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The Honda Accord series is a family of medium-sized cars produced by Honda from 1976 to the present. It was launched as a 1600cc engine-powered mid-sized hatchback sedan, with design similar to an upgraded modern Honda Civic.

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Check Engine Light

How do you reset the check engine light on a Honda Accord?

Accord Check Engine LightThe proper way, of course, is to repair the problem that caused it to come on. Another way I read on a website was to bring your car to an Autozone who will diagnose the problem and reset the light for you (and hope you buy the part to fix the problem). The quick and dirty way is to remove one of the battery cables for about 10 seconds (when the engine is off of course) then reconnect it.

-It is actually illegal for Autozone employees to just erase the engine code because they did it before and got sued by several people because they erased the engine code and then something went wrong with the car and the people got hurt in accidents. so they arent actually supposed to. i only know because my boyfriend works there and he and his boss explained this to me one day when i was curious about this exact thing and started asking questions.

I just had the EGR valve replaced on our 98 Accord for the second time in two years. At least the price of the part has come down a huge amount in this time - from $300 to $70 - I suppose since it is a mass produced item since so many 98 Accords have this problem. The last time the car had under 80Kmi so was under warranty but this time I paid an independent mechanic $170 which included the part. He said it is a poor design since even a speck of carbon in the EGR valve can cause it to stay open and the check engine light to come on. And he expects it will happen more often as the car gets older.

An guy who is a mechanic where I work said he thought it was best to clean out the deposits and a good product to do this was Marvel Mystery Oil (at Walmart for about $2 per pint). He said to use 4 oz in the gas tank when filling once per month for a few months. Besides possibly preventing the valve from fouling as often, this should also allow the car to run longer without needing premium fuel, according to him.

Every Honda I have had (and all I have had is Hondas for well over 20 years) has required midgrade fuel at about 120Kmi then premium at around 160Kmi to prevent it from pinging, no matter how many times I had it tuned, the plugs replaced, and the valves adjusted. The guy said the Marvel Mystery Oil will fix this, too - use it once per month until the premium fuel is no longer needed, which will take 3 to 4 months. I have no idea if this will work (it's a Mystery to me! ) but I will give it a try since otherwise this is still an excellent car.

Here is more input from others:

  • When I bought the 99 Accord the salesmen told me that the Check Engine Light would come on at about 7K miles and not to be alarmed. This would be freindly a reminder to bring it in for the 1st service he said. Well just as the guy said at aproximatly 7K the check engine light came on. I called the service department and he insisted on me bringing it in so that they would perform the normal oil/filter changes then reset the light. After a bit I convinced the guy to tell me how to reset the light.
  • THIS IS HOW YOU RESET THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON THE 99 HONDA ACCORD. 1. With the Car Off, Press and hold down the Odometer Trip Reset Button. 2. While still pressing the Trip Reset Button, Turn the Ignition Key half way on where all your oil, check engine lights etc.. turn on. Don't turn it as far as you would to normally start the car. Wait a few seconds and the Check engine light will turn off. 3. Turn the key back to the Off position and you're done. What a scam Honda has with the BS Check Engine Light.
  • In the repair book it says to remove the number 13 (clock back up) fuse on the passenger side while the ignition is off for 10 seconds. That should work according to the repair. If the light comes back on then u might have a problem.
  • Two different things being addressed on this whole topic. 1. To reset the "Maint Rqrd" light, you push and hold the reset knob and then engage the accessories via the the ignition switch. 2. To reset the "Check Engine" light, you need to either pull the fuse already mentioned in previous answers or disconnect the negative battery cable for a while. (Then make sure you know the Radio Code to reset your radio unit so it works).
  • The previous steps for resetting the service light and the check engine light also work on the 2000 Honda Accord. Excellent insights! Thank you! Just a note for the novice repairmen: the fuse panel is inside the passenger door on the side of the dash assembly (not under the hood).
  • First you need to determine if it is a "check engine light" or a "maintainance required light" A check engine light is usually an amber light with the picture of an engine with a line through it. If this light is on you should take it to a QUALIFIED REPAIR TECHNICIAN who is capable of working on a Honda. They have all the tools needed to diagnose your repair.If it is a maint. required light new Honda"s are reset by holding the trip reset button down and turn the ignition switch to "on" while holding the button. wait until the light goes out (about 15 seconds) before releasing the button. This light will come on every 7500 miles.
  • All you have to do is disconnect the Negative battery terminal. It is not necessary to disconnect both. Once you've disconnected the terminal, let the car sit with no power for a few minutes, then reconnect the battery terminal. Your light should not come on, unless your engine sensors throw another code through your car's computer.
  • You DO NOT need to disconnect the battery terminals. All you have to do is turn the key to the "on" position (not running, but so that the radio etc. come on) and hold the trip reset button for about 15-20 seconds. KEEP IN MIND - that the light could be an indication of needed service as opposed to just coming on based on mileage.
  • To be clear, you must hold in the trip odometer reset button and THEN turn the key to the "on" position. If you prefer the battery disconnect method, be sure you have your radio code handy to re-initiate.

The best and only true way to reset a "check engine light" is not to go to Autozone or any where that has a scan tool or OBD II and have it turned off just fix the problem then a auto technican will turn it off or it will just come back on in a matter of time,

DON'T disconnect the battery your just going to reset your vehicles memory and reset all emission monitors and have to go through a drive cycle and by time it resets its going to trigger the "engine light" agian.

autozone employees are parts people. a code does not tell you what the problem is, it tells you where to look for the part, dont buy an egr when it says egr under par. look for a technical school around you, for a nominal lab fee (my school's is 12 dollars) they will do a professional diagnosis on your vehicle, and if you buy the part, they will replace it with free labor. disconnecting the battery cables and slapping them together is a terrible way to clear the code as it will only come back and it will also reset your vehicles eprom, which may decrease fuel economy.

*Holding in the odometer trip reset button in then turning on the ignition until the accessories come on only resets your maintenance required light. On a 98 Honda Accord LX under the hood left side right up against the fire wall there is a fuse box. Open the box and look for the ACC back up fuse. It's not your typical fuse, it is larger and square and on my car it is clear. Pull it out for 30 sec or so then stick it back in and go start your car. The light should go out. If it comes back on then you have a code that you need to get fix by a mechanic or something simple like a gas cap and fuel injector cleaner. When you do start your car you should have to reset your clock but everything else should be O.K. This is just to turn off that annoying light but you should get your car checked out or you might have more damage unless you know that your car is O.K. and the light just comes on......

1999 Honda Accord EX V6 Check Engine Light Comes On - Take to Autozone for Free Code Check. If the code reader diagnoses a code P1491, it indicates the EGR valve or port (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Valve or port (located inside the driver side intake manifold on the top of the engine) has accumulations of fuel debris buildup that is clogging up the valve or port. This fuel debris buildup causes obstruction of the EGR valve or port which causes the Check Engine Light to come on. The purpose of the EGR valve is to channel unburned gas that is released into the exhaust back into the intake manifold to burn it and reduce emissions. The cost to fix this at a Honda dealership is $380.00 and a good independent shop is $180.00. You can also remove the intake manifold and clean the debris from the EGR port yourself. A much easier and less expensive way to fix this problem is to purchase S1-1 Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner (15 ounces per bottle) at Schucks O'Reilly Auto Parts for $9.99 per bottle. Add one 15 ounce bottle to your gas tank (one bottle of S1-1 Red Line to 20 gallons of gas) and fill your gas tank. This will clean your EGR valve and all of the fuel system. You may have to use several bottles (one per tankful of gas) to clean your fuel system depending how much fuel debris buidlup you have in your engine. After the fuel debris is removed by the S1-1 Red Line Complete Fuel System Cleaner, your check engine light will not go off. To get your check engine light to go off, disconnect your positive and negative battery cables for 30 minutes then reattach them. Reset your Honda Accord clock and enter the radio code on your radio to get the radio to work again. It took me a while to research this but it works, its easy, and it will save you money and make your car run efficiently again.

2001 Honda Odyssey: Removing the #13 "Clock Backup" fuse (7.5Amp) for 1 minute or so and then reinstalling it worked perfectly to clear the "Check Engine Light"! The fuse box is located under a small panel by the passenger side right floor kick-panel, very easy access. Keep in mind that I did the maintenance myself to properly fix the EGR problem that had caused the "EGR flow insufficient" code to make my check engine light come on. I performed the repair, then cleared the check engine light by pulling the fuse. Now I can go get my car smog checked! Thanks everybody! God Bless!

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How do reset a Honda Accord radio that says Error E?

Honda Accord

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What is the stereo wiring for the 1997 Honda accord?

Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Yellow/White

Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: White/Red

Radio Ground Wire: Black

Radio Illumination Wire: Red/Black

Radio Dimmer Wire: n/a

Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: Yellow/White

Radio Antenna Location: Left Rear

Front Speakers Size and Location: 5 1/4″ Doors

Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Blue/Green

Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Gray/Black

Right Front Speaker Wire (+): Red/Green

Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Brown/Black

Rear Speakers Size and Location: 6 1/2″ Rear Deck

Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Blue/Yellow

Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Gray/White

Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Red/Yellow

Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Brown/White

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Alarm goes off for no reason on 2001 Honda Accord?

I had this same problem with my Honda. I figured out through a process of elimination that the door remotes lost part of their signal to turn the alarm off. The solution? Search Wiki for how to reprogram your remote key fob. This will restore the signal coding to properly unlock and turn off your alarm. Just reprogram the remotes and this should solve your problem.

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How much does it cost to fix motor mounts?

To replace a motor mount ( it's recommended to replace all of them at once, due to the most costly part of the repair being the labor, the engine is actually unmounted and hoisted back up when finished ) it will cost roughly $130. for one, and usually will run about $520-550. for all four. Since motor mounts usually wear at about the same rate, it is not recommended to change one at a time.

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What size is the axle nut on a 1995 Honda Accord?

36mm (use a 6 point, not a 12)...

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How many hp does Honda accord V4 have?

Honda makes no V4. They do make an Inline I4. The hp depends on the year you are asking about which you fail to mention. The 2011 Accord 2.4 liter I4 puts out 177 hp.

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What size wipers blades fit 1992 Honda accord?

19 and 24. this is also for ex edition

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What does Honda mean?

Honda Motors Inc received its name from it's founder Soichiro Honda.

Sources indicate the meaning of the name to be "original Rice Paddy".

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What does EX mean?

It means run away for a day

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How do the timing marks align on a 1986 Honda Accord?

Buy the repair manual for the car. It will pay for itself quickly.

1) Rotate crankshaft to align the flywheel pointer to TDC of the No. 1 cylinder compression stroke.

2) Make sure timing pointer must be aligned with the white mark on the flywheel; the cam pulley must be set so the small dot or the word UP is vertical and the marks on the edges of the pulley are aligned with the surface of the head.

3) Fit the belt to the engine and slide it onto the cam pulley. Loosen the adjusting bolt slowly, allowing the adjuster to move against the belt. Tighten the adjuster bolt temporarily.

4) Install the lower timing belt cover.

5) Install the crankshaft pulley and key.

6) Adjust the timing belt tension. Loosen the adjusting bolt. Rotate the crankshaft counter clockwise until the camshaft pulley has moved 3 teeth. Tighten the adjusting bolt to 31 ft. lbs

7) Install the water pump belt and pulley, drive belts

8) Install upper timing belt cover and valve cover.

9) Start the engine, allowing it to idle. Listen carefully for any indication of the belt rubbing or slapping the covers.

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Why can't you clear the maintenance light in your 1999 Honda Accord?

To clear the maintenance light; steps to take: With the ignition off, press the trip and reset buttons at the same time and hold, turn ignition on, hold for about ten seconds until it goes out. Dilemma solved.

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How do you fix a car's dash vents if they do not seem to work?

My husband and I fixed ours on a 1985 Toyota corolla. There is a blower motor which was located under/ behind glove compartment, we bought a used one from a junk yard switched then and we had our vents back.

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Where is the oil dipstick on a 97 Honda accord?

Open the hood and look around. It is right there in front of you on the engine. If you cannot find the dipstick then you need to shut the hood and seek professional help. You have no business under the hood of your Honda.

Wilke339's answer:

If your Accord is 4 cylinder, the oil dipstick probably has a yellow pull ring handle, and is located toward the driver's side of the engine, up high near the top belt pulley.

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How much does an 1998 Honda accord car cost?

Depends on many factors. What model, mileage, condition of vehicle, and options on vehicle. Go to the link I am posting for prices.

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What is the stereo wiring diagram for the 1999 accord?

Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: White/Green

Radio Ignition Switched 12V+ Wire: White/Red

Radio Ground Wire: Black

Radio Illumination Dimmer Wire: Red/Black

Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A

Radio Amplifier Trigger Wire: N/A

Front Speakers Size: N/A

Front Speakers Location: N/A

Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Blue/Green

Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Gray/Black

Right Front Speaker Wire (+): Red/Green

Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Brown/Black

Rear Speakers Size: N/A

Rear Speakers Location: N/A

Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Blue/Yellow

Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Gray/White

Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Red/Yellow

Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Brown/White

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Do you think a used Honda Accord is a good first car for a teenager?

Used Honda Accord for a Teen

Here is advice and input from Wiki s contributors:

  • No, they aren't good.
  • My 17-year-old has a 97 Accord with 160,000 miles. 4 Cylinder manual trans. Great car for him. Loves that it is a stick. Runs reliably and when you need parts they are cheap and readily available. Just paid $22 for a clutch slave cylinder at Pep Boys. Only issue is they do rust badly so make sure it is sound before you buy.
  • Depends.... You can go to your nearest Honda dealer and test-drive it.
  • It Definately is, I have owned one since i was 16, I turn 18 in 5 days, and I dropped the transmission but that was my own fault for running it wrong, I put 20,000 miles on it a year, and I have a little over 200,000 miles now. It still runs like it has 160,000 miles. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  • I have had a 97 se since i was 15 just turned 17 i love it iwas also lucky to have it re painted you should buy 1
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How do you reset the maintenance required light after 60000 miles on a 1998 Honda Accord LX 2.2L?

on a 98 accord you push down and hold the odometer reset button, then turn the key to the ON position. After 10-15 seconds the light should turn off.if you need it for a 1997 then listen to them below.


You take it to the dealer (or a very knowledgable specialist shop - for a Honda one should be fairly easy to find locally, and have the required servicing done...

At 60,000 miles, many modern cars require replacement of the timing belt. Although the procedure is probably the most costly of the Scheduled Maintenance Items, unlike many more mundane items such as changing the wiper blades, oil, or tires, failure to replace this belt in a timely (pardon the pun) fashion will, in most modern cars, *DESTROY* the engine when (not if---*when*) the timing belt does fail.

Common Parts to Replace a Timing Belt: Timing Belt 3-5 Miscellaneous pulleys Hydraulic belt tensioner assembly and pulley. On some cars, this is a good time to replace the water pump, since you're already pulling the front of the engine that far apart, anyway. Total cost: $600-800 is probably not unreasonable.

Common Parts to Replace a FAILED Timing Belt: Timing Belt 3-5 Miscellaneous pulleys Hydraulic belt tensioner assembly and pulley. On some cars, this is a good time to replace the water pump, since you're already pulling the front of the engine that far apart, anyway. 1 cylinder head 16 valves 1-4 pistons damaged when the valves smack into them reworking the inside of the cylinders if they get scratched or scored. Towing costs. rental car costs. etc.

Just take it in... =) Total cost: $600-800 is probably not unreasonable.

Common parts to replace

I'm not entirely sure about the Accord, but this answer works for the same year of Civic, Prelude, and Acura (Honda) Integra. It will probably work for the Accord, too. On the typical Honda gauge layout, there is a small, rectangular, recessed button directly to the left of the "Maintenance Required" light. Using your car key, you can press this button in, which will cause the light to turn green. The maintenance light (at least on my Civic) will come on about every 4000 miles if not reset (for oil changes), and also periodically for other scheduled maintenance.

on the '97 accord in the dash panel layout, near the mileage, is a small black box, your key should fit right into it, push it in and it should go away. you can also look in the owner's manual, it'll say in there. the light usually comes on after so many miles, and most places that aren't the dealer won't know to put the key in there to reset it so it might come on before maintenance is needed.

With the key off, hold down the trip meter reset button. turn the key on and continue holding the reset button in until the maintenance light goes off, about 10 seconds. Source: owners manual.

97 Honda Accord LX

Just push in the black button next to the Maintenance required light after you have changed the oil in all the way and the light will turn green again. Works in mine. No key in the ignition required.

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Replace broken front wheel studs on 97 accord?

Turn Wheel for Access. Remove tire. Remove Brake Pads. Remove Brake Caliper. Find Hole in back of Rotor and align Stud for Removal. Beat out with mallet. Put in New Stud, use sacrificial lug nut, washer, and breaker bar to pull lug into seated position. Reinstall caliper, pads, and wheel.


The above answer is wrong for Honda Accord, replacing a broken lug nut stud requires removal of the hub bearing assembly. It involves separating ball joints, tie rod, removal of the steering knuckle, hub assembly. There is no "find hole in back of rotor", not accessible with hub assembly installed.

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How do you adjust the idle speed on a 1988 Honda Accord?

I know on a 1990 Accord there is a plug over the idle speed adjustment. You can pop it out with a ice pick or small screwdriver then do the adjustment (you don't have to replace it) It is located on the passenger side of the injector housing or control body or whatever! Stand just behind your right front wheel, lean under the hood and you should see it. The plug is about 3/8" diameter.

Confirmed - it works for a 1988 Honda. Thanks.

: That only works on the fuel injected models. The carburated engines are more difficult to adjust.

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Where can you obtain an Owner's Manual for a 2001 Honda Accord V6?

For owners manuals and such, consult the manufacturing company. For around $20.00 US I believe that you can purchase a manual for your vehicle and it can be sent directly to your home. Also, you might want to try looking at online auctions, quite often they sell small articles such as manuals/wiring diagrams etc.

You could also try (if in canada) Canadian Tire or any sort of automotive store similar to that. I got my owner's there.

AnswerGo to, register, and do a search for "owner manual". You can download a manual in PDF format.


I own a 2001 Honda Accord V-6 so if there is a simple question I would try to help.

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Where is 1997 accord air bag module located?

Module is located behind radio in center floor near back wall. You can actually access it from both sides of the floor boards. There are two star bolts on both sides to remove.

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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1990 Honda Accord?

It is located in the engine compartment on the passenger side of the firewall just below the vacuum control box. It should be black with two lines running to it. (It looks like a mini oil filter)

It will be much easier to change if you remove the vacuum control box first so that you have easier access to the bolts for the fuel lines.

You will want to have a rag handy when you undue the fuel lines because the fuel is under pressure and a small amount is going to run out when you loosen the bolts.

CAUTION - I would let your engine and exhaust cool down before doing this due the the fire hazard associated with the fuel that is going to run out of the fuel lines.

Don't forget to install the NEW aluminum washers that will come with your new fuel filter.

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How do you change the cabin air filter in a Honda Pilot?

For 2009 or later Honda Pilot, it is very easy - a 5 minute job - and no tools required. The filters are around $25 from Honda (80292-SHJ-A41) but much cheaper after market.

  1. Empty and open the glovebox.
  2. Press the 2 tabs on the sides.
  3. Swing the glovebox ALL the way towards the floor so the opening behind the glovebox is fully accessible.
  4. Inside the opening is a black tray - around 8" square. Press the 2 "tabs" on each side of tray and pull the tray out.
  5. Put the new filter in with the arrow on the side of the filter facing DOWN towards the floor.
  6. Slide the tray back in.
  7. Close the glovebox.

I changed mine at 19K and it was VERY dirty. I would recommend changing every year - especially if you have allergies.

For 2008 and older - you need to cut the plastic tab and take out screws.


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