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Personal Safety and Security

Personal Safety and Security is the category to ask questions for which answers will keep you safe and secure, especially in and around your home and property. Samples of topics you might want to ask about are security systems, smoke alarms, the best tile to use to prevent falls, the safest equipment to use around the house, how to prevent intruders, and anything that has to do with your personal safety and security.

Asked in Travel & Places, Personal Safety and Security

What is the safest form of travel?

If you are raising the issue of safe, then definitely air travel is the safest. Because 1. You can save your time easily. It means you have saved your life time. 2. You did not require to provide extra effort to travel so your energy would be intact. 4. Because the journey journey is more comfortable than train or bus or ship you would be more calmer than the bus commuter or the train or the ship. 5. And last but not least if...
Asked in Personal Safety and Security, Survival Tips

How can your sense of smell save your life?

You can detect the smell of gas (through a distinctive scent that is added to it) in time to turn off the stove's gas jets and/or escape the house before the gas kills you. ...
Asked in Home & Garden, Personal Safety and Security, Human Behavior, Home Construction

Why do people need shelter to survive?

ANSWER Shelter provides protection. Protection from weather and predators. Without shelter you may freeze in the winter or become dinner for an animal. Shelter may come in many different forms, for example caves, trees or man made structures. It is my opinion that shelter is not needed to survive per-say, it is needed to extend one's survival. ...
Asked in Personal Safety and Security, Business and Industry, Management and Supervision, Office Applications

What type of software is available for skip tracing companies for businesses?

Skip Tracing (or Skiptrace) is the discipline of locating a person through various information networks and feeds. Currently Skip Tracing is utilized by law enforcement persons, government personel, and various companies. Some proven Skiptrace companies are: Lexus Nexus and their Accurent program. Merlin Information Services ...
Asked in Home Improvement, Building and Carpentry, Personal Safety and Security

How do you install barbed wire on top of an existing wooden fence?

Barbed wire needs to be stretched tight. This requires solid posts at the ends or the wire will slack over time. I would speak with a fence contractor to see if your posts will support the wire. ...
Asked in Conditions and Diseases, Pool Building and Repair, Skin Disorders, Personal Safety and Security, Scabies

Stop itching skin from a fiberglass pool?

All fiberglass has a final coating of gel coat, it could be marine gel coat, tooling gel coat, or swimming pool gel coat. Typically, swimming pool gel coat will last about 20 years before it loses effectivness. At that point, algae becomes able to "cling", the surface begins to stain, and the actual fiberglass becomes evident to swimmers, causing scratches. There is only one solution, lightly sand off the remaining gel coat, wash down the pool, apply one coat of vinyl ester...
Asked in Swimming Pools, Personal Safety and Security

What precautions to be taken at swimming pool?

You must have qualifies supervision, personal health review, a safe area to jump and swim in the pool (the requirement for a safe are in a body of water including controlled access which is the entrance and exit, floor's conditions and depth, visibility, clear diving and/or elevated entry, comfortable water temperature, sufficient water quality, and possible life jacket usage), response personnel (such as a lifeguard or other types of medical assistance) nearby, a lookout, abilities groups (such as experienced swimmers and beginners), and...
Asked in Cleaning, Personal Safety and Security, Mold and Mildew

If an entire house is infested with mold can it be treated and if so would the treatments have to continue on a regular basis?

First of all, don't think about treating a whole house of mold as a diy project - mold can be too dangerous to your health, and it would be best to call a mold remediation specialist to treat the mold and remove it. This is true even if the mold is not completely widespread, but even affecting just one room, or just a area of several square feet on a wall or ceiling. With that much visible mold, you can't be...
Asked in Postage and Shipping, Personal Safety and Security, ZIP Code, United Parcel Service (UPS)

What time does the UPS truck deliver packages?

UPS delivers about from 9am to 9pm but it kind of depends on what you bought or got! ...
Asked in Tornadoes, Personal Safety and Security

What should you do during a tornado to be safe?

Safety tips during a tornado include: Stay inside at all times if possible! Do not go anywhere near windows. The best place to be is in a basement or storm cellar. Crouch down in a corner facing a wall with your head covered. If you do not have an underground shelter get to the lowest floor and find an interior room The bathroom is a good place, as they normally have the fewest windows and the plumbing can help reinforce the walls. If...
Asked in Personal Safety and Security

Can you cut open a spray can for contents?

Spray cans are highly condensed and if you cut one open, it will explode.
Asked in Home Electricity, Personal Safety and Security, Electricity and Magnetism

Is it safe to vacuum clean wet bathroom floor?

It is safe to vacuum a clean wet bathroom floor only if you use a wet vaccuum designed for that purpose. If you just use a regular vaccum, you run the risk of short-circuiting your vacuum and damaging the insides. Other Safety Tips: Even with wet-dry vacuums, make sure the insulation on the cord is in good condition without any breaks or signs of wear. Try not to stand in the water, if you can help it. Definitely while plugging in (or unplugging)...
Asked in Personal Safety and Security

What are the top rated home security systems?

Top rated fall in several categories. Top rated home automation, top rated prices, top rated customer service etc. These are companies that will monitor your property. You may also choose to monitor your own property by installing surveillance cameras. You will need to research what is available in your area and determine which system fits your particular needs. ...
Asked in Alarm Systems, Personal Safety and Security

What are the best driveway alarm systems?

The RoboGuard we've found to be the best system. We've had ours two years now and the batteries have never needed changing. It doesn't false alarm and although it works great alone we have ours connected to our home alarm system and our gates. We bought the 4 button remote accessory and 3 of the buttons on there operate our gates, outside lights and as a panic facility. I think you can expand the system as much as you want really,...
Asked in Personal Safety and Security, Labrador Retrievers

What temprament do labrador and blue heelers mixed possess?

i have one of those! hes as smart as a heeler but not as hyper. easy to train and swims like a lab. protective of the house but fine in public. not very friendly to "strangers" and other dogs who enter the house. has never killed or chased any of the wifes pets ( 2 ducks, ducklings, 1 rabbit, 2 horses). i have had both heelers and labs and like the mix best of all. ...
Asked in Cameras, Personal Safety and Security

How do you install CCTV camera at home?

CCTV kits can be bought from most large electrical retailers. Usually supplied are instructions which should describe installation. ...
Asked in Chevy Suburban, Door Panels and Handles, Interior Design, Personal Safety and Security

What is a Lever latch door handle?

It is a Lever handle (long instead of a knob) that has not a lock.
Asked in Personal Safety and Security, Plumbing, Sanitization and Germs

Why is my hot water rusty colored?

You have iron in your water. When you heat the water and it mixes with oxygen it becomes rust. You can try different types of filters and water softeners to try and stop it but they have mixed results depending upon how much iron you have in your water. ...
Asked in Swimming Pools, Personal Safety and Security, DIY Projects

What kind of locks can you put on your doors leading from the house to the swimming pool area?

Answer Have a look at a night latch. This can be out of reach for children. Depending on what door material you have, a night latch will suit most wooden and composite doors....
Asked in Home Appliances, Personal Safety and Security

Should you put a microwave on top of the fridge?

If you are over 6 foot tall and can see into the microwave, this might work. You definitely do not want to be handling containers of hot food from a position over your head. If you have a short refrigerator this shouldn't be a problem. ...
Asked in Ants, Personal Safety and Security

How do you ward off ants naturally?

A smear of Vaseline keeps ants off the holders to my hummingbird feeders until the Vaseline gets dirty (months). They can't walk over it. Borax powder is a deterrent. ...
Asked in Colleges and Universities, Personal Safety and Security

Why should you never throw things across the classroom?

Throwing things in a classroom is a safety issue. Someone could get hurt by the object thrown. The object thrown could upset or break something. A person could be hurt by the object that was upset or broken. ...
Asked in Mobile Phones, Home Electricity, Personal Safety and Security

Can you get an electric shock if you suck the end of a phone charger?

first why would you do that, and probably hell yes if its plugged in water and electric just don't get along, but who knows maybe the insulation will protect you. But hey there's only one way to find out. good luck with that ...
Asked in Personal Safety and Security

How can you disable a PIR sensor?

In some countries only licenced trades people can fit, repair or remove Passive Infra Red Detectors. The trades person has Police clearance similar to a Locksmith and is also a tarde qualified Electrician. Plus only the woner of the premises should allow the PIR to be disabled or the owner of the premises is entitled to call Police. ...