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Skin is prone to various disorders such as infections, blemishes, and abnormal growths or scars. Typical contributions in this category include questions, answers, discussions and references to the causes and treatments for skin ailments and their characteristics.

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Does drinking water help get rid of acne?

Sadly, no. All you can do is wash your face once or twice a day, most importantly before bed. Use drugstore acne treatments on your spots, and moisturize everywhere else. Don't pick or bother your acne, and try to do nice things like exfoliate or steam your face every once in a while. It really does help. If that still doesn't leave your skin beautiful and smooth, then see a dermatologist and they can help with medicines or even removal. ...
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What does a Lamictal rash look like?

Most people who are allergic to sulfa based medicationss are also allergic to Lamictal. The reactions vary from blisters in the mouth to busted eyeball capillaries, to a very serious SJS or TENS reaction. Pain in the ankles and the joints feeling like glass is inside of them are also symptoms, and the sufferer is often prescribed other medications for conditions which simply do not exist. If you take Lamictal, be on the lookout as the side effects are as violent as the...
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Why does your back itch after you cough a bunch?

I have this sensation too. It is not skin related (unless it is an allergic reaction that makes you both cough and have a rash), but rather a nervous symptom - that is, related to the nerves in your chest. A cough is produced when the diaphragm (the large breathing muscle that your lungs sit on top of) rapidly expands, and at the same time, the throat is closed shut. This quickly builds up a pressure within the lungs. Then, when...
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How long does a sunburn last?

Generally depending on your skin complexion and severity of the burn the pain will last 2-4 days, less if the burn is minor, more if the burn is severe(in which case seeing a doctor is not a bad idea). Also peeling which generally occurs with burns, will take a few more days but peeling although unsightly, is not usually painful. Treatment can be applied in many different lotions(aloe vera)/home remedies/etc. Also avoid exposures to the sun to make sure the condition does...
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What does it mean if your left palm itches?

Some people say it means good luck or you're going to get some money Generally your left hand itching means money coming into your life, unless you are left-handed in which case it means money going out of your life. I thought it was the right hand brings money and the left hand your paying out money. It means something is irritating the skin of your hand. It means you are too superstitious or that you are having bad luck There's an old superstition that...
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What is a good dandruff shampoo for pregnant women?

Talk to your Ob Gyn and DO NOT use OTC NIZORAL or COAL TAR shampoos. Your doctor is the only qualified person to answer this question. ...
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Are skin rashes caused by allergies?

Skin rashes are many times caused by allergies. There are many other causes for the rashes on the skin. ...
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Could having HIV make you itch a lot?

Not in itself,however some types of anti-retroviral medications have been know to cause severe rash's due to allergic reaction. If this takes place,treatment will be altered. ...
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Are fungal infections responsible for many 'undiagnosed' illnesses?

No, systemic candidiasis is a scam. Labs and practitioners charge money to do tests on various samples and they invariably report positive results. They then sell expensive treatments. There is no evidence for any of it. My suggestion is that if you are tempted by some of these ads that you first send a test sample of some kind. See if they report it as negative. ...
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What causes toenails to bruise?

The question needs clarifying, so I'll place it into two answers for the two possibilities. If in question to white spots on the nail itself, this is often due to the nail being damaged whilst in the process of being formed inside the finger. So if one were to, for example, smash their thumb in a door, the results would not only be a bruised thumb but when the nail grows out you will see a white patch where the formation of...
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Does Cetaphil help clear acne?

Cetaphil is a moisturizing hand cream designed for moisturizing skin. Not clearing skin. In fact, it may clog your pores and actually cause acne. So the short answer is no. >>cetaphil makes a cleanser and lotion. it is a very mild water based solution. using cetaphil cleanser alone can sometimes dry your skin. it is non-abrasive and barely suds, which is good because you don't want to damage your skin by scrubbing it twice a day. it is mild enough to use...
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Why does your nose peel every day?

You probably have a sunburn. Try using sunscreen when spending a lot of time in the sun. ...
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Does mole biopsy cause itching?

Normally, when a spot is biopsied it's itchy, just wait after two or three weeks before you act, and if it's persisted you might need to see a doctor or a dermatologist because Melanoma (the most dangerous type of skin cancer) might be on it's way, remember Melanoma may begin in association with a mole. ...
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Can you Swim with a rash?

Most lifeguards will tell you no, because the rash could be communicable, unless you know for sure it is because of an allergy, or maybe from the chlorine in the pool itself. Do not swim if the rash is causing any blisters or open wounds. ...
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What is the difference between pimples and boils?

Pimples are caused by oil and dirt in your pores. These turn black when they are exposed to air. Boils are when the oil is trapped under the skin. ...
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Can a 4 year old get facial acne?

Probably not, however a child can have allergies that resemble acne. Best to see your family physician or dermatologist. i honestly doubt it..... they would be too young..... are you sure it is not bumps??? My grandson has a condition called infantigo. It's like acne and he got it below his nose from time to time and it itched. The doc. prescribed an ointment for it. Could be something like that. Ask him/her if it itches. Your pediatrician would know. Good luck!! ...
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Does facial hair cause pimples?

Yes it does! Pimples start deep in the dermis of the skin, at the hair follicle. ...
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How do you get rid of butt rash?

Zinc Oxide cream and/or anti-fungal topical medication, look in the baby aisle at the store. If it is a minor rash, you can try medicated powders also found in the baby aisle. Keep the area clean, let air get to it and, very important: keep it dry. If it is on a baby's butt, try to keep the diaper off as much as possible to let the rash be exposed to air. ...
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Can Straterra cause a rash?

My son has been off Straterra for 1 week. His rash is subsiding ever so slowly. The spots that he scratched are infected, but I am putting a cream(antibiotic) on them. I may try epsom salt compresses or put him in a pool or hot tub and let the chlorine/bromine help to dry them up. No more Straterra for him. He is a happier kid now and he eats and sleeps better! IMHO the Straterra was a major factor with the...
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How do you get rid of itchy rash after pregnancy?

Hydrocortisone GEL, not cream or ointment will alleviate the itching and the pain, but the way to cure it is by taking prednisone. My wife has had her rash for three weeks and starting taking the prednisone last night. The swelling is gone and so are the bumps. She is not itching and there is only a little redness. She started taking it at 9pm last night and I am typing this at 8am the next morning. This is great! She...
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What causes a prolonged menstruation and rashes on arms and legs?

i have a rash sometimes in my menstruation;why is causin.g this
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What is red itchy burning rash that looked like bug bites at first then spreads?

it might be chiggers. They are little microscopic bugs that go in your skin and lay eggs. Don't worry you cant die. i would just a doctor to give special ointment. or its just poison oak, ivy or sumac. ...
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What type of doctor treats vitiligo?

Dermatologists help in treating vitiligo. There are some traditional herbal and ayurvedic recipes which are also found useful in treatment of vitiligo. Homeopathic treatment is one of the good options available for treating Vitiligo. ...