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Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What should you not do while pregnant?

During pregnancy, you really are limited to what you can and can't do. Here are a things not to do:

  • Drugs.
  • Smoke.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Do not stress yourself out.
  • Do not sit in the hot tub for extended periods.
  • Don't forget oral hygiene, when you are pregnant your hormones act on your gums causing gingivitis.
  • Clean a cat litter box or urine, feces, or vomit from any animal, due to parasites.
  • Any sports activities where you could fall and hurt you or the baby.

In addition:

Don't forget about your oral health. Mounting evidence suggests that periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that affects the gums and bones supporting the teeth, can lead to premature labor and low-birth weight babies.

See your dentist for a checkup and a cleaning now if you haven't done so in the last six months.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

Is it safe to play guitar while pregnant?

Yes, as long as you're careful to keep the guitar away from your stomach.

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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What is neurobion medicine for?

I normally inject myself with Neurobion whenever my tongue shows the signs of geographical tongue. At that stage I am normally very tired and struggle with feelings of depression and fatigue. The very next day after a shot of neurobion, I can feel my strenght coming back and a few days later there is no stop to my energy levels.

This is what it's made of:

Vitamin B1

Converts carbohydrates, fatty acids and amino acids into energy. Promotes healthy nerves. May improve mood. Strengthens the heart.

Vitamin B6

Forms red blood cells, helps cells to make proteins, manufactures neurotransmitters such as serotonin and releases stored forms of energy. Helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and strokes. Helps to lift depression. Eases insomnia. Treats carpal tunnel syndrome. May lessen PMS symptoms.

Vitamin B12

Essential for cell replication and important for red blood cell production. Prevents anaemia. Helps to prevent depression. Reduces nerve pain, numbness and tingling. Lowers the risk of heart disease.

Neurobion (r)

Registration details:

SI Each ampoule of 3 ml contains: Vitamin B1 100mg, Vitamin B6 100mg, Vitamin B12 1000 mg.



normally it could be taken one ampoule daily after severe conditions go away

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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What are the best exercises for a young woman to get rippling abs?

Unlike most other muscles you can work out your abs everyday since they recover so fast. I would suggest the usual crunches but also incorporate planks, toe touches, and bicycle kicks. Another workout I like to do is sit on the ground with your knees up and feet off the ground balancing on your rear. Rotate your shoulders perpendicular to your hips and touch the ground on one side of your body with both hands. I like this exercise because you can do it without weights or with weights. And you can use almost anything as weights. Plates, milk jugs, medicine balls, dumb bells. Keep in mind that these exercises will build your abdominal muscles, but even in healthy people your abs are covered in usually a thick layer of skin and then some fat. This area is one of the last places you will lose fat so you may just need an intense cardio workout to cut out fat to expose the abs you may already have. Diet is very important if you really want your abs to pop too. This is why your soccer players and cross country players look like they have massive abs. They run non stop every day for practice and their body fat percentage goes way down and typically they naturally will have less body fat to compete at even high school levels. So try to run everyday, bicycle if you can't, get on a treadmill and then do your ab workouts. Eat healthy and remember that everyone's body is different and it takes everyone different amounts of time to lose weight. I have no doubt if you have the dedication to get washboard abs you can do it but keep in mind this is very very hard for a most people to achieve even though most athletes you see will have them, but that's because they work very very hard. As far as dieting goes there are so many diets that I will suggest you go out and find one for yourself, but when looking for one keep in mind you want a diet that will help you cut fat and build muscle, not lose weight, im assuming youre not going for the biggest loser. This means you need to get a lot of energy from your meals. Don't think "oh I'll just eat less" you will pass out in the middle of workouts, get migraines, and other aspect of your life ( sociol, school) will fall apart and your body may weigh less but won't be healthy. Good luck, this is a great goal go for it.

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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What are recommendations for a pregnancy workout video?

"I have been using the Kathy Smith Pregnancy Workout video since I was 3 months and find it quite beneficial. I was never an exercise fanatic, but find doing it three times a week makes me sleep better, and I believe has curbed my weight gain (not that I'm obsessing about weight during pregnancy). Exercise is always a good thing!"
"I like the Fit For 2 video. I found it more challenging than the Kathy Smith tape, but not as strenuous as my non-pregnancy tapes. It also talks about the guidelines for exercise during pregnancy, so when I go to a class at the gym, I can modify it to make it safe for me (a great thing since the instructors at the club don't seem to know what to do with a pregnant woman!). I especially like the ab workout and the relaxation part at the end. Lisa Stone (the instructor) is so energetic and the music is very upbeat (great after a long day at work) and the choreography is straightforward and fun."
"I used Kathy Smith's pregnancy workout a few times. I checked it out from a local library. I liked it a lot - it flowed better than the Buns of Steel video, and the instructor kept me interested. Music was a bit peppier too, and choreography was more professionally done."
"The Fit for 2 Step Aerobic Workout for Pregnancy video is the best I have seen. Lisa is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. I use it at home without a step and still get a great workout. It is nice to learn about the ACOG guidelines and realize that Lisa is following the most recent information they provide. It helped get back into shape after our son was born also." ?
My favorite workout video is Karyne Steben's "The Perfect Pregnancy Workout". I thought Kathy Smith's was a bit outdated, wished Shiva Rea would stop talking for just a MINUTE and couldn't stand Denise Austin's. I didn't try the step workout, so I can't say. Karyne's worried me a bit because she's from Cirque du Soleil, but when I saw her before and after pictures on her website, I couldn't resist! The workout is great- it's no-impact and works every muscle in my body. It really helped the back pain that crept in and wouldn't go away.I felt really ready when I went in to deliver. I've just started working out with her postnatal video and my daughter really likes it! It's fun because I can really play with her and forget about how hard I'm working.
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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises
Roller Coasters

Can you ride on roller coasters when pregnant?

No, because the jarring and getting thrown around can cause placenta abruptae, in which the placenta is torn from the uterine wall and the fetus bleeds to death.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What kind of exercises should a woman do to stay in shape while pregnant?

You DEFINITELY have to ask your OBGYN BEFORE starting anything. Your health and that of your baby is at stake!

Good ideas to present to your doctor are walking throughout your whole pregnancy. You may swim early on but not once your cervix starts to dilate(this can happen a month or so before you are due). You can do some floor exercises and light aerobics IF IT IS OK WITH THE DOC! My friend almost lost her baby doing a few steps of the Bunny Hop when she was 2 months along! Remember that you are not actually eating for 2, and keep your calorie intake just a bit higher than it was, with additional fruit and protein and WATER. Good luck!

AnswerGET IN THE POOL!!! I have worked with pregnant women in the pool for years. It releases the stresses that exercises put on your knees when you are pregnant and it is a whole lot easier for a pregnant woman to exercise in the pool because the weight it lifted off. Swimming tones every muscle in your body at the same time. if you do not know how to freestyle then join an exercise group at your local ymca that exercises in the pool. VERY HEALTHY FOR YOU! AnswerPlease avoid twisting, and jumping while pregnant. Keep your level of exeration moderate with the 'talk test' be able to have a conversation during your workout. This is a great way to keep your heart rate safe.

Doctors approval for exercise during pregnancy is necessary because they can make an educated decision about the individual.

For more tidbits and a pregnancy regimen visit

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

Can wearing tight jeans harm your baby?

Tight jeans are a big no-no. You don't need any pressure added to your stomach. But only if they are uncomfortable to you. Since the baby is in a cushioning fluid that protects him/her. But tight clothing can make it hard for your skin to breathe. While pregnant your body temperature can become high very quickly, and when your body can't breathe it cannot cool itself off as effectively. So when necessary try a Bella band.

Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

Should you go fishing while you are pregnant?

Definitly! It is relaxing and will keep you active in the fresh air.

Yes you should go fishing, but being pregnant you should not handle lead weights. The majority of fishing weights are made of lead, but you do have a few alternatives. Steel and tungsten are a couple but they are much more expensive. Better safe than sorry.

I wouldn't climb rocks or any thing or go if you due any minute

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises
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Is it safe to paint a room with ventilation when pregnant?

It is usually considered safe to paint with latex paint in a ventilated room, but it is not safe to climb ladders!! You also want to make sure that if your home was built before 1973, that you are not the one scraping paint, because old paint contians lead, which is very harmful to children and pregnant women.

Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

How much should you exercise during pregnancy?

Listen to your body. If something feels uncomfortable or painful, don't do it.

Avoid any exercise while lying on the back after the first trimester. This position can cause the growing uterus to restrict blood return through the vena cava which lies directly behind the abdomen.

Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercise. You need to stay well-hydrated to regulate both your body temperature and your growing baby's.

Exercise in a well-ventilated area and wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing to prevent over-heating.

Be aware of your changing center of gravity. Avoid any activity that involves sudden directional changes or that risks even mild abdominal trauma such as downhill skiing, rollerblading, horseback riding, etc.

Exercise regularly, preferably 20-30 minutes a day at least 3 times per week. Regular exercise will reduce the chance of injury and will help keep you in shape for "Labor Day."

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to exercise the Kegel or pelvic floor muscle daily to prevent urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse, and to enhance sexual pleasure. Practice this exercise by stopping and starting the flow of urine. Once you have the hang of it, do not continue to perform the Kegel exercise while urinating, but rather perform the exercise while driving in the car or talking on the phone. Try to do at least 100 every day.

Pelvic Rocking is very good for the back and belly muscles - make sure to do these in a slow and controlled manner to avoid injury, and they can be valuable! Carefully let your belly sag towards the floor by tilting your pelvis forward - do not do this very far down, just a small tilt, then back to neutral, pulling the abdominal muscles in as you pull your back up. Do 20-40 at a session 4 times a day, and work up to 80 at bedtime. These exercises help keep baby from being in a posterior position and improve circulation to the lower body. The circulation benefit will be enhanced by lying down for at least 10 minutes after exercising.

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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

Can a pregnant women travel on a plane?

Generally, pregnant women can fly on a plane as long as the pregnancy is progressing normally. A pregnant woman should check with her doctor to be sure. Also, pregnant women should check with the airline directly as some require a note from a physician in order to allow women in their third trimester to board. There are a few things pregnant women can do to make plane travel more comfortable. They are:

When making a reservation, a pregnant woman should request an aisle seat so she can easily exit the row for bathroom and stretch breaks.

Ideally, she should try to obtain a bulkhead seat as they generally provide more leg room. Also, some travel industry experts report that air circulation is better toward the front of the plane, so pregnant women should keep that in mind when booking seats.

Pregnant women should stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the flight. They should also try to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What are some things you can not do while you are pregnant?

Lift a lot of weight. Stress out... it varies for all women. Early in pregnancy you can do pretty much everything you are used to although it is not a good idea to take up a strenuous activity you have not done before. As pregnancy progresses the bump gets in the way of a lot of things and many things you are not allowed to do, like carnival rides.
Smoking cigarettes.

Drinking alcohol.


taking a hot bath, being in a hot tub or using a heating pad, eating raw or undercooked meats, eating fish that contain mercury, jumping on a trampoline or any other exercise that causes a lot of sudden jarring movements (walking is recommended but not jogging), taking any pain medicine without consulting your doctor first (acetaminophen is the only one i know of that you can take safely) NOT even Tylenol.

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Is there a way to prevent feet from sweating while standing or walking for long periods?

Unfortunately men have to wear either steel toed boots or runners for their jobs. Both make your feet hot. Every night when you come home, soak your feet in Epsom Salts and warm water and pat dry. Then use Gold Bond foot powder. You can also get insoles for your boots that will soak up the perspiration and they can also be washed and put back in your boots. Wear only COTTON work socks and nothing with nylon in them and includes dress socks. If this doesn't do the trick then see your doctor as there are creams that can help with this. gold bond foot powder I use my antiperspirant -vs- deoderizer. Spray form is most convienient, but I prefer the clear gel. Epsom salts are great for soaking, then dry off completely, treat with antiperspirant, then talc or foot powder after that. Also give your feet as much 'free-air' time as possible, and try socks made of different materials. Synthetics (Rayon, Dacron, etc) tend to breath more in certain weaves, but the natural fibres (Cotton)tend to absorb more. The weave or "thread-count" affects the air exchange, and the material affects absorbtion. Both affect the insulating value, which also determines how your feet heat up in addition to how busy your feet are.

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Is it safe to learn how to snowboard right after conception before you know if you are pregnant?

It's not something I would continue doing. If the baby is okay now it should be okay. Talk to your doctor and let him/her know.

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Pregnancy Activities and Exercises
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Is it safe to paint while you are pregnant?

No not usually because of the fumes. If you must try a ventilation mask with a filter and open all the windows and doors. Try to have someone else do it and you leave for the day. You can even discuss with your doctor. The myth that painting is unsafe actually started years ago when there was still lead in the paint used. However, today they have changed the product, and you should no longer be able to buy paint that contains lead. It is not a problem. The only risk you will find that comes with painting is lightheadedness which can occur from reaching above your head. I helped paint my baby room, and I just made sure it was well ventilated and I sat down and took a break every so often. But don't paint alone!!! If, for some reason,you do get a dizzy spell, you will absolutely want someone near by to make sure you don't fall and hurt yourself. It is not only lead based paints that are unsafe. Paints with high VOCs (such as oil-based enamels and epoxy) are not safe for anyone to breathe over an extended period. If you are pregnant and want to do some painting, be sure to ask for a paint with low VOC, or at least be sure to use a water based (latex) paint and have proper ventilation. Even for several days after paint has been applied it can "offgas" fumes into the air. Continue to supply fresh air to an area that is freshly painted for as long as is practical after painting. While solvent-based paints pose more of a threat, water-based paints contain anti-microbials to inhibit microbiological growth while packaged. There are known health effects resulting from occupational exposure to anti-microbials. This would be an extremely low-level exposure, but low-level exposure science is just emerging and much is still unknown. Minimizing exposure to potentially hazardous substances while pregnant (and any other time) is prudent.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

Can you go to a farm when you are pregnant?

Do you mean a real farm with animals? If so I don't see why not. Or do you mean "THE farm" located in Middle Tennessee where they deliver babies? If so then yes. Give them a call they would be happy to deliver your baby. Or have you for a visit.

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How do teenagers get boyfriends?

I don't think it matters how old the teenager is. A teenager is 13 and over. I don't see anything wrong with having a boyfriend at that age, it's the actions of the girl/boy friend that I have the problems with.

When I was a teenager I would have given almost anything to have a boyfriend for a long time. DON'T DO THAT! Don't give a boy whatever he wants just so you can call him your boyfriend.

Be yourself, that's how you get a REAL boyfriend. I know it doesn't seem like it, but your time will come and if you are patient, the boy will be someone to cherish. If you are impatient, the boy will not be the one for you and you will most likely lose him as quick as you found him.

Take your time and get to know someone. Truly make an effort to know him. What music he likes, what sports he likes, what does he want to do with his life? They notice!

If you don't get a boyfriend as a teenager, who cares! Have some fun just being with your friends. You rarely get that opportunity again throughout your life. You get lots of opportunities to date, but not to play with your friends.

Everyone's different some teenage girl prefer to just have fun with friends and not bother with boyfriends, some have boyfriends, basically be yourself, every now and then it's good to have a change though, this may attract boys however don't change yourself too much because then you'll end up a fake.

I Know a girl who by the time she was 11 has dad about 200 boyfriends she is now 14 and has had many more!!

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
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Can you travel by air during pregnancy?

Yes, You can travel.. depends upon your physical conditions and your comfort level.

Pregnancy Activities and Exercises
Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)

Why should ACE inhibitors not be used by pregnant women?

When used in pregnancy during the second and third trimesters, angiotension-converting inhibitors (ACEIs) can cause injury to and even death in the developing fetus.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises
Illicit Drugs and Pregnancy

Can you paint your nursery while pregnant?

I wouldn't paint anything while pregnate no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in....It is not good on the health of the baby, or at least I have allways heard to never paint,or be around sprays or anything while pregnate...its hazordous for the baby....

AnswerThere are certain paints that you can use! Your local paint stores should be aware of which ones you can and can't use. I do know that there are very few that are safe but they are out there!!! Home Depot sells "Behr" paint. You can use that! AnswerYou will want to ask for a paint that has low VOCs. These are the toxic chemicals contained in paints and other household products that can "offgas" into the air- they are essentially toxic fumes. Be sure to use a water based (latex) paint with low VOCs, and supply as much fresh air as possible to the area being painted. Consult your physician before painting during pregnancy. It only takes a phone call!
Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

What are some ways to get pregnant quickly?

We only have one way to get pregnant - through vaginal sex. We can't get pregnant with oral or anal sex.

have sex

You could start by having sex.

There are only about 3 to 4 days out of a month you can actually get pregnant. You need to know when your cycle starts and then you start ovulating 3 to 4 days before that usually. You should not have sex for a couple of days before you ovulate and then have sex each of the 4 days before you ovulate. If both of your health is good then it should not take to many tries. You can also go online and look up ovulation predictor and they have calenders to help you calculate this too. You should not get up and use the bathroom immediately after sex. Try placing a pillow under your hips so that gravity sends everything upstream and use a position where things will not leak out. Once you ovulate the egg only lives for about 24 hours but sperm can last for 4 to 5 days.


Having unprotected sex two weeks before your period is due is the best way to get pregnant. It is by far the most efficient. You have a 40% chance of getting pregnant this way.

AnswerThe best way I have ever heard of is having sex at the right time. Although I had heard it was only a few days before your period started. AnswerYou need to make sure you are not stressed because that can make it more difficult. Really the only other things I know is to lay down for about 1/2 and hour after your partner ejaculates to ensure that the sperm can swim easier to find your egg to fertilize. As boring as it may be, missionary position is one of the best for trying to conceive. I have heard that a mans sperm count is highest in the mornings and the afternoons. Decrease your dairy intake. I will try to find you some websites that might have some more information that I do not know. Good luck!!!

Learn about the reproductive cycle in the female and time your sexual activity to your most fertile times.

Finding out when you are ovulating and have sex starting from the day before until the day after ovulation. You can buy an ovulation predictor at the drug store, but I don't know how well they really work. If you have regular periods it is a better indicator of when your best time is. It took me 3 months this time and I am fertile myrtle. Most of the time these things take time. Unless you don't want pregnant then you can get pregnant from across the room it seems.

also you can check your mucus during the month this is really effective, after your period, you will have a 'dry' few days followed by a thin watery mucus, the times when you are most likely to conceive is when your mucus (discharge) is thick, gluey, and "peak time" is when it stretches from thumb to finger if tested, this provides a good vehicle to carry the sperm to the egg...

Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

Is it ok to ride a 4-wheeler when you are 6 months pregnant?

That's probably a decision you and your doctor should make. If you and the baby are both healthy and you are very careful and don't get wild, then it is probably fine to ride it. But a fall from a 4 wheeler could be very dangerous. And at 6 months, your balance probably isn't as good as it normally is. Be careful if you are going to ride it. I would suggest holding off on riding until the baby is born. When riding the four-wheeler, it could really mess up the baby. Better safe than sorry.

-- No, you should not ride a 4wheeler when you are that far along , that causes risks for you and your baby. All the bumps and crazy riding is not suitable for a 6 month old pregnant woman. If your just taking a smooth ride it should be fine but either way I wouldn't take any chances . -Abp,♥

Pregnancy Activities and Exercises

How do you tell your boyfriend your pregnant?

bich you knocked me up now take it out of me or else
organise to take him, his mates, your mates and family to a ball game.... I mean a big ball game, and at half time get the scoreboard to say... Congratulations (BF name) you're gonna be a daddy! Get the TV cameras to hone in on him to capture his reaction to treasure forever! He will love it!
Do it over the phone. Its less nerve wracking that way. "I have something really important to tell you. Dont freak out but I'm pregnant"
nothing of this matter is ever easy first of all you have to consider what type of person he is! does he fly off the handle easily or is he pretty much laid back? anyway there is one very important issue at hand and that is your baby, wether he is happy or not you have a new life growing inside you this is you most important thing to consider you are going to be a mommy. this baby needs you for everything mosty his wellbeing. you always in this situation have to have a plan A and a plan B plan A is what happenns if he turns his back figure it all out in your mind the sensible way. plan B if he is happy you do it together like it should be. now to answer your question you tell him you need to spend some quality time with him because you would like to talk to him about a few things go to a place where there will be no interuptions. when you are alone tell him that their are some things that are going on with you that is going to change the rest of your lives and that you have been very concerned about it.but what is done is done tell him that in just a few months you will be giving birth to your son or daughter and i hope that you can be as happy about it as i am. if he goes nuts just tell him im very sorry you feel this way but this baby depends on me for its life.that you love him very much and if he needs time to think you will give him time to think otherwise you go planA comes in now your not so freaked out if he turns his back on you because youve already figured it out in your mind before you told him exactly what you were going to do hopefully he will love this little baby just as much as you and be very happy! god bless lastbreath...................

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
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If you just found out that you are pregnant can you cut grass on a riding lawn mower?

Sure. In early pregnancy you can still do just about anything. Your doctor is the best person to ask, though. Yes you can pretty much resume normal activity as long as its not something that you could possibly hurt yourself or strain yourself. I think a riding lawn mower is much better than pushing one!


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