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Toy Story was released in 1995, and was the first film to ever be 100% computer generated, and the first Disney Pixar film. Starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, sequels were made in 1999 and 2010. The films follow the cowboy Woody and his friend a spaceman, Buzz Lightyear.

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Toy Story Movies

Where is the lightning rod in Toy Story 3?

on top of the haunted house

Toy Story Movies

Can you Describe the setting of Toy Story 2?

In the beginning they are all at Andy's room, then Woody is coincidently put in a garage sale so a man comes to steal him and rums away because he is collecting cowboy dolls. Woodie find Jessie and everybody else. Buzz and friends come to save them but Woodie thinks it a good idea to stay and when he tries to go the old cowboy man stops him. The cowboys and gals are taken to an airport to be sold to the museum and all of Woodie's friends come on too. Then they all go back to Andy's withe Jessie and Bullseye leaving the old man behind! Watch it :) xx

Toy Story Movies

Who is spaceman in Toy Story?

Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear .

Toy Story Movies

How was the bad guy in Toy Story defeated?

getting atack by Sid`s toys and woody then woody talks to Sid then Sid runs into his house then buzz and woody go out to the moving van.

Toy Story Movies

How long has the Toy Story movie been around?

11 years

Toy Story Movies

What is the name of the neighbor boy in Toy Story?

Sid Phillips .

Toy Story Movies

What color is the bear in Toy Story 3?

Pinkish type of shade

Toy Story Movies

Is there a box set for Toy Story 1 2 and 3?

I found one on amazon for $64.99 new.

Toy Story Movies

What is the plot line of Toy Story 3?

Andy is grown up and heading off to college. His toys, instead of being stored away, were accidently sent to a day care center. At first, day care seems like the perfect place for the gang, but the kids there are horrible, so they decide that they must escape and get back to Andy before he leaves for college.

Toy Story Movies

Who is the author of Toy Story 1?

The screenplay for the animated film Toy Story was written by Joss Whedon , Andrew Stanton , Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow .

Toy Story Movies

Who played woody's voice in toy story 2?

Tom Hanks .

Toy Story Movies

Did anyone have braces in Toy Story?

yeah a liitle girl at the daycare did, and Sid out of the 2nd one.

Toy Story Movies

What program was used to create Toy Story?

3dsmax for 1and 2

Toy Story Movies

How was Toy Story 3 the movie made?

'Toy Story 3' was made as a 3D Computer Animated film .

Toy Story Movies

How many toy story 3 aliens have been hidden in the argos catalog?

Toy Story Movies

What is the name of the aspring hedghog actor in toy story 3?

'Mr. Pricklepants'

Toy Story Movies

Who is Sally in Toy Story?

Sally is Sid's little sister.

Toy Story Movies

What is the pigs name in Toy Story?

His name is hamm.

Toy Story Movies

Is Toy Story a good movie?

YES! it is a Disney classic!

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How do you change the language on Toy Story 3 on the ds?

Start the story mode (top left icon) in story mode press start to bring up the pause menu the language select is the fourth option down.

Toy Story Movies

Who plays the octopus in Toy Story 3?

Whoopi Goldberg

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Toy Story Movies

Do you remember Story Book Land?

Storybook Park and Adventureland were in Addison, IL.

There is also a Storybook Gardens in the Wisconsin Dells, in case you were too young remember where you were. I believe it is still open.

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Toy Story Movies

How do you get your hands on the hottest toy of the year?

To get the hottest toy of the year, call your local toy stores and ask them when they get their shipments in and when they stock the shelves. Then, about an hour before the shipment is supposed to be on the shelves, get to the store to wait in line. Chances are you will find yourself with one of the the toys in your shopping cart.

If you just can't seem to get one at a brick and mortar store, shop for the hottest toy of the year online. Online toy stores change their inventory daily and even though they might not have it one day, chances are they will have it soon. You just need to keep checking them on a daily basis, sometimes three or four times a day, to see if they have it in.

Toy Story Movies

How many kids did John Lasseter have?

John Lasseter of Pixar has 5 sons. Much of his experience with his boys has been put into Toy Story 1, 2 and 3.

Toy Story Movies

What was the name of the pink bear in the movie Toy Story 3?

Lots-O-Huggin'-Bear. Or Lotso.


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