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The human body is an amazing mechanism. Keeping it clean helps to keep it healthy and operating at its best. For answers to your questions about personal hygiene, ask your questions here.

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Personal Hygiene

Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night?

I prefer to shower at night because then I wash off all the sweat from the day and get into bed feeling clean and comfy.

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Personal Hygiene

Where are the most hairy women of the world located at?


Personal Hygiene

What Foods does your body needs everyday?

The body don't need any foods at all. The body needs amino acids, fats, vitamins, mineral, water and other particles. There are however better or worse food sources for these substances. Mechanical digestion of food however also impacts the functioning of the body.

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How can you clean the dirt from your body?

Pumice in soap works really well. Here is the soap that I use for getting off tough grease and dirt:

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What is the difference between dandruff and nits?

Dandruff is a skin condition of the scalp that causes flakes to appear and is marked by itching. When your body renews the skin cells in your scalp, the old, dead ones are pushed to the surface. In some people, the body renews the skin cells too frequently for the old ones to be shed inconspicuously, causing a mass amount of dead skin to gather on the scalp, resulting in the condition known as dandruff.

Nits are head lice eggs. Coincidentally, having head lice can actually cause or increase flaking of the scalp, resulting in or worsening a case of dandruff. You can recognize nits because they are attached to the hairshafts and are usually present closer to the scalp. They do not comb out easily, and even when pinched between two fingers and tugged on may still be difficult to remove.

Dandruff, on the other hand, comes out easily and is flat. If you can scratch your scalp gently or brush your hands through your hair and white flakes fall out, it is dandruff. If there are white spots clinging to your hair and you cannot seem to remove them, they are most likely nits.

Personal Hygiene

What are hygiene procedures?

Brushing your teeth, etc. Anything having to do with cleaning the body or parts of it.

In Addition:

  • Brushing your teeth
  • Flossing your teeth
  • Showering
  • Washing your hair
  • Shaving
  • Using deodorant
  • Washing your face
Personal Hygiene

Do you have to where underwhere?


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Why do spots weep?

A spot - is a pore that's been blocked by something on the skin. The yellowy-white fluid that leaks from a spot is a mixture of grease, dirt and bacteria.

The spot weeps to get rid of the fluid otherwise it would become infected. Keep your skin clean and healthy and use a medicated soap.

Personal Hygiene

Why do Asians smell sour and malodorous?

I grew up around Asians from several different countries. My best friend and my goddaughter are Chinese. Not one of them ever smelled sour or malodorous that I can recall. I think this may be a case of over-generalization. You may know someone with poor hygiene or with different dietary habits, but that can have an effect on anyone. For instance, if a person eats a lot of curry, garlic, or onions, the scent may come through their pores. If it is a scent that you are not used to yourself, you will notice it more.

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Personal Hygiene

Why are bath sponges so soft?

The harder silica or calcium spicules are absent and the softer spongin remains.


They are soft because they should not hurt the body parts while having a bath. the skin is too soft to use a bath sponge, if the sponge is too hard.

Personal Hygiene

Which activity is an example of poor personal hygiene?

Wearing a bandage under gloves to cover woundsWearing a hairnet while cutting vegetablesChanging gloves after cutting raw poultryWashing dishes without a hairnet

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Personal Hygiene

Can a 13 year old buy deodorant alone in the UK?

Of course! Deodorant is not age related.

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How much time do kids spend on personal hygiene?

Depending on how much importance was placed on hygiene by the child's parents while the child was being raised. Everyone will spend different amounts of time depending on who they are.

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Who were W Greaves and Sons?

Straight Razor Manufacturer, William Greaves, was in business by 1780. His sons joined the firm in 1816.

They then became William Greaves & Sons.

The Sheaf Works was started in 1823, and completed by 1826. (first factory in Sheffield)

The firm was sold to B.J.Eyre & Company in 1850, and they may have continued using the Greaves markings for a time (approximately until 1858).

Personal Hygiene

What should you do about a body odor problem?

In many cases the reeking has nothing to do with personal hygiene, neither with the daily washing routines nor with the usage of soap or deodorants. As a matter of fact, there are lots of people suffering from a commonly unknown disorder called bromhidrosis, an innocuous but distracting illness which causes a permanent and penetrative smell of sweat. The main cause of bromhidrosis is the bacterial flora of the skin. The main symptom of bromhidrosis is uncontrolled growth of special dermal bacteria. These bacteria assimilate the sweat on the skin, creating by-products like butanoic acid and formic acid which we recognize as the typical 'smell of sweat.'

It may also be from the genetic disease Trimethylaminuria, which causes bad body odor. This illness is commonly known as "TMAU-Syndrome". This is a condition that can be treated by your doctor. It's generally related to the chemistry in your body and sometimes by changing your diet can help, but visit your doctor and they can give you medications for this problem.

Personal Hygiene

What is the percentage of Americans don't shower everyday?

65. Too many if you ask me!

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Is it safe to use rubbing alcohol as deodorant?

Personally I Wouldn't rub my self in alcohol. It will just sting alot if you rub it on any open wounds. On the contratry, it would be better if one buy a deodrant from the market. there are lots of nice smelling deodrants available in the market.

Personal Hygiene

Where can you buy tres flores brilliantine pomade?

You can find it in Pete's Fresh Market,maybe on Walgreens or CVS. But I know you can find it at Wal-Mart, where I've bought it. I don't know if every Wal-Mart has one, but many in Maryland do carry it.

UPDATE: The Wal-Mart stores in Maryland have stopped carrying it. I have no idea why. I even checked the MegaMart in Rockville and the Lotte Plaza in Aspen Hill, MD, and they don't carry it.

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What is the difference between personal hygiene and kitchen hygiene?

Personal hygiene is about you and kitchen hygiene is about the kitchen and what is around you. Using good personal hygiene such as washing your hands is very important in the kitchen in keeping food and cooking areas sterile.

Personal Hygiene

How do you clean your penis?

  • by putting soap and water on it then scrub back and forth gently
  • put soap then rise??
  • You clean a penis the same way you would any other part of the body, with soap and water. The only thing to remember, is that if you are not circumcised, you need to retract your foreskin and clean underneath it.
  • Same way you do any other part of the body, soap and water.
  • You clean a penis the same way you would any other part of the body, with soap and water. The only thing to remember, is that if you are not circumcised, you need to retract your foreskin and clean underneath it.
  • First of all, to clean outside of your penis, you just rub it with a soap. For the urethral area, widen it, and put the soapy water in. After that, squeeze your penis to get soapy water out of it again.

A man washes his penis just like any other part of his body; with soap and water. If the man is uncircumcised, he may need to pull back the foreskin to make sure the glans is cleaned properly.
The same way you would clean your body in the shower, do it and youll be fine. Remember, girls do NOT enjoy a smelly penis so clean it regularily
Personal Hygiene
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What are the advantages of smiling?

Smiling will make you feel happier as it makes people around you feel happier too. You might even make a friend or two by smiling; it attracts people. No one enjoys being around someone with a Frown or scowl on their face. It also takes less Muscles to Smile than to frown, so you could end up with less wrinkles or at least your wrinkles will be in the Right Place :) see ? That Smile made you Feel Better didn't it ? :)

It helps to keep ourselves motivated and positive minded. also,it helps to be more friendly.

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Is french kissing bad for your teeth?

It shouldn't be bad for anything ! Kissing with inserting the tongue into the other persons mouth may pick-up bugs and germs from their saliva though so always clean your mouth and teeth after french kissing.

Personal Hygiene

What are Jewish personal hygiene practices?

Other than washing hands more often at meals, hygiene practices vary among Jewish people as they would among any other group. Some shower more often, some are pickier about germs. We're all just people. Jewish scripture encourages cleanliness, just as Christian scripture, and medical advice, advocates.

Personal Hygiene

Does krill oil cause body odor?

Not like a fish oil will! If it has been purified by the altomega process the krill oil doesn't even smell, If you open a bottle of fish or krill oil and it smells bad it is rancid already and will make you smell bad when you take it. So be careful what you spend your money on.

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What are the rules for personal hygiene?

Answer: In my opinion, it would be taking a shower every night and wearing deodorant and not just perfume or cologne since their scents usually last for about an hour.


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