plastic dashboard) has McPherson Strut front suspension with springs around the shocks, but no springs in the rear suspension.

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Is it possible to install an ac in a vintage 1969 vw beetle and will the beetle engine be able to handle running an ac?

Yes you can install an AC on a vintage VW Beetle. However, If it has the stock motor in it (probably 1500 cc) I would not recomend it without taking other precautions to help keep the engine cool. You will also lose a lot of horsepower (take off and running power not to mention fuel mileage) if you make this addition. It has been many years since I was into VWs but I believe the 1600 cc is something like 53 horsepower but don't qoute me. I have slept a lot since the early 90's and just don't remember for sure. I would recomend picking up one of the VW mags from a store sometime. There used to be two "VW Trends" and "Hot VWs". If I remember right, VW Trends had the most helpful information and less women in string bikinis. You will be able to find plenty of places that will sell you an aftermarket AC to install on your VW. They probably have covered it at some point in one of the magazines also. You can order backorder issues from them that have all of the info you are looking for.

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What type of oil to put in a classic vw bug?

The best oil for a VW Beetle is Shell Rotella T 30-weight. This is oil designed for diesel engines. You probably can't get this in Walmart because they only have multigrade Rotella 15W40 (which you can use as a second option) but Autozone and O'Reilly both have it. And before you ask, you almost certainly can't get this at a truck stop--they have 15W40 Rotella, Chevron Delo, Castrol Tection, and Truck Stop Private Label because all the new truck engines use that oil.

The reason for the 30-weight Rotella is it's made to be used in engines that run very hot in normal operation, like the Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engine series. Volkswagen Bug engines also run very hot in normal operation, so this oil is perfect for them.

Air-Cooled VW

How do you remove seats form 1960 vw?

Pull the lever as you normally would when adjusting the seat position. Then simply slide the seat all the way forward and out of the rails.

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The Difference Between

What are the differences between a 67 and 68 and 69 VW Beetle?

The only real substantive differences are in the back.

The Beetle engine went from 1300cc to 1500cc in 1967. The 1967 also had the new 12v electrical system, dual circuit brakes (in 1966 and before, all four wheels worked off the same master cylinder--which means if you tear out a brake hose, you lose ALL your hydraulic brakes. In the 1967, if you lose the front hydraulics you still have rear brakes.), and door lock buttons.

In 1968, the bumpers lost their overrider bars and the taillights were redesigned.

The BIG change was in 1969 when VW converted to independent rear suspension. This made the car handle better and be more stable.

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What year are the H engine numbers for aircoooled VW?

I don't know what year, But I can give this info.:

'H' is A 1500 motor single reliefe.

It can be made into any size motor from 1300 to the 1600 even with big bore kits like 1770.

The oil reliefe is single as opposed to dual on later models. That's fine for normal or even A little hot rodding, But not too much,

It is A good basic VW engine if you are wanting A good dependable daily driver or A off road ride that will be used with care and not trying to see how much abuse it will handle.

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Air-Cooled VW

What do you do about a sore penis me and my girl friend do have a lot of sex leaving me with a slight splitting around the foreskin so I know its not STD should we use lube or just slow down?

if that is the case ,you can try slowing down the time that you do sex with your may be more serious if you continue to do sex at this rate you may cause heavy burden to your penis.

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What is a compatible automatic engine and gearbox for a vw beetle 1973?

any engine carburated i would go with the 1600

Fuel Pumps
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Where is a 1979 beetle fuel pump relay location?

Near computer for FI in the rear luggage area on right side of car.

Car Smells
Head Gaskets and Valve Covers
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What can you do if your car has white smoke coming out of the front driver side and smell like burn?

This sounds like an oil leak. More specifically, oil leaking from the valve cover gasket and then dripping on your exhaust somewhere. Replace the valve cover gasket and see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't, search for the leak source and repair it accordingly.

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What automatic gearbox will fit in a classic vw beetle?

The "automatic gearbox" Volkswagen used to put in Beetles is an "autostick" transmission. It has a three-speed manual transmission connected to a vacuum-operated clutch and a torque converter. There's no clutch pedal but you still have to shift it.

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How much for a tuneup?

Depends on your car! 400-600$ depending how big your car is and the maintenance required!

Hope this helps :)


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